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hey guys welcome welcome to a late-night edition it's 8 o'clock it's October 18th and it's that time again for a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news but at night and that's because this morning I had internet issues I had a good stroll for like 35 minutes I think we had a good I think we had a good session except afterwards I checked it out it was just really grainy and it didn't look good so decided to delete it and make it up to you guys and have this live session tonight so a lot of you guys that can't join in in the morning hopefully you guys can join in now so welcome welcome and as always we'll give a few minutes for people to tune in and of course smash up the likes and subscribe the channel especially if you're new alright hopefully my Internet's not lagging it looks pretty good Brandon Carswell is looking like he wants to talk some so it looks like you the first person will go bad today this video is not clickbait this is what this is actually share with me this morning and I'm gonna explain because I think this is the reason why the market went down a little bit although really it didn't it didn't move much at all ok there's this all this panic and I'm like what what went down 10 points and uhm people panicking so I'll talk about back and and what they released in their blog a goal for some other news that wasn't around this morning so there's actually a lot more to talk about then right now then then earlier 3 a.m. dude I know right now the time you know people when you're up and stuff it's just crazy 3 a.m. 4 a.m. you're tuning in welcome and thank you and I think this is a good time for us people and Australia and probably Asia right renin says what's your opinion on risk of ERC 22 open these 13 fails all of them become useless right now not necessarily and it's cooking a long time long long long time before t thorium fails and that's not really concerned at this point alright so let's get started what's going on why is this this rumor spreading about back being delayed first of all every guy every one of you guys watching should know what back did if you don't then then you've been living under a rock okay so back this by ice it's basically four things crypto changes where housing was it a Bitcoin futures that's backed by a Bitcoin and they're gonna do other things like advisory services and so forth right so it's a lot like what fidelity is doing but the interesting thing is obviously they're backed by ice which is be one of the largest that I'm pretty sure they are largest because they all the New York Stock Exchange and they own like exchanges around the world so they're probably the largest in terms of exchange owners whatever you wouldn't call them and they're coming out Bitcoin futures backed by Bitcoin so if that's a little bit different however they just released this they actually didn't just release it this was from three days ago I don't know now it's spreading around because I didn't hear about it until recently over they said they wanted to be transparent and here's the thing so they they even highlighted this for you I didn't do this it just it was highlighted on medium so they're saying we're taking a transparent approach to engage across the industry as we're testing onboarding November and trading warehousing in December subject to CFTC approval so they're this is the reason why people think it's going to be delayed because they said trading and warehousing in December so so that's the thing it's I mean this was kind of like all along okay but you know I think they I think before some of the communication was just everything was garbled up that it was gonna be in November so now it seems like it might be December but again this is due to CFTC approval so it really depends if we know the CFTC is very Pro bit coin and crypto s– right and most likely this has been communicated to CFTC already they wouldn't just buing be doing this now if they didn't really think that this was gonna be okayed so so I don't think there's anything to worry about okay if if it's not in November it's December big whoop it's one more month so it's not a big deal but it could be earlier than that it could be in November so we'll just have to see but there is no delay this is still huge okay this is the biggest news of this year so far and we have seen other ones right like fidelity TD Ameritrade and now we're here in goldman sachs and we're hearing all these these largest douche investors that's getting ready to pour or opening up tools for other investors and for billions and trillions of dollars come in back there's certainly one of them oh I forgot the other thing about backed is they're coming out to payment gateway that's huge – for adoption for and Starbucks is utilizing that and there's other merchants that still be let's go you know jump aboard afterwards so there's no worry okay this is this is the plan all along so I don't know I think that just starts spreading out or maybe I'm delayed but walk thank you for that for super chat because I was asked about this morning I'm like delayed hmm I didn't hear about any delays so this is what people are referring to right so there's nothing to worry okay and even if it is in December it's one more month big whoop right when things start moving and they will and they will things are gonna be moving up in a big way so one more month it's worth it alright alright so moving on is a few more news world's largest crypto exchange