Why Ripple (XRP) Might Not Stay On Coinbase For Long!

hey guys welcome back to another crypto video today I want to talk with you guys about ripple XRP and why they might not stay on coinbase for long and i also want to announce another nice cool giveaway it's going to be $500 worth and we're going to be giving away $50 to 10 different people all we need to do is enter the disco right now like this video and comment something down below that's all you need to do guys that's all and then at the end of next week we'll pick 10 different $50 winners so be sure that you guys enter by just commenting something down below liking and joining the discord now hopefully you guys have all seen my yesterday's video surrounding XRP because yeah we explained a lot of really important facts surrounding the coin and most importantly out of all we covered why the listing was most likely not bought or not paid by from ripple themselves so this was actually a statement from ripple themselves one of the heads of exort markets said that they did not give anything for the listing and it's really really important to have that as a base so you guys understand that they might not stay on corn-based for long but it doesn't have anything to do with payments right you just keep that in the back of your head so already straight up front here I want to give you guys some back knowledge and what you should know is that for extra fee to get listed there was one major issue or one major deal-breaker that just made it so I couldn't get listed and that actually had to do with the digital asset framework which we also showed in the previous video and now what you could see in that is that they don't want the sort of the heads of the coin in this case I think they're they're trying to save Ripple they don't want those to have a large or at least a more than a small minority stake in the coin in this case XRP alright that's the basic big issue that was really holding extra feedback from getting listed and there's a few things to say on that but I want to cover this article for you guys and then explain my opinions and some extra detail so you guys get everything so after the announcement that X of Y would get listed on Columbus Pro the token went through a brief surge in price not only was it great that ripples token was letting listed on Bass Pro given a reason for investor to celebrate after the long wait of wanting to get on the exchange but it was also nice to see some influx in the price as well so we did see on the daily a 10% increase in price was a little bit less than a lot of people expected but on the contrary if you think about it in such a bear market just after a big dip it's quite nice to see a 10% gain I'm happy with it you'd must be happy with it as well so it's good right at least it wasn't a downfall and it wasn't a minus 10% there's also some speculation about whether or not that was a you know something going on already with information I don't know the exact name at the moment now but where the coin base employees actually bought in before the knowledge was public and yeah there is also big discussion about that but we covered that all in my previous video this article has 45,000 for years so I really thought it would be quite important to to cover it it's already 53,000 now 52 even so there are now rumors floating around that either had weight around the ether that extra P could be violating one of coin basis rules in particular the ownership stake by the team must be in the minority which isn't the case when it comes to ripple and now a lot of cons that be yeah the community had on this is that ripple is not like XP is not ripples token you could just see ripple as a party that holds a lot of extra P but it's not necessarily the the team in that case I at least I would like to see it that way if you're going to you know if you want to dispute this claim and the team at ripple control more than 60% of the overall supply of the crypto right they do allow for extra P yes could you consider them team well to a certain extent definitely so because they help the whole ecosystem they fund it and everything like that but it's not like extra P is ripples coin that is again a very very very big distinction to make X or P is not owned by ripple extra P is independent it's not ripples digital asset in that sense now last year the us-based scriptor exchange released the so-called digital asset framework this lays out a series of rules that a token must be able to follow in order to be listed on the exchange if you want to see this digital asset framework check out my previous video we covered it a little bit and he said violated rule states the ownership stake retained by the team is a minority stake there should be a lock-up period and a reasonable vesting schedule to ensure the team is economically incentivized to improve the network into the future but now if you already think they're like what is ripple doing while they have a lot of it in escrow there should be a lock-up period and a reasonable vesting schedule well they have that so I don't really see the issue right here the token was made available on the on to the investors of coinbase Pro but only on a limited basis and has been paired with USD the euro and Bitcoin as well as certain jurisdictions of the US UK Canada Australia Singapore and supported EU member nations whether ripple will be let off the hook is something that only time will tell however it will be an interesting decision if coinbase will allow ripple to go ahead with the listing ripple is already a well-known and respected mostly crypto asset okay that's not really alright we're just gonna call it curve Todd it's okay all right I think they've been using ripple a little bit more than X or P in this article here but it's okay right we still we get the difference yes yes they should not be doing it but we get it and that's what really matters here I guess and weather report will galleta the hook is something that only time will tell however it will be an interesting decision if coinbase will allow ripple to go ahead with the listing ripples already a well-known and respected crypto asset and there isn't a lot of data suggesting that coinbase will delist the token so there's some speculation because they might be or may not be I personally don't really agree with it might be um going over a rule now they're like um not following the rules but on the contrary I think that they claim based themselves look at this really majorly and they just decided like hey you know what actually they're not violating this