with XRP MINUTE | Central Banks losing to Cryptocurrency

read too test test and you are in the stream and it is arena Arenas good it is the best and was awesome as easy are all
those that are up and tuning and
on a a, a recorded and be on the recorded stream
and recording of the stream, we
are waiting for a few people to
jump in and I’m looking four tiny video on my phone so I can
actually monitor what’s going on
and make sure we’re not getting
any lager meeting of the all th and Moon Compton it’s a and chicken and that we’re good or live in and I think we’re
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have to do a nice to a car and a car it so we’ve got the
tse Tung excerpt the Caroline of
Moon chick in dot column,
Michael Messner , Julie lower the nice me
awesome ID and I sent you as well so
that’s awesome, Pieper in a star
pop in and year let’s see Wells
we got its funny everything’s
popp , fit things just the toll lane a little bit are you
guys getting any lager looks
like I’m getting a little bit a
lag of my hands and figure out what
could potentially a Agnes L , are you getting lag just in
the video are you guys can lag
in the audio a good thing is is that the
chips all you as good and are you not, to your
microphone you come in three D a are you guys getting lag on the
on the video and Kay at the mall array of a null and you know
let’s get started here died died
the ID and I just popped in a
some meals here was said to a
Cade o of a of the rector what’s a man and Tina
hall in an eight year there’s a
rumor that to a teen all starting a whole
report to one start
investigating Dea nine N as a and happens when a butterfly
lands on a ball flew and for that its interest in all
alike the Compton Matisse flying geese
flying blind , also on teh austerity and I said
is the chaos theory also on teh auburn ranges popped
in and an employee knights
everybody jumping in now and
will add tuna later but 10:00 PM
on Fri and are known as rain array, and we’re getting less
lag jump and run my of my phone
eight as getting lag on the
audio or just on the young
video, vide it’s to be a plate toe are eight let’s let’s jump
into this week we got like a 30
people here in one year as just
talk about nonsense and we could Cali interested in as an astute that it’s like the upon getting of unresponsive
ages are in a big hits, are the problem and Microsoft’s sox , at the dissident and and scratch and are you are in every time I deal with
the singer always reminds me why
I left a Microsoft products
behind you to figure this out, from
that it will it is one of talk about crypto
ready as one who won just hear
some random chat to a so what I
what I really wanted it and is
one ta a crypto cafe , at the crypto cafe we can make
an all day affair or have a speakers from from
morning till evening on talking
about excerpt he and and other
of digital assets that have
nothing To it, suite to be sweet and cavities of the headphones
on, bothers me when I used
adding that the little tingly
things while we’re talking but
and decen and the one I liked that keeps
popping up over and over and
over again on in this growing
space and bought digital assets
and bl in my opinion the central banks
are to leave running scared another seen the potential of
digital assets, and now, as as
they are seen that you know
they’re trying it either you
know attack a crypto space with a
little bit of flood and war
there trying to shut it down
completely as we see in other
countries al to that they’ve held for
centuries were when your
thoughts and I would all tie ici see a couple
scenarios in IC one scenario where these of digital asset
exchanges, begin to either you
know buyout the small banks, in
order to get into the banking
space and on and like you said with
the fed and and you know the way
it’s really up manipulated among
top Allies to buy these larger b and other beginning to identify
and realize that, groups like by
nance like: base like Gemini
like uphold a view of their
their are generating such a huge
amount of cash flow that it’s
not that farfetched of the star
buying of these banks and I
think in al and open they become central
banks a sensual and no doubt now
they have ultimate control of
the amounts of money that
they’ve ma and over over history and Owen
when they’d get the general
public finds a, a methodology to
generate large sums of cash and
alwa and that was the pinprick to
burst the bubble now you can make an argument that at
that time, you’ll be up , that the company’s there was
too much money and there are you
B and in companies that had
almost no value and had no
product t up $1000 are $1,000,000 mill
company that I’m speculating on
is that the government’s
business to try to shut me down
good does another financial institutions
or by the government or do you
let the markets, dictate that
the movement in my opinion think
you another entity started taking
advantage of that scenario to
make money and you know a bit
calmer rampant scenario but then
the g and whether it’s of allowing for