looking to add stable points so of course of course everyone wants to dissociate themselves from teather at this point okay I think this is why I've been saying and made a video you know two days ago about is this an for tether and it's looking like it everyone is still feeling uneasy about tether and everyone is desperately like okay acts just added for stable coins finance already has two true FC and I guess Pat's haven't used that and they're looking at adding a few more like the Gemini dollar right but we have seen stable coins are not really stable okay like true USD I haven't checked today but yesterday it was a dollar and five and tether you know after a few days it's still going at 97 98 cents this shouldn't be this should be on a dollar how is it possible that it's at 97 cents that I mean so stable coins are just they're not working right now okay they're not working so adding all these stable coins I don't know if it's really gonna fix anything it might improve things because now people have more options right rather than just dump in to tether to get dump it into something else if they want to convert but I don't know I don't know I don't trust stable coins if you want a stable coin just put it into BTC that's what everyone should be doing okay PDC is the most stable crypto and you know what before all this stable coin nonsense right people would sell and hold BTC and so forth and I actually would help BTC at this point and more people did that but I think more people most people just put in this table point at this point so I don't know I just don't trust it put in I think putting in be DC's butter or you convert to fiat and I know it takes a few hops to do that but money is money right cash is king and sometimes when you do that that's how you force yourself to take a profit one of the things I've talked about this morning was the fact that one should you take profit and a lot of people you know was asking me you know is there a strategy and stuff there's this really no strategy that taking profits lock in profits is very important so it's what I did definitely I'm in better position because of it last December you know I said things are just going to crazy okay we all knew it everyone knew it back of our minds we all knew is unsustainable it's too crazy but no one cared because things were going up like crazy right so I I made the decision at least to take out half and I cashed out a half the rest of the remaining that I have and I've been adding on more as we've been declining but I'm able to do what I do now right because I sold that half so in terms of profits taking I've always said it's important before before you could be less aggressive right before when things are going up a hundred percent a thousand percent a week you can wait until something goes up 100% 200% a thousand percent before taking profits if you wanted to now you know we have seen some pumps 3050 percent pumps 100 percent maybe two three hundred percent there is no right or wrong as long as you take profits out right as it's going up and you lock that in ultimately that's that's how you give yourself for the long haul right to stay in it so you just got to keep that in mind so stable coins again I'm a little off topic but stable Klein's I don't know I just don't I don't trust them I don't trust them all right all right so moving on the SCC is setting up a new division to talk to ICO startups so I figured it would have had one by now because they've been going after all these icy O's but it's good it's good you know I I still don't see much like I well I haven't been reviewing a lot of ice seals recently to be honest but you know all these ones that claim they have like SEC approval and all this stuff where they pass the Hughie test they didn't really talk to the SEC they disliked looked at whatever document and said okay our lawyer said our pass no one really talks to us you see I don't know why I guess they they don't want to go through trouble or they want to pull a fast one or whatever I don't know but if they have a new division hopefully some of these companies really want to be legit go talk to this he's he and actually get real approval and not just say oh we passed it right so all right so Swain Bitcoin investor is cashing out to buy apartment so we have heard this before and more things like this this is troubling where you know a lot of these 20-year olds right they probably made a lot in the crypto market and you know they've been bragging about it or something or they let their friends know and their friends let other people know so we've been hearing more about people like this where where people are cashing out large amounts of Bitcoin and something happens them to get robbed or murdered or something like that so this is never good so this is just a general thing okay if you guys are working with Kryptos obviously right and you guys are working for large amounts and stuff to kind of keep it to yourself I mean you could tell people you're investing but you know like like Ian Milania right he used to when things were good he used to always tweet out pictures of his black folio right and I show to 2 million 2.5 million and guess what someone hacked them right and took the two million dollars so sometimes you don't want to show off right you know you don't want to tell people that you have this because now a lot of these guys are actually targeting people with cryptos right so in that sense I also want to tell you guys that I don't know why people always want