Wowapp Payment Proof | New Earning App 2020 | Free Paypal Money + $81.80

hi welcome In this video I want to show
you my cash out from WowApp to PayPal so we can look on it WowApp is a free application They pay us one time a day for our activity in previous videos I show you how WowApp works how to make passive income in 2020 now we look to cash out options here we can see my summary of earnings I have now over 100 dollars available earnings 9025 Wowcoins we can withdraw
our earnings older than 60 days that’s why I have not available all my earnings now for cash out is possible a lot of different ways we can donate it to charity buy wowcredit, by mobile credit payout is possible over credit card,
PayPal or bank account bank account is more expensive on
charges so I choose withdraw over PayPal now we see details 1 wowcoin is 1 cent minimum withdrawal limit is 240 wowcoins transaction fee is 8 percent transaction duration is 1 day here we select country how much wowcoins we wanted to cashout transaction cost is 820 wowcoins that
is around $8 to Paypal we get 81.80 dollars here we write our email address to PayPal and click to continue now WowApp show us summaryof cashout I confirm payout with my password and click to cashout here WowApp congrats me and tell me that my withdrawal action is in process and send me email about it we check it now automatically after confirmed my payout WowApp send me this email with summary
of this process how much how big is fee and when money arrived to PayPal now we check PayPal here you can see that money from Wow up
comes to PayPal next day $81.80 dollars in my account with payment to PayPal WowApp send me
another email with confirmation about this process so everything’s works very well you can check my previous videos what is Wow app how it works and how to make passive income 2020 if you are interested try
WowApp you find my link in description all is free WowApp paid you daily for your activity you can try it and you will see how it works thank

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