Why Tron ($TRX) WILL Rise In 2018!

What’s going on snipers 90ml a baby here, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Let’s just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today and talk about Tron why I think over 2018 We’ve see some extensive price move It’s heading upwards, and why I think the market cap will continue to grow heading into the next couple of weeks So let’s just dive right into it so For those of you that are new to the channel, I’m gonna be keeping things a lot more simpler for this video here I’m gonna be drawing out some support levels here We see some support right around 998 satoshis And we’re seeing some resistance right around 1450 6 before the breakout if you guys are patreon. You know I did predict this today I have a trade alert set up for any of you guys that are Patrons the link is in the description below a lot of you guys have asked me about that But I pretty much posted this today and I said that I saw testing the resistance a couple times and At that point I had figured that if it is testing resistance like that it may potentially Breakout once again and see some new all-time highs So we went ahead and predict that hopefully some of you guys were able to gain from that I get a ton of questions about The new tier system so we did upgrade the tier system guys We now have silver gold ruby sapphire emerald and diamond tiers you guys can actually just look at the link in the description if you guys want to look more into that but our sapphire 2 actually has podcast recordings of all our live calls night owls and exclusive on-the-go knowledge and I’m gonna be posting on the patreon so that’s actually one of the most popular that we’re seeing now and That’s just the little heads up for those of you have asked about that but looking at this technical chart I’m gonna be pulling up a couple different indicators here, and I will explain each and every one of them We’re gonna be pulling up the moving average exponential or the EMA which stands for the exponential moving average We’ll also pull up the RSI the relative strength index, and the volume just to keep things pretty simple here You can see we’re seeing some extensive by volume here with these green Charts and the red represents cell volume of course RSI here right over 70 at this point showing signs of being overbought if something’s over 70 with RSI Which is this purple chart right here it typically means something’s overbought prices are gonna most likely consolidate for the short term it’s something a lot of day traders and swing traders like to utilize and I am currently looking to make a position in TRX I Wasn’t able to get my position in yet and I actually Did a little bit of a position right over here as I called it out and it broke out so I am looking another position into Tron and continue to add more Being the fact that I’ve done some research on it And that’s what I’m making this video for to tell you guys exactly what I found and what I think Tron is going to do once again. This is my opinion nobody else’s you don’t have to take this to heart This is just a perspective as you guys know in this community I want you guys to just have as many perspectives as possible, so hopefully this will help you guys out And hopefully some of you guys were able to gain off of the patreon trade alert that we posted But what I expect here you can never determine price? Magnitude or price levels so once again. You cannot determine how far this will go up It’s all based upon the demand that incurs. However. You can obviously determine price movement Let me teach you guys something so that EMA right here is this blue line stands for the exponential moving average There’s typically three ways you can look at this if the candlesticks are on top and overlapping That’s not necessarily a sign of any sort of price movements negative or positive it’s under the EMA That’s a negative price movement, and then if it is bouncing on top That’s a sign of positive price movement so you can see it bounced on top once twice and then finally Popped right on top this was a sign right here that it was Trending upward and the trend line was going to be created now You can see where wait and above the EMA So we’ll see how far this breakout incurs until it finds a little bit of consolidation like most of the time So that’s what we’re seeing with Tron now. I think over 2018 there’s gonna be some extensive growth here Let’s look at the cryptocurrency coin market cap it’s a little bit different today, right you see this little Tron thing here What is this doing here? well Yes It has made its way past stellar like cone and iota into the number seven spot on its way to pass any M and card on o Cardona’s gonna be a little bit tougher. That’s more than double its market cap but nem may quite possibly be beat at this point looking at Tron at 107 percent over the 24 hour change if you guys look here it is one of the highest so far today So if you guys want to look at more of the fundamentals, this is all technical I’m gonna Transition into more fundamental analysis I do what I mentioned this the market cap is heading towards a trillion I believe will see a trillion before at least February of 2018 depending on how the market fluctuates until then but I definitely