to know where I live or what region I live in right do not if you guys know great do not share it with other people in this chat because I have been targeted before I told you guys a story about my Exodus my phone was actually SIM stolen right or the the number was hijacked and I've been targeted before so if you guys if you guys see other people asking about where I live and stuff like that do not share do not put in the chat if you do you'll be forced I'll be forced to ban you so do not do that I don't know why there's certain people that feel the need to know that so that is the reason why I'm gonna start doing that in the future so just to keep you guys informed all right moving on Ticketmaster acquires blockchain start-up in a bid to combat ticket fraud I don't know what which which one do they purchase or no not purchase I guess upgraded I don't even know which one I should have read this before I showed you guys this but all right so just just overall I think this is this is fine right ticket fraud I have actually seen I review this fuse I cos that deal with this oh maybe maybe this is that company but this makes sense okay I mean the blockchain is great for tracking things like this okay transactions or you know verification of documents or in this case tickets all this kind of stuff the blockchain is great for so this is no surprise all right so moving on this is this is interesting okay not a lot of people is asking this question and that is why this Bennett the finnex have problems with banks and other exchanges are fine and that's because of tether again going back to t'other but Phenix have to do some weird and shady things to to get banks to give them these account so that it can operate especially with tether involved so that is the reason okay and that's why hsbc now is having second thoughts I don't know if they just cancelled it or not but yeah so the Phoenix when they actually open up being a constant they don't actually use their name to use something like shell count and they do a lot of those kind of things so when noble bank went out right HSBC didn't know that they had these other bank accounts and then now there see it's just like a whole mess this is why I like the finnex and tethers just like it's a disaster waiting to happen so I'm hoping at least right we have seen tethers market cap go down because people are selling it went down a gun I think right no it's about the same well a little bit a little bit less than 2.1 billion so you see it's been going down right so the best best case scenario is we all these changes to introduce so much you know stable coins and fiat trading pairs that tether just tanks down okay it takes down to like what is it here like four hundred five hundred million or something like that so if it goes belly-up is not as disaster as 2.1 billion right but realistically we could go down to like a hundred million so they'd I'd be good but you know it's just this whole thing with the finnex and Heather a lot of people are just gonna be really iffy about that for a long time including myself so all right so I've talked about this this morning Tron and Baidu right so this is one of those is it is it one of those Justin antics because he announced that he pre-announced he pre announced that he was gonna have announcement that's one of his trademarks that he was field partner up with a company worth tens of billions of dollars and that was search engine Baidu however there's like insiders to talk about how it's not really a partnership it's just trying buying server space or cloud space from Baidu so it's a really partnership we don't know I'm hoping Justin or Tron comes out and actually clarifies this when they're not this is actually true partnership kind of like the one we saw with cute um and AWS where yeah they might be renting or spinning up nodes but but also offering like blockchain consulting services and advisory services like stuff like that right hopefully Tron is also doing that for Baidu we don't know we don't know so hopefully they could clarify that right because this is one of those things because of Justin's history a lot of people is like really doubting them and this kind of thing so hopefully this is not one of those cases all right all right moving on mineiro was go do their bulletproof s– upgrade and they did it today and this supposedly decreases transaction costs substantially so now note the fee for typical Manero transaction is approximately 0.2 0.0 won all right so looks like this is good this is good for Manero I just don't know where mine arrows being useful we're where it's being used that other than the dark web so I don't know but Manero I think they have a future especially because the way the way they're talking is set up and it's gonna be very scarce alright so lastly I witness yet I will and I've been talking about this so I'll be doing this AMA with Jessie lund of IBM blockchain so he's the head of IBM's division ok blockchain division and they reached out to me because they're doing a man reddit right there's all this information so I'll be hosting this this will be at 5 p.m. 5 p.m. on Monday the 22nd so I'll be running on my channel so you guys will still get the notification and stuff like that but it's gonna be a little bit different this is AMA so if you have questions about what Jessie and IBM is doing and so forth this is a good one to participate because we know IBM it's very very very involved with blockchain and enterprise space so this would be really good AMA