Would you rather have 1 Bitcoin or $1million in 2040? Up and coming Altcoin noise, Halving hype!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
October the 3rd 2019 strong hand bitcoin is the next bitcoin we’re going to talk
about that value your wealth in bitcoin one bitcoin equals one bitcoin offended
by selling uncomfortable conviction oh yeah
you’re getting a new show here everyday because the meister conviction tomorrow
is this week in bitcoin with bitcoin tina maybe some other guest who knows
whatever i feel like well we’ll see if we get another guest on the show that
that’ll be 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. i i don’t know at the baltimore time and yes
I’m in Baltimore until the 15th when I go to Sydney Australia today we have
time for Q&A so people if you’re in the chat type in bitcoin meister it will
turn a different color i will see your question or you can do a super chat and
i’ll see your question and I will answer your question okay and remember if
you’re watching this taped play all my videos at 2x 1.5 X 1.75 X you should
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time I watch all shows at 2x some I have to slow down to 1.75 X but I don’t care
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just a little tip for you guys to be more efficient in life with your time so
I was at shul this morning and I’ll be at shul in a few okay at 7:00 a.m. on a
Friday morning also and so I have to get up soon but uh and someone was talking
to me about Bitcoin there and this it was
revealed to me about what newbies think about Bitcoin people on the outside and
it’s important to take this into account a guy was asking me like typical stop
type of questions what is the average yearly return I can expect and of course
that’s I’m not here to tell people that I think that’s something that’s not what
this is about it’s not about flipping it after a year it’s your–it’s I tried to
say you know it’s a savings account so you should be worried about returns in a
year and he asked me what is the up-and-coming Bitcoin what is the so
this reminded me of when I was back in Hong Kong in 2017 and someone asked me
about the litecoin I heard about there’s there’s a Bitcoin
called litecoin so still there are people out there they don’t understand
that the larger category is cryptocurrency
they just think bitcoin is cryptocurrency and then there are these
up-and-coming bitcoins and this guy had clearly been the coin base before
because he said there’s a lot of bitcoins listed at this site and I want
to know which one is the up-and-coming one and I tried to explain what bitcoin
is the next Bitcoin yet I know it sounds boring but you just gotta get Bitcoin as
a savings account he’s like well there’s there’s all these new ones that are
coming out I hear these new bitcoins and what one has to be up-and-coming one’s
gonna do really well right and and this is the kind of noise and it’s not this
guy’s he’s heard the noise he’s seeing the noise coinbase they they spit out
the noise of the hair they’ve got so many different ones listed there now
apparently this up-and-coming cryptocurrency noise if there’s all
these up-and-coming crypto currencies and this will continue people like this
and I said I’m on the on the correct path I’m like just get Bitcoin get $100
worth of it in play around and you’ll get a better feel
you don’t have to diversify for the sake of diversification but that so many
people and they’re gonna go to coin base and they’re gonna see well there’s so
many different ones there this will fuel all coins for the
foreseeable future people this mindset and we’re in a little bubble where many
of us aren’t tempted by the altcoins by the up-and-coming altcoins up-and-coming
such as so that that that noise that up-and-coming awful noise for those of
you that say the all coins are going to disappear they’re not talked to some
people on the street that don’t know much about Bitcoin but it’s sort of
heard of it and talk to them about alt coins you will see they will be
interested that they’ll give you that $8,000 to expensive is too expensive I
want a cheaper Bitcoin I want to they’ll fall and this is the whole evolution of
when people get into cryptocurrency and so many people are getting
cryptocurrency they don’t have evolved at all they’re asking me about Cardno
and ridiculous things like that but that’s that’s the way of the 80
percenters and this is where the big boys play so you can take the time to
learn that there really are no up-and-coming alt coins that bitcoin is
the next bitcoin or you can just play with fire and gamble and there are a lot
of people who enjoy gambling I mean I’ve been to Vegas before I’ve talked about
that they’re smoking they’re gambling they’re purchasing ladies of the night
they’re doing all sorts of unhealthy things that’s it’s the free world but
you’ll pay the uh you’ll pay the price in the long run if you do the unhealthy
and intelligent things all right what do we have here someone says answer card on
oh yeah dude you’ve been asking me I thought you did type in bitcoinmeister
this time and so you want to know about card on oh yeah I don’t know why you
want to know card on him about watch after watching my last three shows and
hearing what I just said that like bitcoin is the next Bitcoin I’m only in
the Bitcoin the other things are a waste of time so what am I gonna say about car
Donna do you think what do you think it’s a waste of time it’s it’s why why
big just get Bitcoin all right it’s it’s a vault coin flavor of the month it was
a past alt point flavor of the month they come and go dude
they was card I know it was iota who knows what’s next I can’t remember all
the ones in the past neo these are did you just see that that all
these that various people hype up because they got bags of it and you fall
for it and you buy it and in the long run you would have just been better
buying that Bitcoin collecting your crypto dividends by holding the Bitcoin
