45 thoughts on “XRP 10X Overnight? And Ripple At Swiss National Bank Conference”

  1. https://ourbitcoinnews.com/xrp-ripple-was-pitched-to-the-imfs-director-and-got-favourable-reception/

  2. 'at the end of every video i turn up the volume to listen to the music. Awesome stuff. appreciate all you do !!!!

  3. Performance is really all that counts, and if you just go to Coinmarketcap, bring up the XRP chart, you will notice something. Compared to other coins, it is an under performer period so far. Could it go higher sure but I have seen enough of your videos to know that you have always been pumping this coin, once again with 10X overnight. Geessssssssssss.

  4. This is the whole Video of the Swiss National Bank Conference: https://www.snb.ch/de/ifor/research/id/researchtv-event?event=luUj6_tSzXh1s1Uf7RR88g

  5. Just one question. When does that bull shit oozing from your mouth ever stop. Giving these idiot sheeple false hope just so you can make a couple of bucks selling your garbage. XRP is in the 30-40 cent region because that is all it is worth. It will never see 3-4 digits, maybe $20-$30 in 5 years. It will never be a one world currency. Why, because it's called competition fool. People like you and Brad and CKJ are pond scum giving hope to a tribe of losers who think they're going to be rich overnight. Where are you going to hide from these morons when they realize the truth. I find you people disgusting and what's more is you really know fuck all about the crypto market.

  6. I thought they were going to use the Ripple software but not the actual coin they sell to us, the public?

  7. your videos are good and you have alot of subscribers . please consider investing in a proper microphone solution for recording .

  8. Yeah but critics of xrp Ripple say that it's not a crypto and if you study it it's not a crypto it's something completely different something completely different then Bitcoin or any of the other cryptos it's sort of like a mark of the beast system which makes me think that it was selected by the uppers that rule the world would rather have gold though or silver and xrp that's for sure or Bitcoin, for that matter

  9. I am sure that Ripple knows exactly what is doing and what must be done to complete requirements. All people in advisory board and other interactions (IMF, FED, Central banks etc.) are not from yesterday. This are not kids from sandbox. More xRapid success more FUD and BS produced.

  10. Bitcoin hitting 10x = 80000$
    XRP hitting 10x = 4$
    From now onward which seems more realistic in coming month, so invest wisely not emotionally

  11. Until they release all locked xrp, i wont be collecting. Don't forget: Ripple company/protocol is not the same as XRP coin. I dont care about Fuds. All i care is the price action. U dont need XRP to facilitate on the ripple network. And that's exactly what the banks are doing. Give Ripple another 10000 partnerships won't make the price go up. Why? Don't get blinded and do your own research.

  12. if you have been holding since 2013 you must be worth 10s of millions by now and even more in end of dec 2017

  13. Painful to watch to say the least. At this point dude you’re just making XRP look bad. Your videos are getting worse, now your computer is a piece of shit haha makes you no able to be taken seriously, you’re a good dude but man.. get it together this is a long ass joke

  14. I do not know if you have noticed the following:  Brad started his talk by thanking the conference organizers and CHRISTINE (I believe he meant Christine Lagarde). Why thanking her ?  the last time I checked  CL represents IMF not SNB?  I believe BG was invited to the conference  because he was recommended by IMF and CL

  15. XRP has over 99 trillion as a total supply that's enough to give the world population probably a million XRP per person or more . and even if big bankers start using it it doesn't mean the value is gonna skyrocket , big bankers use a lot of different currencies doesn't mean they are worth a lot all yr doing is basically buying the next version digital dollars , worth not a lot lol , besides the ripple logo looks like a fidget spinner that toy that went out style a while go , and I hear XRP has the same potential problems the XLM network had recently where their nodes went off line . all that said explain to me how ripple is so great ? I think your the one not facing reality here . You need to take a step back and think carefully about these things.

  16. Great job, DAI….we love you up here in Canada!….your subscriber base is steadily increasing and you are frequently placed in the top xrp you tubers!

  17. Brad's presentation was a perfect execution. Calm delivery with every word meant to have the highest impact.

  18. Good for ripple and xcurrent but NOT for XRP they even said it themselves they have nothing to do with xrp. XRP is optional in the market for customers to use but they have nothing to do with xrp whatsoever.

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