World Banks for Bitcoin, Fedcoin, EuroCoin Regulation? +U.S. Defense of Blockchain

it's been about a week or so since the latest Bilderberg meeting and now we're hearing the actual positions of world and foreign banks around Bitcoin and blockchain technology and they're calling for crypto regulation before the next known economic crisis in our immediate pending future at the same time a former US defense official is testifying and encouraging politicians to allow Bitcoin and blockchain development in America to give Americans the same benefit and security that the rest of the world is currently gaining is FinTech in national security-related across the world and is our financial stability at odds with our nation's defense there's a lot to go over a lot to review let's discuss hey everybody i'm gary palmer jr. Georgiou and together welcome the minting coins I want to thank you for showing up thank you for being here thank you for joining us today we're really excited to go over the news there's so much to go over you know we are really trying to keep these videos short and there's so much that we're leaving out and I just really hope that you're taking in this information and enjoying this information just because there's so many different perspectives of what's going on in the world before we get into some of the higher level news and other points of that nature I want to say thank you again for being here thanks for showing up thanks for supporting this channel thank you for liking and subscribing and commenting and sharing your thoughts with us we're just loving the community and just loving all these ideas and sharing all this information because at the you know start of the day none of us are full experts there's just too much information for anyone to know everything and together we can just crowdsource come together and have the best of the knowledge and the information available especially when there's a lot of competing interests that are fighting against us with everyone watching the videos I want to really thank you for you know tapping the like button uh being gentle with that computer mouse you don't want to have to purchase extra computer equipment when you don't have to if you hit the down button because you don't like something that we say you don't like something that we talk about then you know please just comment below let us know what is it that you don't like about to show so we can you know think about consider that in improving the show you know we can't cater to everyone's critique but we truly appreciate the constructive criticism in addition to that we also appreciate the first donation that we've received in Bitcoin and that was just really exciting to receive that donation we have donation addresses and the show notes below as well as some affiliate links that support the show and ultimately with everything that's going on the news we're looking to help this show remain as independent as possible and just to really say what it is that we think without allowing anyone to censor what it is that we want to share with you so all the support even if it's just liking the video it means the world to us because every single like every single share every single subscriber every single minute that you view of our videos is helping us bring this information to the world and we cannot do this without you with that lets you know there's a lot of other things that are going on the news so we can pop in to some of those topics super quick take a look at the market go over some major news that's happening that we're hearing about from major banks and banking leaders that coincidentally these opinions and these viewpoints are coming out about a week or so since the the major Bilderberg meeting and so it's interesting to see the correlation of announcements with with other events and so let's see if we can put this all together and make a little bit of sense and let's discuss so I'm not going to go into these whole articles because we I think most of us have heard about this but just in case you haven't heard about this the Jack's wallet which is a lot we've talked about before and it's a wallet that we love this is a wallet that does come with some vulnerabilities and we're taking a hard look at all the different vulnerabilities at each of the wallets even for example the treasure wallet and the ledger nano s wallet and so we're going to try to really hack the the downsides and really figure out what is what is the case in which you don't want to use any one of these wallets in the case of the Jax wallet if this Jax wallet is on a computer and the computer itself is insecure then meaning that anyone can access that computer someone with the knowledge of of knowing how to hack the Jax wallet what the information is now publicly available they would be able to steal all the money that you have in your Jax wallet so if you do have a Jax wallet don't hold a lot of I would recommend don't hold a lot of cryptocurrency on a Jax wallet use private keys cold storage treasurer ledger if you have a large amount of crypto and a Jax and someone hacks that computer and gets access to that computer they can steal everything in 20 seconds with that Jax is also connected to the shape-shift API shape-shift is a company that allows people to go to shape-shift I owe and shift any one coin that they provide that they offer that they have a connection to and shift it into any other coin so you can take Bitcoin turn at aetherium z cash turn it into light coin pivots turn it into etherium classic whatever coins that they support at whatever the exchange rate is at that moment with that being said shape chip has been having some major issues with delaying people's receipts of their shift conversion the conversion of their coins and this has been not something I've been hearing a lot about but with that being said this is happening and people are having to wait a day or two days for them to receive their to receive their coins and so people are missing out in key trades are not getting the exchange rates that they're looking for and you just have to keep in mind that although shape-shift is amazing and it's a critical tool that is really pushing the development of all sorts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain development that shape-shift is a central sort of hub that you are trusting and you just need to understand understand that and just be a little bit careful with the issues that they could be having so check out reddit calm and this is we're going to get a lot of the real