Will the Bitcoin Rally Start in May Because of… [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

good morning everyone this January 29th the almost end of the month it's that time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news so today I want to talk about the Bitcoin rally and everyone is wondering when is it go come is it ever gonna come or are we go fall to zero so today I'm gonna show you guys something that's about to happen oops sorry about that go so I'm going to show you guys what's going on in me and that could be the spur out the Bitcoin rally so thanks for tuning guys as always appreciate your support smash up the like subscribe to the channel and make sure you hit that notification button and everyone that's tuned in already and all the usual thanks for tuning in so let's get started today there's an action not that much news going on so it should be a shorter session and it should be more time for Q&A alright so looking at Wow let's do CMC and chart later but let's get to the main topic which is what's going on in May and this is actually a year ahead alright so there's a lot of things a lot of people that's grasping at straws right now in terms of what might spur up the next rally right because just like I said yesterday in my video there the bottom does not seem to be in the market is driven by a few wheels and bot activity and everyone is waiting right everyone's waiting no one is putting their money and no one has confidence so people are grasping at straws like hey what is actually gonna bring confidence back what is girls spread a rally and this is what a lot of people is pointing to now is the Bitcoin having alright and a lot of people might not know about this but coins like bitcoin and litecoin they they cut their rewards right it's called a halving event basically so the block the block rewards gets gets divided into two so what does that mean so that means the supply gets cut in half so the demand is still there then they're right things should start moving up and in the past that has happened now some argue you know it doesn't always happen on time some argues that it comes early so the big point having is roughly go happen in May of 2020 not May of 2019 however people have tracked this before and said that roughly one year ahead is when the price action starts moving up so this is something that a lot of people are looking forward to because one year ahead that means it's maiya 2019 and man time flies because it's in February ready right so that's not too far away so a lot of people think that in May the Bitcoin having right is what's go syrup or start the next rally now what's my opinion it makes sense logically right if you you have supply demand and you know those of you guys have seen a supply and demand chart if the supply decreases and demand stays it doesn't even have to go up but if demand just relatively stays the same but supply gets cut in half that means the miners right the miners when they're mining Bitcoin the rewards get cut in half that should that should make it more valuable and make the price go up right but as for if it's gonna start one year earlier I haven't tracked that yet but a lot of people have and it's quite interesting all right so what do you guys think do you think this is gonna make any effect have any effect on Bitcoin because litecoin is going through the same thing and this also happens with other coins like for a coin and stuff like that basically all the forks of Bitcoin has this kind of event alright so that's what I want to start with now what's a what's going on in terms of what all the traders are looking at in terms of whether or not we're gonna start a rally or whether or not we're gonna go down more or hover is this red line right here it's the 200 weekly ma which I briefly talked about it yesterday everyone is talking about this non-stop because for the traders out there they're looking for clues they're looking for signs short-term like what is going and everyone is talking about this 200 weekly I may saw him bring it up for you guys yesterday I had talked about bot activity whale activity and you can see it's pretty clear when you draw so a couple of triangles right but this line is something that Bitcoin has never never crossed over and it is something that we touched upon okay back in December when we hit that low of 3100 and we bounced quickly off from it we are nearing that point right now right if you if we Bitcoin goes down just to about 30 to 80 3300 we're gonna hit that and a lot of people are speculating what's going on some feel like we're gonna have strong buying pressure and we're gonna go up significantly or bouncing if eclis from there some people say that is the point where Bitcoin really crashes where capitulation really hits is once we break through this because this has never happened in bitcoins history that is when people will really get feared out so that is something that I also want to bring it to your attention because this is basically what everyone's looking at so the Bulls are looking at events that are that go spur up or rally and the Bears are looking at any kind of short-term event that could drive drive us lower so just want to start out with that now let's move on from there what else is going on crypto Pia crypto Pia seems to be done alright so I mentioned about exchanges and not trusting their money on exchanges that are questionable shady and so forth right a lot of people didn't like hearing