someone gave a shout out to the ladies of the night of the chat thank u s FS
Maura for the shout out to the ladies of the night you got when you’re by the way
for those of you who travel to Baltimore and sometimes you see those ladies of
the night walking on Calvert Street odo those are not ladies you should know
better you should know better it’s just like you people you know that
card on o is not Bitcoin you know it’s not the real thing but you hope and you
pray and you try to pretend it is just like the six-foot-two african-american
ladies on Calvert streets being ladies of the night you pretend you think
they’ve gotta be ladies they’ve gotta be the real thing and then yeah you look
down there and you see something that’s definitely not the real thing baby found
that like button but don’t let those ladies pound you on
Calvert Street okay there are some people who prefer
that type of thing who want to gamble with their futures on the ladies of
Calvert the ladies of Calvert Street okay we really got off on a tangent
there I gave you a little bit of a Baltimore flavor okay there are some
ridiculous things in Baltimore okay moving on what do we have here oh that I
just like went to my show you much shirt again all right
this weekend Bitcoin tomorrow where my notes all right one Bitcoin equals one
test line now but that one Bitcoin equals 1 Tesla thing we’re gonna get
into that right now there’s a poll out there would you
rather have a million dollars or one Bitcoin current price you know it’s like
around eighty two hundred dollars $8,100 plot twist
you can’t touch either for twenty years so this is a poll you can vote in it and
seventy percent and again this is not scientific poll seventy percent said
they would rather have one Bitcoin than a million dollars now again this this
question really boils down to in the year 2040 do you think one Bitcoin will
be worth more than a million dollars and clearly seventy percent of people say
yes and so I had to think about this I thought what what am I gonna vote here
would I rather again you would be neck you be given the Bitcoin or the million
dollars right now but you couldn’t do anything until 2040 with it so you got
to make the decision is it gonna be worth more than a million dollars and
what would it what what are you gonna gamble on there what’s the what’s the
what’s the risk and I I thought that might in the current you see I’m in a
different situation than a lot of people of course so I would want that Bitcoin I
would I would go for the Bitcoin I would go for the Bitcoin so is that me saying
that in 2040 I think that’s me saying in 2040 I think there’s a chance of a
Bitcoin will be worth a million dollars I mean that’s that was my natural
instinct to say a bit to say I’d rather have a Bitcoin than a million dollar
then a million that there’s a 500 million dollars gonna be able to get you
we shall see uh you’d probably be able to get you a get you a lot still then
dollars still be king of the fiat but who knows who knows they’re people so so
D percent of people voting that pulse would rather have one Bitcoin again I
think it’s a biased poll you asked most Americans they would uh they would say
Oh give me the million dollars I’ll collected in 2040 but this is just a
straight up give you a million dollars or one Bitcoin now you can’t use it
until 2040 theirs don’t try to do complications where you sell the rights
to the Bitcoin or your sell the rights to the million dollars in the future now
it’s just that that simple of a question but an interesting question very
interesting they made me think there and made me uh oh I don’t like this you know
I don’t like to make price predictions and that’s not a price prediction but
clearly deep down inside I think there is a shot I did there definitely is a
shot that’s just that’s unbelievable I’m just I’m just thinking about it now I’m
still thinking about it it’s just so you know when you’ve been in this thing for
so long and you’ve paid like two hundred and some dollars for some of the Bitcoin
that I have and to think in that year you know when my nieces and my nephews
will be definitely grown-ups well uh if for that for that to happen I mean uh
what a lifestyle I’ll be living by then if that really happens so maybe it’s
wishful thinking on my part – all right let me see Oh were there other questions
in the chat here we got we got more to talk about though look at this
Oh here yeah was there ever a flavor of the month that almost mattered no no
they they not not any of the flavors of the month they were totally hyped now
with the think would be cat be cash was the flavor of the month once I would say
it uh yeah I mean at August of 2017 be cash was the flavor of the month and it
mattered for people who got it for free the that’s the only time a crypto
dividend is in the flavor of the month that way back then and so I guess I
guess the correct answer is yeah that that was a time one
mattered because we were getting Bitcoin holders were getting it for free now it
wasn’t better than Bitcoin it was just all these uh all these do MERS and uh
well I wouldn’t say do MERS but they were do MERS in terms of what they
thought would happen the Bitcoin all these gullible people piled into a be
cash and allow the Bitcoin holders to trade this altcoin flavor of the month
for like 0.3 Bitcoin he got up to I got the point foreign in November my wow
what a gift that was what a gift that was so yeah when be cash was the flavor
of the month with so God willing there’s a in the future we have another crypto
dividend that’s a flavor of the month that that will matter that will matter
the holders if for some reason yeah because I always say here why buy
anything that you get for free but back then in August of 2017 and November of
2017 people were buying something that we all got for free it’s just it baffles
the mind so I mean that might have been the most ludicrous on one level it was
the most ludicrous all coined flavor of the month ever because people were
