20 thoughts on “Will BTC hit 10k? – This Strategy = 70% to 90% Profits – BTT File System! – Yahoo's Crypto Exchange”

  1. Regulation is NOT good! This opens the door to grubby hand of government. Nobody should buy into money laundering bullshiit. Ever. They steal your freedom via fear. They want to make sure only 'they' can launder money this is only about controlling the 99% and preventing the 99% from escaping their surveillance. Regulation IF applied should only be towards trading, manipulating etc. NOT tracking currency . Kyc, taxing complexity, which they intentionally do(make tax complicated) so that the average person can not understand the tax law. No tax at all, if people trade beans do we want them to Tax our beans?

  2. Alt season after 12k and we consolidate retail pushes them "fomo" it will be too late for them to catch BTC but institution money will continue to push BTC up

  3. I get about 2 gas per day from "mistakenly" leaving my coins on the most reputable exchange, one from eggs and the other one from consuming milk… I changed my diet to OMAD, so I'm saving a lot and felt better about myself. So as of now, my diet consists of 30% btc and 70% alt. I wish I had balanced it to 50/50, but basing it on the last bull run, you actually profit way way way way more from the alt coins than bitcoin itself..

  4. Sold almost everything I own and took out superannuation for crypto. All in, champions don't dip their toe in they dive off the 10m board

  5. The movie crypto was very entertaining. Recommended fully 8/10. I torrent d/l it a while back. Not sure it was made to enhance the crypto space but it does not seek to destroy it.

  6. I stopped driving to work, to invest 100 bucks extra in crypto a month. Bus is a harder trek, but the "lambo" will be worth it on the next moon!

  7. I fucked up. I've been watching btc DAILY for 6 month and I keep missing my entry point. Ive been stopped out 4 or 5 times. With 12k to play with I'm only up 1k! I need your vip membership.
    (ps I mined 23 btc back in 2012. sold them for $100 each, FUCK) DOnt be like me. Hodl 4 life.

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