rule because of how the how it works right it's not like X appease ripples token in the case of trial foundation at Tron I could see what you're saying there you know if you're saying like hey Tron is Transformations token or coin and they own a lot of it so you know we don't want it I get that a lot more than with extra P and rip at least that's my personal perspective and yeah what is it cool about this as well is that people are not really worried about it I asked a lot of people just surrounding the crypt of space or in the crypt of space and actually community what do you think about the situation here do you think extra people get delisted from coinbase because of something like this or some other reason and nobody proved me a different reason everybody just said hell no you know it's not gonna go away from coinbase now it got listed it's gonna stay on there and again personally I totally agree with that I think that's the way to go for for them and I'm also really quite excited for it now in more uplifting ripple news the CEO of Japan's SBI group has been pushing for the worldwide usage of XRP which is again something we've been covering in the last couple of videos because the CEO of SBI Yoshitaka Aki Tao has been extremely positive guys it's it's insane I just get like amazing message after amazing message after amazing message it's really really good to see things like that evolving what he says here is the use of ex rapid using X er P is getting widespread and the number of companies participating in ripples nets is increasing substantially therefore in such a meaning it seems that the use of repos technology will gradually become used in the form of using X or P in the International money transfer field virtual currency is tough unless there is real demand but we believe firm real demand will come out from now on and also at Yoshitaka tau the CEO of SBI said is that around 2025 all of Japan hopefully are going to be using something from ripple or at least X or P and I again I'm hoping for that I'm waiting for that all to to unfold because it is still quite far away you could say 2025 6 years or maybe even 7 if you think the end it's a long time away yes but on the contrary for such a big move to happen so from all the banks to switch over to using a digital asset like XAR P it is a big move as well so 6 7 years for such a big transitioning in yeah of even of enormous or I didn't even know a bigger word that enormous I don't know one ginormous skill such a big movement then seven years is nothing for a whole money moving cross-border remittance whatever total freaking revolution to happen in seven years or however long you want to count the extra years that they took X or P and ripple to to built this it's still a very very short time the change that they're making are going to be big they might be there for another fuse maybe a century maybe few decades does it really matter but right now the system from Swift as an example the messaging system has been here for how much is it like half a century like 50 years maybe since 1970 it has been mostly unchanged because nobody could think of a better thing right that's at least how my perception is of the situation there must have been better situations or better alternatives but none of them broke through really and none of them worked out too well the ripple really has a good shot at fixing this or if they don't you know if ripple on on some weird event or because of some weird reason doesn't get mainly adopted at least they're gonna make it so it gets adopted so the digital assets and how this whole realm with the crossbow remains is work it's going to get revamped it's going to be different and it's because they set that in motion so even if they don't do it themselves it's going to be a big change and we're part of that guys so that's really cool again to keep in the back of your head you're a part you're a beginner you're here early keep that in mind it's not too late right even if you don't have any extra P it's never too late don't say you should invest it's not financial advice but it's a cool thing to take a look at so again follow me on Instagram at the dusty bc it's cool place be sure you check out my free bake without in it's not even my website I don't know why why don't you say that it's just a faucet that I found like a few years ago I think and it 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doesn't really matter just a little rip most of the time it works for quite a while sometimes works for a few days sometimes it works for a few hours but if you lose you're gonna lose big and that's the the problem with this so if you know how to cash out you know you know your time to stop it's really really amazing if you don't yes stay away from this it's it's scary all right it's scary you can take your old balance away again on twitter at the dusty bc be sure you follow me and ledger it's just a cool hardware wallet and i recommend you guys all to buy one if you do not have any yet because it keeps your fun safe and that's what you really should be focused on right now to keep your crypto to yourself because yeah even if you have a hundred thousand xep right now might be bored nothing in the future if you don't have any anymore because your your computer got hacked and you had it on a software wallet or your your coinbase account or whatever exchange you have it on buy enhance account got hacked all your funds are gone now yeah i mean you might have had so much extra p but now you got nothing because you didn't keep your phone safe again that's why I recommend hard wallets they give the responsibility to you to protect your stuff you can put it in a safety deposit box at a bank and also let's say this thing gets stolen there's still two passwords that they're gonna need to actually get access to your funds and also if you your house burns down you have three cards that they give you so you can actually store them in three different places to still get your funds back it's amazing so again that's why I recommend it everybody so be sure you check that out as well at least read up about it alright just check out the website and read up about it if you guys watched all this way into the video comment something down below with reward or point no dew point alright put point in the comment section and I'll try to heart all your comments that contain point because then I know you guys watch all this fall this way not that many people do so be sure you do that and I'll see you guys again in another krypter video they carry buddy there we go