to attend I don't know I don't know how many questions I'm asking I guess I'm kind of a host and kind of Nod there's someone else that's running this session but and then the questions are gonna be fed to us from reddit so I don't I need to get more clarification on what my role is but I don't want to overstep on Jesse's feet but I think I know um I think I know enough where I can participate in the AMA so just wanna let you guys know that is coming up and I'll tweet that out I'll tweet that out alright that's it for the news so what's going on what kind of questions kermin says my wife hauled ass with my treasure loaded with 255 BTC I can't get an attorney to touch me for under 23 percent of the return what what if that's true I don't know I don't know man that that seems real shady and plus I know why lawyers would charge a percentage they were just charged a fee or something or you could take her to court all right so bet that's really messed up if that's really true that's a lot that's a lot of BTC that's a lot of BTC hopefully you cashed out some of that so you have money to pay for lawyer fees right David yes I've been writing this string for 20 minutes you are too late that it's the main topic of this tonight basically to sum up there is no there is no delay they basically put out a blog that's saying that you know some of the things might be moved off to December from November due to CFTC approval but but it could still come sooner as soon as the approval is done so there's really no delay but that's been spreading around you know it's funny because I didn't hear about it and that's spreading around but the blog post is from three days ago so I don't know why that's coming out today so I mean I don't feel so good I think I'm coming down with something I'm really coming down with something what is your price prediction for this year for Bitcoin well I've been saying I think we still have a good shot to hit a trillion dollars that things are good we got a whole bunch of stuff coming right we see we got a whole bunch of stuff coming we step back we still have you know fidelity that's onboarding things we still have you know the BT the Bitcoin ETF that's pending we still have the winter months right November December we have more merchants that no doubt is go becoming a board there's just so many things in coinbase you still go be adding more coins which I think it's gonna be badass teller soon I mean there's a whole bunch of it could be a whole tsunami and if we go up really quick to a trillion dollars then the coin will probably have twenty five thirty thousand if not more and all these all coins will skyrocket right so won't have to see Idol news I haven't uh I haven't heard of anything I know they got pumped up but I don't know if they finally released their hybrid exchange I mean there was a lot of stuff pending with Dido so I don't know any news with – cute some of comodo yeah cute some had a big aid of you US partnership news from yesterday so so that's big – not she's been out with Venezuela what is cold storage cold storage like a hardware wallet it's the hardware wallet that you could unplug from the network so no one can hack like a like a ledger that is a cold wallet do I agree 9k in 2018 then bull run in q1 I I think it's gonna be a lot higher than nine Kate mic Novogratz changed his tune he was saying that you know we go hit all-time highs and then he's like no maybe not and then now he's saying we're not by hit more than 9k I don't like that if you're gonna stick with this stick with it so I'm I'm will stick with we will hit all-time highs about twenty five thirty thousand dollars for BTC and the market to be out of trillion dollars so I'll stick with that Tony thank you why are you listening to me on you on your drive back on date night but that I'll say hi to your wife for me what month do you think will be a good time to pay attention and sell do you think selling a pump will be different this time it really depends it really depends on how fast we go right if I think we're all wiser now right so if we see the same thing like what happened with 2017 if we see a crazy pump of all Bitcoin I mean all all coins have Bitcoin and so forth right hopefully you guys are wiser now to be taking profits on the way up so even if it crashes down you'll be okay you locked in a lot of profits I think that's the main thing right that's the main thing to know to have a good strategy in place and know when to take profits that's that's really what it is there's a new hardware wallet called Kobo yes aha you see that I gotta set this a Kobo wallet so I'll be doing a review video on this this is supposed to be military-grade waterproof damage proof self destructs so yeah so this box right that I'm holding weighs about like 5 pounds it it's it's crazy so I'll be reviewing that soon and let you guys know how that is do I think 6,000 is bottom yes I do think 6,000 bottom nice and I think that we're not go beyond it to so many people like tone that thinks you know we're gonna go to three five thousand and three thousand I just don't see it I don't see it we tried so many times and BTC is not going down it's not six thousand is bottom and we're every bottom that we have right now every time we go down and actually forms a higher bottom so we're not even touching 6,000 anymore we're not seeing so I do believe that is bottom when you say take profits are you suggesting cash out and put no just cash out and have it on your exchange you can put it in your bank