68 thoughts on “Will GDPR kill blockchains?”

  1. I’d love to see a video about zero knowledge proof!
    Thank you for these videos! We’re playing around with an internal blockchain at work (with inspiration from your JavaScript implementation) and discussed how to conform to GDPR yesterday. (No joke!) Again, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. That was a great video as always! Keep it up!
    Indeed more info on ZKP would be very interesting to see, especially explained by you

  3. I see you've combined both formats. Its good I likey. Also definitely do a video of zero knowledge proofs. This channel provides some great insights which only a few channels do.

  4. This is just the beginning actually, there is a more dangerous threat over heads of Creators/Developpers/Engineering/Designers coming with the crazy EU Article 13…

  5. Hey i don't understand if we are only able to convert data into hash value then how can we read that data without converting it into hash to data? Can you explain please!

  6. The Hash is referring to the personal data in the private server. But if we change the info in the private server, does the block (and the entire blockchain) mantain his integrity?

  7. There is Damm security in the blockchain as nobody can hack it then why you worried about privacy when you data is secured ???

  8. Point 3 @6:30 is the technology used by unik-name project, except that they distribute the data to a large number of storage provider and incentivize them with network rewards.

  9. Good info.
    Storing large data offchain is the solution for a blockchain dApp because of these reasons:
    – difficult to query
    – it will be of heavy size leading to too many big data centres in future.
    – existing data can't be changed but modified.
    That's why it is definitely the way to bring decentralization.
    Pls make a video on ZCash

  10. This is very smart. You are very very intelligent. I liked commented and subscribed. Your videos are very smart. Your speeches are pure genius.

  11. Ok lets make this simple … articles are not law
    The European Union is an unelected body, and by default have no power or control over people and do not own the internet
    GDPR fines are being cashed somewhere by the genius/criminals who write these alleged 'laws' and are on the receiving end of the money pipe – easy work huh?
    Unelected criminals hiding behing a blue flag with the population thinking they have some type of control
    Take a close look at all the mental hoops you have to go through and illogical conclusions you create in order to think someone 'out there' controls what you say or do

  12. YES to zero knowledge proof video! Also very curious about your thoughts on blockchain governance – who is / “should” be responsible for what, etc..

  13. Why is it taking so long for the community to build the types of blockchains that you're talking about, like zero knowledge proof?

  14. Hey! It would be amazing have a video about ZKP. Some days ago I've been reading about zk-SNARKs, at the beginning I could follow major part of the proposal but at a certain point the scenario got kinda complex, mainly in the part related to the verification process.

    I will be looking forward to this video!

  15. This is a really interesting topic. I'd love to hear more about zero-knowledge proofs. Thank you for doing these videos!

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