can see this incurring a lot more of Larger market cap with a lot of these points gaining momentum And I believe Tron will be one of those based on the research that I’ve done and once again I am gonna be using different sources like Twitter And I think Twitter is a great resource because I’m getting it from the actual Founder of Tron the CEO of Tron not necessarily somebody, that’s just tweeting about it So don’t criticize the Twitter resource if you don’t like that then I’m sorry But I like to use Twitter as a way of almost looking at a decentralized social media platform because not necessarily decentralized in its mechanics But D centralizing the fact that you’re hearing from the actual authors and creators and developers like when President Trump was in the election He was getting a lot more favorites a lot more retweets than Hillary on Twitter But if you looked at the traditional news it was all about Trump maybe most likely going to lose and obviously it didn’t happen so if you would have followed Twitter rather than the traditional news you would have had a little bit of a Better odd at guessing who’s gonna win the election not that I’m biased with either But I think Twitter is a great resource and I hope you guys can agree. I think it’s a great and used resource but first and foremost you guys know I talk about the team a lot and Justin son the CEO of Tron is an individual that has intrigued me quite a bit. He’s not just a normal individual. Just starting an ICO I wanted to read this real quick to some of you guys so Tron is the brainchild of Justin’s son a 26 year old Chinese entrepreneur who has made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 list twice so obviously he’s had Some prior success, and what do I look for when I’m looking at a and ICO Or a coin to invest in his prior success for the most part because that can be predicted for future success right he’s the former Chief representative, or if of ripple I think this has led to a lot of the run-up We’ve seen over the past couple of days on Similar to stellar how that’s a fork of ripple I think being that this is affiliated with ripple in some way shape or form being that. He was a chief representative It could have had a straw on a small influence or maybe even a strong influence on the price movement We’ve seen over the past couple of days, so he was the former chief representative urple in Greater China and CEO of Pei whoa which is a leading Auto audio content community in China in 2015 Justin also became the only millennial attendee of coupon University founded by Jack Ma Jack Ma actually started, Alibaba one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world in my opinion what an inspiration if you guys have ever watched the video by Jack Ma extremely Motivating and inspirational, I don’t like saying motivate I like saying inspirational cuz motivation is temporary inspiration is permanent That’s something my mentor taught me hub so chairman of Alibaba So he’s well known as a prodigy of Jack Ma and once again guys What’s interesting is he’s actually partnered up with somebody from Alibaba as well one more senior developer from Alibaba. Just joined Tron so From the team aspect. I’m not gonna get into all the depth you guys can read the right white paper there’s too many videos of people explaining all the stuff that you could just read and I want you guys to get my Perspective on it because I think a perspective can help a lot more than just the logic and technical aspects of things because anybody can Get that information, but not everybody can get different perspectives because that’s what leads to this collaborative intelligence And that’s a form of super intelligence It’s collaborating with as many people as possible which in my opinion do in a local area you really have to expand yourself and look at other means and that’s why I think we have such a strong discord community if you Guys don’t know we have this Discord open for all of you guys It’s a free resource That we’ve developed for our snipers and pretty much what you can do here is go through you can talk about Tron We have a whole tranche I was actually on there earlier today as you can see Just chatting back and forth from some of the people But we are just constantly looking at new charts you guys can actually go to breakouts here look at different potential breakouts that are incurring Obviously, this is not trading advice however. It’s all different perspectives that you guys can utilize once again We also have a trading one-on-one area a resources tab for all my favorite crypto resources This is a free resource open for you guys go out open up this chord There’s a mobile version of web version desktop version. I highly encourage you guys to do that. It’s gonna help out trust me It’s all about having that collaborative intelligence We just hit over 14,000 members on this chord, and I am extremely uh you know I’m not gonna say you know surprised But I’m humbled at the fact that we have so much of You guys coming into the community and contributing engaging And I think got every single day that I have the opportunity to be a part of this guys So let me just pull up a couple different things that have led me to really have a belief system in Tron I’ve done a lot of my research