Wyoming – The Best State in the USA for Crypto and Blockchain Companies! – #FOMO

dude dude dude what's up crypto nation did you guys know that Wyoming it was one of the first States to allow women to vote that's really cool did you also know that the dude ranch in Wyoming is where the term dude came from you didn't know that Wyoming was so hip guys dude dude what's up dudes it's PETA with the central on his TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech in today's crypto newsmen good news guys Wyoming welcomes a Bitcoin industry with a blockchain of friendly bills dude dude ranch guys while government's worldwide dragged their feet and argue over crypto currency legislation various states in the US are vying to become the blockchain capital of the country Arizona aims to allow state tax payers the ability to pay their fair share with Bitcoin while Tennessee looks to officially legitimize cryptocurrency purchases by making them legal on paper now Wyoming is throwing its hat into the ring with for blockchain boosting pieces of legislation up for consideration dude eager to keep technological innovation in the state blockchain enthusiasts and state legislators are looking to make Wyoming the crypto capital cryptocurrency capital of the United States according to the Republican state representative Tyler Lindholm four pieces of legislation up for debate could make Wyoming the place to be for blockchain startups did you also know interesting fact that Wyoming has the lowest population of any state in America there's three facts right of women to vote the word dude and it's the lowest population of all the states in America guys as reported by government technology the first of four bills is House bill zero zero double O seven zero I like that double O seven zero which according to lindholm exempts initial coin offering tokens issued on an open blotching from Wyoming's a money transmitter and security laws so as long as you play fair you can play right in Wyoming as long as the token has not been marketed as an investment and is exchangeable for goods or services as an added bonus double O seven zero so exempts crypto currency exchanges from legally being considered brokers or dealers hmm interesting this guy looks homey it looks like a dude representing Jared Ellison our district 11 has sponsored House bill zero one zero one which aims to make filing LLC's for internet-of-things companies significantly easier this is good for iota fans filing an LLC can be burdensome process lindholm explain eager to streamline the process House bill zero zero with nineteen would exempt crypto currencies from the state's money transmitter laws which proved too troublesome when calling base a man in the state much to the chagrin of many voters finally the last yet to be numbered bill would allow the state to store company ownership records and other official documents on the blockchain very progressive my friends I don't you know what guys I bet I bet one of the reasons no this is all theory but I bet one of the reasons why Wyoming can pass laws like this and pass bills like this I know they're just proposed for now but I bet one of the reasons why areas are ridiculously conservative and there's a low population think about that it's a conservative state overall low population doesn't like government intervention which works very well with cryptocurrency could be a great haven a great Haven guys for blockchain companies to check out Wyoming at the time of this writing all the bills look posed to pass even though there is still some work to be done both double o 7n double O 19 have successfully passed the committee vote and are ready for the House floor says blockchain expert Caitlin long a lot of still a lot of wood to chop but I like our momentum not bad well it just makes sense guys Wyoming's push to become crypto friendly has already caught the attention of one a blockchain company block crusher lab CEO Scott Burke has recently opened up shop in Wyoming eager to take advantage of the state's crypto friendly stance claim Burke Wyoming is one of the best places in the u.s. to do business between a low startup cost the most business-friendly tax system in the country and lawmakers who are focusing on supporting and fostering the growth in issue innovative FinTech business the growth of innovative in tech business and technology Wyoming just makes well to all my crypt donation living out in Wyoming you guys are lucky for you Wyoming is set to be poised as one of the most blockchain and cryptocurrency friendly States in all of America the question is are you willing to move out to the a buckin Ville state is it a bill I think that's what it is let me know in the Bitcoin pop or the comment section below and thanks for joining us in today's crypto news bit brought to you by decentralize TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech if you're new here guys make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the 10 days of Bitcoin calm for everyone else smash the like button for Wyoming god I need to go out there guys I need to check it out I bet I could make an impact what do you think let me know in the comment section

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  2. Wyoming was also the first state to elect a female governor leading to the state's motto "the equality state". Crypto cowboys making moves.

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  5. Wyoming has no state income tax or car smog check requirements. It's a "Red State" and voted for Trump with the highest percentage of its state's population compared to other states. It also has the MOST guns per resident and is the #1 gun state in the country and has over double the guns per resident in the #2 state. However liberals are moving in and trying to poison the laws there and increase taxes. Look at the city of Jacksonhole in the county of Teton. Teton is the RICHEST county in America. Imagine that, rich liberals move in because of low tax laws, then they try to change the laws and turn it into the liberal state they fled. Mayor of Jacksonhole removed the photos of Trump and Pence from their city hall. That should tell you about the politics and agenda of that mayor.

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  7. Enough with the propaganda. Both sides are sold out to big business. The tech capital and the financial capital of the US are both in blue States. The conservative tax plan just hurt cryptocurrency and their net neutrality plan is highly unfavorable with everybody. Those are some of the worst regulatory laws I've seen recently and they're both pushed by conservatives. Bottom line Wyoming has to pass laws like this because of majority of the people in country don't want to live there so they need a way to generate and stimulate the economy by passing these loose laws. I'm not trying to start a flame War about red and blue but enough with the propaganda as if one is so much better than the other.


  8. The Wild West of bitcoin in the Wild West of America. Just be careful. Southern Wyoming gets dangerously windy. Areas in and around Cody are very beautiful and very close to Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Great metropolis for crypto startups.

  9. I think you would kill it anywhere!! Your are a inspiration and a solid human being , the comments on father daughter dance solid bro!! And then when you did Andy interview Geez i thought you were smart butt hard too tell with goofines,but damm homie

  10. The question is when do we move to Wyoming Pettah?, and start the the first blockchain town named CryptoLand, were all goods n services to governing are Ran by use of block chain Tech with the use of Bitcoin n other Alts as the payment mechanism!!!???

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