that because some of the good coins or promising coins are not on some of these smaller exchanges in crypto Pia has been around for a while but they had some shady past but now it's been 15 15 days two weeks after the initial hack and they are still being hacked so people are looking at the wallets and just as I mean after the 16 million dollars hacked so that was much larger than before now it seems like another almost 1700 F which is a worth about $180,000 was again taken from another 17,000 crypto Pia wallets which basically means that the hackers have full control of the private Keys either that or someone on the inside is still working with the hackers so unfortunately that this is like croteau BIA is done and they're not gonna recover this although the news you know there was reports about New Zealand's authorities it's getting closer to catching whoever it is well apparently that's not stopping this right so you guys are if you guys are on crypto PIA and you can withdraw out make sure you get out immediately all right make sure you get out immediately because it seems like any kind of you are c20 talking basically any thorium-based oke Ethernet I'm token the wallet keys are are lost and the hackers could do whatever they want with it so try to get it out ASAP all right so what else is there there's a Swiss startup that's gonna produce banknotes for Marshall Islands official crypto currency so I don't know why you need physical Fiat paper or banknotes for crypto III I mean you could do it obviously right but I don't know why you'd need to okay well according them tan Jim will help us ensure all citizens including those living on more remote outer islands are able to easily Impractical transistor so be interesting interesting so says the Marshall Islands first analysis plants at issue sob is a legal tender in February of last year ok but why not go all digital I don't know I guess you know I guess some people are old-school they want something in their hands right just like lottery tickets you could buy lottery tickets online but some people refuse they don't trust it they have to go to a grocery store or a gas station to get a physical printout of their lotto ticket so maybe the kind same kind of psychology here where you have to have something printed rather than just do everything digital which in a lot of Asian countries is pretty much all digital they don't even use credit cards anymore everything is through mobile apps so ok interesting enough let's move on rich or heart which I don't know him personally I never met him but from what I've seen of his program he just seems arrogant and cocky and he's been a bit quite Maximus for a while he was and then he said bitcoin is a scam and then he went back to being Bitcoin Maximus and now he's coming out with another I guess a coin something that he's been calling everything else out right as a coin and he's promoting his own Bitcoin hex and I told you guys not a fan of any Bitcoin Forks and it's just funny that he is coming out with his own and he's promoting like crazy like on his Twitter she's promoting Alec crazy he's giving a huge referral program I started getting comments of people sending me referral links I would say watch out watch out for this one this sounds like I don't know just sounds like he's trying to use his influence and try to try to create some grab you know money grab kind of coin so I do not advocate it alright just want to bring to your attention lastly or not lastly two more two other things COO coin announced they will be removing another 8 projects and I looked at this list and I'm familiar with a lot of these so I'm surprised that I don't know if kookiness is trying to get into a very you know very close niche or a small group of coins that are on trade but some of these inclusive straight-up Quast and polymath IHT data Iran singularity done that art block I know most of these and I check some of them like polymath I'm not a fan of but they're in stos so surprising that they're not teaming them around Quan stamp is still operating doing security audits they seem to still be executing substrate um which is in decentralized basic internet I'm not a fan of them but they still seem to be operating they're castrated on their next project and they're doing I seal for that so not a fan of that data I think that's streamer data if that might be a different data so I might be confusing myself but streamer is another one Erin I talked about before they seem kind of dead but they have been updating a blog post where they're doing they have a new year yo Stowe canal they're having a are see 20 token Neos token and serves no purpose I don't know what they're doing with that singularity AI you know a I'm marketplace which i think is a little bit early an art block when that first came out they made big headlines because they're like a adapt framework that can handle over a million transactions per second I don't know what's been going on with them so some of those things I some of these coins I know of it's uh so I'm wondering what cool coins cool coins plan is whether or not did they're trying to just get into they're trying to consolidate and get to a smaller base I don't know I don't even know what uh what the requirements are to really you know to keep a coin traded on exchange you know maybe it's a liquidity problem because if Noah's trading it doesn't really harm them to keep it on there right so I don't know alright so lastly speaking of