dabbing words attempting to shut
it down the L it’s it’s a
difficult scenario you know but
an a and I don’t that’s farfetched
but the nuggets , you know that that’s a that’s
a good question is a good point,
foray into that, yes to Michael
Messner of Ben roe mock the sco organic and in some sort , but but not now did not a set
and scotch is actually more
important than discussing
whether now are going back to
the Goldstei top of you know II and all I
would like to think that we’re
going back to a form of the gold
standard anno I don’t know you know is it a no is there another mechanism
of which to tell prop up being a
lower fee of currencies and and
create value anno is there enou the ounce of gold and I think
that that could be import not believe that are far
currency than all the fee a
currency and needs to be backed
by more than just a promise of
the g a no comparison your star in a
sea of the stable points or more
and no whatever they might be in
all that have to be backed by t , and so to their there’s a scenario you
know where they’re trying to
create tie you based on something that
is a value but really doesn’t
have value of been less it all goes back to
the U.S. government upholding
the fact of that value and all
the people accepting that value
it anno of the face of all whenever
of you know that the nomination
that you’re being handed but, I
think that anno as we move 14 to these
digital age , we’re going to have to to Leon
it wakes in expand on anno what
were backing are currencies way
so you could we back it with di and we almost have to make up
that make that same argument to say that that digital assets
need to be backed up by by
precious metals well and would
have to be of value based on
base time you can we rely on and this this
is in I think it’s an
interesting discussion because
it also goes into it actually into some other
discussion that denies having
about the IMF adopting a dual
asset you know as as a mechanism
almost , in a different use case, but
still you know they have taken
their creating value , and a 99 out the knee that
makes sense and a flop at the
end of the day I know I know if
it’s the right thing to do to
win our and I am aware your thoughts and think it if it’s that’s an
interesting point, but as one of
throw some hour Oakwood colmar
thanks for the a and the dollar 99 to if he said
the we need to split it tell are in an column nice nice and so you no
idea I put up on there’s a two
to pops up there and he got one
on either side and got the chips
t up up and shipped to and it’s awesome of up to stow of an Esso meant
you know and I think what’s
crazy about you know the the
anno of this everything that’s
going on another there’s a lot of history
with the fathers a lot of
powerful family is another
backed the fed and also that’s a
that’s a and Oleg and just in a put up
there to divide and conquer the
people you know where as you
you’ve got that the head of
state and , and he’s deftly at an odds
with that with the fed, the
Federal reserve and on the
Federal reserve you know and I
was reading b you up and it was an interesting
article on, you know how they’ve
adjusted the of the interest
rates and relieve and the article their say in the
fed actually just of interest
rates higher than most people
really you realize an overtime
and , you know which is a nice try to get into and try
to understand what a dish at a
rate was but it’s almost like
hiding the reality of what
they’ve b anno and so we have a recovering
economy that was seen as
slaughter you real slow drawing
and over over a year in a year
term, j and Federal reserve started
increased interest rates a
little bit too fast, and it said
that did you know it said the
economic r , you know over in a between now
and then nine Jan the end of the
year, but then we’re also going
to see the fed is enough to ac it would a light is it that the Federal
reserve has so much power and
open gave them all that power
why the we continue to allow
them to , that there that they’d be
afraid of pinot so if you won on
that the fed to put the entire
Federal reserve on a block
chaining anno and and allow for full
transparency now we’ll see
what’s happening yet but they
don’t want that to happen and
that’s where and president of germany’s
central bank warrants of serious
outcomes of digital currencies and also another there are
worried you know what they’re
they’re worried about them
selves are not worried about a
node this oth it just because they happen to
be in a financial space you know
it doesn’t mean that they
understand digital assets are
the impa or digital assets eight but they
do understand the impact of
that, if that asset class grows
and the IDG and these exchanges
gro and deftly see the direct threat
to know to their existence in
their financial and lookup racks if you know
minutes that sole purpose he
knows that it all the people need to take
back the power you know that
that belongs to them and on the lawyer let the
government run amok in although
the worse it gets a night and in this this
travesty of of of Newsday today
