XRP And Crypto Investors – Stop Buying Dips!

hey what's going on guys today what I'm gonna do is basically show you guys was possible and show you why I basically do videos like this okay I don't like what I see in a crypto market right now especially from these youtubers and I'm gonna make this video right now I'm gonna pause it look for a trade and we're going to talk about you know what I don't like and what's possible for you okay so let's look for some trades right now okay so let me pause this real quick okay so guys right now I'm actually in a trade I'm looking for our nice little two-to-one and I believe you can actually go down to two to one but uh you know if I take a loss on this one it is what it is right now in the market looks weak I took this nice little short right here so I'm definitely looking for just thinking go all the way down but if it doesn't it is what it is alright so let me continue you know about this lets me let me continue to talk about what I don't like okay what I don't like about the crypto market is there's a lot of people it looks like a month about to get stopped out which is okay okay I'm gonna show you guys why I don't care about taking a loser okay and that's what you know another thing and most people might guys you know I might take a loss no who cares about taking losses you know why you know why I don't care about taking losses it's because when you when you trade a proven system alright a proven system that been back tested for decade decades you have confidence in that system okay so right now if I take a loss on this one it doesn't matter because are the trades that come up can actually wipe out all my losses okay and now you know I could be in a green but anyway my channel is all about basically making money from the charts okay guys this is what I do I'm a professional I do this I've been doing for 11 years and I only make money see I just got stopped out you did like I said it is what it is okay I'm gonna look probably look for you look more Long's or shorts whatever okay anyway I only make money from the charts because the charts will never lie to you okay never ever lie to you so right now I might take a short right here looks like we might have some resistance so it might take another short right here let's see they give me a uh you know let's see they give me a signal so I can go short but anyway my channel is all about making money now guys all right making money now was I don't get what's the problem why would you you know why some of you guys don't want to make money now I just don't get that okay you have and this is what I'm trying to show you guys the rich is playing a different game that you've got your guys are playing they're not playing the bottle the buy-and-hold game you're not playing a huddle game okay they're not playing that game guys they playing a making they playing making money now game okay how can I make money now that's the game they playing and this is what I'm trying to show you guys okay so right now if it goes below this thing most like I'm gonna short go short right here and but it looks like it's going up so I might cancel this order yeah I'm a cancer this order because most likely this is not the bar most likely the market is not gonna go down below this bar so I'm probably going to look for a different signal right but meanwhile let's go back to what I was saying okay the the risk guys man these guys are not playing the same game you guys are playing okay and this is what I'm trying to do I'm trying to show you guys how these guys are making money okay they are making money now they're not waiting five years from now then I'm waiting 10 years 13 years from now okay I don't care about the fundamentals the fundamentals doesn't put money in my pocket because you know monthly or weekly or daily okay that's that's the most people don't understand okay if you really want to consistently put money it looks like you're trying to go down so I'm gonna move my entry up a little bit if it goes below this bar I'm gonna definitely get in so let me move up my injury okay um if you want to make money daily weekly monthly you can't rely on fundamentals it looks like I got in a little bit too early but it is what it is uh most likely will continue go back back down alright most likely yeah there you go so alright so guys how to make sure that you know this market was gonna continue to go down okay but anyway if you want to make assistant money you can't do it you can't do it by looking at the fundamentals the reason why is because its fundamentals is a long-term game okay and if you guys want to quit your job get that consistent income it cannot be from fundamentals okay so what I'm trying to show you guys that you can make consistent money from the charts just learning how to read the charts alright I have a lot of haters and trolls that come on my videos right they and these guys are in denial because I can show them videos after videos at the videos just like this showing them how I'm making money okay and they will still be in denial oh you don't know you talked about blah blah blah that's why I really can't it's very hard for me to even come on here and you know trying to educate people okay it's like I'm trying to educate a group of people that don't want to make money is this weird okay you know the people that they follow these guys been wrong the whole year the whole year but somehow they follow those guys but a professional like Miche only you proof with live videos just like this how I make my money daily but all of a sudden you just ignore that all right you ignore that I'm making money and you just skip to something else you say well yeah you can make money but you don't know nothing about XRP you haven't done research bro I don't have to do research the chart is telling me that XRP is weak okay the same people that tell told me this year to begin on this year XRP is gonna continue to go up and every single money went down okay I love cryptocurrencies shout to XRP we made money off flex RP last year okay I don't I don't hate anything I don't hate no crypto currencies okay but at the same time if the chart is telling me that is weak we in a bear market I have to alert my subscribers okay just think about this for a second guys just think about this for a second right imagine you and we talked about this on my last livestream imagine you going to a doctor right let's say that you had to do surgery on your left knee right imagine you go to a doctor and say you know hey doctor can do