XRP Added To Coinbase Pro! How Soon Until Mass Adoption??

hey what's up everybody it's the crypto ginger here I just wanted to quickly go over some information I found very interesting when it comes to the topic of XRP and even ripple the company and I want to start off with this article here from coined Escom where you can see that coin based exchange users can now buy and sell XRP starting tomorrow or I should better say February 26 some of you might already be the 26th of February and at this point in time it looks as though you should be able to access XRP through coin based probe this is actually something announced today regarding again the adding of extra pizza coinbase Pro and I found it very interesting here when it comes to the topic of having XRP added here we've been seeing the talk of this for quite some time and we've most certainly seen other facilities other companies exchanges by names for example have actually taken all and bring an X or P as part of their exchange and we did not get to see that happen with coinbase one of the biggest exchanges out there and of course I think a lot of the politics has something to do with that but now we're seeing the accessibility for XRP through again coin based Pro so if you are someone with coin based Pro again the 26th of February is your accessibility date for getting yourself in and out of the XRP digital coin now it just so happened to stumble across this particular Twitter post from XRP Research Center you can actually find them at XRP Center and this is related to Bryan Armstrong because he recently posted regarding the coin based Pro announcement for XRP being added but XRP Center kind of caught this took a screenshot says I don't know how to interpret this tweet at Bryan Armstrong apparently deleted in second some minutes after he published it he linked the XRP announcement to coin based Pro you can see here in this little picture of the screenshot little tears crying from the smiley face I found it funny because again I feel like Bryan Armstrong was just simply somebody who was not someone who advocated for having X or P as part of the coin base or coin based Pro exchange again I just find it very funny very interesting again that he would actually post this and then of course delete it so just something to take in consideration when you started seeing the inner workings of these things laying themselves out and having questions as to why some into like coinbase was not adding xrp well this is possibly your answer Brian Armstrong if people like him completely going against the grain when it comes to what's taking place in the ecosystem so keep that in mind guys a couple of things I wanted to quickly go over as well when you mix the topics of what was taking place with coinbase with right along with articles such as this one from aetherium world news a common we see that Forbes contributor implies the ripples of scam in the whole JPM coin debate it's just interesting you gotta take a little bit of time to research these articles and actually take it with a grain of salt and I just found that this article here was really it lacked a lot of evidence when it comes to specifying why the XRP coin would actually be a scam or even why ripple the company would be a scam by comparison to the JP Morgan coin and it's also something I found very interesting in the writing here that it says for one JP Morgan has no intentions to release the JPM coin to the open market compared to X RP and Bitcoin which operate in a free market where investors can invest and trade it will the JPM coin will function as a tool for the JP Morgan's internal payment system so you can see so simply by the writing event this is just something focused on the JP Morgan establishment and of course their internal payment systems there but they're not doing anything that XRP isn't already doing or that Ripple's already doing when it comes to reaching out to all these banks and financial institutions and having them on board with ripple net this is really solely focused on the JP Morgan company and institutions and again I would imagine the banks that are associated with them and it's just simply dealing with their own internal payment system so you again you have to take this information with a grain of salt something else I found very interesting as well in the writing with this is that they actually specify in the writing here that Bloomberg's comment towards ripple while lacking substantial evidence likely surround the company's position and controlling billions of XRP so you can see here this argument is something we have heard over and over as far as the amount of XRP that's being held by the members of ripple there and of course if you have any questions regarding this topic here you can easily go online and look that up it's almost like beating a dead horse into the ground at this point in time we understand at least from ripples perspective what they are trying to do with those billions of X RP so again very much an on argument when it comes to articles such as this I just find it very interesting that we're seeing a significant amount of FUD and when the foot actually has no power anymore it goes away so again you got to keep all this information in mind guys take it with a grain of salt a couple other things I wanted to quickly go over as well so we have the firm understanding that while we're dealing with this bearish market there's a lot of things happening in the FinTech side of the blockchain technology and of course the distributed ledger technology a lot of growth is happening and rightfully so because without that growth we really can't have what we're looking for as far as mass adoption is concerned and I just wanted to use this article here from News BTC comm as just a quick example as to why we should maintain our focus when it comes to basically being early adopters of cryptocurrencies and more importantly the XRP digital asset this is an article talking about how 1 million Bitcoin users will actually be able to access backed and of course the question is could bag 2 then be able to help with the mass adoption when it comes to more people onboarding themselves with cryptocurrencies a very interesting read but I think that what we haven't as far as an understanding for backed and fidelity and RSX getting ready to come out it's not just limited to the Wall Street investors that are coming into the market but it's opened itself up to any of the regular investors that are out there any retail investors like you and I and of course this right here is just going to be another gateway for mass adoption when it comes to onboarding people into the cryptocurrency ecosystem so back again fidelity era sex those are just absolute catalysts when it comes to again the mass adoption phase is going to take place within the next couple of years I wouldn't actually imagine that this right here is going to be something we see taking place overnight absolutely not so we have to keep that in mind as well this will take time and of course we need to make sure that we're allowing people to get more acclimated to what cryptocurrencies are all about something that might actually help with that is the talk of something like the new Samsung Galaxy S 10 where we see that this new phone is actually going to allow for cryptocurrencies to be not only stored on this phone but also your private keys as well now this is something that has been talked about a little bit in the community here as far as cryptocurrencies are cuz and you can see that there was a press release on February 21st talking a little bit more definitely about this they're gonna be upgrading their camera on the phone of course they're actually activating advanced intelligence so a little bit of what seems to be some computer intelligence built into the phone and again right alongside of being able to store