account if you don't want to use that to buy anymore that's certainly what you can do but basically cash out into Fiat in your exchange so that if the market goes down right you can use that to buy more when you have the opportunity there's like a long long-term holding coin yeah I was ellika it's just I haven't heard much about them recently so but sharding is a big thing there iam still needs to scale and sharding is one of the things they want to do thoughts on card on oh you know everyone keeps asking me that I don't have much to say about Grenada their their program in a way Charles is a good guy he's very knowledgeable guy when you hear him talk he just sounds super smart he's not a person he probably wanted to bait with these he'll just crush you and they have a large team working on it and I guess it's just a matter of when are they gonna be done right and how many dads can they draw to the platform that's really it so got a wait wait until the whole thing is done and the reason why you guys are saying you know if it's you know struggling on CMC and so forth and that's it because there's just not a lot of news right now right but they are holding extremely well where are they and number nine there's still at two billion dollars and this market is pretty good but then you know you have someone like Tron that's really starting to move up and and dis ting themselves away from Neil man that's almost 50 percent yeah 50 percent spread between the two and that's because Justin keeps up with this antics and marketing and so forth right some people like it some people don't but at least it's getting people involved with the coin right and you don't you don't hear that from like saying neo or as much from Cardinal either so it's not dodge coinage dogecoin no nothing with dogecoin yes Stephen that's what a lot of people say but you know the 6000 hold is is caused by some big players all right so you know with me okay I didn't show you guys a chart a lot is I could tell a lot of you guys a lot of you guys are new to this channel to this live session so because mostly when I do this in the morning people know this ready so so what I use like a chart like this right I'm really looking for two things one is a pattern I'm not one of those guys that's gonna be utilizing Elliot waves or Fibonacci retracements or whatever else the moving average is that that will predict where something will go I'm not one of those guys right I look at patterns and one pattern you can clearly see what bitcoin is the fact that you know what we are in this wedge or triangle right but look at our lows keep getting higher and higher snot a it's not a horizontal line the lows keep getting higher and higher and yeah we struggled every time every time this here when we try to break through this we couldn't that's why it's like a perfect triangle right and we did slightly because of the tether mishap but but you know something's gonna happen here right it's either gonna go up or down and that's this is where like tones and TA guys say well every time you hit this line it gets weaker so we're gonna go down I just don't see it because this is happening for a reason this is due to Bitcoin miners you know prompting up Bitcoin above 6,000 or CBO CME keeping Bitcoin above 100 billion so they could still continue their futures it could be ice that's back buying Bitcoin large amount of bitcoins to prepare for their futures there is something going on which is why it's holding a 6,000 it's not because taa is saying that it's it's a bottom it's not because some retracement says Oh at 75% it's at 6,000 or something no it's not that there's a reason for it right and that's and that's that's the thing so I look at patterns that you could you can all see and we're gonna break through this there's no way even we don't go up and we just go sideways we go break through it and we're not gonna go down so even then right we're gonna break through it the Bears have been trying very very hard to keep us from breaking through it you know as you saw even a month ago we're right on track to break it and then it came down again just a week ago we're on track to break it we fell down right so there's only so much time right that they could buy them buy it before we do cross and once we do that so be good thing and then also the fundamentals to keep getting better you can't ignore that right the fundamentals keep getting better you how would you have someone like ice or fidelity right fidelity owns like seven trillion assets or not owns controls and ice also controls like trillions and Blackrock you know controls trillions of ETS why why are these companies getting involved you get involved because they know there's a lot of interest right they're gonna make a lot of money by getting involved and they were not getting involved if if everything's a crash to zero it doesn't make any sense right so the fundamentals just keep getting better so right now short-term volatility whatever got ignored Bitcoin and crypto it's gonna provide life-changing wealth life-changing wealth and that's why you guys guys stay strong and just ignore all this nonsense going on right now Bobby I do like Nano it is amazing I've talked about Nana all the time if you want to utilize a crypto for transactions daily day-to-day transactions like you want to buy a cup of coffee or something like that nano is great you could use it it's felis is fast it's all about the optional nano right so I like nano bunner didn't say did you buy which a lot of