exchanges Gemini sent this out they emailed this and they're very proud of it and I don't know if anyone really paid attention to this but Jim Knight is always you know they're trying to be legit they're competing with coinbase in the u.s. so they're trying to do all they can to differentiate themselves from coinbase than anyone else right and they just passed all right so they they hire Deloitte and executed SOC too and I'm not even sure what that is but according to them this makes Gemini the world's first cryptocurrency chain and custodian to demonstrate this level of security compliance in protecting consumer data and fun so I'm assuming that has to do with security in terms of protecting consumer data and funds so I don't know how hard it is to pass this or execute this but the fact that they have it I guess good but maybe some of you guys are more familiar with this these kind of security compliance I am NOT but I thought I'd bring that up since they emailed it all right that's pretty much for the news some people still asked about what's going on with stellar dit might have missed my video yesterday that's because the devs apparently it looks like the doves are are withdrawing funds from the Development Foundation account and we don't know what's going on we I haven't heard of a response from them but overall today today is about yesterday same levels yesterday actually went down a little bit more kinda recover Bitcoin I showed you guys at the beginning it's kind of hovering at this 3400 now we drop down again of course from 3,600 down to 35 hundreds now we're drop down into 34 hundreds it does seem like the good thing about what's going on is if there's any good thing is the fact that it does seem like whatever is going on here right whatever the wheels and BOTS are trying to do they're losing steam that's why every pump and every dump is getting smaller and smaller in magnitude which means that hey we might be getting a point where they actually they can't drive things any lower right so that is that's all but air right now but I know a lot of traders are looking at this 200 weekly ma and everyone is looking at if Bitcoin can bounce from here or if I mean basically if it could hold if it can hold it'll bounce if it doesn't it's going down and unfortunately that's what that's what most people are thinking right now so I don't know in terms of me you guys know me I'm a fundamentals guy I like to focus on the future I think right now it's important to know that a lot of these projects might be down 90 95 % but if you're in a good projects and they're still executing right eventually the market will come back up it will get out of this bear and crypto winter and those are the companies that will thrive once we start rallying once we start seeing the market come back to normal we see adoption start taking place those those companies are at best right now they're the ones that's gonna be thriving for the future all right all right guys let's turn it back to you like I said there's not that much going on in the news today so leaves uh this leaves a lot more time for Q&A all right so what do you guys have what's up with what's up with the EOS I haven't heard anything from you I mean a lot of fun about governance before right I think that's still work in progress but I haven't heard much come out of the heels camp recently I did I did show you guys a share story with you guys you know I had lunch with a good friend ex co-working home before that got in a lot of Kryptos very early he's been to a lot of Yoos conferences around the world hackathons and just just general blockchain conferences and he's like a lot of people are very hopeful for you so why people are are getting on unfortunately seems like just like Tron right now all the daps are just gambling Depp's like yost ice just like Tron dice they're all like you know gambling gambling – because I guess they're fairly easy to make and they're very addictive so they can make a lot of money ah digital Chikara says the key has signed official contro the ICB program but People's Bank of China that's interesting so I haven't looked at that so I'll take a look the keys are obviously an ID services and we'll see I think in China any company in China you know must have some kind of relationship with the government that's that's just how it works those of you guys that aren't familiar there's no big company that's coming out of China that doesn't have government ties we're talking about people from the government sitting in the board or having high positions in the company because because the government the Chinese govern is to know what's going on and basically is dictating a lot of the moves so so I think it's the same deal in crypto companies a lot of these companies until until they make that relationship with Chinese government I don't thing to go do well in China do you think brave is next school some people are still asking about brave you guys know I love brave they're about to open up okay which is gold revolutionize how people browse basically right brave the browsers already being adopted so that's number one number two is they're trying to disrupt digital advertising and right now you guys know no users get paid for viewing ads right this is the reason why everyone use ad blockers and brave which by defaults blocks ads but then there's you know these companies are getting smart now they're putting ad blocker blocker so you can't use an ad blocker or you can't