29 thoughts on “Why Trading The 2-Minute Chart Is Better”

  1. Always a masterful answer by OV. If you follow his work you will also see he cross references daily, 5 and 15 for greater info to support entry exit decisions.

  2. Hi Mentor, in one of your video, you refrain to put stops in NASDAQ trading. i trade in NASDAQ indices and some times market swing 100-200 points on a news or event. what should i do in that case..should i go for hedging??

  3. Very nice..we can't earn consistently without experience..and 2min chart provides enough opportunities to have requisite experience in a fairly small time..I would definitely keep it as a writing on the wall..boom.

  4. I would like to know if you advise to look at other time frames, when trading the 2 minutes chart, in order to see important suport and resistences, patterns….
    In other words. When you trade the 2 minutes, do you look at anything else, or you only focus on the 2' and you don't consider what it is happening on higher time frames?
    I would appreciate if you have the time to answer me. Thanks in advance, boss 😉

  5. Thank you Sir. I always benefit from these generous videos ..🙏 I will experiment with 2 minute charts as per your advice..

  6. Sir You are Great I,ve Learnt So Many Things That Helped Me In Trading And Producing Huge Income.
    In My Opinion 15 Minute Chart Is The Best Because I Live In Pakistan And We Do not Have Live Charts I Have To Look At Investing.com Before Getting Into A Trade.
    Thanks Alot You Are My HERO!!

  7. In reality it does not matter if it is 1, 2,

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  8. I will have have to disagree with this one here and i think this is partly because i have not mastered olivers style or ever paid for any of his training. But from my experience his style works in any time frame. It is really depends only your personal speed and patience. Also I’ve seen oliver be in and out of a trade within two bars or less and in my opinion that’s usually not enough information to determine an exit point. Most of my trades take about 20 minutes to a couple of hours to complete and that’s using the 2 min timeframe. Oliver if you read this, maybe you can share some insight. Thanks

  9. Muy buena respuesta Oliver.
    Tengo una pregunta..??
    Qué le pasa por la cabeza a un trader la primera vez entra en real…? Después de haber echo simulado, estará confiado ,sentirá miedo, estará indeciso, se fijará más en los puntos que gana o pierde que en el movimiento del precio, sabrá cerrar buen la operación..??? Si gana como se sentirá , confiado? Y si pierde sentirá revancha o se asustará…😱

  10. Sir Im from India and use "Tradingview.com", but it has 3min time-frame and not 2 min. So is it ok to trade on 3 min chart? Thanks in advance…

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