Why Ripple (XRP) Could Be On Coinbase Soon

hey guys what's up it's dusty here back with another crypto video and we'll be giving away 100 XRP again all I need to do to enter the giveaway is press the like button on this video and comment something down below and I will choose to giveaway winner with a random comment picker so be sure that you have put something in the comment section otherwise you will not be eligible to the giveaway alright I quickly can pick two of the three winners from yesterday and the one is Daniel and one is kryptonite so congratulations to you guys we've already had contact I've already received the money so that's all settled as well I quickly still want to disgust you guys today with you guys the possibility of XRP actually getting to coin base and this is more of a speculative video type of thing since we can never tell for sure that it's gonna get them coin base and it's never certainty but these are some articles that I had a few days ago that I still had to discuss with you guys so let's get this bread so first off does XP stand a chance of being listed off coinbase Pro is an article by blocked which normally has quite good articles I found so they have a chance after the recent listing of all X projects t-to coinbase Pro we assess whether the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap is likely to be listed this is October 30th we also have an article here hope for X or P and Tron a tier X as coinbase promises to list hundreds of cryptocurrencies I don't know why it's not loading up now all right there we go so by john p nui who puts out a lot of articles but also amongst that quite a lot of fire articles amongst and then the reasons why coinbase just won't add rip XRP anytime soon so this is kind of on the contrary to show you guys some contrast between believers and non-believers and the aspects for reasons against it and the reasons for it so of course gonna compare it a little bit and then our last one was news flash crypto giant coin base worth 8 billion will list hundreds of tokens so this is actually the first article that we're gonna have to cover just to get a basic understanding of the phenomenon and why we actually are making this video today so coinbase long one of the largest companies in the crypto industry now ranks among the world's most valuable tech startups following the conclusion of a new funding around we all know what that was about it was all quite big but it had caused a 300 million series e funding round led by tight global management and the funding round with the claim is president and CEO s fu G said to give the company a valuation of more than 8 billion so we already had a conversation before a little while back saying that coinbase was most likely to be valued at 8 billion now probably even more than 8 billion so um see her writing in the announcement here G said to coinbase which recently outlined a new Krypton token listing framework plans to quickly list more cryptocurrencies adding that we we see hundreds of cryptocurrencies that could be added to our platform today and we will lay the groundwork to support thousands in the future so going from that quote the chance of XRP not being in that list of thousands of coins is actually quite weird I would definitely find it an odd thing if they would not launch or get XP on there some point anyway because of what they said here so no site things here no this is literally why I think so because if you're saying you're gonna list so many cords that you're so open for them then why don't you list one of the biggest one of the baddest coins in there you know the baddest is in badass that isn't worst but that's just my personal opinion on it let's go down to the next one those except least had a chance of being listed to coinbase Pro after the recent listing of all X project to coinbase Pro many investors are looking out for the next project which is going to be listed the third largest crypto market cap Ripple's xrp has been long in pet anticipated by investors to be worthy of a listing the listing has never materialized but there is a renewed optimism for investors after the listing of Oh X project and this has been reflected in the XP price on the day of the official announcement that always project will be listed XMP began appreciating from a low of 29 cents up to trading around 44 whereas current prices so lot are saying that the o Excellus triggered another small low bullish segment corn base Pro currently has six asset listed of which a lot of people still can't trade Oh X I don't know if some people can already I don't know I'm not too up-to-date with all the coin base ins and outs because I don't really use it so that's why these are Bitcoin aetherium Bitcoin cash like Winter Classic and Oh X project with all X project ranked 25th in terms of total market cap and he theorem classic 9/16 why did these get listed or XP remains unlisted yeah but then there's also the question always like why didn't the number-10 core number 11 : and Manero get added or discord at that point you know you can always make up the argument of placing in the market cap though I don't want to put it that way I don't want to see it from a market cap perspective like oh except you stir the market cap so why is it not listed before this or that coin because market cap is still just evaluation made up by the amount of coins in circulation times the price of that coin though I don't want to necessarily say that that's really important it's still about a lot of the values and a lot of the ideas behind the coin in that you should look at instead of really market cap itself that's why I never attach a value to it but some of you guys seem to do it a lot though if we really look at the use cases and how much interest enters in changing this coin which is called x RP you could definitely definitely see that it is a very viable option for coinbase the digital asset framework coin basis procedures for listing assets are transparent now project wish which wish to be listed initially fill out a form and coinbase evaluates projects against our digital asset framework the framework matches assets up against six key areas coin basis missions and values the geology legal and compliance which i think is where XRP used to really lack the legal and compliance part because of all the lawsuits that you could file against rip all apps and except I think that's I guess where the problem led market supply market demand to all those market supply you could see as an issue I don't think so though market demand is definitely out there and crypto economics well that's