surgery on my neighbor level whatever okay he does surgery and then you know month later you come back and say yo doctor man what's going on so something's wrong with my knees this is it's not working right and swelling up whatever the case is okay let's say he goes back and does surgery again and let's say that you go to that same doctor for a whole year and he still you still have the same problem X yourself this would you continue to go to that doctor no because every time you go to him your knee either gets worse or you know it it doesn't never get it never gets better so you have to ask yourself okay if you're not going to go to a doctor that's pretty much been wrong over here messing up your surgery if you're not gonna go to a doctor like that why are you listening to people that been wrong the whole year okay wrong the whole year meanwhile a guy like me they've been right okay on the money and showing you proof that I'm making money from this for some reason you guys ignore that and this is why you know I make videos like this to show you guys you're relaxed this is this nothing wrong with learning from people that's you know that's doing this I love learning from people that know more than me I love it that's how you grow as an individual okay and as a professional like me and a good human being because I really want people to succeed right I believe it's my duty to warn people what's really going on okay I believe since I understand how to read the charts okay I believe it's my duty to warn people hey bro stop by the dips chill out if you want to uh you know bye wait for confirmation wait for that bull market to come because if you look at the chart right now Bitcoin on any of these charts right now no confirmation at all the bull market is here okay and you have to understand the market is dropping right now so I'm looking for a nice little two to one if we can't get it it is what it is so I'm looking for a nice two to one all right now I might get a break even on a trade year so I'm gonna put my stop to break even and if it's a break-even is it is what it is okay I'm just looking for another trade but um guys okay you have to understand see it's a break-even right now okay so I'm gonna look most likely you know I took multiple shorts right here okay so it's like it's telling me that you know I'm taking shorts right you see that I'm taking shorts right here it looks like that the market really doesn't want to go lower okay every single time every single time I try to go short it goes right back up okay similar to what Bitcoin was doing okay remember Bitcoin every time it hit that 6000 level it bounced off that 6000 level but it never went nowhere right and then eventually it broke out of that that triangle okay so same thing like this it's trying to go down what is not so you see how he just broke out so most likely this thing is gonna go up and now right now we're just gonna look for shorts I mean that shorts long alright anyway so let me continue on you know continue my conversation with you guys all right I believe it's my duty to tell you guys what's going on because I do this full time this is what I do guys right now some of you guys believe that the bull market is coming next year and I'm here to tell you guys the chance it's telling me that this thing is going to take a while before it recovers all right so stop thinking that the bull market it's coming next year stop thinking it this it may it may take years for all this stuff to clear out okay and I want you guys to realize there's other ways to make money instead of just buying and holding if you want to buy an old fine but you can have other strategies on the side just like I'm showing you right now come on making money daily weekly monthly okay from this from reading learn how to read the charts okay and you guys have to understand that the rich is playing this game right here that I'm showing you your favorite youtuber can't show you this because he's not doing his full time guys now I'm about to take a long if they give me a good signal about to take a long soon okay but like I said guys your favorite youtuber can't show you this because he's not doing this full-time you know what your favorite youtuber could do alright I mean you know your favorite youtuber is doing right now it's reading you the news every single day that's it that's all he can do that's it I'm about to take a long real quick so guys I'm in this long right here hopefully I get it nice 2 to 1 okay if you know what to do one is it's basically whatever you're risking times 2 okay so whatever you're risking time is 2 so I'm waiting for this market to go up so what I'm gonna do I'm not pause this real quick hold on for second pause this okay guys so we're back so basically it looks like we are getting that profit okay so I'm looking well quick two to one so like I said 2 to 1 3 to 1 what it's just basically whatever your risk in x 2 x 3 okay so right now I'm looking for that quick 2 to 1 and I'm looking for some profits okay now guys okay the charts will tell you everything is the charts are the numbers guys it will never lie to you the choice will never lie to you guys that's why I love the charts because your favorite youtuber collide to you the news can lie to you anybody lot to you but the charts will never lie to you the charts been telling me all year that we are in a beer year a you know a downtrend and we are we are going to go down and continue to go down until we find some type of support okay that's what the choice been doing it and that's how I've been making money i shortened crypto currencies that's how my students been making money shortened crypto currencies okay and this is how I actually been saving a lot of people money because you have to understand I've been getting a lot of emails hey Ben you saved me so much money I'm so glad that I found your channel okay so even if you don't want to make money from this you can actually save money now I'm happy to see that okay I'm very happy to see that so right now I'm hoping I can get this quick two to one I'm quite sure you probably hear my daughter in the background but um guys stop thinking that your favorite coin is going to go up to the moon you know it's I don't get it some people swear up and down that Bay buy and hold strategy is 100% guarantee guys it's not you're buying whole strategy is not wanting to but I got that nice two to one guys you're buying the whole strategy is not 100 percent guarantee it's not right now I'm only up $240 you see that