45 thoughts on “Will Bitcoin ETF Open a Trap Door or Push BTC to 10K?”

  1. Getting more and more disappointed in his prediction…..yes its all obvious but in long run ETF news or not ….and since its made no real dent in it … BTC has shown that time after time it sinks but not by much….and it keeps pushing on…….like never before…..this tells me like never before, we reading into something that new and unfolding unexpectedly!!!….but I'm in it for a 2-3 year run so makes no difference for now!!!!

  2. Oh yaa….? So the price of $16,000 was pushed by professional investors…..from $8,000 to $16,000….

  3. So Alessio, if the SEC decision will be negative and we all obviously think that this will cause the price to drop, you said the opposite will probably happen, which means, negative SEC news = price will go up instead? This wouldn't make much sense… unless price goes down before the news, because insiders know already… then many people will want to buy the dip and price will go up? Then the insiders will dump on the FOMO and price will correct again, but this time for good?

  4. i missed the webminar with peter brand :((( i was in holiday… any chance to see this webminar on your youtube chanel?

  5. This ETF delay is probably a good thing. These guys are going to come in and join the manipulation party.

  6. Alessio, you repeated "the buy on the rumour sell on the news" thing seven times. I counted. Most people have understood it already when you have said it once. In your videos you have some good points which you then repeat and repeat and repeat ("it causes a spike in the price…you see… a spike in the price…") for the rest of the video with usually slightly different wording (sometimes even the same).

  7. Counter trading Alessio has been the biggest blessing of my life this year. No facetious angle intended. I appreciate all your work Alessio, you put together very nice videos, I give you thumbs up for your presentation.

  8. ETF decision was delayed again by SEC. What r u talking…talking about next 3 months ? You can't even tell tomorrow's price. IF IF IF….. I don't think you a real trader. I don't think you trade yourself. You must hire bunch of professional traders instead. I don't think you are a real soldier at field. You are a theory guy. Dude stop making videos for trader's sake.

  9. please stop to compare today with the past that always give you a bad analysis. Bitcoin does what it wants….the past will no repeat anymore with so much exchanges today….

  10. Crypto does not need an ETF to manipulate it any more. It can grow just fine and quickly if Fidelity and others come into this space.

  11. The point of the bitcoin etf is for professionals to buy it easier though. If they were all already in on crypto exchanges then bitcoin would be higher as they ready themselves for the etf news. A bitocin etf is for large money investors. I doubt all these large money investors are buying on exchanges and will dump just because a bitcoin etf comes. Most big investors need the bitcoin etf because they cant go big on the exchanges with enough safety for their money. When I say big I mean anyone buying a million dollars of bitcoin or more.

  12. Bitcoin ETF spells more manipulation for cryptos. Just like Van Eck aka the several bullion banks that rig gold stocks down.

  13. Why are people talking about the "halvening" like its some amazing event that will make them rich? It's an obvious event, which means it's already been priced into the market.

  14. I think you really want to go down and prove your earlier theory. None the less love your videos. 😉

  15. It's going to be hilarious if there is no retracement to 6K or below and bitcoin blows past 8K. Then in his next video he will say he didn't expect that.

  16. I think short term TA works better with stocks and shares, as Bitcoin is a totally different animal that can't be predicted.. Which is why most crypto YouTubers are wrong countless times..

  17. Could you tell – when bitcoin will make a correction to 6000, at that time altcoins will rise or fall? Thanks

  18. Two things i have to critique. Firstly, Bitcoin will be $10k before any type of ETF is approved. Secondly, the majority of the FOMO crowd (i.e. retail investors) don't know or understand what an ETF is, so I think it would bring in more insto buying than retail. That's my thoughts anyway.

  19. The rumour on the street is bitcoins going to 50k and upwards so Alessio should be advising you to buy some btc but he never wants to be wrong :/… look at the bigger picture

  20. what is the point of this info….average folk should simply buy small amonts and hodl…what you want make evryone a trader….we know how that works….what are trying to achieve here??? make everyone a trader???

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