Will Verge (XVG) CRUSH Monero 318$ in 2018?! | Verge Coin Future

Verge XVG coin future what’s up my going brothers and sisters
my name is Matthew Timothy welcome back to crypto lands and today I wanted to
talk about the the reason why we should really consider investing in Virg
I think it’s a cool-looking project I’m gonna talk about that today but before I
do I want to celebrate 2k subscribers and since yesterday I had a little under
2j on crypto lands and right now we’re at 20 109 subscribers at the time of
this reporting yesterday I did a promise that I would give away $200 being big
connect us as the Bitcoin fees are really high and I thought that if I
would just do it in dick connect you would actually get some more because
you’re getting the interest so you can turn that 100 and 300 you know within
the year so I thought that would be pretty cool
plus you know if you compile you get more and stuff like that but you know
but what I noticed was um you guys commented but you didn’t comment your
bit connective dress I think I saw one that commented by the way thank you so
much for leaving a comment I really value that
especially your encrypt all and I don’t claim to know everything and I think
there’s a lot more knowledge in the comment section below so I’m really
grateful to be here with you guys in this community let’s start the random
comment picker and then tomorrow there two winners I’m gonna ask you to create
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congratulations don’t forget to comment tomorrow brother and I will send that
over the 100 dollars next one next one is gonna be okay
the mess I hope it stays going up yes definitely common tomorrow I will send
you your bit connect tokens it’s crazy like since yesterday a hundred more
crypto a crypto warriors here in crypto lands that’s awesome you guys are
amazing I really like the community that we’re building here but let’s talk about
birch the reason of the video yesterday john mcafee did a Twitter post talking
about birch and he really made a good point he said if you would use your
heads you would figure out that privacy coins anonymous transactions will have
the greatest future always like Manero birch or C cos gosh cannot lose and he
doesn’t make you know many predictions in crypto currencies he only you know
bet his dick on on Bitcoin and I thought I saw a comment in here like why you
know if you think that’s true why did you bet your dick on Bitcoin anyways
that was pretty funny but he makes a good point because it is a privacy you
know and Annamma an anonymous transaction cryptocurrency and it’s a
direct competitor with Manero and c gosh and if you look here at the at the the
charts you see that c cash is four hundred and sixty-five dollars right now
and Manero is three hundred and eighteen I remember mining Manero on my phone
when it was like cents I really do and I was three hundred and
eighteen can you imagine buying purge that right now is
where is it here 32 6.33 sorry at this price yesterday was half of this
price so what what I suggest doing what I’m doing myself you know don’t take my
word for it obviously don’t take your investment advice from one person only
do your own research Twitter is a great tool for that but you know the website
also check out the resources but what i’m doing here is some dollar cost
averaging this i’m dollar cost averaging a lot of points because i think that
over time if you just buy them you know regardless of the price if they’re cheap
now buy them now while they’re still cheap and that’s what we’re doing here
so you know if you can get ten thousand coins for $200 go for it by ten thousand
coins every month or something right at some point you’re gonna have 100,000 of
these Verge coins and you know if they reach up to $1 or five or ten dollars
you’ll be a happy man or woman you know so let’s look into birch on the website
like I said it’s completely anonymous and privacy focused they use multiple
anonymity centric networks such as Thor which is used for the dark web and stuff
and I to be they are completely untraceable they have an active
development team with many contributors great support from the community ultra
fast transactions transaction speeds are ultra fast compared to other points
simple payment verification SBV technology allows average transactions
confirmation times to drop to five seconds
decentralized open source purchase decentralized currency based on an open
source platform there’s no central control over the points and it’s ready
for mass adoption it says here like I said it’s a direct competitor of C cash
and Manero which for me is really important to know and you know looking
at the reason why I’m actually sending big connect and not bitcoin is because
it is getting slower and more expensive to send it when getting a lot of
messages today that you know people that do a simple transaction over couple
they spent like 16 dollars in fees and I don’t think that was the intention of
the coin in the beginning but we have some scaling issues block time is 30
seconds with verge and they have instead of a white paper they have a black paper
and you can find that here so I would definitely recommend you to read this
I’m obviously not gonna read the whole document here but it’s definitely
interesting to to read this you know that’s actually how I find and how I
build my portfolio I check out points that are doing really like pretty good
then I checked our white papers black papers I check their Twitter because
most of the cryptocurrencies are really active on on Twitter you see here happy
to add two more vendors who accept Virg it’s time for this time it’s meh Camino
and EPA advisor prep welcome to the furchester
Virge currency calm and then here you see the partners who accept birch
cryptocurrency the wallets that you can download is really interesting stuff
they are sold at bit tracks you can get them a bit tracks as well as some of the
other exchanges bit square light bit point spot this is where you can get
them now and then obviously you can store them in your wallet wallet here or
you can just you know hold them in bit tricks which I don’t really recommend
but you know anyway so yeah that’s basically what I wanted to share with
you guys what is really important to know is that 2018 I think is going to be
the year of cryptocurrency and you know a lot of these alt coins most people
haven’t even heard of you know if you go on the street and talk about Bitcoin
with somebody they may know a lot but ask if they know something about birch
or C cash or whatever right they probably wouldn’t know but next year
we’re getting more educated you know as we got more educated we’re gonna
start investing in more cryptocurrencies and you’ll see that the market gap will
rise really fast that’s what I think is gonna happen next year I’m really
curious to read what you guys think 2018 has in store for us so leave that
down in the comments below if you’re new here to this channel like this video and
subscribe turn on bail notifications so you don’t miss an upload
I’m a cryptocurrency videos every single day here on crypto lands and that’s it
see you on my next video tomorrow guys don’t forget only fear and fee maths to
sign up for big connect and put down your wallet address tomorrow and I’ll
send that pic connect over and I’ll see you tomorrow until then stop settling I
started living the coin life peace

