31 thoughts on “WOW (HUB) Eric Ly Human Trust Protocol Interview (CRYPTO) Hub Token”

  1. 500 million users that's mind blowing amazing feat from an intelligent guy using his god given gift to do good
    Eth add
    0x58716440743c329b5e71d6bd8505f49c48b9ed6f Eric

  2. Team in hub consists of people of world top institutions like Yale and Stanford 0x6aa7e61e6c495531cbb60a6568b456135bc56831 ERIC

  3. From a lot of days ago I m continuously watching your all videos..


  4. Someone like Eric Ly brings alot to the table especially since he's the Co-Founder of Linkedin. Good for him may Hub become HUGE!

    ETH: 0xC27baBae112536b1b577315E0F90A78424aDFE46

  5. Cool to hear personal information about the interviewee and their interesting stories of their past life
    0x9998a95958f2f79ced3dc930da7f2ddeb385bb79 Eric

  6. Verifying information using blockchain is innovative solution to this problem good video buddy
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  7. Impressed to see how the journey of this brilliant company has gone so far in it's long journey
    ETH 0xfaaf16c5d5610a50e091110da2b67dabfaa70e68 Eric

  8. Good deeds always gets rewarded this is a magnificent example of that in the form of blockchain
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  9. Pleased to hear about the updates on Eric he's a pleasant man to talk to
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  10. It's basically international recognition for your genuine behaviour ingenious
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  11. Dedicated and bright minded high credential people working on it very stunning
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  12. Really interesting video beadles about the company and its summary
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  13. As world is getting smaller from the development it will be essential for this type of system to be implemented in our lives
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  14. Advanced type of field Eric is doing with his high professional skills interested on the technology to trust strangers
    ethereum 0xa9724dcf6c5d57f9cde61d64c5902fe18fdcffa5 ERIC

  15. Very diligent goal that they live by we need more people like him and his business
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  16. He used to be part of linkend that's so awesome to see one of the top social media innovator in your video 0x9e70e5104144d5bb33d42faf2126afba98687689 ERIC

  17. The sdk from their project has nice features like sharing of resources and fast no fee transaction in secure manner
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  18. The token has benefit for potentially every user that uses the Internet
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  19. Lots of valid opinions made about hub it's really excellent project they do 0x0cac2946578c164790d5a184dd15dd0f783dfd84 Eric

  20. One of the biggest names in tech space it's truly cool to hear his insights
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  21. Cool he worked at famous companies and made his own company that will inspire others to help each other out
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  22. Humble to listen to amazing person like Eric and his perception
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  23. Information from the great minds like from Eric makes the video worth watching for wisdom
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