see content because right now okay no user gets paid to view ads but brave is go change that we're back basic and tons of tokens go change that so now you can opt in to see ads and actually get paid rewarded and bat for it that is gonna be huge that's gonna be very different this go be a different model ever since Google invented Adsense and AdWords everyone's been following the same step and basic google dominates the industry right so that is actually the first company that actually has a legit legit chance to actually really disrupt that because of the brave browser because Brendan Eich is a master at creating browsers and also because of the set of model right and all overall helps out not only users but publishers and advertising as well so that is that master plan is all coming into place and 2019 is gonna be a big thing a big year for basic attention token you know Alibaba like you know my spiel about how you got if you're in China you gotta have a lot of ties with Chinese government Alibaba has a whole team all right of government officials there to just report on what's going out with Alibaba to the Chinese government that's that's how it works look that up that's actually a real thing just on a tip through brave with that thank you I think I get those like every quarter I get up every so often and you could definitely do stuff like tipping publishers like myself I guess that would be considered publisher a sloan Yeo's has almost daily news tonnes development I know so I'm sure they do but I mean in terms of big things I haven't heard about anything so if you if you have heard any significant news let me know sure in the chat a long-range crypto my top five stellar Yost Ron Cardinal XRP that looks like a good list that looks a good list although I just want a watch stellar to come out and answer why they are selling so many tokens right now right I understand I understand they can sell some tokens because they need to operate but their seat they seem to be selling tens of millions of dollars so I don't know maybe they have something that they're trying to do right maybe they have some other program they want to start out or something but I wish to announce an end and I let people know art of cleaning ladies okay yeah I'm glad to say they made it all alive that keeps everyone guessing but they have no regulation see that's that's what I don't get yes should I check Beck's blog right and they may know update so I don't know what's going on right we know that January 24th passed so why is there not another update why did Kelly or someone from pact say hey we got delayed because the government shut down the next date is this right at least say something so I don't know why they have not said anything let's see let's just search for back news no one needs back there bit quaiity if that's what a lot of people think uh yeah back did announce the details at a Bitcoin futures contract but so what at this point it doesn't really matter unless it gets approved right so I don't know I don't know why why did the secrecy or or quietness right now cardano's still executing you know they're trying to do the proof of stake trying to get that going I see X I'm not sure what they're doing right now I got enough nulls to start staking good I mean nulls have dropped so much it should be fairly easy actually if you want to run your own node I think it's $200,000 I mean it's twenty thousand to get started but then you need at least two hundred thousand on there to be operational so it's almost a point where you could do it yourself I haven't calculated how much that cost the big wheels are waiting for ETF approval I don't I don't know I don't know if that's actually true the wheels that's in the market right now they're doing just fine all right they're doing just fine driving things up and down and they're making money both ways some people still gonna confuse oh why would you want to drive Bitcoin down is it better to drive it up no because the higher Bitcoin goes the harder it is for them to manipulate the market because it costs that much more money to do so but they could they could figure out ways to make money both sides but like I said if you look at what's been going on with the past month even though this is kind of a mirror image pattern of what's going on however they it does seem like they're losing steam right so does that mean it's go come to an end you know once we hit this 200 you know moving average for weekly are we go back up I think that's what we're all waiting for but you know we're we're we're holding we're holding relatively well Bitcoin isn't doing a huge dive right like some of these big big dies from before but all coins are you know are all coins are struggling any small cap projects your moles bullish on right now there's a lot but I still I've heard bullish on nulls you know I thought about it another day nulls could still really they execute their change factory their Knowles 2.0 and everything else they're trying to do they could become a powerhouse and CCID on a China rates them number six above neo so think about that they already think that nulls is more promising for technology perspective than Neal and this is why I brought up Knowles in the first place over a year ago or two years ago because they seemed like they were go up beyond track to be the next Neil so in turn a small cap really really high on them also something I don't talk about I haven't been looking into as much as I should