29 thoughts on “XLM listed on Coinbase, but is it a buy. Also about that new logo…”

  1. Coinbase chooses rook partners as usual. Stellar is known for phishing activities for the purpose of self-promotion.

  2. Ignorant comments regarding the logo, just read Stellar's own info about the new logo and educate yourself. It's a lot more professional now, financial institutions and central banks were hardly going to take a cartoon rocket seriously.

  3. Stellar new logo is tacky. I also think that it`s the most suitable coin for Coinbase as the both descend to skulduggery. A union of rooks.

  4. Okaaaay, Stellar with their dirty image after spotted in phishing excellently matches scammy Coinbase! Twin bros.

  5. On the whole, a good coin with a potential for price growth and a cool platform for new projects and their development, but it is too early for them to compete
    The new logo is less pleasant than the previous one, and the listing on the coin base is not an achievement, they are going through all those who bring in money, and no matter how reliable the project

  6. Do you realize how long IBM has been in talks about XRP? There's a reason Ripple was invited to 20/20. Wonder why Jeb hasn't been taking his money everyday?? Now dig a little deeper you'll see more! Owning a company and being in business your Logo is actually a big deal, this isn't 1980 anymore, all as these other top businesses want to see is a clean, plain straight to the point Logo which they nailed it making it that way, the another company is not going to analyze a professional looking Logo. But with a cartoon Emoji spaceship for a company doing Billions in business isn't the best idea.

  7. don`t care about the logo, xlm is a dirty coin doing phishing and who knows what else. funny thing – it totally suits coinbase`s dirty reputation ha-ha

  8. So I sent my lumens to my coinbase account before it’s trading.. my account still says zero.. are they totally gone? What the hell

  9. The old logo can not be used as a currency symbol… anyone who can not see the real reason for the new currency symbol is very ignorant …

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