28 thoughts on “WINTER IS HERE & RIPPLE MAY BE KING! Bitcoin Price 2280 Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis XRP BTC”

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  2. only way ripple would go near the top is if bitcoin went into an ice-age. No ice-age isnt gonna cut it either, you would need such cold degrees that every molecule stops moving. more money = more sell off.

  3. People approach handling money the same as they do politics, just read the comments- smdh, lol! I love the video, keep them coming BK!

  4. BULLISH on XRP – READ THIS and become so – https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/746e9c4d-b240-4ea5-95f0-9237f2cceb13

  5. He want's you to buy his heavy bags. This fidgetspinner will get nowhere. Litecoin gonna dump as expected. There is only one king and thats Bitcoin. Str8 to 5K, no mercy!

  6. It's been more than a month you say Ripple its gonna kick…I bougt many at quite high price but seemed low back then and also I listened to you….im not confident anymore sadly!

  7. Love how you Ripp(l)ed my heart out with your prognosis and gently put it back with Game of Thrones … thanks for the insights!

  8. Waiting for bitcoin to bottom to get into the market. Bern watching your vids preparing to enter. I think you got hold of some crypto magic.. I believe. Very empowering. Very inspiring. Cryptos are the future of money. I'll never have another chance like this to acquire money again after a lifetime of paycheck to paycheck. I'm a believer. Thank you sir for sharing your education and insights with us.

  9. It makes sense that Ripple would do well. They are the kid who wants to work with the existing infrastructure (and the current infrastructure with banks etc) works. They dont want to smash things, they are trying to make it better. If I owned a bank or ran a government, I would want to work with someone who has a vision to make things better as opposed to someone who wants to smash things to pieces.

  10. I'm curious if it's usually better to pair with BTC over USD (or USDT)?? I am supposing that since most alts need to be traded with BTC that makes it more relevant for the crypto market?

  11. I dumped my ripple today, (I'm a scalper so I didnt lose much) the fact that its stagnant in such a bullish market is scaring me

  12. "Please don't go out and spend your next paycheck, By next week you'll probably be homeless" God damn I got a good laugh, your great man

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