WTF BITCOIN?!? Bitcoin Price 2637 USD Crypto Currency News Technical Analysis FREE BITCOIN Chart BTC

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32 thoughts on “WTF BITCOIN?!? Bitcoin Price 2637 USD Crypto Currency News Technical Analysis FREE BITCOIN Chart BTC”

  1. Hey man, can you do a t.a for synx by any chance??? … always like your content and would like to know your opinion on it

  2. very valu-able video. Anyone who has traded the  markets or gambled at Vegas knows the reality that "scared money" is just someone elses "profit". Hardcore reality and that's it!!!

  3. Maybe you are right, the banks are cashing out. They're not doing it so quickly though, unlike the ICOs last week.

  4. Man!! I jumped into chart reading only a week ago! Wish I realised the importance sooner … I love fractals since many years and if I only I knew how this sort of trading is so connected to it … your breaking open my mind brother!! If you love fractals you must love life and nature … You know Alex Grey ? check his art my friend .. .talk again soon … Thank you for your wisdom!! 🙂 we are on fire!

  5. I wish we knew the future….Honestly, I don't think anyone has a handle on what may happen next…

  6. But the ? is was the 2600 range the actual true pullback from the 1300 to 2950 run up. If we fib it it puts us in the 2300-2500 range. Also consider the somewhat uncertainty that segwit is not activated yet. May we still get some hesitation.. I think perhaps that there could be one more good down swing as the hopefuls get shook out those that bought the pullback will take some profit now, leaving empty space as it has not had that secondary swing high yet and is limping along in the 2800 range.. So perhaps another good shake down for the FOMO crowd that jumped back in late on the 2600 pullback.. Thoughts.?

  7. Also if we look at the 15 right now as of 5:pm EST. It's wedging in approaching the 77 having the 7 already crossed beneath the 21. So by 9 p.m. it should break one way or the other, perhaps down as people lose a bit of faith and decide to take some cash out… any thoughts?

  8. Lastly lets consider the public in that for the FOMO crowd it has not rocketed up yet, from the first 2600 dip. So when it don't go right up there is fear of it going down and people sell. There is also the cyclic nature that we have been above the 77 for a minute so a drop below would not seem unreasonable. I have a short term Bearish attitude.. but I may be wrong.. would love some input..

  9. My comment vanished? Was the 2600 from the 1375 to 2850 the actual retracement?, As if we Fib that it goes in the 2300 to 2500 range. There is the uncertainty surrounding segwit now as it is not fully activated yet and miners like to play games and manipulate the price.. So could we see another solid sell before it gets picked back up..Also we have not really given back alot of the buying volume from the last few days.. So what the consensus?

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