100 thoughts on “Will Verge (XVG) CRUSH Monero 318$ in 2018?! | Verge Coin Future”

  1. Keep the music, it’s like a dry ass speech when I listen to hella videos, music is good unless your really going serious

  2. Seems like it's going to dip a tiny bit under 5 cents in a few hours, should we still get XVG or should we hold ADA (assuming both is not an option) for the Q1 of 2018?

  3. Just found your channel, great resource. I agree the privacy coins will do well here is my Bitconnect thanks! 8dk7BmY8PKz52xmkPEBANBjLeTFVV6tVeL

  4. You have to look at max supply depending on the coin. Can’t just jump head first because of the price of a crypto… might want to take a look ?

  5. Buy 10k VERGE. When it doubles sell half the quantity. That way you have created 5000 verge free and you have your initial investment back in your hand for further investment in another coin. Or even smaller investment use the same formula.

  6. What app or website should I use if I just want to hold the coin. I hear that I shouldn’t use Binance as my storage? Any suggestions?

  7. Hey are not pricacy coins going to be regulated?? Its going to allow for money laundering and terrorism, evasion of tax theres no way governme t are going to allow this in the long terl right?

  8. those people trying to clown on John are so pathetic lol. They totally miss is giving them GREAT investment advice lol

  9. been over 24 hrs and still no coin to my xvg verge paper wallet i sent 10 coins and was perfect then i sent 990 coins and nothing arrived. i then tried sending another 10 and nothing arrived.. please guys if you could shed any light to this it would be greatly appreciated.. my add is DR29R52XSy8NFfWmm7fvLkC7euj9khGV7a

  10. I may be a little late to the party but I am going to open an account. What would you think about VERGE OR RIPPLE? And do I need a crypto wallet?? and if so will any of them work?

  11. Vraag, ik ben nieuw in deze game. Mijn vraag is of het handig is je coins op bittrex site te houden of moet ik er beter wat anders mee doen? volgens mij zei je sowiets in de video.