news of what's happening with each of these aspects of the world so popping over to the market uh the the big news from this morning or yesterday that is I guess isn't news anymore is that our market cap was below 100 billion dollars so that the total cryptocurrency market cap since that huge crash we had which mainly happened people are saying because of the letter that came out from bit mean and Jihan whoo and that letter that's talking about the you know adding on fear uncertainty and doubt into the the Bitcoin split of which there may be two bitcoins with this uh the the soft fork or the hard fork and all these things that are going on you know that letter from bit mean which they have their agenda of making more money in my opinion not the agenda of developing the community that added a lot of fear uncertainty and doubt people sold a lot of cryptocurrency there was a there was a lot of money exiting not just Bitcoin but all cryptocurrency and I saw this number and a low nine about you know the low 90 billion x' and so that's about ten billion dollars that exited the market and and now we're now we're back up to 104 billion because what happened everyone saw the price dip look at this all down here it you know dropped down and coinbase I saw it dropped down to as low as twenty two hundred dollars coin bases down you know coinbase is down because it's a good time to buy and everyone wants to get in there and purchase because they know is going to go right back to three thousand dollars that's why that's what they're expecting that's what they're speculating and so they absolutely want to purchase it at twenty two hundred dollars because that's their chance to just you know buy Bitcoin on sale so the difference in the market cap between etherium and Bitcoin we have what 7 billion about seven billion dollars again this is striking distance for the overall market cap of etherium to supersede the over market overall market cap of Bitcoin but let me tell you when if and when this happens don't let it deter you don't let it scare you bitcoin is still a very large bitcoin is still very strong bitcoin is still very secure bitcoin still has very unique characteristics and properties that aetherium just doesn't have bitcoin is limited to the 21 million aetherium is not limited there's fewer bitcoins and etherium etherium has a lot of baggage with all these icos and all the code that's going on it's both a benefit and a curse to you know have so many different responsibilities on top of that blockchain and what we're what we're going to be seeing what we've heard in the past and what we're seeing now is just Bitcoin is the reserve currency it is it is money it is gold is the crypto currency in which all other crypto currencies are bought and sold from and while there's short term disturbances in the market and there's crazy things that are happening over the next 6 to 18 months please don't forget about 3 years from now don't think don't forget about five years from now don't forget about 10 years from now when all of this will be but a distant memory right just like just like remember back when there is that we that crazy creek lling sound when you would pick up the phone and someone was on the internet it's it's all a distant memory on the internet and and now the whole internet is just a different world that flows with ease it the internet used to be something that would worry law enforcement and would worry AT&T and would you know the disruption that the internet was going to cause we've been through all of this before so just a long-term mentality because time inside this market let it be the stock market or cryptocurrency market especially this emerging cryptocurrency market time in this market is exponentially more important than timing the market if you simply buy and hold and just forget about it the majority of people would say that you are going to be more than okay and so that's that's why that's what I hope that we're all walking away with is that long term mentality even though there's a lot of short-term you know drama going on right it's like high school it's like let's get let's get through this let's get past this let's get on with the rest of our lives cool so jumping into another another quick story I just wanted to touch upon real quick this story came out on coin Telegraph calm it's not related to the cryptocurrency space that at all is related to the precious metals and inside the precious metals this US judge upholds this other decision to confiscate a family's set of gold coins that they found that's valued valued at over eighty million dollars and so what happened is that there is this family that found ten gold coins allegedly worth eighty million dollars and they were confiscated through the mint when the family brought these coins to verify their authenticity and and so the coins are originally belonged to the state according to this according to the what the mint was saying and what the judge and the state was saying and so therefore the discovery the discoverers would not be offered compensation for these coins because they found these coins and the state is saying because they were all recalled and removed from circulation they were all belonging to the state in the first place that's the position of the state even though when I was a kid I thought that if you if you found you know lost gold after you know 30 years then that gold you know was then that the finders gold but the the state made a decision to take these 10 1933 saint-gaudens Double Eagle coins and and they're just denied and so the lump and so we went over this and so how is this related well cryptocurrencies rise and we see the regulations coming out of with attempts to potentially confiscate people's Bitcoin and cryptocurrency this just strikes a chord with with not just precious metal holders and gold bugs but this also strikes a chord with the crypto anarchists of the world that don't like the fact that this is happening and this could be used as precedent to then coffin compensate people's cryptocurrency which this shouldn't even be happening in the first place so what do you think about this do you think that these gold coins belong to the state because that's what the state said or do you think that they belong to the family because the family found them in the ground after you know a significant amount of time has passed so finally popping in to today's first story around the main topic of today we have regulation is the only hope for Bitcoin according to Morgan Stanley so real quick