your cryptocurrencies on there you should be able to access your own private keys and store them on your phone as well now this might be something that a lot of people aren't looking to do when it comes to storing their cryptocurrencies on something like a mobile phone but for those who are unbanked for example or don't have a banking account and are looking to store some of their earnings away they can actually do that very easily by using their phone this Samsung here and getting themselves into cryptocurrencies and of course again locking away their private keys as well so again we have what looks to be the ability for some mass adoption to take place with this new phone coming on I believe this is something that's coming out the beginning of March this is just going to be another type of catalyst for creating mass adoption into the cryptocurrency ecosystem now of course this is just the beginning stages of something like a cell phone which is really the extension of who we are allowing for mass adoption to come into play and if you think about it people that are unbanked people that don't have checking accounts will now be able to take a little bit more control over their own cryptocurrencies through their mobile phone and give them a lot more acclimated to the entire ecosystem now of course there is a strong focus on the ERC 20 tokens with this phone as well but the idea that this right here could spur that type of mass adoption that we need to see coming into the cryptocurrency ecosystem will be fantastic because once they get familiarized with how that works they can easily get directed to a digital assets such as X R P and focus a lot more of their attention on that particular currency some other things that might help drive a more mass adoption as well I just so happen to stumble across this article from quaint Telegraph com what we see that Accenture works with MasterCard and Amazon now to boost circular supply chain using DLT or the distributed ledger technology now of course if you're unfamiliar with Accenture they most certainly do have a connection with Ripple they have formed an alliance with them as a matter of fact to be good to Accenture comm you you actually see on their site their affiliation with ripple here by creating that alliance with the company back in 2015 looks like they've already created an alliance as well with the enterprise aetherium Alliance and as you can see here they have a connection with hyper ledger as far as them being a premier member of the hyper ledger so very very connected when it comes to again Accenture with ripple and of course even the hyper ledger which is going to connect them to some of the biggest names out there such as Swift and Deloitte and even r3 so again a very big connection when it comes to Accenture so going back to the article here we can see that Accenture is working with major global firms including MasterCard to introduce a blockchain base a circular supply chain of course that was something that was introduced and announced today according to the article here we can see that they intend to employ this particular technology as a key component to boost the circular supply chain and of course this is going to encompass all stages of the supply chain from the beginning to the end in order to eliminate waste and improve sustainability for the environment of course it goes a little bit further here to talk about how within the analysis initiative Accenture is collaborating with major companies including the computing firm Amazon Web Services who is also working with r3 they also working with the blockchain firm of a ledger the international development organization Mercy Corp and of course multinational financial services Corporation MasterCard so the well-rounded type of development that's taking place here and you can see how expansive and how big this is going to be especially with MasterCard and Amazon where they can have the availability to help really onboard additional types of mass adoption on any type of level there you just see how connected everybody is on this huge playing field with the distributed ledger technology so very big for all of these companies that are connected to Accenture and even ripple just as well so very good connections they're being made something else I wanted to quickly end this video on here as well when it comes to being a part of the XRP community especially here on twitter is really nice thanks to stumble across those members that are really trying to reach out to as many people as they possibly can whether they're new or old to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem but more importantly the XRP community and i just happened to stumble across someone here called xrp AKL you can actually find them at XRP OKL on twitter but they actually posted just recently here a couple of people that were linking as far as giving tips through the XRP tip bot now of course if you don't have the XRP tip bots i would highly suggest getting yourself into that especially if you are a content creator whether it's on youtube or even on twitter but this allows you to actually tip anybody out there regardless if they are content creator or not but this person right here went through and just actually gave several people different types of tips when it comes to you know an X or P through the XRP tip bot I just want to give a huge shout out because he actually ended up giving me 5x RP now please don't bombard this person right here when it comes to asking for cryptocurrencies because this is something that you should be doing as far as kind of a giving type of purpose you know it's based off of altruism almost you want to give to people you want to help them out you want to help people that are brand new to X RP and the entire distributed laser technology yeah absolutely bring them on board maybe give them a small bit of an incentive to help really open their eyes to how all this works and of course this community is absolutely been growing and thriving and the idea behind connecting as many people as we possibly can trying to get more people on board it into this entire cryptocurrency ecosystem and focusing attention on those digital assets such as X R P because they are some of the best digital assets out there and really helping educate what ripples trying to do on such a grand scale guys there are a substantial amount of people out there who are just linking this kind of information every single day left and right and I definitely suggest going on there finding those members of the x RP community including myself and getting yourself well established with this information outside of that guys I definitely thank you for taking the time to watch this video please see the like and subscribe button if you're new to the channel and please take advantage of any of the links in the description below for securing your cryptocurrencies either offline or on your phone with the up old wallet outside of that thanks again for watching and have a nice night bye

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  1. XRP has been on several exchanges including Uphold (fiat pairing) for almost a year, and didn't do anything for XRP price. Listing on Coinbase will have no effect, because wait for it….no one is buying. No one is trading. It's a been a bear market for 13 months brah. Institutional money on the sidelines is not salivating saying " I got to get into this".

  2. Great. Only for Pro users. When will us peons be able to buy XRP on Coinbase???????? BTW, I slowed the vid speed down to 75% and was much better. You are talking at machine gun speed. LOL

  3. Go the fanboys next stop 35 cents. This is more benifit to coinbase than XRP. They look stupid long enough not listing XRP when opening the door for the other alts they listed. #fuckcoinbase

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