35 thoughts on “Xign: A Bank Account Without The Bank And Ripple XRP”

  1. Hey DAI, What did you mean when you said, ( 12:10 ) "when this is all over.."..
    When what is all over..?

  2. XRP was designed for $10,000 per xrp.
    1 XRP can be subdivided into 1 million drops.
    0.000001 Drop = 1 cent / 1,000,000 Drops = 1XRP
    There are 100 quadrillion Drops and 40 Quadrillion drops in circulation.
    Every transaction burns 10 drops.

  3. Just curious, what % of investment capital do people put into crypto? Or, % of total net worth? Wondering if I have too much in or not enough, what others are doing…

  4. DAI , what if till september price will be less than 1$? Will
    You apologize everyone for creating fomo? Will You close Your youtube
    channel? You are not a financial adviser but peoples belive in Your
    video and many of us put money into xrp becouse of You 🙂

  5. Yeah.. “xign” is pronounced “sign” – just like their “xpring” product is pronounced “spring” —— xrp baby. Yeah!!!!!!!
    Xtremely Rapid Payments
    ——— thanks for the videos!!!! @digitalassetinvestor

  6. btc will hit $100K, XRP will hit $13.00 … then a 90% correction. not rocket science. XRP use case to effect price is 10+ years out.

  7. I really like your channel but the ads are ruining the experience of watching your videos. You could have the ads run at the start and the end of the video. That way you will keep most of your subscribers.

  8. The xIGN Corp huh? Lol

  9. Xrp need to hit 100. When thay day comes. I'm going to post my screenshot of when I told my buddies to invest in crypto. If crypto dont hit 100…. just going to cry by myself in the corner lol

  10. Everybody started following you because you made a price prediction of 300. People started unfollowing you because you said the price will go down. Sums up the people in this space

  11. Mate, just wanted to thank you for the effort you put into your videos. Your content has helped me become and stay informed and to keep everything in context. I was accumulating digital assets with real world utility from Dec 18 until March 19. XRP is my second largest holding and I am confident my family will benefit from this.
    Thanks again,
    Mick from Australia

  12. Dude my dad keeps telling me to get my money out of crypto sjnce a buddy of his bought close 2 the top so its a "scam" stil hodling strong

  13. Has anyone seen the article with Craig Wright saying he is going to make bitcoin disappear?

    I laughed…


  14. GBTC is awesome, I invested my my roth IRA into GBTC . Amazing gains lately and expecting a lot more in 2019 and 2020.

  15. One thing that sucks about GBTC is they don’t issue 1099’s so figuring out your tax liability at years end can be a real nightmare if you’re trading. If you’re just holding I guess you would only have to deal with that once.

  16. I wish somebody can explain me all this TA crap in crypto ?????.
    Like big institutions are looking at charts and waiting when something is crossing something and then they are buying or selling ????.
    Fuck me ??. Show me one fucking TA before the bull run in 2017! Show me one fucking chart where someone predicted the 3.80 price in 2017. Nobody. Nada. Zero.

  17. Rrp knowledge is what people don’t understand, don’t listen too maximal people like Tony vas’s that talks crap and didn’t research xrp ?

  18. I really can’t wait for xrp to explode… so tired of ppl asking me when it’s finally gonna go BOOOOOM…. the ppl I know looking at me like I’m some kind of special… laughing at me, yelling at me, telling me I’m stupid…. “you’ve been in this crypto crap for years now and you still haven’t gone anywhere”…….. my response, sell me your bags then…. but nobody will…. “if you are all about XRP then why are you buying other coins?”…… lol, REALLY??? it’s called diversifying!!!! Got into an argument with 2 friends last night and it ended up in a screaming match between the 3 of us, all about XRP….. well let me tell you something, I’ve done my research and I listen to some pretty smart ppl about XRP and if they can’t see what’s happening then they don’t deserve the money that is going to come from XRP in the near future…. as for me, my digital currency bags are packed and I’m ready to go!!! I’ve been to Malta and I can’t wait to visit again….. always has been one of my favorite places……. #XRP?

  19. People do realize the digital asset investor makes money regardless of the price via ad revenue. He absolutely earned it, but he's shilling the greatest digital asset ever created (i agree) but he makes a profit while doing it don't sleep on that

  20. Photos of you on an island? You're like Charlie from Charlie's Angels we hear you we just can't see it LOL.

  21. SMART Lumpy, it's in the EXORCiST, dude!
    p.s. A beautiful spot shot, sending an ev ill brotherhood message!?

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