who's Morgan Stanley let's check them out Morgan Stanley is the leading global financial services firm providing investment baking securities wealth management investment management services they're headquartered in New York City but they're really a global operation and they and they operand they operate worldwide a lot of additional information we're not going to go too much into that but at a high level they're traded on the New York State Stock Exchange and they're leaving leading global global financial services Investment Banking and so Morgan Stanley is saying they came out with a statement Tuesday calling for even more government oversight and they said that the very nature of Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer non regulatory currency system and that allows for greater autonomy of holders are all risks not just for Bitcoin but for the banking institutions themselves and so big money comes the crypto so we have hairiness title so Morgan Stanley stated that these regulations might require individual tailoring based on the different blockchain technology and of different currencies so the regulation for Bitcoin may be very different than the regulation that they want to see the government provide say aetherium or different than the regulation that they want to see the government provide the the morgan stanley's you know dollar coin right or the government's fed coin so they're saying that not all cryptocurrencies are the same and bitcoin should definitely be regulated differently than other cryptocurrencies each on a case-by-case basis so the the regulators are looking to have a master key so all transactions are visible to them and we know this from understanding the the analysis of the blockchain technology is that the the more access that regulators have and the the less control that the people have that's also going to decrease the security of that blockchain so by giving the regulator's all of these things that they want that they already have with conventional systems that's going to at the same time take away from the security and a lot of the benefits that the technology is fundamentally even providing in regardless of what Morgan Stanley is saying about this now and regardless about the regulations and the call for regulations that potentially scaring a lot of people while they're saying that with a statement on the one hand we already know from yesterday's video that these investment banks are already dumping money into Bitcoin and so with the stock market now the stock market goes up the stock market goes down the stock market goes up the stock market goes down and each time these Wall Street traders are buying low and selling high and using these systems of you know you know knowing how the market is going up and down for them to increase their profits and increase the percentage yield on on their investment funds for their clients and so separate from Morgan Stanley what we have here is that we have the head of the Bundesbank proposing digital currency to compete with Bitcoin so this is a head of the German bank jens weldment a head of germany's central bank Bundesbank and one of the most powerful bankers in europe again proposing the development of a central bank issued digital currency to directly compete with bitcoin so backing up a second what do we have here Deutsche Bundesbank if I'm pronouncing that correctly again the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany part of the European system of central banks due to its strengthened in size it's the most influential member of the European system of central banks so this isn't just Germany but this is one of the head leaders at one of the head banks of all of Europe and this particular person a German economist presidents of Bundesbank chairman of the board of the Bank for International Settlements he used to be an advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel president of Bundesbank since 2011 and so weldment argue that bitcoin could potentially worsen future financial crisis so this is interesting so very clearly that very directly calling for a bank issued central currency to directly compete with Bitcoin because Bitcoin could make the future financial crisis worse and that's because the coin they're saying is because bitcoin is decentralized and the non-existence of central entities within the Bitcoin network so let's get dive into a little bit deeper into this so during a speech feature by Business Insider Wyman stated that the insurance of central bank based centralized digital currencies a safer for the public as the central bank cannot become insolvent so why can't the central bank become insolvent the central bank you know that they'll go on to say can't become insolvent because the government requires the central bank to be solvent so a government can never allow a central bank to become insolvent so let's go let's go into this quote there's a lot in here so let's let's dissect this allowing the public to hold claims on the central bank might make their liquid assets safer because a central bank cannot become insolvent so if this bank issues a cryptocurrency your cryptocurrency they're saying that the bank's version of it let's call it fed coin the Fed or the euro coin the this Fed coin or this euro coin will always be backed by The Full Faith and Credit of that government and that central bank this is a feature which which will become relevant especially in times of crisis especially in times of crisis when there will be a strong incentive for money holders to switch their deposits into the official digital currency simply at the push of a button so this is blow you away yet because is this a statement or is this a game plan right and so let's let's read this read part again in times of crisis when there's a strong incentive for money holders to switch bank deposits into the official digital currency simply at the push of a button this sounds like a game plan to me so let's read it backwards at the push of a button they want to allow people to switch their bank deposits into an official digital currency when there's a strong incentive for money holders in a time of economic crisis so it is like Harry Potter or something if you read this statement forward then you know it sounds like he's sharing some ideas but if you read the statement backwards this is just a prediction of what they're already planning and what's going to come so again just to read it again add up at a-put excuse me at the push of a button allowing users to switch deposits into the