Why You Should Invest in CryptoCurrencies in 2017

hey guys this is Lucas from crypto made simple today I want to talk about why crypto currencies are taken over the world and why you should care stay tuned today I'm going to give you four reasons why you should immediately put 10% of your investment portfolio into crypto currencies reason number one holding dollars is insane when you hold on to something like the United States dollar you're putting your trust in the central bank to manage the money well you might not realize you're doing this but let me ask you a question who loses when the Federal Reserve our central bank decides to unleash billions of new dollars into the economy the answer everyone who holds dollars this is why your great great grandma will say things like in my day we used to buy a horse with a nickel if that's an exaggeration but you get the point historically putting your value in a vehicle like a government-issued paper currency has been a terrible idea reason number two is efficiency right now in our current system when I swipe a credit card that business is going to pay between two and a half and 3% in processing fees so if a business process is a hundred thousand dollars worth of credit card transactions a year they're going to pay three thousand dollars to a middleman well cryptocurrencies eliminate the middleman and reduce transaction costs tremendously the blockchain allows for a buyer to deal directly with the seller and no need for a middleman this brings me to the third reason which is security because I'm dealing directly with you over the blockchain there's not a need for me to trust a third party to manage my information well fraud in our current system is a huge deal and who pays for that well you might think oh well when somebody you know steals my credit card and charges it you know visa puts the money back in my account well you're right so the business ends up eating the cost but really you end up eating the cost in the form of higher prices because that business passes that cost along to its customers by raising the prices so fraud hurts everyone and we all need to get rid of it and crypto currencies offer a awesome solution to this by allowing the buyer to deal directly with the seller through the blockchain it is such a secure way to do transactions and this is a huge reason why crypto currencies are going to replace the current system we have which relies on third parties to be trustworthy and to make good decisions with our information and the fourth reason is the value will almost certainly go up right now as exciting times in crypto currencies there's hundreds of new coins that each play different roles and really big financial institutions and technology firms are getting involved in this space hundreds of millions of dollars of investment capital is coming into this space because companies like Bank of America and IBM they understand what's coming so if you don't know about cryptocurrencies subscribe to this channel we're going to be helping you understand and navigate this increasingly complex world we hope you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe if you have any questions or want to see a video in the future post it in the comments peace you

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  1. very cool channel which simplify the crypto's complexity into info-graphics. Please keep up the good works !!!

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