buying something they just could they could I got for free
they were hyping something that they got for free oh well eighty percent are
gonna do what they’re gonna do and 20 percenters the hardcore Bitcoin holders
that did not panic take did real well for themselves pound
that like button oh sweet memories sweet crypto dividend
memories 2017 what a time it was to be in Bitcoin but it’s always a great time
to be in Bitcoin always a great time we’re gonna it’s still early when you
have people at synagogue asking you about what’s what’s the next where did
whatever he asked me about dating he called crypto currencies Bitcoin he
called crypto currencies Bitcoin the upping neck the up-and-coming Bitcoin
what’s the up-and-coming Bitcoin all right having hype here let’s talk about
the having Anders who’s been on the show before who’s your
your Bitcoin hyper Bitcoin ization maximalist to the people believing the
having in seven months is priced in no it’s not markets are not perfect because
people aren’t perfect reply and he went on to say how a lot of people don’t
understand certain inflationary aspects of Bitcoin and again gotten to a little
bit of a complicated reason and I’m not gonna even get into that of why people
aren’t perfect in the space but there was a response in the thread that really
sums it up nicely here’s a guy that said his name is frosty bitcoins he said I
didn’t know what a halving was until almost a year after I bought my first
coin most people who buy only died down the rabbit hole as a result of making
sick games there are a lot of people in this market who have no concept of the
importance of the having I agree but also since I’ve lived through one having
already as we get closer there will be having hype December January February
they will start to learn articles will be written people will start to FOMO all
right so it will start to get priced in it will start to get priced in but we’re
not there yet we are not there yet but it does happen you just have to be
patient and you have to ask people who’ve been in this since before the
previous having how it all works and if you were around then use your long-term
memory and think about what happened last time how it got priced in
eventually but in 2015 in this equivalent month in 2015 no one was
talking about the having people were worried busy and gone up to 400 and that
was going back down to 300 hmm sounds familiar like it went up to 12,000 digs
going back down to 8,000 hmm it’s as if we vote it’s oh this is all cyclical but
yet people still panic when they when they see prices go down after returning
from the depths of despair you know again in February of this year we would
be doing the hora dancing around in a circle if
we heard it was gonna be $8,000 in a few months but people have short-term
memories they are like oh oh I’m so sad bitcoins only $8,000 yeah oh god okay all right we got a lot of interesting
comments and the jack no one typed in big one my sister so I’m not reading so
that nonsense about that like button down so conclusion it’s early
you guys have insider information about this having that they’re that they’re
all point flavors of the month that bitcoin is the next Bitcoin this is your
home for Bitcoin insider information so so keep keep a level head stay happy
keep reading keep washing shows at 1.75 X or 2x don’t FOMO on altcoins
definitely friends don’t let friends FOMO all right and finally one two three
no scopes at twenty thirty two multi trillion market cap god-willing dude oh
yeah we’re not at the tapi arrow line yet we’re not even at the trillion
dollar market cap so let’s take it one step at a time how and what year did you
get in the Bitcoin I bought my first Bitcoin in 2013 my first two Bitcoin in
2013 in November so it’s almost six years now and I heard about it on some
doom doom and gloom sites I’m not even gonna say one of the places specifically
I can remember 2012 the shmita guy of all people I remember specifically him
talking about it in 2012 but I’m pretty sure I heard about it in 2011 also
alright and so I waited I wasn’t gonna get wasn’t gonna send a money order to
Japan to mount GOx or whatever people were doing back then I I waited till you
could get it at coin base in November of 2030
and yeah I was I was into it right away he was uh was a lot of fun I was talking
about with my friends I just stumbled upon an email I sent to a sibling of
mine about it around that time I had emails from 2013 with me talking about
Bitcoin in it it is awesome to look back on that and just to see and then it’s
really a short period of time when you think of it on a certain scale just to
see how much has changed and how much how much it has changed my life for the
better so and that that other question that you asked there I’m not gonna read
that question out loud but you should go to some shows of mine in in August of
2017 and you’ll get it you’ll get a answer to that and might resort maybe
you ask me the name of my tress or how about that the name of my trees or is
Ted DiBiase I’ll leave it at that on adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember to subscribe my channel like my video share this video
check out the links below pound that like button bang that bell button and of
course bookmark this channel shoot was i do a new show here every day that’s all
you need to do you you check it out your book market you come here you’ll get a
new show but tomorrow is this weekend Bitcoin with Bitcoin Tina I know a lot
of you guys love his style he’s an awesome dude and that is the end the
show and I’ve tried to find the button I’ll say hi to you guys in chat I’m
pushing end stream there’s a piggy bank alright see ya

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  5. In 2040 $1,000,000 could well have the buying power of $100,000 in today's money, not even enough to buy a nice house, 1 Bitcoin has 5 halving's by 2040, Strong hand 1 Bitcoin!

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