Will Facebook’s #Globalcoin accept #XRP or Buy Ripplenet ?

what is up crypto Alchemist its Crypto
alchemiss and it is Tuesday my previous video that just uploaded uploaded a
little bit late I did it yesterday but to get back on track and to get this out
early to the masses here we are so somebody in my last comment wrote
something and I’m gonna shut him out because it’s pretty cool and it just
inspired me to do this video so this comment is coming from mid sea which is
mi Zed Zed sea I believe it’s a man it may be a woman correct me if I’m wrong
but I think it is a male and his comment was this is the first time I’ve seen
your vids glad that tweet came my way great stuff I can’t wait to watch your
other vids thanks for awesome relevant content and here’s what inspired me so
he wrote XRP must have stability and an infrastructure that is matched by none
they are continually building that understanding Garlin house really is not
in control of this christine lagarde is the admiral of this ship with her global
crew of banking institution leaders she can she controls and will flip the
switch XRP the standard and that just that jazz was like oh because it’s true
everybody is saying Garlin house flip that switch flip that switch and it’s
true Garlin house is not the crypto kind of puppet master and all this it’s
Christine Lagarde and I believe that this is so huge and not only because she
is female because I love to see females you know going out and doing stuff and
being a part of stuff and you know but you just have to take a second and truly
understand the importance of that like they say Oh more females need to be in
crypto more females need to be in crypto but look this is a situation of quality
not quantity because the person probably the most important in crypto is a female
so if she can knock down barriers and punch
through glass ceilings and do it with so much etiquette and political correctness
and you know think that then that’s just a standard for all other females and in
the industry and you know just hats off to that and what came into my head as I
was reading that comment and I was like ooh this could be a game changer is
because right now if you think about it you look at all and again this is a
generalization if you can’t handle like a little bit of comedy a little bit of
sarcasm a little bit of whatever then this channel is not for you okay I like
my channel to be open and conversations to flow freely and I don’t like my my I
don’t like my crypto alchemists having to walk on on glass because they’re
afraid of what they’re gonna say am I gonna get booted out of this camp can I
actually voice my real thoughts or am I gonna get wrenches taken away am I gonna
get blocked am I gonna get a mop nope I believe that the people on YouTube and
the followers of people on YouTube just like the followers of people on Twitter
or any other social social platform the followers are a reflection of their
leaders so if their leader is somebody who likes to like vilify or mock or
persecute or judge or do this with other people then that’s the exact same energy
that that person’s followers that person’s community is going to put forth
into the computer I like to have a community of open-minded people of
people who are able to express their thoughts without fear of judgment
persecution whatever and so with that said is that I actually think the the
funny is the funniest ish that could happen right now
and is actually okay work with me guys so I just put out a tweet and I’m gonna
actually read it word for word because I don’t want thee I don’t want it to get
I don’t I don’t want to to be miss misrepresented in what I said and I
stand behind what I say 100% so the tweet that I just put out was okay
before the tweet it says in quotations those who do not learn from their
mistakes are doomed to repeat them and this is a quote of well-known quote by
George Santayana so and below that I wrote the following global coin right
now is actually the first and only coin that is positioned to bring mass
adoption to crypto XRP has the technology however if they don’t press
the button soon their first mover advantage will be the same as Yahoo back
in the day before Google came along also mr. Garlin house was part of Yahoo
either the next few months slash years will show that he has learned his lesson
from that experience or it will be history repeating itself again for not
only the winklevosses but for mr. Garlin house too only time will tell which is
very true you know I see a lot of people and this is why I have changed my name
to crypto alchemist is because people in crypto they’re taking their investments
like way way way way way way too personally like the first rule of
business is it’s not personal its business the exact same thing applies to
investing in stocks for or commodities or crypto is that that like there’s one
guy that I like to follow his name is if there’s children in the room please
cover their ears earmuffs guys he’s called that that bastard of crypto or
the the crypto bastard of crypto crypto bastard whatever he used to be Team USA
what was it Team USA crypto something anyways but he used to have a saying
it’s like don’t get married to any one platform or don’t get married to any one
coin because information comes in you know and if you can’t adapt
and adjust and you know adjust your sales because trust me we are on the we
are on the the unexplored crypto waters just like Columbus with sailing one day
and was like whoo let’s go out on the tides they didn’t have a map they were
going at it as they came along and do you think that if you are something like
if you are somebody who is a sailor as like a ship captain you know if you just
have the fixed coordinates in your thing and you’re like I’m just going straight
no matter what you know and there’s a storm coming to you and you don’t adjust
