30 thoughts on “WWE 2K18 – 5 Things You MIGHT Not Know! #13 (Removed Face-Paints, Easy Virtual Currency & More)”

  1. Here we go again with episode 13! Want another? Lets try and smash 2000 LIKES! #WWE2K18
    As always big THANKS for taking part in the series. Keep the suggestions coming and the episodes will follow.
    Watch ALL episodes here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkUxAx3urM92D1prY-3UkFGL9CeQbFjQX #TEAM101

  2. Don’t get too excited about the handicap title match point. You were able to do that in 2k16 as well and just as it was then, if someone on the team gets the pin the partner is glitched as champion for life in your universe mode.

  3. Did you know if you do a falls count anywhere match, and win on top the hell in a cell, you get a unique cell victory?

  4. During chain wrestling minigame if Shinsuke Nakamura pushes your opponent into the turnbuckle he'll do the head on chest move and then back up into the middle of the ring to do the "come on" taunt

  5. Did you know some superstars entrances are superstars that aren't in the game
    Ex. Generic Superstar 8(Austin Aries)

  6. @The101 Idk if this is where I'm supposed to put this, but as I was playing in Universe mode I was playing Rich Swann vs Akira Tazawa and I went for a roll up pin and won. Immediately after Swann rolled out of the ring and a cutscene played of Tazawa arguing with the ref and Swann was celebrating outside the ring. I thought this would be cool to add in one of your Did You Know? series if it isn't in already. Thank you.

  7. if you push the steel steps under the announce table and put someone through the table you can do any move on the steps but it has to be an arena with one announce table

  8. You can do a finisher on your tag partner, just put them in the carry and drag system and do one of the finishers that can be done from the carry carry position

  9. There is one of those mid match distraction cut scenes where the undertakers theme plays but he dosent come out

  10. The way to always trigger the squash match is to do a normal running grapple as soon as the bell rings, along with all the settings stated in the video

  11. Did you know if you have kurt angle there is a possibility that he will be fighting stone cold in the menu (legendary feuds can be on the menu)

  12. Not sure if you'd already covered it, but if not, I just experienced that when Kalisto runs in during your match, he ran in in my favor, in the run in where the music is played but the superstar is behind you, he waits behind you with a special animation for his lucha arm raise taunt. Not sure if there are more, but I just found that one! ❤️

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