Why is Bitcoin Special? Why buy Bitcoin Now?

Hi I am a Bitcoin And my life is really exciting!
You wanna know why? Because I’m versatile I am am
1) A unit of account . . . 2) A means of Payment
3) A medium of exchange, and
4) A store of value And that is exciting!
It is super exciting! Yeh, I know, I feel sorry for my buddies Euro, Yen, Pound and even the US Dollar Sure, they’re units of account and a means of payment But, they’re a terrible store of value In fact, they constantly loose value,
because . . . Central banks produce more and more all the time! Sorry guys 🙁 I also feel sorry for my friends
Diamonds, Gold and Silver For thousands of years – they have been great stores of value,
But they are NOT a means of payment I have none of these problems And I have lots of other major benefits! So you see I am far, far superior to ALL of them I’ll tell you why I am a Superior unit of account An awesome means of payment A great medium of exchange and a Phenomenal store of value
All at the same time ! And nobody can stop me nobody can manipulate me nobody can steal me I live in a totally safe and secure system.
Called the Blockchain It is so well protected, nobody can mess with me. Nobody! No large company No government No political party

No military Nobody! Nobody! That’s exciting, isn’t it? So join me for the next episode

And another adventure in the magical land of Bitcoins and Blockchain Song: “Hold onto me” by souljars.net

One thought on “Why is Bitcoin Special? Why buy Bitcoin Now?”

  1. This video explains WHY Bitcoin is valuable (in a simple to understand way). With so much price talk, sometimes the importance of this freedom technology is forgotten.

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