  12. The Supply of verge is 100x higher than monero or zcash, i dont think it will be 300$ that easy, to reach almost the same marketcap verge would be at maximum 3-4$ per coin thats what is realistic, anything higher is speculation and a matter of time

  13. Hello nice video bro !!!, i have a question tho my verge wallet electrum 2.4 stays offline is this common?? Or is it just me

  14. I have 20,000 verge it's a mixing feeling cause I could have alot more, but okay I need to be happy with this. For sure I will hold it. I see xvg in the future realistic going to 4 dollar what do you think? Somebody told mcafee even thinks it is possible in the next year's It can go to 15 dollar? What are u feelings and opinion about it? I almost cant believe it that we will make so much money with xvg and have a lot of xvg miljonairs. Unfortunately I'm not one of them on the moment I have a profit of 1300 euro. But if it goes to 15 dollar I would still make a lot of money. It's a dream haha and I hope it comes true. With crypto u never know. Maybe is this just the beginning.

  15. Latest Verge (XVG) details:

    Price: $ 0.0712825
    Price (BTC): ฿ 0.00000419
    24h Volume: $ 179,167,000.00
    Market Cap: $ 1,027,215,607.00
    Change 1h: -2.31%
    Change 24h: +15.03%
    Change 7d: +649.34%

    Shared via: https://goo.gl/2SGzt5

    Registration www.binance.com/?ref=10966708 #BTC #ETH #XVG #ICO #CRYPTOCURRENCY

  16. Very good so far. I will keep watching. Here is my wallet address. I just followed your moves so I hope I did it right. First time so not sure it is right… Keep it up bud! 8LHE6xLwLtYDbYJ9dgdp5Smz5HkfCTvgXy

  17. monero is the king . when the suply became 18.000.000 monero .. the number of monero produced in 1 year will not depasse 5000 monero . so i hear people say monero have unlimited supply and this is wrong . for me monero is doing marketting and the distribution of monero is well we all know that this coin is trading and scalling slowly there will be no dump . for now and for people have a little mooney the best choice is verge . but for safety and if you want to invest in a solid curency . the best is monero

  18. Hi, I want to invest into Verge, but i'm struggling to find a working wallet. I have a mac and I've tried the two mac wallets on the verge website but both have failed? It would be much appreciated if you could help me out thanks!

  19. Fantastic man, VERGE is now up to 0,25$ ( 0.00001643 BTC) 🙂 , i get verge coins at Binance using your link thanks! https://www.binance.com/?ref=12725711

  20. Privacy-wise, Verge is far inferior to Monero. All it does is route your transactions through the Tor network to conceal your IP address when you make a transaction. However, transactions and transaction amounts can still be traced through the blockchain, just like Bitcoin! It‘s essentially the same as only using Bitcoin over Tor, if your address is linked to your real name in any way (e.g. buying coins in an exchange with kyc), then all of your transactions can still be linked to your real identity. It‘s like logging in to your Facebook account through Tor, why bother?

    Monero on the other hand uses ring signatures and RingCT to make transactions and transaction amounts untraceable by blockchain analysis. You can still make your transactions through Tor or I2P if you wish (I2P is gonna become standard through Kovri), which gets you all the benefits of Verge + an actually untraceable blockchain!

  21. Hi great Video if you have some time and like to be early in check this out and hey maybe you like to do a review on this.
    The new DENT app will appear in the apple store by Dez 28. Next is going to be Android. Feb – March 2018 still early great potential and use case. Game changer in the mobile industry.


  22. Nice work man, Would love to come and film you as part of our feature length documentary. Teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3BfQ28WzYI . thx 🙂

  23. Guys how do you buy Verge ty ;D explain please.I admit im a small lil kid,Im 14 but i have the money, how can i buy it?

  24. Lol this guy just wanted the sheep to join Verge cause he invested and fucked up!! Verge is going now where. I invested elsewhere other than being a sheep and got paid

  25. Verge is the most obvious pump and dump of 2017. They use monero on the darkweb. they give a rats ass about verge


  26. Wow, what two months can bring in crypto. Has anyone else got off the XVG roller coaster? Sold and prob. rebuying when and if they miss the deadlines at the end of the month.

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