47 thoughts on “WTF?! FOMO is REAL!!! Sell BITCOIN NOW?! Altcoin PUMP Incoming?! $BSV FAKE News!”

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  2. Shit needs to slow down. I start my job in a MONTH! Fresh out of college, I need my crypto, picking up a bitcoin with my bonus?.

  3. I'm not a BSV fan, but criticizing it for its lack of fees is the stupidest thing I've ever seen on your channel. If you're a BSV miner you're likely not only mining BSV, but other cryptos as well. You mine what makes you the most money. This is all scripted and automatic. It takes so little computational energy to mine BSV, it's worth the money, or no one would do it. This is supply and demand economics you can learn in secondary school. The comment that they're mining at a loss is only a guess, as the electricity cost is not a known variable. It also seems to be assuming miners are holding their SV and not selling it as they get it.

  4. For those that don’t know this….from now 31 March 2019 there will be a massive drop in Bitcoin for 4 – 5 days. Just be cautious. Protect your capital. You can always buy back on the low.

  5. Broadening wedge gonna break out to the upside, but not before liquidating overextended longs and shorts

  6. No body wishes to loose but knowledge is king. Trading with burmah expert trading makes things alot easier and now I really never have to worry about loosing anymore

  7. BTC up down or sideways, I'm buying because I'm in it for the long term. Just trying to accumulate while prices are still reasonable. I try to dollar cost average, but once in awhile i fomo in because of a good sized pullback that may have happened. Thanks K-dub for for the vids, they are always informative….fingers??for that ledger.

  8. Go to the daily its an ascending wedge forming so we will see a reversal. Your broadening wedge may correlate with the ascending for it to go high before its real 30 percent drop

  9. This is the 2nd time CW has triggered 'News Reading Trading BOTS'. The retail investor is >50% of the target.

  10. This is the 2nd time CW has triggered 'News Reading Trading BOTS'. The retail investor is >50% of the target.

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