Will Facebook's $1 BILLION Crypto Project Succeed?!?

hey guys it's send you with crypto Pig and today we have a daily token review and three really awesome cryptocurrency news segments to share with you now just before I start if you guys liked our content and want to keep updated with the crypto space please make sure you hit the like and subscribe button I've seen on coin market cap we've got a mixture of greens and reds with the majority of Kryptos experiencing minor losses across the board the world's flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin has decreased by 1.06 percent now ether still maintains its second-in-command status but it's losing by one point 40 percent Ripple's xrp maintains the number three position and has decreased by one point seven percent now other considerable movements in the market include Bitcoin cash and stellar we shall both been falling and decreasing now if I scroll down to the top 20 we see that almost the same scenario but instead here there's definitely a sea of red now on to the news according to a report by crypto Slate social media giant Facebook is now holding talks with large venture capital firms in a bid to get them to invest a whopping 1 billion in its cryptocurrency project at a time when stable coins are beginning to gain traction in the crypto space Facebook has reportedly hinted that its cryptocurrency will be designed like a stable coin for its whatsapp messaging app and it will be backed by foreign fiat currencies including the US dollar it's worth noting that Facebook we recently became a subject of criticisms due to its poor handling of users data has been making active plans to join the blockchain technology and crypto movement since 2018 though CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the entire Facebook team have remained tight-lipped about their cryptocurrency project the firm has however shown its seriousness by hiring roughly 30 distributed ledger technology professionals to man its box chain Department interestingly David Marcus who previously served as the president of leading payments platform PayPal leads the Facebook DLT division as director of engineering blockchain now on April the 8th 2019 New York Times reporter Nathaniel Papa took to Twitter to reveal Facebook's top crypto secret saying that sources tell me that Facebook is now looking to get VC firms invest in the Facebook cryptocurrency project we reported on earlier this year I hear they are targeting big sums as much as 1 billion with Facebook's multi-billion dollar valuation it's still unclear why one of the largest companies on the earth is in search of visas to invest 1 billion in its new endeavor but rumors making the rounds suggest the firm is looking to collateralize it's stable coin with this lump sum whether the Facebook cryptocurrency will turn out to be a game-changer remains to be seen now on to the second news item for today / a blog post by coinbase a leading us-based crypto currency exchange coin breeze Pro has now added support for iOS or guat and make a stable coin and users of the platform can now trade the digital assets specifically the team has made it clear that iOS and re P are available in all regions where coin based Pro is present with the exception of New York while the maker stable coin is available in all coin based pro supported jurisdictions outside the US cryptocurrency traders on coin based pro will have access to several iOS or Gua and maker trading pairs in support regions reportedly the eos USD us you are an EU s BTC trading pairs will be available in all coin based support of regions excluding New York the maker BTC maker USD coin will only be available in coinbase supported jurisdictions outside the US while the RTP USD repe you are an RA P Bitcoin pairs will be available in all coin based supported areas excluding New York importantly coinbase has hinted that the newly added crypto assets will not be available on corn-based comm or via its mobile app the coin base team has increased its product offering of late in a bid to maintain its top spot in the US crypto ecosystem now earlier in my 2019 coinbase custody launch it's Tesla staking service to enable institutional investors to earn decent interest on their tehsils holdings now onto the third news item for today according to a report by today's Gazette X rapid the DLT powered cross-border payment solution from the stables of ripple labs has been honored in the Fast Company's 2019 world-changing ideas of for facilitating frictionless cost-efficient and superfast international remittance payments notably out of more than 2,000 submissions received across 17 categories X rapid was given an honourable mention as a technology with great potentials and it was also featured in the developing world technology category for those who aren't aware X rapid is powered by the XR p out coin and is designed to help financial institutions and payment providers to facilitate near zero fee transactions now ripple a SAN francisco-based financial technology firm that is changing the face of global finance with blockchain technology has been in the news for all the good reasons of late at this rate it's only a matter of time before ripples cutting edge products going child in mainstream so what are your thoughts on this situation are you confident about Facebook's cryptocurrency project and do you think Facebook's coin will have true value to add in the future what are your thoughts about the listing of AOS repl MK r by coinbase pro will it spur more institutional investors to enter the market and what do you think about ripples X rapid will it gain mainstream adoption anytime soon let me know what you guys think in the comments below if you like the content please make sure you subscribe and watch our latest videos it's Cindy with crypto Pig catch you guys around

7 thoughts on “Will Facebook's $1 BILLION Crypto Project Succeed?!?”

  1. Thanks for another great video! Love your channel and content. As far as stable coins go, I think they are contrary to the reasons why Bitcoin was created. Additionally, I think stable coins are the reason why the bear market has lasted this long and also why Bitcoin is so undervalued. Stable coins enable constant pump and dumps on low cap coins, and I think they cause a lot of harm to the cryptocurrency space. I hope the FB stable coin goes the way of the dodo bird šŸ™‚

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