your sails well guess what your your boat is gonna flip over okay you need to
be able to not like finger crush your fingers close your eyes and just hope
that shit is gonna work out you have to work and you have to adjust your sails
okay so to me why I am going by crypto alchemist is because crypto I support
anything in crypto that I believe in and that can change because technology you
know like you buy something that’s technology you buy I don’t know a cell
phone within six months that technology is no
more good you know so if you’re just like I’m gonna stick with blackberry
because blackberry was the first well guess what you will still be typing on
that 42 keyboard and being like f my life so the exact same thing with crypto
right now right now XRP is position like ripple net is is the the magic sauce the
the whatever you know but if you spend so much time like I’ll give you another
example look at McDonald’s Ray Kroc okay you had the people who
created McDonald’s like if you ever watched the movie the founder that’s
based on actual true events you know is that they came up with the patented
system how to get the burgers and the fries and everything delivered within
less than a minute the perfect cook time they they did it with like the precision
of of the gods you know and you had two guys who were
running that you had the guy McDonald’s who was like really really really a
nitpicker for you know the precision and the and the and you know he didn’t want
fake milkshakes he wanted real make shakes because of the honor and all this
different stuff behind it and to me this guy like if you watched the founder this
guy kind of reminds me of Joel Katz like he’s he’s very calculated and he’s very
like knit very intelligent like I am Joel Katz is probably one of the most if
not the most intelligent person in crypto right now but that does not
matter if they cannot execute the plan and scale scale in a time that needs to
be scaled because again crypto is like dog years
like one month in crypto you age very quickly so just like Ray Kroc was
watching from the sidelines and you know and went into the back house of you know
the original McDonald brothers and learnt all the process and you know did
it it it it it it then he went out and he scaled that motherfucker to the moon
to the moon and not only did that he flipped the script shot he flipped the
script on the two original McDonald brothers by incorporating and and
becoming a real estate agent you know because they were focusing on just one
product one solution one place one location that it it it uh and Ray Kroc
was like I’m not having any of that I’m gonna fucking story excuse my language
I’m going to fucking do this and do it right because in order to scale you need
to be able to cut costs and you need to be able to have you know the inventory
being stored without it costing hundreds and thousands and millions of dollars
whether that’s right that’s not the question you know like is it right that
the he’s making that he made milkshakes without actual milk in them you know
when you’re running a business you need to make the business profitable and you
make you need to make the business scalable now Joel
has been asked on stage how is xrp going to scale
how is XRP going to bring in funds we all know how ripples going to make money
we all know how ripples going to make money ripples going to make money with
ripple net selling ripple net to banks but but Facebook and Zuckerberg I would
not disqualify them from the race and if anything is that just like you know the
other ace up XRP ripples pocket right now is that they have connection to
Christine Lagarde they have the connection the foot in the door the
whatever with the IMF the FCC and all this different stuff right but who do
you think runs Facebook and this is this is not like conspiratorial this is not
like who whatever like you can look on the internet and find out who who funds
who operates and you know who is behind Facebook and Zuckerberg also has the
past the the white the blouson and the connections with the government also so
right now actually is a very very very pivotal moment in crypto because will
XRP will they be able to get all the scalability issues all the different
things into place and execute before Zuckerberg does will has Garlin house
learned his his lesson from being a part of Yahoo because Yahoo was the first
search engine and did Yahoo end up being the one that we all use no no it’s
Google okay and so either in the next couple of months couple of years we’re
gonna see did Garlin house learn his lesson from the first dot-com boom or is
he and did like Joel cats on the path of recreating that same scenario that
happened to McDonald’s you know and they’re gonna get hoodwinked by
Zuckerberg and global coin who is not going for the one
the elite the bank is that he’s going for the 99% and the banks will also want
to be a part of that so with that said is that the other situation the other
situation is why I thought this was so funny is because right now right
is that like Garlin house and XRP and ripple they could actually be the
fluffer and what’s a fluffer well not to get too graphic but you know they have
sometimes these you know a perfect actually a perfect perfect example of
this is if you ever watch the movie unfinished business unfinished business
with Vince Vaughn that movie is hilarious okay and there’s these two
companies and they both get invited they both get invited to this very
prestigious kind of event and the thing is is that the girl says you know like
it’s well basically basically that is that you guys are the fluffer like we’re
the actual real deal why these people are coming here you’re just you know to
make us because they do that so that it’s like one company doesn’t know
whether or not they have it for sure you know so it creates this kind of
