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hey guys hope you're doing well it is Wednesday March 27th hope you're holding strong in this new asset class that is cryptocurrencies I have some very big news to share with you guys first and foremost this is not financial or investment advice if you're not subscribed hit that subscribe button also smash the like button a quick update I uploaded earlier today my interview with this CEO of coin filled the Crypt Canadian crypto exchange where we talk about the XRP base pairs they have over 130 as well as potential ex rapid usage plans be sure to check that interview out so let's jump into the first news guys we have a blog post that was published on the world bank's website so World Bank is no joke of course they have for example two point nine nine million followers on Twitter so this is a huge organization well they it that blog post the topic of it was ping across borders can distribute a ledger bring us closer together so they talked about using distributed ledger technology and within that article they talk about ripples ex rapid and the savings it brought for with companies that tested or piloted the the ex rapid protocol and here's just a quick takeaway DLT could bypass the de-risking issue by enabling ribbon services to operate without it without correspondent banking and in here as mentioned on the sites of World Bank org they talk about here in 2018 ripple a fin tech company piloted X rapid a DLT based cross-border payment solution along with along the very competitive us-mexico corridor financial institutions involved in the pilot saved forty to seventy percent in financial instrument in foreign exchange costs and the average payment times it was just over two minutes the transfer of funds on X rapid took two to three seconds with most of the processing time explained by the domestic payment rails and intermediary digital asset exchanges talk about exposure guys talk about highlight the the benefits right talking about the savings of using the the ex rapid protocol so Wow and we all know what does ex rapid leveraged x RP big things are ahead for ripple this is why I have x RP my portfolio I hope Bitcoin and other Kryptonian x RP you because I'm not looking at this from any type of ideology standpoint or emotional standpoint looking at this from facts what are the what is the utility what is the adoption it's a technology that you know the firm is it superior to the other things out in the market and it is and it is it solving a problem and it certainly is and I believe ripples gonna be leading the charge in the whole revolution of cross-border payments guys and among other things now moving ahead he'll be global has said their XRP crypt contract trading it's gonna go live this Friday so this is interesting and you can also win some XRP here so they're gonna select five random winners and you know they will get 30 x RP each so you have to comment below in the tweet so be sure to do that guys if you want to get some free XRP why not doesn't cost you anything to do that so this is really great but we also had some additional news from he OB today he Obi's us arm launches institutional group for OTC crypto trading OTC being over an encounter of course announced today the new group at HB us will be headed by Caitlyn mu a veteran of asset management powerhouse Blackrock and discount brokerage Charles Schwab and Orrin blonde Steen who comes from the FinTech provider Torah trading services so once again the u.s. branch of the he'll be global crypto trading marketplace and they're gonna look to get more institutional money so we are seeing some so much building happening so much expansion and investment this is a beautiful thing to see because we are very early in the in the guard rails the infrastructure is being built and count yourself lucky you're here early guys and here are some quotes we set up a new institutional sales and customer service group just to have some focus and resources on this segment of the market where we see a lot of growth coming from big big things are ahead for this new asset class and of course today we heard that right or I should say yesterday they actually announced this they're gonna be listening xrp later this Friday now Arrington XRP Capital founded by Michael Arrington who was the founder of TechCrunch very big in the Silicon Valley circles well-known in the tech space well the the hedge fund that he created call it Arrington xrp Capital is denominated in XRP meaning if you want to participate in that fund you have to deposit your funds via XRP great idea because they can move money very fast with XRP and michael has been on the record saying this well we've got some news today they have merged with bite-sized capital and here's the official announcement on their website them in a merger and a bite-sized capitalism is a crypto font so they're another crypto fun bite-sized capital partners Neen or Mansour and Nino's Mansour have joined Arrington xrp capital as partners alongside founding partners Heather hard and Michael Arrington bite-size capital is a private fund and research house focus exclusively on crypto they have made investments into projects including Al Gore and sir tic and are we've bite-sized Capital combines a wealth of technical expertise and data-driven frameworks from for the crypto market so what does this mean guys Arrington xrp Capital which is already a hedge fund getting a ton of money they now merge with another crypto fund so now the pool of money gets larger and obviously Arrington xrp becomes a much more larger and powerful right much more access to more funds and of course all of it being moved in XRP another use case here guys big things bit true by the way you guys I interviewed a CEO a bit truth you haven't checked that out and you know when he said in the video was there going