have but fusion is something that also looks very promising they finally released a lot they finally have some traction in terms of their PSN which is kind of like their test net after that they're going to ready to release their true test net and main that so I'm looking I'm keeping I'm gonna go I'm gonna keep an eye on both companies I think they're very promising for the future et Cie or not no I I never liked ether named classic I just don't see what the point of it is other that minors moons there when you theorem goes to proof of stake talk about trying I talked about Tron I talked about trying almost every day I really think this BitTorrent thing it's gonna be huge for them it's gonna leap it has leapfrogged on above a lot of other companies and I think right now right now if you look at which crypto companies actually known in the real world right a lot of you guys are in the crypto space you guys know a lot of these coins but think about outside the crypto world and just talking to general people or media right the only one that people really know of is Bitcoin but outside of Bitcoin what what else is there right it's ripple and now it's go beat run and because and that's because if it's Hermes a lot of people I've heard a bit torn or just torn in general right they might not have heard Tron but that acquisition for Tron is huge so they're probably one of the three companies out there that's gonna be that's actually known in the real world outside of crypto world and I think that's that's a big thing and lease frogs m2 from you know technology wise for a lot of things so I'm I really like Tron at this point Mike asked about B chain yes I I've always said that V chain of partnerships is so understated they are so undervalued Beecham will be a top ten coin that that will come but right now right now they're struggling at 25 they should be much much higher than 25 right now and me chain is actually working so there's there's there's already videos right like I think box mining even visited China or something like you can actually scan things with me chain with their app and actually shows you exactly every every step in the way and turn this supply chain and moving to wherever the final destination is so how these are working the same thing as teal lobby I forgot to mention that too they actually have a working product right it's just it's overlooked by most people right now can Bitcoin ever be overthrown I don't think so okay if you're talking about overall market cap no at least not long term short term maybe maybe something like ripple or or Tron right if they could become very very popular very quickly maybe they can surpass Bitcoin in market cap but I think bitcoins overall market cap is just go skyrocket and it's not gonna stop because I think it's gonna become the ultimate store value there's nothing gonna be closed and because they're finite value I mean people are just gonna hoarded I know a lot of people want to concentrate on Lightning Network and Bitcoin being used you know as a day-to-day currency right if I honestly don't think that's where it's gonna go honestly I think in five years ten years you could use Bitcoin to buy things but you gonna be using it to buy you know big things like a yacht or a house or a Lambo or something you're not gonna be using it to buy coffee that's just my thing because I think people are gonna go hoard it why would you want to spend it when it becomes so valuable you know so that's my thing we miss adding coin miss adding coins no news at all bees at this point no one really cares okay coin base effect is gone yeah we actually seen that some people got burned from it because that was actually dumped afterwards and and ever since then they started adding a lot of questionable coins that shouldn't be added they're adding they already announced 50 plus coins if they announce more at this point no one really cares most of that is in going coin based Pro so keep that in mind some people asked me well when is xlm or 88 gonna be added on coinbase I'm not sure if they announced those they announced a whole bunch of stuff or corniest Pro which is pretty easy for them right they're trying to compete with someone like finance just have a shitload of coins that you could tray with but in terms of actually fiat buying of them I don't know they haven't really announced a lot of those and tether explodes the whole mark will be wrecked I mean it has so yields actually overtook it but tether was at number four and that's just embarrassing I mean embarrassing for the market can they ever get to number three hopefully not fingers crossed they never get a number three B's if they do that means we're in the world of hurt future e30 I'm still holding sits on 17 spike I think you thorium if they could figure out scaling in 2019 right even if it takes until the end of 2019 I think they'll be fine right because because it's taking so long for others to actually get through the app adoption now the thing is though it seems like all this stuff Costin opal is still not upgraded and after that there's still a few steps before they can implement Casper which is when they truly integrate proof of stake and sharding and all that stuff so seem like the timeline is way well beyond 2019 and that's where it concerns me seems like a lot of this stuff is going to be pushing 2020 and I think by then it might be too late because a lot of these a lot of these generation 3 coins like Tron Leo's even card I