it with this release of the
annual report anno and really
you know the and spawned things in a way that
the that averaging mainstream
listener would really have no
clue in Somalia I guess you know
th it was no wrong it was no proof
there was no evidence and also
once again there on the switch
of that’s the deep state and a
tha you illegal action tell they
would go after Hillary Clinton
when she illegally destroyed a
government property which he
illegall you know scores of a
blackberries and crush them with
amr’s and the legally destroyed
you know servers and and lost
tens of thou AIDS or the government of United
States and that’s a treasonous
act anno and unfortunately
you’ll than naiveté of of the
genera and like is that what we have
people from all over the world
to see me to the strain on a
touches everybody because what
happens and no one hand and really it’s
it’s impacting everybody and
audits and it’s it’s a travesty
and on so you know and I look at
it , never enough discuss anything
if I can’t backing up on fact
and all but young and I think
it’s interesting because tears
what and they said interest rate
hikes were on purpose to hurt
wrong but not trump you know has
the magic wand and everything
that th as been purposely on
orchestrated as a coup, in order
to attempt to topple the present
and the United States and it’s
it’s it’s and obey yet and most people and
I used to call them video it’s a
no because they just sit around
and watch TV and and believe a in auto know what that the term
would be today and know because if you can make
that same claim you know based
on social media and all but maybe that’s
changing to you know but this
narrative of anno Russian bots in Russian
manipulation of a lack chance
taste on POWs on face book and
I’m in that that’s the most
absurd thi and I hate you know everybody
has to make sure that they’re
educated that they understand you know
and that they really they bowed
and get actively involved in a
with that idea that the
responsibil and the president to show his tax
returns and to be further
investigated in I think Congress 100% every
one of the scum bags and on
needs to that that is calling
for you know impeachment you
know that as been in Congress and then
like you said their multi
millionaires where the world is
that money come from if you
remember when tell he was USA a community
organizer it was a state wrap it
was a sitting senator for white
two years before ear and four
for o that any got $1,000,000 upfront
the same thing happen with
Hillary the same thing happen
with bill Clinton of you know
and the E and obey all right these books
tell their ghostwriters are item
for Mages sign off sign their
name on it , and and this is it’s
commonplace you goes writers
write most of the books in the
industry aptly its actors and no
college tuit and that’s the business a
ghostwriting it with that the
thing is that some easy way to
transfer wealth and over to
people and it anno did to have that transfer
will deny I don’t know that
that’s the know that that’s the
the right thing and I think that
that to a tie do yet tomorrow, do have a
meeting tomorrow with up with a
gun lovers of a lead and visor it’s going to
be responsible for token
taxonomy so, and as oh yeah I
wanna say too much now that some
intent on my conversation with him
tomorrow, and some requests in
my conversation with him
tomorrow and see how that unfolds on my
ultimate goal is that god I’m
are become the second bitsy
needed, hopefully there are to
thinking , and hopefully that 20 says
tomorrow because and say that and that’s gonna be the intently
conversation and express how
critical it is regardless of
political affiliation and all
that do , it’s not enough just to be a
sponsor of , that so far the feedback has
been pretty amazing, and here it
is you know crossing all party
affiliation and all and in for me it at this point
it doesn’t matter and all men
are each reach out to to both
parties and all because that’s
what’s and there there in Washington a
lot of the stuff is is hype for
the media and ’cause they all
sit on committees together and
off it one of the other things I
pulled out I think it’s it’s
kind of important anno because
if you think about it would face
book i , so find other things in a
learning about the space told on to them I still need to
move them to the new platform of
the avatar June 1 and was I lose
them, but , many also others is great
article because there you have the ceo of cake
of it is going yell full bore,
to trying to make a change
within the U.S. , You government, regulatory of
space, in terms of how they relate to, of a digital
asset as a security in or how
they interpret a digital asset
as a security are not so they’ve
a Com so K.K. again as Ken Kaye I
am, their initiative at this
point one because they’re fighting the
SEC and recently launched us
something called a of defend
crypto initiative of a habit,
raised I believe like five
million dollars, , really you’ll fight the fight,
and the other point is that like
face book and on and what face
