33 thoughts on “Why Is Bitcoin Rising, LocalBitcoins Spike, IOTA Price Pump, SBI Crypto Bank & KIN SEC Fight”

  1. How are governments having a hard time controlling crypto? They are the ones making the regulations. Without them accepting crypto and passing resolutions big money would never enter the space.

  2. nobody will ever disclose their true holdings. Sheeple are clueless, none of my friends or family is interested in crypto. Weird

  3. Love this content…Decentralized Bitcoin is the only thing I am using my salary to purchase…the Altcoins are all yours people!!!

  4. You want to know why there are no laws for this in the US. Republicans and Democrats are so split right now they won’t get together and write laws for new regulations simply out of spite. And when the republican or Democrat doesn’t care or have a stance on the new regulation they will use their vote to gain leverage for another unrelated bill. Frankly US politics is a game and no one is winning right now. So right now all they do is say “follow the rules…you know…the rule from 1934…the rule where not even a phone was thought about when drafting”. It’s utterly ridiculous and makes US law makers appear to be children.

  5. I hope KIN action starts to involve the entire crypto community and the voices get very very loud… let's hope!!!

  6. Hi everyone, great video as always, thank you. Have bitcoin and XRP willing to hold, use at the moment Coinbase wallet however I am afraid to lose my chryptos over time, being new I need some advise, is ledger nano safe? Confused ggggrrrr
    Appreciate your help ♥️

  7. I love bringing up my first transaction on coinbase, bought 40 ether for less than 10$ each but sold it later that same day smh

  8. please explain TMI what the dif in owning 1 btc with owning alt coins equalling to 1 btc .. i feel we could get more gains in btc through alt , please advise thx

  9. Jaguar is using an iota wallet in their vehicle so that it can report traffic conditions and other data gathered, and sell that data for iota tokens

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