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Hello guys my name is Shahzad. I welcome you in today’s video In today’s video we are going to talk about that why one coin is focusing on dealshaker more. What is the reason, beside that every month four dealshaker expo events held around the world? We are going to talk about this, let’s start the video, If you are a new view of my channel kindly subscribe my channel and press the bell Icon so you can get the latest update of my upcoming videos. Recently I uploaded to videos, in those videos you have considered that. Mostly one can company is focusing on its dealshaker platform. And they are trying to achieve more merchants and merchants get registered on our website Now what is the reason behind this that one coin company is focusing more on dealshaker platform? Let me tell you a simple rule about cryptocurrency it’s about demand and supply business in crypto currency. If your ocoin has demand and its supply is limited then the value of your currency will grow. Third thing matters is usability. Let me give you a simple example of Bitcoin that why Bitcoin is so famous and popular and it is number one in the coinmarketcap And the reason is Bitcoin is being accepted from a little store to big companies. Everyone is using it as payment system because of this Bitcoin is so popular and its price always keeps on fluctuating. Onecoin is focusing more on their coins usability If onecoin usability won’t be happen and merchant don’t accept it it’ll be flop. Because of this they want people to come on the deal Shekhar get their self registered on dealshaker and become merchant. Besides that one. Company says onecoin is a merchant coin. What does it mean? now they said a simple thing and gave an example that on public exchanger where you trade bitcoin, firstly you pay cash for bitcoin and then you trade bitcoins and you get profit and you withdraw your earnings what you do after withdrawing you money. Obviously after withdrawing you money you buy whatever you need and do shopping. Onecoin says if you want to do shopping why don’t you buy those things from one coin platform why do you need to go to other platform to buy those things therefore they are working hard on their platform and they are focusing to get merchants if our members need anything or they want to buy anything they can buy anything by paying one coin from deal Shekhar. If we talk about one can merchants that how many one coin merchant have if you check their website you can see there how many merchants they have so far how many deals they have done. There is showing one life members and also showing the deal Shekhar members and one life members that how many members are there. After that they are showing how many deals they have done so here you can see 258223 have complete and approximately 36519+ it means around 40000 they already have. And they are trying harder to promote so that they can get merchants and after launching onecoin members can buy anything from deal Shekhar because of this they made this strategy. If we talk about liquidity mostly people think after launching of one coin we will cashout our all coins. In fact one. Company doesn’t want this They want you to cash out your coins but gradually. It is not like that is one coin launch and you convert your all coins into liquid if all member do this this project won’t Run longer Because of this to keep usability stable and to keep their one coin prices stable they are working on this platform and trying hard. This is the reason if you want to keep one coin price high there must be usability more. That’s it guys this was the today’s video I hope you have learnt something from today’s video in upcoming videos I will give you more information about one coin and deal Shekhar See u soon.

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  1. Brohe bhai logion logion se pasy layea compney ne .ab ager project flop hota hai to compney ka kiya jaye ga.nuksan to members ka hai.

  2. 258223 deal hoai hain .ok.so. kasy yeh deals onecoin se hoai hain ? jab ke sab ke walet empty hain.abi tak kise ko 20 %be coin nahe male. ???

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