know at that point nulls there's endless stuff you mean he lasts us by then we'll have silica there's a lot a lot a generation 3 coins that is either either already alive or it's go come alive and you know getting DAPs it's gonna be very crowded for depths let's say right so I think he theorem does have to figure out their scaling issue quickly now in terms of the price movement if the market starts rallying and starts recovering it's gonna go up but I think it's gonna start losing traction compared to the peers and we already see that because now ripple XRP is number two and Uther Nemus not number two anymore it's been number two for like a year and a half right in a losses position so I think we're gonna see more of this if we do have a market recovery and things start going up I think ether names go search trailing some of these other coins and they may even fall to number four or five ten point eight million hollow here well good for you hopefully you got in you know even a month ago business gone up a hundred percent I would still caution you guys hollow itself hollow chain is not bad it's actually great technologies more like a dag set up not like a blockchain set up so in terms of what hollow chain is and what they're trying to do is not bad but I do feel like they've gone up too much do two pumps there's a lot of pumps and this pumps and I'm afraid one of it one of these days the carpets gonna be drawn dragged off from underneath and it's go dump right so if you guys are in hallo make sure you take your profits make sure you take your profits and don't get burned and if you took profits and it goes up big whoop at least you're still making money swing trade dogecoin will be around forever I'll agree with the second part of that dogecoin dogecoin has been around almost as long as bitcoin and litecoin it won't go away even though it has no real use case the support the support behind dogecoin is just enormous even Jackson Palmer can't believe it it's gotten is this high and she was an inventor event and somehow he's not associate with the project anymore I don't know why I don't know he got sick of it and he left Lucas Maximus always appreciate that thank you yeah always you know I I do these you know I do these videos sometimes it's hard right but I do I know that you know some of us been in around been around the block for a while right we know a lot of stuff but there's a lot of people that's getting in now and it's such it's it's such a gift for them to get to be able to get it now and to learn and so forth so it's part of what I try to do he's mining on a radio something that 77 90 profitable probably not probably not yeah what's going on with that the COS noble upgrade I mean thank God that got caught and delayed because that would have been another disaster like their their dally man but last I heard it was supposed to be in February I haven't heard anything else about that how many total Tron tokens are there well you can see this is a certain supply if you click into it it's about a hundred billion all right I think that's it guys I think that's it a good crowd today you know let me just wrap up you know my title right will Bitcoin rally start in May because of and it's because of this you know the Bulls are are looking for reasons to go up right we do have the ETF and back Bitcoin futures we do have institutional money that we're waiting for but if you take all that out what is left and it is this Bitcoin is having is goal is roughly go ahead around May of twenty eight twenty it really depends on a difficulty and how much we mined but roughly around may 2020 and usually due to historical you know what has happened in the past people are saying usually a year before is what you see bitcoin go up before a happening and that wouldn't mean that it's May at twenty nineteen so a lot of a lot of bulls is looking for this event and we will see because we don't have to wait too long because it's a ready February February around the corner it's really quick so this is what a lot of bulls are looking at this having and we'll see if this has effect but all the Bears all the short-term traders they are all looking at a two and a two hundred weekly ma so we will see what happens if we bounce from here or if we break it and hold below are we gonna truly have capitulation then we don't know we just have to wait and see alright guys thanks for tuning in make sure you smash up the like subscribe to channel the notification button as well and I will have a I think I'm gonna go back to having daily sessions and you loving a clock every day now unless there's absolutely nothing to talk about then I will announce I won't have it but I'll stick with the schedule this seems to be a good schedule for most people and make sure you follow me on Twitter and if you don't then you might miss out on some of these notifications right alright guys that's it thanks for tuning in take care have a good rest of the day bye bye

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  7. Hi George – just two comments. Bitcoin Hex is not a fork, he only steals the name and uses BTC ownership to determine who gets his ERC20 token…still a shitcoin – agree! Then you started something like Coinbase Pro allows lots of token trading but no Fiat purchase? That's wrong, you can move Fiat as easily to CoinbasePro as to Coinbase and buy crypto with Fiat. Love your channel – keep up the good work!

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