you can just look at the left the piano at on the left top left it's not 1/2 percent guarantee okay now I see some people saying that you don't lose until you sell which is sort of kind of true that's the trap right there because your coin can actually go down flat line and never come back up yes you you know you don't have to sell but it doesn't matter because your coin is this flat lining doing nothing and it's never gonna go come back up so you could be stuck in a coin forever just flatline okay and this is what I'm trying to help you guys realize the rich is not playing the same game you hope you are playing guys some of you guys got to wake up some of you guys have to look for other ways to make money we have to build up your capital little by little month by month week by week that's how you build up your capital it's not trying to get rich overnight because you think your coins going to go to five hundred dollars or something like that okay stop being lazy guys stop it start with these excuses stop all this stuff I mean it's ridiculous and some people swearing up and down that I have some type of magical gift guys I don't have a gift you know you know with my gift okay me putting my head down and going to work and practice it you know how long it took me to understand this game and I'm trying to help you guys I'm trying to give you guys the knowledge you don't have I did all the hard work for you guys you don't have to go through what I what I went to okay I did all the hard work that's why you see a lot of my students making money especially with the day trading okay you see right now looks like the market looks like it's gonna continue to go up so I'm definitely looking for Long's right now okay you see my students making money doubled you know I have state trading students right now that never date traded in their life double double they account triple they account come on guys how is that possible okay you guys had to understand that you know there's money right now right in front your face and you can make money right now stop waiting guys we don't have time to wait I believe we're gonna have a crazy global collapse and I want to I don't want you guys to get hurt okay allow you guys can actually lose your job based on this global collapse some people swear up and down that everything's gonna be okay we're never gonna have no depression or recession okay stop it and you hear some people I don't I don't want to swing trade I don't want a date tree that's a lame excuse guys you don't even try how you gonna say that you don't even try extra so how many times are you gonna say guys we are we are at the bottom bye-bye-bye and it goes right back down guys we have to bottom bye-bye-bye and it goes right back down how many times you gonna say that stop being lazy guys stop it stop with your excuses okay stop it you know some of you guys just want it easy uh-uh-uh I don't want it betrayed because it's so you know I've gotta do work you tell me I got a practice why I just want to make money in not do anything come on guys you you're better than that you know I just want to watch my teenager XRP tell me the good news every single day I don't want to do no work I don't want it I just want things to be easy guys stop it you are better than that guys you know it okay and some of you guys don't even know it that you guys are swing training already if you buy the dips right now you swing traded so I don't want to hear no excuse your swing trainning because that's what swing traders do they go in the account and they they take trades okay you going guys you are going in your count and buying the dips that's what swing traders do they go in the account and make trades okay you're doing it already so stopped excuses excuses and if you want to take your trade in to the next level you can day trade so come on guys 2019 is coming around the corner and you know how I know some of you guys you know it align are lying to yourselves because let's say that you know I told you listen I'm a fund your account I'm gonna put all the money in your account and I'm gonna show you how to trade I'm gonna show you how to make money daily you don't think that you say okay let's go I think 100% guarantee you say okay let's go let's go let me let me you know let's make this money right now but you know when it comes to you putting in that work you study and everything is different that's how I know some of you guys are just lying to yourself stop it guys I look like another trade right here coming up I'm about to go along right now so guys I'm minute straight right now I'm definitely a little bit late on a trade because I'm talking to you guys and you know but anyway I'm gonna look for a quick one to one and hopefully I get this quick one to one okay but if it's a break-even it is what it is all right but um you know guys you have what it takes okay I'm a guy barely graduated from high school guys if I can do it you can do it too no more excuses guys no more excuses you guys don't even try you don't even try to do things you know it's crazy I just I shake my head because I don't get how why some people just want to lose money I don't get it guys there's money right here in front of your face right now right now right now when you seen this is this is a crude oil right here okay I'm trading crude oils okay I trade a day trade the futures market okay I have students that I'll see you I got my profit right now okay so that's good so right now you look on the corner I'm up five hundred forty dollars okay so basically I'm gonna stop this because if I continue to trade it's gonna take forever okay it's gonna you know it's going to just this this video is gonna be probably an hour long okay I have a lot of trades left okay so but guys you really have to understand that you have it in you if I can do it you can do it too I have students that they still go to work but a day trade maybe they day trade one or two days let's say they have a day or two off during the week they day trade or let's say that they have a job where uh you know they are working in an afternoon so they have the mornings off okay they can day trade in or if you want to swing trade you can swing trade the cryptos to okay now like I say if you want to day trade definitely hit me up email me my email was look below this video in the description guys you you have it okay you got what it takes you know stop what the excuses 2019 it's coming real soon okay guys talk to you guys later and make sure you guys have a great day alright