I guess all figured out as well that would be fine how does XP match up though xB matches up extremely well with some of these criteria but it's far off when it comes to others in terms of market supply and demand except E is a perfect match definitely the asset is extremely liquid is listed in almost every exchange and has a huge interest from the community there are also a number of developers building projects on top of XP blockchain and the technology XP uses is also extremely fast and scalable the team is wall capable and consists of high-level professionals with significant experience when it comes to other key areas XP does not match up as well the coin base missions and values place emphasis on decentralization economic freedom equality of opportunity and innovation yeah if you put all that well actually I guess they're gonna say the centralization part which is why I have thee the reasons why the coin base won't add rip open at all being the first scripture to focus on business solutions to remittance payments XP is innovative but its love of decentralization is highly questionable again there we go the other assets listed on queries pro use proof of work to achieve consensus whereas XRP has its own ripple protocol consensus algorithm a ripple protocol consensus algorithm is a far different system from proof of work and coinbase may very well consider that it is not decentralized I get that point though even though you could definitely disagree with this I get the point that they're having queries as of yet to only has proof of work coins maybe they want to keep keep it that way to have quote-unquote truly decentralized digital assets only I can't tell you guys what their plan is with this maybe they don't really care anymore we can't know on top of this ripple owns over 55% of the total extra penis existence and this goes against a number of criteria that coin base which includes coin basis values and their crypto economic situations it does not provide equality of opportunity with a large number of the supply being held by a small number of wallets which is 81 percent of the total tokens are held by the top 100 XMP wallets oh yeah we already did video on that though I guess with ex with BTC a lot of the mining is in pretty small hands so this how you want to see it I guess exa P is also developed to be a business solution for business users and the rest of the assets which champion listen to coinbase Pro are developed to be easily accessible to anybody who wants to participate corners Pro I've described economic freedom one of their values as follows a measure of how easy it is for members of a society to participate in the economy the technology enables individuals to have more control over their own wealth and property or the freedom to consume produce invest or work as they choose there are also questions of XRP legal status which many speculating that down the line it may be considered as security again we think that it this verdict will probably never come or be positive and coinbase would simply not want to expose themselves to such a risk and having stated so in their legal and compliances criteria in the framework yeah theoretically though if the claim base do not want to list XMP because they think it's the security and I'm waiting for the verdict then we might never see XMP come on there if they changed their mind to think a little bit different on that subject no we still have a very good chance while the anticipation from investors for XRP being listed to coinbase is unlikely to go away the chances of an actual listing appear slim when coin basis criteria are matched up to X or P so I don't agree with that then again though so if you look at corn base admission of values it's good okay you can you could agree that it's kind of a little bit away from it technology definitely find legal and compliance definitely fine because security will probably not be said most likely supply demand will always be fine it's a very wanted commodity a very moment asset and crypto economics well depends on how you define correct economics can but I guess it all works fine without criteria except for really quite missus missions values if you were to explain that extra P is not a proof of work but RPC a and thus not following there there are ideas or we could argue with the last part again which was said in here with the economic freedom though I guess it also complies to all of those things so I don't know but let's keeping you around here another little article free guys hope for XP and Tron Quimby's promises to list hundreds of cryptocurrencies an announcement earlier today the president and CEO of the company a thief huger notified investors at Krypton to assess that the firm had added an additional 300 million dollars to its thing at post-money valuation of over 8 billion dollars the funds will be used to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies and to your assets to build the next phase of Internet that is frequently referred to as web 3.0 the 300 million was a part of a series e equity round led by Tiger global management with the participation of Y Combinator continue need continuity well into management andreessen horowitz poly chain and others according to mr. Heer G the funds will be used to accelerate the following tivities at the exchange which will be global expansion which is to build the infrastructure between fiat and crypto in regulated markets around the world listening more crypto assets quickly the firm has its eyes on hundreds of cryptocurrencies that could be added to the platform as well as thousands in the future utility applications for crypto for example the recently announced support for circles u.s. DC and the continued development of the coin base wallet this will definitely be interesting to see as well and bringing institutions into crypto which could then again be very good for XMP and I guess any coin that is on coin base but mostly for exampie I find adding features in crypto assets to the custody services to bring more institutional funds into space also this could also work the other way around right if you think about it there's big institutions on XRP on rip I mean and using extra fee for its rapid and they see that you can also hold X or P very safely with coin based custody might actually result in more customers for them as well so here's the hope for X R P and T ranks with a majority of the Harz of x RP and tron hopeful oven coin based listing new comb is loosing news of the exchange announcing plans to lose hundreds of crypto is an indicator that the two digital assets might