Why PewDiePie Joining BLOCKCHAIN Platform DLive is HUGE!

so guys just a couple of days ago we had potentially what is I would think some of the biggest news in cryptocurrency and blockchain for probably the past year now despite all the major infrastructure news that's been coming out with things like barked with things like fidelity and all these kind of back in infrastructure projects that are going to support on ramps for major institutions to get involved one thing that we know we all need is user adoption into cryptocurrencies and block team that's one of the huge things is is is getting actually people involved in getting people familiar with what block teens are and what cryptocurrency is and just a couple of days ago we had what I believe is the biggest news for the past year if not two years with the biggest youtuber in the world PewDiePie who has 93 million subscribers announcing that he is joining a new blockchain live streaming platform live video streaming platform called D live now this is a huge deal for a number of reasons that we're going to go into that in this video but this really marks a turning point for user adoption into blockchain and cryptocurrency as we're starting to see the ecosystem and the technology mature mature enough to handle to handle huge amounts of traffic and users on these decentralized applications so guys we're going to deep dig right into this today we're going to explain why this is a massive deal and then we're gonna look into D live and the actual blockchain architecture behind this new and exciting decentralized application so stick around guys and let's get into the video [Applause] yeah I'm sure most of you are going to know who pewdiepie years and if you don't know who pewdiepie is let me just give you a really quick rundown PewDiePie is the world's biggest youtuber he's been on the YouTube platform for I believe eight to nine years now and he has 93 million subscribers his videos on average get between 5 to 7 million views some of them even go to 50 million I've seen even a video he did recently hits 70 million views PewDiePie is so influential that he's literally created a subculture around him his personality and his channel PewDiePie is a huge huge deal so anything he does has a massive ripple effect with other people in the ecosystem other youtubers other content creators viewers subscribers has a huge flood effect with people going on and essentially doing what PewDiePie does because he is so big and he has so much influence now over the past couple of years PD boy has come under fire for various political things and I I think that PewDiePie has been looking for an alternative kind of more of a decentralized alternative to to take some of his content creation too and as of just a couple of days ago PewDiePie announced that he is going to be joining D live as a live stream uh so he's staying on the YouTube platform but he's going to be joining D live as a live streamer on this brand-new decentralized application built on something called the line own network which is a block team platform utilizing cosmos now this really the importance of this the significance of this cannot be understated but before we get into that why don't we just look at what PewDiePie actually said look at his announcement and and then we'll dissect it and look into the platform a little bit further I'm partnering up with the daylight that's right everyone for those who don't know what deal is it's a live streaming platform live streaming is coming up in the future that seems like a great idea Felix D live is built of the lunar blockchain they provide a disruptive solution for the industry what does that mean let me tell you D lives mission is to empower creators but how you may ask through their revolutionary reward system number one they take no platform cut so basically if you donate to a streamer or if you subscribe to a streamer that website itself usually takes a percentage of that not on the line it all goes to the Creator pretty cool number two viewers as well can earn lion-o points which is the currency simply by engaging with the streamers pretty epic number three is one that I really like as well because users themselves get to influence the shape of the platform guide where its direction is going and also get rewarded for it for having the line of points personally I think it's really cool to have a creator base website actually putting creators first so I'm really excited about the alive and I'm really excited to finally be live-streaming again if you want to check out the life you can download their app in the description follow me I'm gonna be live-streaming there soon very frequently also my very first live stream is gonna be pretty epic I'm gonna be come steal mr. beasts entire formula and so there as you can see PewDiePie moving today live is made the announcement look this video alone 5.6 million views on one video like anything PewDiePie says or does just has such a huge flow and impact just because of who this guy is now even the fact that he says blockchain during this I mean that is creating that is creating huge awareness that is creating huge awareness for people that actually watch this content now let's dive into the platform a little bit more and let's kind of look at why why PewDiePie is probably done this and I should say as well that to get PewDiePie to join another platform isn't would be no easy feat i I don't even want to like what this plot what this company what day live what these decentralized application must have done in terms of convincing PDP to join I guarantee you would be astounding PewDiePie doesn't like cuz he's so big he has so much leverage I mean the guy can really choose and go where he wants and ask for whatever he wants in terms of going to platforms but I truly think that PewDiePie has been convinced of of the the value of day life because of the way it rewards content creators and also rewards the community and we're going to get into that with the line of points in just a bit but a thought just it should be worth noticing as well actually having a look at some statistics and data about D live and what they were like before PewDiePie came on board so over here on Alexa this is a kind of a tool that you can use to analyze the traffic to any given website and it's and it's quite a global ranking within the context of other similar websites and we can actually see that since D live was launched looks like in late 2018 it's actually grown significantly before PewDiePie even came on board and I think that's a really important metric to show that there is actually organic interest in this application and that there is content creators moving towards it without PewDiePie having to come on board to bring those people in now you can see there's this little spike here right at the end would be