Withdraw Crypto With a 1% fee! – UPHOLD May be THE solution!

what up guys I just got an email that I just just too excited to wait on I was working with a company called uphold basically what uphold is is like a money storing system online kind of like a venmo and so it makes payments between people super easy and free I'm going it'll aoz you to invest in commodities other fiat currencies and cryptocurrency so what had me so interested about it though is that you will be able to deposit cryptocurrency into up hold and then from there on their platform convert into gold silver or your fiat currency USD euro whatever you want from that point though what you can do is withdraw the fiat currency into your bank account the reason why I'm so excited about that is because again I'm trying to find legal workarounds to comply with the local banks in Puerto Rico and I know a lot of people in the mainland are having the same issue as me you can't withdraw cryptocurrency from let's say coin base into your bank account without breaking some sort of rules I've heard so many different cases where a counselor threatening to be closed or actually being closed I was specifically called by Wells Fargo and never tell me they were gonna close my account if I kept working with coinbase so this is a pretty common problem now in Puerto Rico even right when I was opening the account they said do not do anything with cryptocurrency or we will close the account we'll refund the money wherever it's coming from you're coming to Puerto Rico to cash out adds a little bit of a handicap there what up hold will allow you to do is send your cryptocurrency to their platform convert into your local fiat currency and then withdraw that to your bank and so what happens is your bank will see a payment coming from our deposit coming from up hold calm now uphold calm is a legit trading service or I shouldn't even say trading but again kind of like a currency holding service so you'll be able to trade kind of Forex if you would like pull different currencies as well as gold and silver which is one thing I'm a proponent of so you can use it in that format but if your local bank was to look up what uphold is assuming they don't know it's actually just for that foreign exchange it's not a cryptocurrency company so we can kind of disassociate from cryptocurrency now the other issue that I was having with a lot of these different platforms that I've been finding is the fees are just brutal up to even 10 percent I've seen to get the Fiat out in a legal but you know compliant manner was really set on trying to find a streamlined way to make this practical the other video that I made which I'll put a link up at the top for you that video was about cashing out through gold money.com which is a great way to do it if you're not planning to hold gold or silver or precious metals then it is not as useful because you're gonna be paying a conversion fee from crypto which is 1% into the gold and I think it was like somebody told me it was a 2.5 percent fee to go from gold into the fiat currency and then another 1% cash out from fiat to your bank so it came out to about four and a half percent fee that you're gonna be paying in order to cash out through gold money it's not awful but it's not that great because I've heard it better if you wanted to cash out through uphold your huge posit cryptocurrency and upholding there's zero fees that's big and then in order to convert the crypto into the fiat currency it's a 1 percent fee one point zero five percent to be specific now you're in fiat currency you withdraw that into your bank account and then you pay a withdrawal fee which is a flat $4 no matter if it's a hundred bucks or a thousand ten thousand whatever it is the downside which I experienced is that up hold has pretty slow customer service it took me about a week and a half to get a response from support to get my bank account linked up I'm working with Banco Popular alpha here in Puerto Rico it's a pretty big bank but they were saying oh it's a small local bank we have to manually verify it etc etc for those of you that are in Puerto Rico or looking to do act 20 and 22 when you go and sign up on up Volcom in order to get your limits increased you have to connect your bank account that's one of the things and of course you got to withdraw your money somehow so when you connect your bank account to it in the countries list Porto Rico is listed as a country if you were to select that you'll see on there than air we do not work with this country Puerto Rico so the workaround for it which I was able to figure out and again why it took a little bit longer to get support back if you go to the US as a country and then go to the state part and in the States you'll see Puerto Rico listed again for a second time it makes it a little confusing it'll probably give you an error like you did for me and then just contact support tell them that you're trying to add your bank account please help try not to press so much on the Puerto Rico factor just give them which they're gonna ask you for the name on the account your routing number and then your account number that's all they really need to connect it they never even talked about Puerto Rico I brought it up one time at this point I had just gotten approved link I'm ready to start cashing out the limits at this point for me are ten thousand dollars a day that I can withdraw I don't know if you're able to increase that I know some of you are probably sitting on some pretty large sums of money and if you wanted to cash out more you might need to come up with either another solution or what I would recommend is requesting a limit increase if that's possible with multiple yeah maybe you can provide more identification type stuff to get that increase I'm freakin stoked because this is a nice clean streamlined way to cash out in Puerto Rico be fully legal and compliant and pay very minimal fees that's super competitive about a 1% fee in the end that makes it the lowest charge in order to cash up the Fiat that I've actually ever seen at this point pump yes

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  1. Uphold is great! I've been buying XRP with fiat from my bank, no more having to use those crooks at Coinbase to buy ETH or BTC first, then send to Binance to purchase XRP. This is saving me a lot of money using Uphold and allows me to buy XRP easily

  2. awesome work around. I am hoping to move to Puerto Rico within 4 months. Can you please suggest an attorney to contact to? Thanks.

  3. I own the Bitcoin radio network BRN we set up a corporate in Puerto Rico and this December I will be moving there we will run our station from the island 6 months and then 6months in Miami. Great info I will be using both of these to cash out. Where there is a will there is a way.

    Love to have you in the studio doing live shows with us .

  4. Hello their. Im interested in getting in contact with you or meeting up, establish a friendship (no homo) jeje. I live in San Juan with my wife. I already sent you and email. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Uphold sucks. Closed my account for NO reason after they said I was verified. Abra better and easier and WAY CHEAPER. AND Uphold does not answer support questions. Shady operation and now they have my ID.

  6. You can also just buy gold & silver with crypto at GoldSilver.com Cash it out whenever you like. – Admin

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