46 thoughts on “Why Ripple (XRP) Might Not Stay On Coinbase For Long!”

  1. LMMFAO ?
    Dude your hilarious don’t you see what is happening? XRP will be adopted by every financial institution because it is simply the best digital asset ever created. Who actually thinks that Coinbase wasn’t going to add XRP? Coinbase had this planned for years and is eyebrows deep into XRP the only reason XRP wasn’t added in 2017 is because the entire system and exchanges would have come crashing down due to the influx!

    Now, the rails have been laid down for the system to handle a massive influx, XRP is a independent crypto that exists without RIPPLE, XRP is like a tool used by the company RIPPLE to MOVE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WEALTH INSTANTLY something no other crypto on the market can come close to, period!

    When thinking of XRP think of it as a fiber optics system for the modern day internet which replaced the telephone poles and lines of the 1930’s analog system, like a electrical grid with its own efficient generator as the power source meant to move that electricity from point A to Point B, C, D, etc instantly!
    XRP is a HYPERSONIC asset made & meant for moving massive amounts of wealth, any and all types of wealth that needs to move from point A to point B to anywhere on planet earth instantly!
    What is it that people don’t get about “XRP” this masterpiece of a creation? With mankind’s constant evolution comes the constant evolution of commerce and in the era we are now entering “XRP” will be the tool used to move commerce’s Value throughout the entire earth!
    Thus your internet of value???

  2. Let's see where it ends up . I've already exceeded my initial amount I wanted to hit I actually doubled it .

  3. I love XRP. it has its own role in blockchain industry.
    rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh tag:101704402

  4. coinbase platform has a lot of problems and bugs. permanent errors. they want to divert the attention of customers and therefore added ripple

  5. Dusty… Its ok i know it hurts , but Xrp is listed and once listed it cant be undone. So stop post bullshit before you get Sued.

  6. MUST READ – There you have it. Did you see how pathetic it sounds when you write’ ‘MUST WATCH’. Check out how few subscribers you have compared to real channels relying all things XRP. As it happens, I haven’t watched your video – I won’t watch any with click bait titles. Maybe review yourself ?

  7. Bro, come on, do you really think coinbase didn't do thorough research on XRP before listing? Really? Coinbase is not going to delist XRP due to the holdings of Ripple. Some of these articles are being written to spread FUD. Some are being written by every Tom, Dick and Harry who thinks they know something about the crypto space. Just cause an article is online with many views don't make the source credible. Think about it

  8. It really really really does not matter if XRP is a security or not. Institutional money is coming in and XRP is spreading into things like a disease. If theres not any thing else you know whatever you know about XRP……..here's a food for thought. Just because the fudsters are making it more controversial than what it maybe is,just on that aspect alone will make XRP valuable in years to come. XRP doesn't need any1 or anything. Soon every1 and everything will need XRP. It will come…..it has to come!!!!! Too many things are happening behind closed doors that me and you dont even know about. Ripple,IMF, Trump,fed,various companies etc etc etc are working together. You have to thank the fudsters for exposing XRP to the masses…………….for making them aware that Ripple……… is doing and have been and will do everything right!!!! Jokes on you FUDsters. Keep spreading the bad news……XRP community is getting stronger and we will win!!!!

  9. That's crazy I hope it doesn't happen.that's ridiculous and an inconvenience I hope it's FUD lol!!!!

  10. XRP will have a market cap 2 years from now multiple times larger than the entire combined crypto market cap including bitcoin. Coinbase will have little to no market share once banks offer custody solutions

  11. I guess XRP would realize soon it was a bad idea come into coinbase list. I not believe it a long term relation

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