the traffic coming to the website after PewDiePie joined but the most important thing is how much they have grown how steep they have grown before PewDiePie joined the platform so this is D live here this is called this website is DD live TV and this is this is a decentralized application built on the lino network and as we can see here they've got a lot of PewDiePie brand and stuff and this is the countdown here for PewDiePie where he's going to be I think he's going to be donating between 10 to 50 I think he said ten to fifty thousand dollars of lino points now first of all the brilliance of day live that I noticed straight away is that they have not bombarded people with technical jargon like crypto currencies like blockchain like decentralized application they have made this appear on the surface like it's just Abel a regular application but the value proposition that they're selling to for content creators to come join us is the reward distribution so the way this works is when content creators are creating content they might have subscribers paid subscribers join maybe for limited live streams but then they'll also have viewers and subscribers can purchase like little tokens and gifts to give to and little donations to give to the content creator now 90% of those rewards go to the content creator and the other 10% go into a rewards pool that is then distributed to people watching content so your attention is valued on day life and you are rewarded with Lino points now again lino points they haven't called it lino you know crypto lie no currency or they haven't call it a cryptocurrency even though it is a cryptocurrency they've used they've they've really put a lot of attention into the user experience by by reducing the technical jargon away from this application so people that have no idea about blockchain and crypto will just use this and they will intrinsically interact with blocked alien crypto currencies and that is so smart and I think a lot of other platforms that are looking to engage a non crypto blockchain audience I think can learn a lot from day life right they can learn a lot from how they live has pulled this off I think they've done it absolutely brilliantly so these line o points are the crypto currency in this platform as we can see here you know there's a lot of people already starting to come on here so PewDiePie has already had $30,000 worth of lino points donated to him for his first for his first stream and we can see a lot of other people that are actually joining in live streaming now so I mean this is quite significant you got over here pub doing mobile there's 2,000 people watching this one there's a chat a chat stream 2,000 people so more and more content creators in a common joint day life because of how generous the reward distribution is because PewDiePie joined and I think a lot of users are going to come and join us because of the rewards they get is for watching and engaging with content and the fact that it's new and it's decentralized in and the network itself the block 10 network itself has a governance mechanism built into it where people can actually stake their lino points and then have they wait in a voting system for future developments of the protocol that's the decentralization now I should note also because I've seen people commenting on this and you know I've seen some things like I you know the world doesn't have another blockchain and and you know someone said I think on my Twitter that that this is just going to show that blockchains are a slow database the thing is you need to kind of understand how these architecture stacks work block teens generally do not store a lot of data because it's very expensive because the data has to be distributed amongst nodes when you have that then you have the blockchain itself when people running nodes grows in in size extremely quickly and it becomes infeasible for people to run nodes so the less data stored on block teens the better so what block teens like D live are doing is they're using the blockchain for governance and they're using it for value creation in the form of a cryptocurrency they're not or highly doubtful they would be using this for data storage like video especially HD video extremely expensive it's not going to work so they're probably using systems like AWS or Google cloud or other kind of content content are storage or cloud services for the content itself but then that the cryptocurrency and the governance and the voting will be done on the blockchain right so that's I think that's a really important thing to note is that to know how these platforms work you kind of have to have a general understanding of the architecture stack and I can guarantee that's how they live is working so when we come over to the liner network so the liner network is the blockchain architecture it's the protocol that D live has been built on so so D live is actually the first D app built online oh so huge achievement tool I know I mean I hadn't even heard of these guys before the life came on board but it's a huge deal for this platform to have built such a such a an already successful decentralized application for its very first indie app and actually when you come over here you can you can actually see when we're looking at the the lino tracker we're actually looking at live transactions occurring on the on the lino blockchain right now and this actually reinforces what I was saying before about how the architecture stack works with different block chains because what we can see here we can see a ton of transactions going on right now now we're not seeing we're not saying functions executing like pull and push data requests we're seeing people transferring points we're seeing people transferring cryptocurrencies again that's mainly what this block 10 is going to be useful is the transfer of value is for governance and for things like voting it's not going to be used for things like data storage because it's just infeasible right so we can see a ton of transactions a ton of people are are using this right now and that's extremely exciting so when we come over to kind of looking at the breakdown of how lion-o and the cryptocurrency itself actually comes into circulation so you can see that current supply of Linna and then there's a small amount of liner will be minted to to reward content craters and that's done through an algorithm so they're built in an algorithm I think it's called proof proof of value or something like that that that analyzes the engagement around certain video and if if the metrics are coming back as positive then additional Minow on top of subscriptions and on top of donations given to content creators will actually go to the content creators as well so good content gets rewarded with additional I know points so some of these are newly minted liner also go to