36 thoughts on “XRP And Crypto Investors – Stop Buying Dips!”

  1. By buying the dips I have more money to my name than 99 percent of 30 year olds. I will just keep doing what I do 😂

  2. Dude slow your roll. You were all over then road…I think you know what YOU are talking about…but I’m sorry I just couldn’t listen to that…….jumping around……repeating yourself

  3. You ARE giving investment advice. Retail investors DO NOT know how to trade. Traders don’t win the end Game. Don’t hurt people financially.

  4. Dude, what’s your trade plan? Where’s your ISL, how do you scale up, blah blah … are you just trading of a 5min chart?

  5. 11 years … would love to see your Cumulative R chart that proves your ‘system” … Dude, professionals have stats, if you can back it up with stats and data I’m all good otherwise go home.

  6. "My channel is about making money now" – as he enters a short and gets stopped out. Stop trying to instill more fear into the market dude your channel is garbage

  7. Ur description says it may not work out and XRP May Ho lower. But the whole video ur asking to make money now. what contradiction is this!!! And are u not another YouTuber giving his own opinion telling ppl What to do should do and expect? Pls, just do ur day trading and lose ur money by buying dips n saying that it may go lower. When u know it ain't in the long run. Delete your YouTube account.

  8. dude, this is dangerously bad advice. You should clarify that you're into day trading. Hodling is a total different game and we're going to make way more money than you in the long run. You are mad short sighted. you are so wrong. why do you think Black rock, Fidelity, B of A, Overstock and a list of other house hold names are buying crypto by the buckets full on the otc market and holding it? to sell it back to us at thousands times the cost they bought it. day traders miss the trees for the forest all the time. get out of here with that bullshit…

  9. I really like your content just stumbled across your Channel. Which exchange do you use to long and short if you don't mind me asking. Also I am a US resident

  10. You are right but you are 100% wrong in sayin dont buy xrp. Xrp is a great daay tradin coin and a great long term coin..

  11. People who said that apple was finished and the graphics said that all was wrong Now I think that xrp is a very good inversion Will have a good future and now is the time to buy

  12. Ben first of all: you are also a You tuber!!
    Second you are a short term trader and a short trader!!
    Xrp/Ripple project for longterm is solid and a gamechanger in crossborderpayment industrie and if you are not acknowledging that then you are shortsighted.

  13. I’m highly interested. I see what you are saying. But I think if you have an organized delivery, as to exactly what your strategy is. I know your selling everybody is, but like any good sales person specifically state what it is your doing, what it takes to get involved, what your offering. You are right, you can capitalize on others failures, but spell out what your intentions are and it takes. Other than that your blowing air. So please organize what your saying. Most ppl like me don’t have trading backgrounds so break it down make me a believer. Your going in circles man

  14. Xrp performed amazing in 2018. This type of short sighted view is dangerous, especially in a crypto market primed for buying. Buy and hold xrp or other use case cryptos. Wall Street money is coming.

  15. @ 19:30 "I just wanna watch my teenager XRPer , read the news" Laffing my ass off hahahahahahahhaahhahaahhahahahaha classic.

  16. Be careful who you listen to. A man with no motive can be trusted. My man here tells you he doesn't care if you like what he is telling you, he deals with facts and charts. A lot of these youtubers are in deep with their own coins, and will never tell you that.

  17. We will keep buying the dip and hold for a long time, I mean a long time and become millionaires of the future buddy

  18. You’re preaching and effort on trying to open ppl’s eyes and to help them during this Bear Market 🐻 are paying off. People are finally realizing how correct you were.
    10k Subscribers by the end of January 2019 ✌🏻
    Thank you so much for everything you do Ben. You da Man 😎

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