World Coin Index: Price monitoring platform

hello friends this is Gaurav and today I’m
going to talk about one of the very popular crypto currency source-called world
coin index dot-com and it’s one of the real-time cryptocurrency price
monitoring tool where you can see the very latest information this you can as
you can see this tool refreshes every few seconds so you can see if you want
to let’s say if you want to buy a Bitcoin in USD. Today’s price is
$16,000, today’s price at this movement is $16,109 and if you wanted to buy in Euro or
Chinese currency or pound or Rubal these are all different prices you can see. Total crypto currency market cap as per this website is 600 billion dollars and
the only Bitcoin drives the value of five billion dollar and the rest of the
crypto currencies for today is ten billion dollar. These are the
different currencies on this platform and you can see the Bitcoin is so as per the ranking and you can see um as per their particular websites
ranking bitcoin is at number one, etherium, bitcoin cash, ripple is at number four
ripple was moving up and down from number four number to number five sometimes number
three. So let’s…you can see different tabs over here called this is
statistics, exchanges, news. if some new ICO is coming it uses information about
that different tools watchlist and portfolio you if you want to make your portfolio
you have to register on this particular website so let’s talk about okay another
thing I like about this particular website is this particular chart so this
if you wanted to track seven days volume and let’s say if you want to see which
particular cryptocurrencies is growing in next seven days or getting down you
know compared to the USD you can see or you can choose over here if you want to
see USD price or all the different currency we can still go here
um crypto currencies pricing like BTC etherium, euro, Chinese currency, rubal , pound etc so yeah let’s talk about chart again you can see Binancecoin it was growing from last seven days continuously so based on this particular graph if you don’t want to go much into detail and take your decision to buy any
crypto currencies or sell any crypto currencies definitely you can refer to this particular graph I generally refer to the graph if I want to invest in any kind of crypoto currencies I can see Voxel VOX is also growing from seven days consistently so let’s let’s talk about of one of the crypto currencies I know Bitcoin is very popular and
everyone is talking about Bitcoin. Just like six months before it was around two thousand dollars between two to three dollars thousand dollars and now it’s $16000 and highest it went was
$19000 Just to give you an example let’s talk about particular
crypto currency called ripple and the short form is XRP and the reason I’m talking
about ripple because it’s in a talk a lot from last couple of days or week I will say because ripple was playing around between 20 to 25 or 30 cents from
like last few months but suddenly you know you can see the spike in you can see this big spike in ripple so as I say you can see this listing six-month
graph so if you see in July like ripple just 14 cent and 14 cents it gradually
started increasing till and it reached the mark of 20 cent in
August but guys from August till December
it was just playing between 20 cents to 30 cents and suddenly on December 14th it started growing beyond 30 cent and the current price of ripple you can see one
dollar couple of this is the video you can see guys just you see the you know
the price has change so that’s the good thing about this particular website and
you know you can see the very latest price the current market cap for ripple
is forty three billion dollar and the ripple coins are thirty
eight billion dollar and this is today’s a highest volume this is today’s
lowest volume sorry this is today’s highest value and this is lowest
value of XRP. This is today’s volume for XRP which is more than 1 billion dollar. Okay, let’s talk about the second part of this website which I really like most. These are the different exchanges that you can buy ripple so um you know they
are definitely to show more you will see exchanged it is not just US based or
this is you know some of the exchanges are you know are basically I think Kraken
is US based company but few other exchanges are from different countries
and these are not based on the ranking as I said you know the crypto currencies
are based on ranking and in the previous tab I said but this is based
on the 24 or volume so Bithumb is not on number one over here just because it’s a
very good exchange it is on the top because of the 24 hr volume. This is
another type of graph some people like this some people like this particular
kind of graph. It depends on the people how they like to track their crypto currencies. Another thing I like about world coin index is you know they give the information about the latest tweets by ripple and also reddit news. So this is ya guys If you want to see you know if you want to
go in detail definitely you can click on these tabs and and you can see what is going on what
people are talking about you know crypto news and all this is one of my favorite
of crypto currencies source information tool and definitely you know
once you log in you can play with it and get the more information. In my next
video guys I am going to talk about another tool and some mobile apps where you can track about your investment and particular any particular
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