competition and sense of leverage so that the other company can be able to
you know juggle money time energy and juggle that into the price of purchasing
the other company so right now is XRP ripple the fluffer is is Facebook is
Zuckerberg actually going to end up buying ripple that also of Joel cats and
and David sorry not David darling house of Brad Garlin house because again if
you look at previous interviews Brad Garlin house himself he has said look
ripple is separate from XRP and if rippled the company ever goes away XRP
will always continued so is he setting the
stage for something that he already knows also like because in other terms
to Brad Garlin house is not a spring chicken anymore you know he’s getting
close to age for retirement so is he going to lead the crypto revolution at
like 60 or is Zuckerberg going to lead the revolution who I believe is in his
30s who has much much more time because time is truly the most important thing
on this earth it’s more important than crypto it’s more important than stocks
in gold than whatever ask any wealthy person what is the most most important
and valuable asset in all of history it’s time and the irony about time is
that wealthy people while they have lots and lots and lots of money is that their
time is very very short their day is already planned out and the
irony of the situation is you have very wealthy people with lots of money but
not that much time and you have people who are not wealthy with lots of time
what I hope that happens within crypto within the next five to ten years is
that that imbalance is balanced because of crypto because of AI because of BOTS
because of Robo tech like Robo technology and you know eliminating jobs
that are repetitive and giving those jobs to robots so that frees up time for
you know wealthy people and unwell thepeople alike and so all of this you
know there’s a meme and this meme is global it’s pretty much explained
everything in the whole entire world but you know there’s that that meme where
there’s the the girl she has like brown hair and her boyfriend is like walking
with her but he has like his head turned and he’s looking back at the the girl in
the red dress and it’s like the girl in the red dress pretty much signifies
anything you know like in some memes it’s like it’s like Bitcoin
is the the girlfriend the guy is like part of the meme and then the girl in
the red dress is XRP but imagine imagine the biggest hood wig could wink funny
plot twist of this whole crypto Twitter drama and and thing as if the guy right
is christine lagarde and you know the the the girlfriend but actually the
boyfriend right is brad Garlin house in that picture right and then the girl in
the red dress is actually Zuckerberg with global coin and you know just like
all these men in crypto are planning to like leave their girlfriend their wives
for like this this like hotter new model whatever when crypto moons is that
imagine the biggest funniest plot twists of them all is that christine lagarde is
like a Krypto cougar and she’s already got her eye on Zuckerberg like we can
make this work and just waiting for for regulatory clarity and regulation all
this different stuff so this is my mind my thoughts I’m sharing it with you guys
for free I’m not charging you hit the like button the subscribe button the
share button start this conversation with some friends see what you think
comment below what you think because I always want to hear whether you agree
with me you don’t agree with me you like me you don’t like me you like what I’m
saying you don’t like what I’m saying I don’t give a fuck because what I do care
about is getting the information out to help with mass adoption and to get this
ball rolling because I don’t know about you but I want to go to moon and I want
to go to the moon within the next two to five years so in order to do so we’ve
got to get the word out and on a side note is that the intro to this video is
a promo video for a eight series documentary that I’m going to be putting
forth starting this Friday it will be one episode per week
it is not conspiratorial it is not going to be negative it is going to be showing
some connections to different things that I think will help understand and
relate the information to many different people in many different
types of communities around the world you know like people who understand and
believe in astrology I’m trying to relate the crypto information to them so
that they can understand the same with people who study astronomy the same
people who study coding binary all these different subjects are actually
connected and I believe will help in understanding what is blockchain what is
crypto and yeah so hope you guys have a wonderful day don’t shoot the messenger
that’s all I gots to say because these are just thought like I said I’m not a
financial advisor this is my own personal journey into the mind of crypto
Alchemist that I’m letting you be a part of so that’s all

9 thoughts on “Will Facebook’s #Globalcoin accept #XRP or Buy Ripplenet ?”

  1. FB and Zuckerburg are and will be a major player in the stablecoin game. FB got over a billion people currently, for some reason they like FB and WILL use its coin. Ripple has mad $$$$$$$. I';d like to reruit u Alchemiss into the XRP Army. Are u a card carrying member?
    XRP – The Standard

  2. Hi all. Lagarde definitely holds a lot of influence on how and when crypto/XRP will be used not only by the IMF but other institutions too. I have full confidence in her. She is an amazing person. Yes she is a women (obviously, lol). Quite frankly that should be a non issue for everyone. It's great that more opportunities exist today for women than ever before. She is not only an inspiration for women everywhere but for all people. Enjoy the ride.

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