WHY YOU NEED TO STOP USING GOOGLE | How Google monopoly threatens everything | #don’tbeevil

In this video I’m going to analyze Google’s
business model history and market strategy. I’ll explain why I think you need to stop
using Google and that ditching Google’s services will improve your situation. This suggestion doesn’t apply to small businesses
which simply cannot choose to opt-out of the world’s monopoly “search” engine. Not using Google services as a business is
a financial suicide. As a user, however, Google does you more harm
than good as its aggressive abuse of search monopoly motivates the company to sacrifice
quality of relevant search results for money generating relevant advertising. I am going to demonstrate how through various
practices of search manipulation everything Google shows you is advertisement bubble to
sell you clicks, downloads, and purchases, and why that’s a problem in the Information
Age. Google entered the realm of world wide web
as a gateway to the Internet. Similarly to the Internet Service Providers
giving people connection via Internet access, Google was giving people that essential connection
from their home devices to websites from the entire global network. Google wasn’t the first search engine in
the world, but without it looking for content on the Internet was slow, complicated, and
nothing close to neutral or relevant. It had an advantage that allowed it to quickly
overcome its competitors and turn into a tech giant within few years. In 2004 co-founder of Google Lary Page criticized
other search engines for prioritizing their own content rather than relevant search results. Quoting Larry: “Most portals show their
own content above content elsewhere on the web. We feel that’s a conflict of interest, analogous
to taking money for search results. Their search engine doesn’t necessarily
provide the best results; it provides the portal’s results. Google conscientiously tries to stay away
from that. We want to get you out of Google and to the
right place as fast as possible. It’s a very different model.” Fast forward today, Google has faced multiple
antitrust charges for abusing its search monopoly power to eliminate competition and promote
its own content and services irrespective of merit. More than 30 companies filed public complaints
leading to legal proceedings in the European Union, India, Russia, and the United States. Google has been found guilty for proactively
casting burdens on competition to Android Operating System, Google’s own services
such as Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Product Search, and manipulation
of general search without transparently informing users. The resulting verdict was $2.7 billion fine
for abusing search monopoly domination. Google’s position has shifted from “search
result generator” in the early 2000s to “content provider and aggregator” today. Google’s practices have been deemed to have
negative impact on consumers and innovation and with their coming efforts to become a
global Internet Service Provider, their history of monopoly abuses is going to become a major
concern for the Information Age. In his book The New Digital World, Eric Shmidt
in 2013 described Google as “Almost nothing short of a biological virus [that] can spread
as quickly, efficiently or aggressively as these technology platforms, and this makes
the people who build, control, and use them powerful too.” What happened to Google that used to shape
the Internet and help websites to get discovered? What made Google change from conscientious
portal to the world wide web, to a quick, efficient and aggressive virus? In the year 2000 Google started monetizing
its platform by launching a self-service search-advertising programme we know as AdWords that charged
advertisers on cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Advertisers where paying for each appearance
of their ads no matter if a user clicked on it or not. Two years later this model was replaced by
cost-per-click charging scheme, which precisely means taking money for showing content. Another three years later and Google implemented
“Universal Search” that bridged all categories of search into one stream of results, essentially
allowing Google to start inserting links to their own content and services. The goal quickly transitioned from getting
people out of Google to make them stay on their websites as long as possible. Why? Simple answer – data. Google realized the more information it can
get from its users, the further it can expand its advertising business model. The quality of search became irrelevant. From 2007, Google decides what appears in
your search results not based on your search queries or merits of the content you are looking
for, but based on the economic interests of one the greatest conglomerates in the world. From this day forth, Google is no longer the
search engine it was originally created to be. The only problem Google had was that it was
never really innovative enough. It couldn’t come up with services that could
succeed against existing competition, even with the monopoly of search engine. Thus, it started with a massive chain acquisitions. One by one, Google merged with other companies
based on strategic importance. From Applied Semantics it acquired AdSense,
and from Overture it got AdWords. ZipDash made it into Google Maps, Neotonic
Software morphed into Gmail and Google Groups, Marratech was incorporated into Google Talk
and Hangouts. There are 163 mergers and acquisitions that
all fall under the single umbrella of Alphabet. None of these are just services on their own. They are tracking outposts. The more web content Google acquires, the
wider range of data its dragnet can collect. The ace up in Google’s sleeve, however,
is that Google helps to run up to 85% of all known websites with Google Analytics and similar
web services acquired from Urchin in 2005. Boosting its marketing solutions offered to
businesses, Google managed to spread its tentacles all across the Internet to collect more data
even from users that don’t use Google products. The obsession with data at Google has no limit. Even if you go offline, Google is developing
capability to track your purchases in physical stores that you might have made because you
saw an ad on your phone or laptop. The reason why this is so important is because
Google no longer brings you relevant search results, but relevant advertisements. Google has switched its position from a service