to be adding a ton of XRP base pairs and they keep doing it so shout out to to the folks at bitch who they are really doing a lot of stuff around XRP so big stuff going on there now we got a tweet from airy Paul who's well known in the crypto market and he gave some insight here on fidelity so as you know fidelity digital assets launched officially this month and they said they will be rolling out slowly but of course they managed trillions of dollars in assets and imagine some of that money coming over to crypto so he tweeted Fidelity's cryptocurrency culture is a bonkers literally hundreds of passionate advocates at every level of seniority at the firm they have more than far they have more people working on crypto than the five biggest crypto funds combined man this is crazy their approach to custody from a security perspective is very impressive at at least from my relatively quick look not many groups actively mitigating things like HSM supply chain risk so the fact that these people are so bullish on crypto and they're so active around it and building and you know obviously they launch their service and they Bri brand it at this the the subsidiary of fidelity khalsa fidelity digital assets it looks like they're are ramping up and they're doing a lot of great things and this is bullish news this this this makes me even more confident because it's fidelity they're not some joke right guys they've been around for a long time well known it managed trillions of dollars in assets and this is where we have to be patient let these folks keep building doing their thing and watch them eventually gonna market mass market this thing it's gonna come from the likes of fidelity and backed and and TD Ameritrade with Eris X and many others so big things are ahead now we got some news here from the CFTC so CFTC Technology Advisory Committee discusses crypto regulation and DL the adoption just recently we heard from one of the CFTC personnel who talked about you know their plans to approve different crypto items like backpacked is waiting on CFTC approve them they'll know hard dates of course but the fact that they're having a dialogue and we're seeing them open up more it looks like they're warming up to crypto guys same thing we're seeing on the SE C's front and this is great to see the technology Advisory Committee of the United States CFTC discuss crypto regulation and distributed technology adoption during a MIDI meeting on Wednesday March 27 today the committee discussed various reports on crypto and DLT the first was presented by Peter Van Valkenburg director of research at coin Center who spoke in various consensus mechanism referring to this topic CFTC commissioner Brian Quinn tez said in his opening statement that a theorems plan to shift from proof of work to proof of stake consensus raises important regulatory questions including the possibility of manipulating or falsifying the ledger another report was presented by Catherine Creek LA or and Charlie Mills members of the American Bar Association's jurisdiction working group the speech was dedicated to a recent report dubbed digital and digitized assets federal and state jurisdictional issues it is an association review it in the init the Association reviewed the current state of the crypto and blockchain regulation and US Malta Switzerland and other countries so the fact that they're having the discussions I understand they're gonna look at you know what are the loophole is what are the problems and and you know what might be the pitfalls that are ahead but the dialogue is happening they wouldn't waste their time on nonsense here if this is some fad or something this is this new asset class is is going to grow they're gonna position it the same way the stock market is and we're gonna see regulations we're gonna see infrastructure built out it's gonna be it's gonna be the next stock market guys and everything's gonna be tokenized we've talked about it too token economy real estate stocks commodities different things are gonna be tokenized and that's the future and it's all gonna be you know obviously around built around blockchain technology now to go me we've talked about to go me institutional crypto brokerage and they have received their bit license in New York so as you know it is tough in New York man and to get a bit license is very difficult to the fact that they got this is a big win New York is a big financial has a big financial market obviously because the New York Stock Exchange's and Nasdaq and other exchanges are there so paradigm and Pantera backed to go me has become the first crypto brokerage to receive a coveted bit license from New York State which will enable the firm to offer a broad range of services around crypto as a trading custody and issuance so this is great news for them and like I said the continued building and progression and building out of services is happening it's really great to see speaking of Pantera Capitol Pantera nears its 175 million dollar target in its new venture fund here the main takeaways from its March investor letter so we've talked about Panthera capital in the back excuse me in the past and they are obviously a crypto venture fund and they look at the money they're raising guys it says already it raised 160 million for the aptly-named venture fund 3 which has put some capital to work according to the letter and it says here the firm also hinted at at where it might be looking to get into new deals noting opportunities in the market for crypto currency exchanges as an example a lot of a lot of things happening here guys here's here's a quote from the the firm some of the some of the most successful investments in our previous two venture funds have been cryptocurrency exchanges that will still and we will still think there's opportunity to invest in them so think about these guys some people are out