Withdraw AIRx from the AIRCOINS App!

Hello AIRCOINS community we are happy
to announce that AIRx can now be withdrawn from the air coins app. If you
are new to cryptocurrency and don’t currently have a crypto wallet
we recommend using trust wallet. You can download it at trust wallet.com or by
simply visiting your App Store. We will also provide a download link in your Aircoins wallet for your convenience. However feel free to use any wallet that
supports ERC-20 tokens. We will add the Aircoins contract to address, decimals
and ticker symbol in the description of this video so you can add it as a custom
token if it’s not yet supported by your favorite wallet. If you’re new to crypto
let’s begin setting up your trust wallet together. As you can see trust wallet is
private and secure, you can view and store all your assets in one place and
you can trade assets and explore decentralized apps. Let’s go ahead and
click on create a new wallet. The first thing you’re going to do is backup your
wallet. In the next step you will see twelve words that allows you to recover
a wallet should you ever need to. Do not upload the words online or share them
with anyone. Store them safely. Please understand that if you lose these
recovery words you will not be able to access or recover your wallet. Once
you’ve created your wallet you will see a few coins that come pre-loaded. To add
Aircoins click on the plus symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen.
There you can search for and add new tokens or coins to your wallet. In the
search field you can type AIRx or Aircoins and click on the plus symbol
this will add Aircoins to your wallet. When you return to your wallets homepage click on Aircoins. Here you can view your transaction history as well as send
and receive AIRx. Keep in mind we are an ERC-20 token so if you plan on sending
AIRx to anyone from your trust wallet you will need some Etherium to cover
the cost of gas. Click on receive to view your receiving address and QR code. When you’re ready to receive AIRx to your wallet this is the address you will use.
So let’s go ahead and demonstrate how the send functionality works from your
Aircoins wallet. For the time being AIRx is the only token available for
withdrawal, however we will be adding more in the near future.
So let’s select AIRx, click on send and here’s our wallet interface. You can see
there’s already an address that’s saved and that’s because I set that as my
default wallet address. If you click on the drop-down menu on the far right this
is your wallet list here you can add and save multiple addresses such as friends
and family third party wallets and exchanges. Once saved you can select
between the addresses you would like to send to as well as set a default address
which will be highlighted in grey. If we return to the wallet interface you will
notice to the left of your wallet list there’s also a QR scanner for one-time
transactions. Let’s go ahead and add a new address to our list and send some
AIRx to our wallet. We’re going to click on add, I’m going to add a wallet title
let’s call this withdraw and now you have two options, you can either copy and
paste your address from your third-party wallet, we’ll go ahead and click on Aircoins, receive, hit copy, go back to the app and paste it in the address bar here.
Always double check your address to make sure it’s correct. You can also use
the QR scanner to scan your QR code, I’m going to do that, hit submit,
we’re going to click select and we’re going to send our first transaction. So
there’s our transaction details, there’s the send amount, the network fee, your
send total and your new Airx balance. You’re going to enter your
password and confirm..and there you have it your
transaction is now pending. Your Aircoins total will not be updated until the transaction has been confirmed. It shows your transaction ID and you can
also view the transaction on the blockchain. Whenever you have a pending
transaction or multiple transactions and you return to your wallet there will
be a pop up notification to show you the status of your transactions. As you can
see there’s currently a question mark under status which means the transaction
is still pending. So for example if we exit our wallet and we go checkout
nearby coins on our map for a few seconds, when you come back to your
wallet there will be a pop up showing the status of any pending transactions.
So there we go, we have a little check mark already that shows our transaction
has been confirmed so now your AIRx total has been updated in your Aircoins
wallet and we should have a thousand AIRx in our trust wallet, so let’s go check
that out and there it is just like that you’re able to find, collect and send
cryptocurrency in augmented reality. Thank you to our ever-growing community.
We truly appreciate all of you. If you have telegram make sure to join in on the conversation and follow us there for up-to-date news and information as well as on all other major social media platforms. Keep those photos coming, stay active, stay safe and happy hunting!

16 thoughts on “Withdraw AIRx from the AIRCOINS App!”

  1. You guys rock! Nice work! I'm curious to know your thoughts on what exchanges Aircoins will be available to trade? And when?

    Do you see big things coming for Aircoins in the near or distant future?

    I've seen that you continue to add new coins which is amazing. And I am collecting them almost daily. Thanks for putting together a great application and continuing to work on it. I'm not pushing for a hurried answer, I'm just curious about your personal and professional feelings about the future of this project? Is it driving you everyday? It seems like it's growing everyday.

  2. once the withdraw feature is added for cryptocurrencies other than aircoins I bet this will get a lot more traction.

  3. Is there a time limit from when you start the app to when you can withdraw, or has the function been temporary taken down to withdraw?

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