But I’m only gonna show you guys the generalities things that I think can matter to you guys So let’s go straight to Justin’s mouth right this is stuff that he said from his mouth This is coming out of his mouth none of this is news And I want to talk about his vision approach to leading Tron And I think having a leader that has a vision is so important in this market being that this is the new dot-com Revolution you need the Steve Jobs you need the Bill Gates You need the Mark Zuckerberg of crypto And I think Justin Sun is truly creating his own path Into becoming one of the most greatest entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency if not the world because I think cryptocurrency But more importantly blockchain technology in the distributed ledger is gonna take over a lot of different industries And I know a lot of you guys know my belief on that we’ll talk more about that in tonight’s night owl after the live stream But let’s look at this so we will announce our partnership with a very prestigious public listed company next week looking forward to it So obviously there is some potential news coming that is going to increase the attention coming towards strong According to court mark account daily trading volume, Tron ranks top six cryptocurrency We will learn more from the pioneers like Bitcoin and achieve our web, 4.0 genes Here’s what’s interesting about this this was posted on January 2nd today is January 4th And this is now when Tron has worked its way to number seven on coin market cap so that right there Can show you guys how you can utilize volume to understand where a coin might be in the next couple of days? It’s just another indicator another technical aspect of a coin that can be utilized to predict future price movements so in this case Tron was number six at this You know time which was January 2nd with volume so obviously that was an indicator hey this may start rising in price so those of you watching the volume could have done it I missed it just because I’ve been so busy with the YouTube channel, but Obviously a lot of you guys are working towards that another one I liked obviously you guys know about crypto kitties with aetherium it takes up a ton of its high block to network capabilities And clogs it up, but now he’s looking to create this for dogs right. I think some people might see this as corny I think this is ingenious my mentor taught me this he said name the things that I did in school and got in trouble for are the same exact things that has turned me into a multi-millionaire copying other people Talking to other people and networking He said those are the three things I used to get in discipline any trouble for for insubordination and so forth in school but in reality That’s what makes you very successful individual or in this case a very successful company Because copying is fine. My Yourself copied Apple Apple copy Microsoft right. There’s this huge abate or McDonald’s copied Burger King and Wendy’s and So forth like you can go on and on and on but think about a franchise in general It’s just a copy of the same store that started copy copy copy So copying is not necessarily a bad thing in business, so I think this is really cool And then if we look at this last week that I want to show you guys he talks about Ripple and I like this because he had some affiliation with ripple as a former chief representative But at this point he’s actually now You know talking good about ripple, which is not necessarily something that’s common in today’s World you know people don’t talk Good anymore a lot of people just like to bash something or just not share their opinion And I like that he says huge congrats to rip, but when extra Pete is you know? this price we never thought it would achieve $2 85 cents in just Three years tron will follow the miracle ripple obviously he has to put that tron in there, too But I think that’s cool that he’s still supporting ripple. He’s supporting the cryptocurrency market and in my opinion That shows you a leader. That’s capable of leading the revolution especially at his age He has a lot of time to develop and become a better version of himself With that being said guys if you want to buy Tron it is available on buy Nance I’m gonna be purchasing some positions and next couple of hours and days Depending on how price movements work you guys can just tune into our live streams You can see it’s still the highest volume here in Finance. This is one of my favorite exchanges I’ll put a link in the description for my nan so you guys can actually get that if you want to use finance to Purchasing and transfer your your Bitcoin here theory and whatever, and then you also have USD T Here if you ever need to liquidate and hold something as a hedge against Bitcoin or whatever come on you’re trading But anyways guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this video once again. If you guys are patrons We are going to be sending out these trade alerts, and we are starting to send out all of our recordings And I hope to see you guys all on discord tonight for the live stream once again the guys Thank you so much for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed this video and until next time snipers out

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