viewers so again as I said before the intent so what what deal I've have done is our built in attention metrics so people actually watching and engaging with with content creators on the platform will be rewarded in line hours well that's very similar to the model that basic attention is using by actually having kind of a built in system to reward people for it for using the browser and for content creators to be rewarded in coins when other people view their content using the brave browser as well so some of these newly minted liner go to line it up developers now to develop an app on line oh you need to have an initial amount of line o to begin with and then you need to stake that mono so they've built in kind of like Hottel metrics into the line o platform by encouraging incentivizing and requiring people to stake or hold their liner coins as well and that's going to be good when this cryptocurrency is floated on the free market you really need to have metrics for people to hold as a store of value but you also need to have the capability for people to be able to use the cryptocurrency as well so then some goes to infra to providers the infrastructure providers are the people that are providing these services for the content right for the actual for the actual data now what they're actually using specifically whether it's a Amazon AWS or whether it's Google cloud or whether it's other kind of Microsoft cloud services I'm not exactly sure but some of the coins are going to go to those people that are providing those services for the platform and then lastly some of the other newly minted liner go to validators so because line I was using cosmos the way cosmos works is it uses these things called validators to think of them similar to two nodes or similar to miners on the Bitcoin network in terms of the the mechanism not the actual not actually how they operate in terms of adding additional energy so it's so it's essentially like a proof of stake system that's essentially how cosmos works and I believe it uses as its consensus Algrim I believe it uses delegated proof delegated Byzantine fault-tolerance proof of stake so very very very cool stuff guys like really coming back to coming back to the significance of someone like PewDiePie joining a block tone platform this is this is the beginning of what will spur a movement of people who are who are tired of who are tired of centralized platforms not only gouging people that create content but also controlling the content that people create I think that the audience in addition to content creators are kind of resentful against centralized platforms now and so there should be because it's been so much censorship that's been occurring over the past few years and there's really this value proposition that blockchain has brought with rewards distribution with value creation and value distribution is going to be a huge value proposition for people seeking something like that and the fact that they convinced the biggest youtuber in the world again 93 million subscribers average views five to seven if not more million views per video the fact that they convinced PewDiePie to join it cannot be understated and it is so so exciting and really shows us that mass adoption has has begun it has begun it's going to be a long journey but this is a huge huge huge first step so I'm really excited about this I think it's a massive deal I'm personally thinking about joining day life to do live streams I think this is maybe a way we can especially because we're a small Channel maybe this is way where I can set up some private live streams where people can come on and more more closely interact with me and ask me questions and and I can kind of be here to to interact directly with you guys I think there's potential for that so I'm going to look into it I'm going to look at joining and if it looks like a good move if it looks like something that's that the audience is going to like as well then I'm definitely going to do it now guys just before I go I want to mention this these conferences that are coming up by la token for the block ten economic forum now these guys actually invited me to talk at this one I couldn't make it to this one but I have spoken at a couple in the past or spoken at block tain Economic Forum's in Singapore and also in San Francisco great bunch of great bunch of organizers they always get good speakers that attend these events they looked after me well and I had a lot of fun and learned a lot and gained a lot of knowledge and experience from attending these conferences especially the networking is you'll be amazed at who attends these and who you actually end up networking with so they're having three events they're having one in LA from the first the third of May they having one in San Francisco from the 6th to the 7th of May and having one in New York from the ninth and from the north to the 10th of May so if you guys are interested in attending one of these conferences I'm going to put a link to this down in the description below in addition to all the other links to the videos to the websites discussed in this video so guys that's it from me I hope you enjoyed it if you did likes it was really appreciate it if you haven't subscribed make sure to press the subscribe button comment board leave me a comment tell me what you thought I always read the comments and generally respond to the good ones so guys thanks for tuning in I really appreciate your time have a great day and I'll catch you in the next one Cheers

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  1. It's good for blockchain adoption but lino is kind of shit. Minimum 2,000 payout and if you lock in the minimum of 1,000 lino it would currently take 2 years for you to break even. Lino will never hit an exchange or go up in value. It would have been better if Dlive stayed on the Steem blockchain.

  2. DLive recently deplatformed Alex Jones for infringing upon its strict content guidelines against potentially offensive content, which read eerily similar to YouTube and Facebook’s list of norms and standards. Sadly, this is likely not the decentralized streaming revolution we’ve been looking for.

  3. Sorry off topic .You say data storage is expensive but so many cryptos are for designed for data handling. How does this equate.

  4. Even though it’s a sponsored deal its still great awareness for a decentralized future.
    So props to dlive for putting up the $$’s and hopefully it goes smoothly

  5. Could be wrong but I heard the only way to get Lino points is through PayPal with a big fee and no way to cash them out. Do they have plans to list on any crypto exchanges?

  6. He's obviously been made a great deal….DLive is not a great platform!! Howdoo will be a much better interface all round!!!!!

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