book is doing with their 2.4 bi which was fantastic about why you a lie face book is doing
what they’re doing and why it’s
so important and moving to the
payment space for their
existence, b and can they were the first of a
social media platform, two in
gay to want an issue date a token base
payment system, and so they’d and the unauthorized me as gone
anywhere yet I think
everything’s kind of its in its
infancy what’s interesting that was a
cake as about Brea 100,000,000
users and about 15,000,000 are
active on a monthly basis and oh so it’s it’s really you
know it’s interesting because
only on China opened a tablet
and on because of all Microsoft
as a , and and get some of it the
details are yet one , it’s awesome occurred as a Knicks it is so so I highlighted a few
things here solely up so they
always does have designed a
fight the SEC in court of the
launch d and has about five million
dollars in so far, that direct
quote a minute’s as they
continue challenge for us as
been the lack of and tune the U.S. began in
earnest in the days following
its $100,000,000 icy oh and oh
so here they are these guys are
fighting and oh and then the fight and so if think about a lot of these
companies that get into the
space it all in all day they
have to go on hire attorneys you
know the up and mentally prepared were
legally been there or they don’t
really have the knowledge of
what it’s gonna take up to fight
the and caicos setup is is pretty
amazing and on these guys and all you
really don’t hear from them a
lot, down in the U.S. auto and,
if anyone really knows about
kicking and and it’s the outfits for
pickling setup for the
conversation you to four , and under it as a 900 sorry to a a a an , and I am trying is on china’s
stance of both it and not in all
of missed a lot of the
conversation toe and off some of
its rel to tell , and it just started and it’s got
because got started so and no opinion whatsoever and to a a a a a a a a a hit of a
hit a tough and a day the easier recap is that
the Friday night 10:00 PM auburn
rain, to be on his son and his
channel chatting about some
stuff are made update upon the meeting
from the moral so announce I think that’ll be
great be a yell some looking for
to that and tomorrow night you’ve got
your stream I think your MIC is
some text and ready for action and of ice it just be ready and prepared for the S. Mitchell took up I know is busy eased up
a schedule like an impact it’s
awesome a nice to that that’s like $10,000 in
future excerpt E N to a L and if anno and ID a nice as the
background looks great and
appreciate that the look and
it’s actually on and what that
is, that is som and is bidding and yes and a nice crypto bird dog it’s awesome to a acute keep going and going to and mice and go straight through
like Saturday of a a a a C and awesome ninths great day you
know what II appreciate how we
held strong people of strong in
there with us enough for the past hour to
fantastic and got a lot of good
of a good comments: on you like
good of sight conversations and
the and all we got some good engage
in a subject matter , as a time to learn there’s
still time to do , and Jan Baan looking for to
updating everybody on the set of
this conversation that I have
tomorrow and a list are planning
a anno this time forward you know
it’s all about trying to get
some regulatory clarity and see
if we can really have an impact on pushing
the token taxonomy act to the
next level and you know like I
was ceo it starts of the
grassroot are of a and a crushing , it’s awesome , and it to wait and that’s awesome that’s that’s
fantastic top of a ring to keep ago and
it’s right you know and where talk about this
earlier and wipe dry summer time
utterly are in only step on to
make your codes if you’re
watching on or arrive and the last couple minutes here
before we wrap up let’s finish
this off 810 exactly on the dot
and Andy and I asked any updates and sure someone else’s a a K a litigious pop topple its
fantastic up up up up a bit of sweet ties anno to fantastic to that of a nice a nice man and they’re all over the place and tested , nine to say is another project
another project brewing and a light 30 seconds behind on my
chat of of of it and it’s also for Shawn and
lighten up there and it’s
fantastic that seeks to a lot of , Tice and today that there is an N it it’s right and Cade of you said
that deny said he would give a
given 10,000 excerpt he does say
they sent me to a of a of a hit to an MN to a nice job for the awesome it said C developing an amazing
direction L of a of a set that it at the EL the OL array and tone and and all Mars Tino volume for
Sade a awesome and tested to that said that
said a moment that a sunny here
and it’s up 811 and that’s a young we have we
help through with like 50 to 60
people on a stream, you know
most of most of the hour, its
outstan you will make it happen so again
thanks everyone for being on
thanks chip and you can bring a
Saudi year , and and streams not stop and

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