XCRYPT – The Next Generation Ecosystem Based On Blockchain Technology

hello and welcome to my logic be channel I mean phenomena they can see so we can adjust our thumbs up nothing I said no to Nick tiii you putting new position today X Cripe 2 dot clap so it doesn't officially Citylink I mean it's a description of each I'm a second part video so after they've gotten you actually seen but we do need a show this show che desolation the white company I was you know gonna talk more and then isolating the Allatoona condo because a isolating you put the pin together the market value and market position the market co-op in Java quarter to go down page ever say the Eagle OB luckily that carry dari it agree isolating so who stay watching it I collect a important journey so I'm using the Appalachian Jim hollow boutique knee and ECC so bulletin hollow hollow yeah I could happen the DECA was totally say okay so economics is yeah do they conduct or change another ax Skyped it has a brother named namuci that there are as a commentator today Judy a private sale is life that the private still chose here probably elegida picking and 15 percent bonus to enjoy baking been that 15 percent of like a bonus deviate achieving up or a big big benefit so i dicks are you placed on already shades sold out who a gauge and the question I reckon victorious again praise start in the Hiroshi rouhani so hobby super bonus paavana are bit 4x i OG d should I get the holler applica no bonus pavana so you be a pimple oh honey bonus of event joker happen a 15 percent private silly Dakini another 15 percent bonus effects a kill a ionic solid is sold out hey JJ I can take the watch a key key support cup a Bitcoin was struck at Biesecker ethelia mess up to the support code way so was to start obviously thinner because yeah gurbin I reckoned resistor now so they start codon even obviously Kernighan the register cordially the presence of Jay being a benefit of friends you know so I canít tell again they get across into the telegram that the ratio obviously connected who anyway that the G let us update Muse growth array it will give me what the Shere Khan Takei oregano dictator social media today they say because a social media man to make the Shambhala details page a bunch of new are big news page even I can't across India Foundation berating yeah reading dictation reading de-rating deviation so operating first of all reading the indica isolating for fun see Kabir trading this is so children college it on the rating de X crime to future-proof then hanako-san they took any moon token symbol oj x city I took a type of cheese unity place in pre I co-chair X 1 X City equal 0 so she make one a USD so I you I will launch paid next Abacha beat Forex coin in lunch with the preceptory in ICO the Jewish may contain USD the country shame Malta so I can stop you all did a study the ethnic diversity the booster box is like a collector yes side I reckon isn't a big activating the additional dating it hitting the do you think a lot of you know advisor by analyzes the rating be ok writer / typical market be yeah so in a market a coup elect a yeah someone can ask them how like a hollow back to carve a market Eco enter so jog edition book I hope a io condi Keenan even primal silly month away so benefit of passionately so I can because engine thought I could be get anything there is eight point six the be reading so boosts or change a to collect a yeah how like today's she saw all influences that I can be shy I will details that I can all did you study this is social media lingo the record presentation Veloce so I all charged antigenic another image all milestones supper team member everything that I can shop teacher puppet are new ways new stubborn news keke news Golota director Sanjay keke mutual say so all all you did BHA all you guys are X's so la jolla gates it takes another two it glows I'm makin a sub dearest are these dishes so I can awaken the hero that I could be this is 7.8 the Big E can redo a platform as you know I could be gettin a drink on a day such a high stake the leading digit those seven photos the highest to it okay so boost ever since I can show all in function D this is so chill another white paper turn the Allatoona girl thinking it is just a white paper first pitch takes an X cap chip future-proof the what will husband like to attend yeah I reckon the Cochin yeah white paper they come in the table of Kentucky contingent that I can look at your ever stock market overview the current exchange overview de added value of market leaders X kept ecosystem so I can link to JX Skype hybrid exchange security regulations approach X K future proof they can say X KY e FC 721 marketplace X city to gain the project Skype their turns section model you had a banking system all you know information that I can't do anything so I can't attention to their ever stack the new discoveries have always scratch my making me maintained the fear of flying the fear of looking at the future the fear of technology recent statics show that the user of the blockchain technology concerns very few people animals to the world's population there is a general feeling of the miss tracks toward it country to that tendency X crabs Kate is the project based on the this destination in it so I cannot begin the poor devil darling indicate marketing introduction the Prezi Prezi exchange market is the in our official opinion too small but x-pipe to want to exploit ete turn to the maximum and exchange traditional listed survey cryptocurrency and er c28 allocation that a technology kiki the air this insecurity hybrid ccs stand cross ccs stand take x skype ecosystem currencies trading intended traditional exchange the Cochin gigantic Skype a ecosystem shape decadent dessert shop JB she many video check X crab ecosystem supposed to virtually the Cabal like the brush until you go to the chapel shop Jacob how the benefit till you go to the chain I recognize that the current exchange overview liquidity Tabata catches cex or de x2 little too too little action to make a user loyal so liquidity they can things you like like all mixing market there is a lack of the liquidity to in crypto market which makes is that it's called from them to the present they'll add the right price so ater to buffer a pony with a lycanthrope page I'm gonna play I can of the decoding J start unity and centralized nature to a turbo developer CX DX a turkey it is simple to shop to shop totally DHA are loyal issue and little added Baloo in the current market see the most important upon even it are trading in Shambala real-time trading touch all infusion a candy DHA the added below of the market leaders kick even at the top and sheer top Kappa can see action by telling believable iam finance supper so what cakes homie it approach him beat Phoenix topology egos that I get the Oetker way so good sources of holiday occurs a security that is equal to the bynars take security very seriously and are asked to set up a two-factor or third when there is to an account to FA is a next level of security that sends a special code to move your mobile phone very a and phone every time you want to logging in train or without phones that I can really change the concision x-pipe ecosystem will develop to exchange plot from centralized exchange from little less accessible from so who searches kids so far Tariq and they were all dating all only at the apartment 24 by seven Hertz seven days to 24 and seven days I can happen a full day trading with the urban state that I can Buju check the what make a our trading platform is checked out eg that I can do they say I cannot acknowledge engineer I reckon the ex kryb hybrid exchange Kiki that I exchange see I gotcha I can it's a Atheneum network I get underneath him later core way I can like too much in JRE theorem later got IDs associated of halite pia so i candidate 13 j regulation I can bitch in jail are everything updated porn a mannequin they can be set up to page a mannequin decay or I can exchange a X KY future-proof the per utility to again the per security token the pair of what arrest used eagerly to pull late arriving size of the pager curricular most important because most important like the x-pipe ERC 721 marketplace gaming authoring have shown social network that 4x token the per a drop ranking system Tiger to pull out that like an abyss at the top a German so at the breaking system worked float approach neck Skype the conclusion everything that I do tha so they can elected so chillin the economic tension private sale is life so thought about talking to by Colonel can again the 50% bay Boris Pritchett if Tebow vitarka Cheney I write a market Ashley obviously the highlight Apollo actor ranking over like a palm go by so when digitisation Bob took in the biker living could always say it about how like the token so as capable in the GDB GDB halal I guess I can like incomes questionable so be do anything as you know don't know what

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