people like but they're kind of in the same space and same thing with like coin and Bitcoin cash and so forth right so it's just about it's just about adoption for Nano you can an IBM blockchain on 22nd will bring more attention to stellar I think so everyone if you will I've watched some of the past interviews Jesse that's done and you know the question always comes up with stellar stellar foundation it's gonna be a big thing this is why I love stellar so much is because of that tight tight partnership I think is stellar is going places okay it's going places and people always still ask ripple or stellar they're both completely different fields okay and they're both really good so you don't have to choose one or other Ripple I still love people still can't go in fact oh they're centralized as well ah okay well get all over that back yes they're not really centralized there's very different variants of centralization but some people just don't want to listen to it so I don't know but next rapid it's gonna be a big thing and stellar they're more involved with payments of supply chain players and that's what IBM is involved with so that is gonna be a huge thing to the last low is lower than the last three or four those no it's not no it's not things stashed on decline a bunch have their earnings coming out soon we'll see a lot of people have been talking about the fang stocks dropping because they they've been climbing so high I mean every single one every single company out there has doubled or tripled within the year so we'll see we'll see what kind of correction if there is a correction of this wall correction great if there's a massive correction then we'll see how it affects the crypto market because we saw from a week ago when the global market was struggling when Japan and South Korea and China was selling off it was effect on the cripple market it was a bad effect people took money out but it was a long long correction is it is it the opposite will they start diversifying more in Kryptos so what do I have to see if it happens hmm so tell me how ta convert into swings that we had when the OTC market makes big moves it can't I'm telling you no can't a lot of TA guys will fit the scenario if something happens and they're gonna find a way to explain it but you tell me how ta can predict OTC moves if a whale wants to buy a billion dollars with a Bitcoin in the OTC market how can ta predict that it can't it's not a future predictor it can't predict what humans are going to do it looks at past history and say well maybe this will happen but we know in the crypto market there's too many manipulators pump groups fog that comes out you know if the sec let's say let's say tomorrow the sec comes out and says we deny all nine Bitcoin ETFs that will have effect on the market he'll probably go down but TA is not is not gonna predict that right so there's things that ta cannot predict so that is the thing that's why I don't trust in the crypto market just yet I use that a little bit little little bit for very short-term guidance but I always already against like like tones prediction like Oh T's go show that we're gonna hit 5,000 then we'll go ahead 3,000 possibly that maybe will go up like I don't buy that those kind of arguments any future for litecoin I don't know I don't know I don't see like coin being good at it's good at stuff but it's not great at stuff there's always some other company that's better at it and Charlie ultimately he won't admit this but he's a Bitcoin Maximus he's not a like Quinn Maximus so he would actually I personally think he would rather see like coin die and Bitcoin survive than the opposite he would never want to see Bitcoin die and like when survived and that's good for Bitcoin holders but as a leader of the team do you really really want that I don't know I don't know that that's always been the thing I saw of him he truly loves Bitcoin he created like when for fun and I think he has no choice but to run it but they're not doing anything different at Bitcoin is it and there's certainly not better than say nano at transaction so I don't know what they're good at and store value is not gonna be as good as Bitcoin so I don't know can digit God be a stable coin I don't think so it's a little bit too shady not shady I shouldn't say that it's wrong choice award it's a little complicated because what is it they have two coins that one is not even being traded like digi gold is not even being traded so the one that you see that is traded is not backed by gold so their whole setup is just weird and they're not the only ones doing it there's other companies like hello gold that's doing it I I don't know I just if you want to buy gold just buy gold I don't see why you need to come up with a crypto that is based off of gold I don't know I don't see it well according to toned there are no whales so so so that argument goes out the window that smart whales don't do anything without good ta know but uh I kind of agree with you if I was if I was a whale and I want to dump in a billion dollars or ten million dollars in the cryptid market I kind of want to know where things are right and that's where maybe ta some of these technical analysis can tell you well right now it's looking like it's a good time to buy because we are low or this is not a good time to buy so there's some short-term guidance but again long-term guidance based on TA I don't I don't agree with it Komodo sidechain I don't know anything about Komodo sidechain so bit max bit max does