official digital currency when there's going to be a strong incentive for money holders in times of crisis that's when this feature will become especially relevant allowing the public to have their cryptocurrency in a bank that can't become insolvent so moving on to this part in blue but what might be a boom for savers and search for safety might be a bane for banks as this makes a bank run potentially even easier so it's just amazing so from the bank's perspective they don't want everyone to run to the bank and for everyone to pull their money out of the bank at the same time or say take all their money their their euro coin of their Fed coin and then instantly take that that digital central bank currency and instantly convert it to Bitcoin they want to prevent those things from happening while allowing the creation of these other ideas that give them some sort of central control and competition over Bitcoin so as a safe haven bitcoin is a safe haven asset because its value and price are not determined by the economy of the performance of other sectors so that's why people do want to invest in Bitcoin because the value of Bitcoin is only determined by the number of people in the world that want it and how much they're willing to pay for it bitcoin is its own market that's driven by the simple economic factors of supply and demand and so if there's ever a run on the bank who's ever an issue with a country or a central bank or an economic sector let it be finance or technology or education or hospitality or construction no matter what happens in the region or the sector Bitcoin is a safe haven because it's independent of those performances so the basic point that central banks can't become insolvent or bankrupt are supported by the respective governments is accurate so again the central banks can't go insolvent because the government means the bank to exist centralized digital currencies could compete with Bitcoin and then an issue of liquidity is also existing for the banks because the banks what the banks are most concerned with is that everyone is going to see you know when the next economic crisis happens that people are going to freak out and then convert all their Fiat dollars of whatever currency into Bitcoin and other legitimate crypto currencies legitimate being truly decentralized truly peer-to-peer and not controlled by a central authority that will just be able to take your tokens or manipulate the total supply which is decreasing the value of everyone's individual token and so this is just for you to let you know exactly what's going to happen none of this should be a surprise when all of this rolls out it shouldn't be a surprise that there's going to be an economic crisis and it shouldn't be a surprise that when the economic crisis happens there's already going to be a euro coin and a Fed coin it shouldn't be a surprise that uh there's going to be regulations around Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and all this information is is the game plan that they're sharing with us now and so while the World Bank's and the investment banks and these central banks when the world around the world are talking about the control of Bitcoin and the control of cryptocurrency and FinTech financial technology in relationship to the economy and a money supply we have a former US defense official who is encouraging blockchain investments so moving over here what we have is Eric rosin back and so Eric rosin back in a testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee is advising that there should be collaboration to incentivize investment and cloud-based security blockchain enabled transactions in quantum computing in America and this this investment in blockchain solutions is part of a broader fight against cyber threats and so as someone in the Department of Defense who you know seemingly has the position of caring about the safety of Americans and the interests of the of America inside the you know our borders of our 50 States and our territories from a nationalistic perspective eric is seeing that other countries are involved in financial technology blockchain enabled transaction cloud security quantum computing and if America isn't encouraging these investments in America then this is going to put us at greater risk of the different cyber threats because these technologies you know even if it's not a true cyber threat the technology if one civilization has it and the other civilization doesn't it just gives the one side a huge advantage over the other side it's one of the reasons that America is so strong today because we have so much invested into the internet and technology so many businesses so much economic development and then you know when when Facebook is created in in Facebook has all this information on all these different people Facebook is in a company that's owned controlled and headquartered in Saint Petersburg right that's not that's not where Google is headquartered either right that's not where Cisco is headquartered all these companies are located in California or New York City or Texas or one of these other states in America and in recent videos we've been seeing Vladimir Putin and Russia encouraging major blockchain development opening up regulations and encouraging technology companies even to some degree going to be allowing Bitcoin to be spread throughout Russia and this is going to give Russia a huge advantage over America so Eric Rosenbach is quoted here as saying reducing the benefits that advisories derive is the key aspect in bolstering our deterrence posture and so there are our adversaries in this case are benefiting from cyber and information operations again presumably around cloud based security blockchain enabled transactions in quantum computing and the fact that the adversaries have this technology and we don't again just from his perspective as a leader in the depart defense is putting us at a huge risk and so rising back who mostly served as the US Secretary of the army position within the Department of Defense he's also served as a chief of staff to the Secretary of Defense as well as working a little bit as the secretary of US Secretary of the Air Force and this isn't the the only official or organization at this sort of level that's that's saying this Lockheed Martin one of the largest US defense contracts announced it's incorporating blockchain into the supply chain as a part of its cybersecurity initiative so Lockheed Martin which is creating all of this technology warplanes and warships and space ships they're actually