soon be available on the exchange looking at the rankings of both X R P and T Rex the digital asset are ranked third and I love with respectively according to the market therefore it is safe to conclude that the team at claim is proudly has the two assets on their radar for listing given their prominence in the crypto markets well as bullish times these are two coins that get top of volumes it's really kind of ridiculous how big of a spite they get whenever there's bullish sentiment the two coins are popular amongst traders and both have the backing of large cryptic communities from all corners of the globe so I would now argue with you that the extra P community is actually a little bit stronger than t-rex even though they're both really really out there with t-rex I don't know it's a little bit of a weirder community it's different but I would say that extra P is probably a little bit bigger a little bit stronger with t-rex there's just it's denser maybe mm it's hard to explain how the community is different but there's a difference between them I can definitely notice it and then here is a whole article about the reasons why coinbase just won't a trip like chappie anytime soon and I was just reading through it and a lot of them are really just dumb stuff and not really making much sense to me whatsoever they're also here today again that ripple offered Quimby's money for it but that is how everyone started to wonder but why this that they added a lot of other coins but miss Ripple the reason behind the refusal is far simpler than you might think as it seems that the answer of this controversy lies in the rulebook publicly published by coinbase the rulebook is really describing what it takes it for a corny can't listed on their exchange and then what ripple should know about coinbase you got all the way down here and I already saw this this is what ripple means a problem that prevents it from being listed extra P is not decentralized and that's where I just was like damn that is just waste all my time reading this article because if they state X P is not decentralized do you know that they're not too far up to date with their with their news it's all the way back in April but still you could already know back then that it was decentralized and the problem is this thing which was one of the key arguments in the whole subject I have this article on what am i I don't to say golden list but one of my things that I like I've document where there's a lot of links to which I can refer to if I need it and this one was too in there that's why I came back to it now X appears in addition flies it's one of the key arguments here that they use to kind of debunk the theory of according listen of coinbase and now if you read through it all that is how it start that ripple was refused precisely for this reason for not being decentralized that is in this article what they say is the biggest reason why they didn't get on there now without we know that ripple XRP will have several flex shippi that's kind of dumb extra peat is decentralized there would probably be no issue we also know that they're listing hundreds if not thousands of coins in the future why want extra pipi one of them I definitely am convinced now more than ever that this coin which we call X R P would definitely get listed on this platform at some point in the future but but but but a whole different thing outside then I don't think we ever need it you know we have so many exchanges we have almost all of them we have so many parents we have so much support community so strong we don't need core base right it's it's not like we really need them to progress or really need to go on with our lives or whatever it's just gonna most likely increase the price and the availability and the knowledge about the coin which would be good for price and volume and all that yet stuff but we don't need it it's not like it's gonna change your life overnight and it's not like it's the only way that except you can succeed like crazy it's just a little bonus towards getting even a little bit richer a little bit faster most likely oh yeah except I still think that a coin will go to the moon at some point in the future so I definitely am not too bothered by the whole situation of coinbase it would just be a nice addition if they get listed but again we don't need it thank you guys for watching this video hopefully you guys enjoyed be sure you check out the discord and follow me over at Twitter a link for this course is in description you can talk to me over there in cool chat rooms and to follow me over Twitter because I do post occasionally and I do a lot of retreating and liking so be sure to check that out and be sure to check out free Bitcoin at in and link for that in the description below I press roll to grab some free BTC how the site works is you just make an account and you just throw every hour to just grab some free Bitcoin that's all I need to do a certain point you can just transfer don't over texture P if you would like to it's kind of funny how how easy it actually is and also guys be sure you buy a hardware wallet a link for that is in the description below is just to keep your funds hashtag safe ooh right elet link in description below I recommend it just bide to be sure that you don't lose your money I still need to make a video on the losing money part but I'll just wait a little bit I might do that tomorrow thank y'all for watching and I'll see you later in another one guys

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  1. There seemed to be tension between coinbase and ripple. Foolish to ever let emotion into business decisions.

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  3. Coinbase reminds me of the producer who didnt want to support "Queen" to record bohemian rapsody.

  4. I don't like Coinbase. I have to wait ten days to transfer my ETN again. What are better options?

  5. I have already bought XRP direct from USD on Uphold… and I transferred some of my meager Ripple straight there from my Binance account. When we're Ripple rich, I can then withdraw directly to my bank account (but only for spending cash; I am going to hold XRP forever!).

  6. yes XRP will be listed, How can we not believe that. XRP has been delivering more than any other projects that I know of. The CEO of XRP probably chose not too just yet. Thats called strategy

  7. Coinbase can go get fucked!!

    Who cares if those fuckwits join in with the XRP march towards full acceptance.

    It will happen with or without them, i vote without.

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