you use to be able to make you a product that Google sells. Nothing that you ever search using Google
can be trusted as an objective generation of results. Google chooses what to show you way before
you hit “enter”. It no longer provides you with the best results. It provides you with Google’s results. This is extremely important whether you look
for current news events, or just making ordinary shopping research to save some money. And if that wasn’t enough, Google will filter
which websites will appear and which won’t even if you directly look for them stemming
from their current political persuasion. For example, the “search” giant took a
stance of champion fighting against extremism. You might think that it is noble that a private
company devotes its own resources to a public cause. But is it really? Unlike government, private corporation doesn’t
have a system of checks and balances. Business is checked by free market, but what
if it’s no longer free after it was hijacked by a single conglomerate? Who decides and on what basis what is and
isn’t extremist or worth filtering? At which point is Google trying to be so polite
that it won’t show what’s important? Like these search queries that won’t suggest
you anything incriminating about any politician or personality ever if you search them on
Google versus on DuckDuckGo or Yahoo. This is no longer a debate of whether Google
can or can’t do this as a private company. This is about you, the user of the Internet
developed by scientists from all around the world. You the user, who is being tricked and manipulated
by big data analyses on daily basis. There were times when Microsoft used to ridicule
and criticize Google for their advertisement-based business model. Until they realized that this where the money
flows and they’d better learn to do it as well. So now instead of having a remastered version
Windows 7, which is the best operating system Microsoft ever produced, we have Windows 10
that’s riddled with targeted advertisements and invasive tracking policies. Google set a precedence for all tech start-ups
whatever their product is, the only way to become dominant is to make their consumers
data generating hot spots. Market diversity is just as important as biodiversity. If one species take over, one way of life
becomes more dominant than others to the point its mere presence becomes a threat to other
species and the whole ecosystem. Google is a threat to other companies and
business models. Not because they are big and successful, but
because how they got there and what they with this position. The new goal of tech corporations is not to
become the best in their field, but to be the only one on the market. Creating a clever product that everybody wants
is the hard way to do it. Patenting, pricing out, merging and licensing
your competition is the one that will grant you protectionism of the state which smaller
businesses don’t have the luxury to have. Google does have alternatives, but it doesn’t
have a competition. Meaning you as a user can choose other products
of other companies, but as a small business, if you don’t get along with Google, you
don’t exist. And because we all depend on this ecosystem,
we are subject to the dominant monopoly of Google. This video is uploaded to Google’s servers,
because Youtube is the second largest search engine. If it wasn’t on Youtube, this video wouldn’t
exist. I could have posted it to Facebook, but there
is no difference in their business models anyway. Other video sharing websites pale in comparison
to Youtube. Small to medium size businesses simply cannot
choose to opt-out from Google and that’s a dangerous situation. Facebook is no longer just a social network,
Microsoft Windows is no longer just an operating system, Google isn’t just a search engine
anymore. They are data generating digital marketing
aggregators. If you feel like Google is not living up to
your standards, you need to know there are plenty of Google alternatives that you as
a user can choose from. As my default search engine, I use DuckDuckGo
which has nice user interface and doesn’t track your search at all. For web browser, I always go for Firefox,
which is developed to respect your digital freedoms without intrusive policies. If you want something more lightweight, I
highly recommend Brave which blocks all trackers by default. If you decide to give Firefox a go, install
uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger to block social media trackers, including Google targeted
advertisements. For email, my favorite is Protonmail, which
gives you state-of-the art user experience on top of true end-to-end encryption for best
security and privacy. There are other similar options if violet
is not your color. If you keep your identity separate from your
browsing, you can prevent from connecting the dots. You can use Tor or simply any other web browser
with no history just for your online accounts. And then use Firefox or Brave for day to day
browsing. There’s infinite amount of possibilities
and I am going to cover some the best ways in the near future on my channel. The less opportunities you give Google to
track you, the more objectively and neutrally exposed you’ll be to web content. You’ll jailbreak from the bubble that Google
created around what its algorithms told them would sell you the most. If you want relevant search results based
on your queries and merit of the web content, and not your browsing history, private emails,
you should at least know that Google is not the place to go to. You are free to make your own choice. But I think economic diversity and protection
of our digital privacy are two crucial pillars on which a free and successful society should
be based on. And that’s why you need to stop using Google.

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  4. First, get off of the YT mobile app. Next, get firefox for pc or mobile, (NOT CHROME!) make it your default browser, and get the following ad ons: UBlock origin, (BEST ad/pop up blocker) Disconnect, (Stops Tracking) HTTPS Everywhere, (Prevents Mirror sites) Enhancer for YT, (Makes YT Great Again!). Then, switch your default search engine to Duck Duck Go. By NOT using their search engines, receiving overly-annoying ads, or allowing them to track your activity, it tells YT "NOW YOU'RE DEMONETIZED!!!" Thumbs up if you agree.

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