going to be incorporating the blockchain technology to fully understand where information is coming from where actual units physical devices pieces components are coming from and it's just another example of utilizing the blockchain technology in a way that can help protect the the national security of the nation additionally in the bitten purple here the US Department of Homeland Security has dulled out a number of grants toward a push in January and the government-backed National Science Foundation revealed that it also wants to spend millions of dollars researching this area so while Congress and the Senate and judges are debating the legality of if Bitcoin is legal and if bitcoin is a currency and if Bitcoin is a commodity and it's stifling all this regulation because all these companies have fear uncertainty and doubt of if their company is going to get hit with fines and fees and if people are going to have to go to jail or whatever the situations are it's stifling the development of the technology in America and so because of that all levels of government and private and public infrastructure is missing out in this opportunity so where is this all going to lead it's it's really really interesting to have the dynamic we're on one hand we have these World Bank's that have a huge let's call it fear they've a fear of the Bitcoin as a competitor to the Fiat dollar and it's it's the central banks in America it's a central banks in Europe it's essential banks in every major country they don't like the idea of Bitcoin competing with their with their currency and they don't like the idea of the blockchain technology allowing any other digital cash to exist I'm sure – would fall in that same category and litecoin would fall into that same category and using aetherium or aetherium classic as cash I'm sure the central bank's wouldn't like that as well but the Bitcoin blockchain compared to any other blockchain this is all categorized in this blockchain technology in this token and fundamentally the way the technology works is that the more decentralized this technology is the more secure it is the stronger it is the more powerful it is at a global scale and so it's it's at the statement is at odds to be able to control what people can do on one hand but on the other hand to allow the full implementation and use of the technology of – the greatest benefit these aren't exactly in line so we know there's going to be conflict coming down the road we know that there's going to be butting of heads in terms of what the central banks are going to be looking for and in terms of what what organizations both public and private are going to be looking for because there's a I think a very clear line between the investment banks and the financial industry and essentially every other industry just because of you know how the financial industry is really spread across you know the actual financing and funding for everyone in the world to actually operate you know the last note real quick the thing that I think is most interesting about the Department of the defense looking into Bitcoin and blockchain technology is that when we see the some of these hearings in the FBI and we see that when they're talking about Bitcoin they're talking about Bitcoin and the criminal activity associated with it they're talking about how Bitcoin is allowing terrorism that happen and they're also talking about how the tor browser is allowing terrorism to happen the tor browser is a web browser if if used correctly allows you to use the Internet so nobody will know who you are and it can completely keep who you are private this is technology that was actually developed I believe by DARPA and the US Department of Defense this is technology that they developed to help keep their information secret as they were sharing information between different agencies and different spies for the interests of America and what happened is that in order for the tor browser to be really successful they needed more people in the world to use a tor browser so if only the military was using the tor browser then that decreased its security it has that similarity to the black chain technology of the decentralized nature of distributing you know information from one point to the other and you know but in this case things were getting lost in the middle and so the tor browser the point is that the tor browser is diametrically opposed to the what the FBI is looking for and what the Congress is looking for and what the central banks are looking for and so it's interesting to see that the Department of Defense is really looking for security and is really looking for what's in the more so what's in the best interests of America even if that means allowing everyone to have the technology because the Department of Defense realizes the security that that gives the entire world really really interesting just something to think about not really sure how it will play out but again having a game plan from the banks seeing what the but Morgan is Stanley is saying seeing what a bundesbank is saying and then seeing how the central bank's perspective on Bitcoin and blockchain technology is different than the the I suppose the Department of Defense and the private sector are closer to being on the same page right how is this all going to play out not exactly sure really looking forward to it share your thoughts below what do you think about the central banks of the world and them trying to regulate cryptocurrency more importantly what do you think about this game plan of a pending economic crisis and people being able to switch to another cryptocurrency at a push of a button is this going to be something where an economic crisis is going to happen and all of our dollar is going to get switched to euro euro coins and Fed coins or is this a situation where it's unstoppable and all these fiat dollars are going to get pushed in the Bitcoin or are they going to stop that is only going to be a percentage of Fiat dollars getting a Bitcoin before they they cut that floodgate it's hard to say and then and how's the Department of Defense and how is the military going to play in with assisting or you know assisting either end of this debate very very interesting is the military buying Bitcoin not exactly sure that's a crazy idea well thanks for showing up share your comments below gently tap that like button and subscribe if you haven't already i'm gary palmer jr and I'm glad that together we're minting coins [Applause]

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