27 thoughts on “Why Japanese LOVE Bitcoin And Americans Will Soon Join Them”

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  2. Chris, normally you are a class act. I know you're going through a rough patch, but please don't use thumbnails of this nature on your videos. What you gain in adolescent male click bait, you will lose in parents who are long term watchers who don't appreciate yet another piece of irrelevant and unnecessary erotica bombarding their kids. Thanks for your understanding!

  3. If I remember right the 2008 crisis was predicted by many people in the alternative news world. But maybe you weren't around then then. But otherwise a very good contribution. 🙂

  4. Strange how you say "we" Americans can see our future by watching Japan, but you're an Englishman and you don't speak to your own countrymen in this video.

  5. I hate to be negative, but you should have titled your video "why I want Japan to love bitcoin". There was no discussion as to Japan's use of BTC – only why you thought they should use it. Btw, pow is unsustainable. Thanks for the video.

  6. But, where's the evidence that Japan DOES love Bitcoin. Your analogies were nice but, your presentation didn't meet the criteria your title implied.

  7. Chris: I've read Saifedean Ammous's "Bitcoin Standard" and my question to earlier to you was what I wished to pose to Mr Ammous. And BTW the author of that book is guilty of some of the most extraordinary ad hominem attacks, especially on Keynes. He views private "immorality" as a precursor of public economic malfeasance. Loose morals/loose money. On that basis we're all doomed.

  8. Chris: I understand that Bitcoin, with its built in scarcity, could be an alternative to fiat currencies whose value is constantly undermined by QE or inflation. But surely this is only the case if there weren't a seemingly infinite number of crypto currencies. Bitcoin is only one fish in the sea. What makes Bitcoin so special?

  9. Japan is a satellite country of the United States Anyone who thinks the US gave Japan back to the Japanese after world war II is mistaken. Nothing financial happens in Japan without US approval

  10. I used to enjoy your channels, but they've lost relevance. The market is changing paradigm currently, this is a protocol war, not a ticker symbol gambling scene anymore. Following the Protocols that are Functional and Legal and best designed is all that matters. Listening to fools say "Road to $xx,xxx" is about the Dumbest thing. The internet used to have multiple protocols (multiple 'nets) and it all evolved down to 1 Stable (not continually screwed w by developers) Protocol. Blockchain is largely similar. There will be only one major global chain, global ledger. Further, money is either Fiat or Commodity, thus a "crypto" needs to be a commodity to ever have lasting power as a money. That must needs be (obviously) an Informational Commodity. Thus it would be the time-stamped repository for titles, contracts, vital info, et al., and the access to that chain would occur with the use of the tokens (bitcoin), providing it the value of being an informational commodity. I would challenge anyone to debate another ending for all of this than that. This is why I can't watch Ivan on Tech, Boxmining, BTC Sessions, Cryptoverse anymore, you are all missing the recent wider-view changes in the market and stuck on continuing to do what you did in phase 1 of "crypto". But phase 2 is already underway, and that is consisting of: Legality, Stable Protocols, Functional Protocols with good underlying "plumbing" being built out, Patent protection, and corporate use cases. In phase 2 "exchanges" will matter less, and anonymous coins will loose market access (due to legality) as well. There are only a very few good projects/protocols out there, and the best that has all the phase 2 values is actually even being confused between the protocol and the ticker symbol (that's how foolish the "crypto" market is currently). Again, I'd challenge anybody to reply with a differing synopsis, thank you.

  11. Isnt an inversed yield curve a very nice way to predict crashes? It worked with 80, 90 and 00 and 08 crashes. We are currently also very close to a flat yield curve.

  12. Thank you Chris. You could have mentioned MMT. Your proof is that the US is further down the road than Japan? Yes they are, but for me this does not explain why Bitcoin is the future for the US (or Europe). Further more people might react quite differently than central banks. What will the western CB push? More MMT, maybe SDR's parcially backed by gold? So many options and BTC is probably not their first choice.

  13. Japanese people are not in bondage to the Israeli banking / military industrial complex cartel so they're allowed to use btc. btc limits the amount of money they can print to pay white men to fight wars for Israel against Arabs. Why do muslims only drive Japanese cars? Because the Japanese are not in bondage to Israel and their insistance on attacking the people of the middle east.

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