WikiLeaks Julian Assange Arrested ??Bitcoin Price Prediction | BK Crypto News Today Live HD 2019

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9 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Julian Assange Arrested ??Bitcoin Price Prediction | BK Crypto News Today Live HD 2019”

  1. WTF Jussie Smollett gets away with BS & Julian Assange gets arrested even after original claim for sexual assault have been withdrawn. Who now will tell the truth about corrupt governments? Set Julian free & drain the swamp of the lying cheating rats!
    Peace ??❤❤????????

  2. A year ago, Lauri Love won an appeal against extradition to the USA. Do you think Assange should file appeal to prevent himself, a citizen of Australia, to keep from being extradited to the USA? Today, the Democrat members of Congress told press they want Assange transported to USA Fed court, the Dems call Assange a Russian Spy, hacker, agent, etc., who colluded to keep HRC from being elected US Pres. Seems the Dem Party, HRC drooling with anger to get their hands on Assange, Dems & HRC believe Assange is the guilty one to blame.

  3. youtube pushing me a bunch of gematria videos for some reason, bitcoin and dogecoin = 72, money = 72. that's about it.

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