Steve and I I hate bid backs okay bit max people couldn't can do stuff with bin max because they're leveraging right because there are 50 x hunter X leverage you don't need to have that much money imagine if you put a million dollars in leverages a hundred hundred X right that's a hundred million dollars worth the pressure that you could pull one way or another so so whales do that right and then yeah that could definitely be doable and then maybe if you're arguing want some of the TA kind of predicts and stuff what that that's more coke collusion right you know that's more like just large players backing up each other's place and stuff and knowing how the time things because they already have inside information so that's different so I don't know CEO back says sometime next month is launch right so this is this is what I've been saying like a lot of you guys tuned in late thing thanks for tuning in a smash of the likes I read this right from Kelly she is a CEO she just wants to be transparent and said well you know what there go big in testing I'm born in November and trading and warehousing in December this was three months three days ago so worst-case scenario worst-case scenario to go move their stuff into December but best-case scenario still be in November and regardless in November December it's one freaking month okay a couple weeks off so big whoop so this is not a big deal but I think this start is spreading and I don't know why and I didn't know about this until today but this is from three days ago so nothing to really worry about nothing to really worry about I don't trust them nano LTZ improvements all over the last five year the same way be you know nanos been around for almost just as long right nano is not a new product that's been around for a long time and LTC has improved itself but before 2017 like one was dead no one was using litecoin the only reason why I like point came back is because Charlie worked for coinbase and convinced corn-based to add litecoin and perfect timing when the market has start going up like one went up like crazy and that is the reason why I like coin is where they are today I know because I got into like my mining in 2013 when I first pumped up with Bitcoin and went from like 50 dollars down to two dollars and I stayed at $2 for years and never moved so even though like Ryan's been around for a while it was pretty much dead that's why Charlie moved to coinbase and nano same thing when it was a shoot was a ride blocks it was pretty much a dead project that that didn't go anywhere and then I started up again at 2017 so a lot of these projects you-you-you think that they start in 2017 they really didn't a lot of these companies have been around for two three four years and they they survived so good for them and dogecoin is one of them too which still has no practical she was white ball pipe I don't know what to say about football before they were go do some cool stuff where you can do like that's and stuff like if this happens then this happens so you can make bats like a team wins you can make bats and stuff but they've gone beyond that now and I don't know what the new direction is I don't know if they're just trying to be a just like a cryptocurrency that you can use for transactions or they're moving as smart contracts I don't know I don't know did you regret selling GPUs no because they were outdated they they weren't they're like the rx5 80s or for 80s or anything like that was before it was like the what is it the 57 the Radeon 5700 or 5500 I forgot what models that were because this was like three years ago and I can't find the pictures I should show you guys because I had like like literally a hundred and fifty GPUs in my basement and it was like a hundred degrees in the dead of winter and I had big fans blowing negative-20 air degree air into my basement it was still a hundred degrees is crazy Pope USP poll got pumped up a little of anything happen or it's just a pump group and QSP is I don't see them auditing any companies anymore there was a few like the audited credits and stuff with that but you know I don't see any company utilizing them anymore should you stop at mining well look at look at the difficulty if you're losing out of money right now then yeah you could turn it off and then turn it back on when the the mining difficulty drops and then you'll be in the profit again you don't have to sell off your cards right away it is fun it is fun my name it's just like running your own you know your money tree basically it is really fun I wish I could get into it again alright guys I think that's it I'm not feeling so hot it's just I might be sick so I'm landed there hopefully you guys learned a thing or two and you know overall backed is not delayed it's on track there's nothing to worry about right BTC and overall market slightly slightly slightly down we're talking about just like what 20 points from this morning so still nothing to worry about and overall guys overall we're in the second half of October November is just right around the corner and good things are coming good things are coming so stay strong don't let a few months of volatility don't let it prevent you from having life-changing wealth okay that's the easiest way to think about it alright guys that's it smash up the like subscribe the channel and tomorrow's Friday happy Friday and tune in at 10:30 a.m. Central Standard Time now hopefully I don't have any more internet issues alright guys that's it take care good night Bob hi