there saying Kryptos are fat it's going to zero it's fake money its ponzi yet you have all this money being invested into the actual crypto itself but also the services around it the exchanges the wallet services the apps all these things are being built out these people are not putting their money in here to lose money you're not just dumping in money oh yeah whatever take my twenty million dollars I don't care no they want to make money they want to remain rich so I hope you see it you know we've talked about dumb money and smart money we're dumb money is kind of the general public running scared because they don't research they buy at a wrong time to buy with the hype not looking at the potential the technology and understanding market cycles so I say count yourself lucky you're still here and we are in a crypto winter bear market blood on the streets prices very low but that's when we're seeing now we're seeing a lot of the big money the building is happening and that's how smart money operates so big things happening here guys new iPhone controlled crypto vault promises bank grade security this is interesting trust ology founded by technologists who previously worked at such banks as BNY Mellon RBS and Barclays has launched an iPhone control crypto vault it claims to be crank claims is secure enough for financial institutions so the building continues here announced Wednesday the first version of trust fault is available for download at the Apple UK App Store and initially can be used to store a third cryptocurrency native to the etherium public blockchain Bitcoin in DRC 20 tokens that run on top of the CEO of a theorem are soon to follow after trust Ally trust ology close an 8 million seed round late last year led by a theorem design studio consensus and to Sigma Ventures a VC arm of tech focus hedge fund to Sigma investments like I say is Wow now this is something I want to try out of course but it seems like it's in the UK right now not really in the United States I don't know if that's a regulatory clarity thing but interesting interesting services and features and software hardware being built around crypto and that's what I'm talking about guys you got a look at this market holistically look at where we're going not just that what we're were at right now and the fact that these investments are being made for the future and the growth of this market is a sign of things to come and where the prices are gonna go when you need these type of vaults in different types of hardware to protect crypto right guys so some news around stellar lumens you guys know I wholesaler lumens in my portfolio apparently stellar patch an inflation bug and burned a resulting two point five two point two five billion Excel Excel M so there's some cryptocurrency intelligence company Masari has claimed that stellar excellent seller lumen suffered an inflation bug in April 2017 that was exploited to create two point two five billion X x LM worth about ten million dollars at the time which was later burned so this is interesting I didn't know about this before but the fact that they cleaned it up and burned it that's good to avoid the over inflation so I wanted to let you guys know about that you know if you saw the news so it looks like it's been resolved and on that no point base is giving away 100 million dollars in Excel M to users who study seller protocol so you the companies stated that the particular session of the program is its biggest yet each ll us user can gain up to $50 for the use using the for using the program to study the seller protocol so hop on coinbase study the seller protocol and get your $50 worth of stellar lumens why not I'm all about getting whatever I can for free so it's there guys like you can you can check it out so that's that's pretty cool so guys what do you think about this news a lot of great things is happening in the crypto market I know the price doesn't reflect it but once again you got to look at this holistically you got to look at the time line written what cycle of the market were in fact that we're waiting for regulatory clarity and we got to be patient right these things will eventually come to fruition but we got to be patient and I hope you guys see the division here and all the building and the movement of money and the fact that these people are dumping millions into this to building services and and and different software and hardware and devices and whatever it is around crypto it is is truly amazing because once again we're seeing the birth of this asset class guys so what do you think leave your thoughts and comments below thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe if you haven't already don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you'd like to support the channel check out my donation links and patreon group link as well thank you for your support and I'll talk to you all later

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  2. Almost every day I heard good news about XRP
    MY SIMPLE QUESTION IS Why XRP price is not going up until now?, but at the same time, I never heard good news about EOS, but suddenly EOS price goes up, Cardano also goes up. What wrong with XRP?.

  3. Thanks for the news as always Tony. Good to see you start doing these interviews…you should make a podcast ?

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  5. All big/huge/massive news for Ripple but XRP price .001 cents down. News has no relationship with price coz xrp ledger is fake and XRP is scam.

  6. Coinbase raised fee to such an extent that the 50$ they quickly return
    it's just an illusion of earnings

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  11. Whaddya mean, "Count yourself lucky, guys…?" Let's give all of us full credit for being smart, early and above all, patient.

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