Women breaking barriers in crypto

they are the new crypto force women diving into the world of digital currency where men currently make up more than 90% of that industry they're hoping to make a difference and inspire the next generation of women Andrea day has more is crypto sexy effects II to me meets channel Walton aka the Bitcoin bombshell the profits can be very sexy she's part of a growing group of women jumping headfirst into a world dominated by men like Meredith Davis seven months pregnant yeah nyla Rogers we are moving into a new feminist movement and it is financial and Erika Munez my whole point it's always get more women interested we were invited to join them at a meet-up in New York City a monthly forum to share ideas and get advice on everything from treating to block Jayne I'm doing my part my small part to bring in as many women as I can just to let them know like don't be intimidated and she says a history of intimidation has kept some women out of the game a lot of the barriers to entry that I thought existed were either remembered from times that don't really apply anymore no barriers for this group who come from all walks of life and for many a first step into the financial arena I'm in the hospitality industry that's my background for the past twelve years I was a u.s. Marine and then I worked in the government space for a long time most people I think that I've interacted with are working from home or a coffee shop or wherever is most expedient so for moms that's a huge opportunity an opportunity Marilyn to loosen a saw four years ago when she started a website targeting stay-at-home moms crypto moms comm 92 95 percent of the people that were involved or have been involved in the cryptocurrency have been men and it's time that women started showing up to the table and showing up they are she says the site recently shot up 25 percent it's a global market it's 24 hours so after the kids go to bed you can get on your computer and do anything that you can do at between 9 to 5 do you feel like you have anything to prove to men no absolutely not we are definitely at the beginning of what's going to be like a major game changer are you here to stay in the game absolutely why why would I go and they all say the most important advice is to do tons of research before you jump in that's one reason why they meet every month to share the very latest information for a nightly Business Report I'm Andrea day

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