32 thoughts on “WTF? Is Bakkt Delayed? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News”

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  2. As Institutions are coming, have you any views on Republic Protocol REN , dark pool n hidden order books option so institutions can buy in mass without affecting market price. Very limited info on youtube. please can u have a look. BAKKT and REN how they differ fundamentally.

  3. Regarding the tron-baidu partnership… there has been so much talk regarding this, most of what I have seen has been essentially negative in the suggestion the Justin Sun was misrepresenting the nature of the deal. I have no personal knowledge regarding the specifics of this, of course… and I am not promoting, attacking, or defending any position. However, I do think that too many people make assumptions regarding the meaning of 'partnership'. By definition, partnership merely means a collaboration. Obviously the questioning is regarding the specific level of collaboration… although to my knowledge, it was never stated or suggested that the partnership was anything more than what it is….

  4. Stable coins can never ever be at $1 even all the time ???
    They have costs to run and overheads so obliviously has to come out somewhere along the line.

  5. No other choice but to be patient. I believe we make more money just waiting patiently then "dip in and out, for the majority". The longer the wait (Horizontal flat line) the greater the reward (Vertical moon line).

  6. wow life must be so difficult for you ? CHUBBED UP CHEEKS, BALDING HAIRLINE, man oh man, no pussy, hence your here making stupid ass vids! lol

  7. Bitcoin to strongly rise soon. CEO of the bitcoin currency and others talking at a forum. Link below.

  8. Great video man…but remember, most people are harmless and just want to engage with someone who shares similar thoughts. If I was a YouTuber I wouldn't want anyone knowing where I live either (Luckily I am not); but when you put yourself out there be prepared to feel uncomfortable… it comes with the territory.

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  10. BAKKT is suppose to launch 11/26, weekend after Thanksgiving… what’s December if there is a delay.!? The future is bright fellas…

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  12. Don’t worry bull run in November, oh wait December, oh wait January, oh no bull run in February. We are such tools in crypto! ?

  13. 5 lbs cold storage? I am paranoid with that one. Be careful with that. It may have built in transmitter for them to steal all your cryptos in it.

    and once they are done, it will self-destruct.

  14. Thanks for a follow up. What happened to yout internet.? Wish u didnt delete the first video. Good outside walk brother

  15. 30:25 you don't consider this screenshot a lower low than the last 4 that I asked you about? It is a 45 day time span of movement. I assume you are looking at the big picture since 8 months ago?

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