Why Invest in Exchange Cryptocurrencies – Full Crypto Analysis

hey crypto fans welcome to CCS cryptocurrency state my name is Santiago I am a web developer investor first of all please subscribe to the channel if this is your first time here and click the bell to get the notifications and please like the video today I bring you this analysis of why you should invest in the cryptocurrencies of the exchanges let's start saying that the exchanges companies are a very lucrative investment right now if you believe in the crypto market this kind of companies will manage millionaire amounts of money in the near future like is already doing finance so is not for nothing that the exchanges also create their own crypto not all of them but many of them and they see the potential and the business opportunity there so let's analysis for Kryptos of the exchanges first of all finance coin not for nothing by Nance is the major exchange right now I will say they have been growing a lot under crypto a coin that belongs to them is the finance cone of course they are ranked in the position 18 of the coin markup right now has a value of almost $12 this coin had been passed over a very nice peak here of almost $25 obviously this was a beginning of January like many cryptocurrencies did a top Crider but right now it's a half of the price and in the deep of the last weeks we saw this at $7 almost almost $8 besides the coin and the amount of money the finance managed I think the the website is the platform is one of the best they also offer this huge thing which is used by Nance coins forget account in the trading for the first year is a 50% so if you have your account you can enable that in your profile here and you if you have enough B&B coins you will get a 50% of the cone discount of the trading but even if you are just here for the holding and you don't use it for trade finance con it for sure when a business opportunity to hold all the crypto market will be growing in this year and the next year's so probably the people will start asking where they should go how to how to start trading and stuff and many users of balance will recommend – of course and like I say it's one of the biggest change right now so probably the price will be continued growing they only have two hundred million coins so it's not a lot and we are in a circulating supply of almost three parts of the total supply so finance cons will be a great business opportunity to hold second is coupon shares this exchange has been growing a lot in the last months they even if you see the charts here and you may think that the coin is going down this just represent the movements of the Bitcoin price so it's very attached to them but we saw top cry of $21 and we have it right now in two and a half dollars almost a little more soku-kun shares is also a great business opportunity we are at the half of the circulating supply and it's ranked in the position 54 of the total coin market cup so these coins are very speculative in price terms but also have a lot of market cap it's one of the biggest coins also going to cultures so it's not my idea to start investment in this type of coins the fees for cooking is 0.1% on your feast transactions and they are very on the table having new coins to the exchange so they are very active also in media and social media like – of course let's pass through the third one thing to mention here is that of course you could say that all coins that we learn to change we will only trade in the same exchange but like I will say right now it's not all the cases it is the case with koukin coin and balance but with our third coin is not the case which is reap your credit network I think this is a great business opportunity right now it's a nine cents almost ten cents it has 1 billion of supply and we are almost in the circulating circulating supply of the half of that and this coin is trade in many of other exchanges – that is because reap you say the exchange of that is Spanish company but they create the ACO which you can say that our Siem Reap Ukrainian Network this is mainly peer-to-peer Global Credit Network protocol Basin consign smart contracts and blockchain technology so there coin has a purpose in the coin market is not just a proprietary coin so that's why they'll coin is also listed in other exchanges but that will not get less price because of that because they have the backup of the exchange itself so if the exchange continue growing there we have more money to put in the air coin I think this is a great price right now – to buy some coins there we have been seen like in other coins depicts almost let's see that for example 51 cents so that b5x right now for the top high and I think we have a business opportunity here to call this crypto and like I say we are in the beginning of the crypto market many people say that I am agree with that we have many many space to grow in the market yet this very young market people will start looking at changes how to get into this how to get into the crypto market and all these companies will continue growing for sure on the last one that I want to show you this one we will Stoke him is ranking the position country 83 the value of the coin is a little up already because the total supply is 300 million coins only we have already split in supply of the third part of that on Bbox also have many coins listed there there are growing very fast to the exchange I prefer finance but I will not say that it's a bad exchange but probably they will continue adding functionality to the platform and stuff I do a lot of trading so we need many of the graphics and stuff statistic that I need I don't have it here but again we are talking about business and holding coins so I will say that this is also one coin that could be a good idea to hold there are another coins with exchanges for example Coss but again you need to make a research about them I will only say that the four coins that I show you in this video are great business opportunity to buy and hold because tech market is young yet and these exchanges will continue growing and making more money for them and maybe for you that's it guys thank you very much for seen my videos please subscribe to the channel if you didn't yet if you're new here I try always to make Niq an original content about the crypto market so please subscribe to the channel click the bell to get the notifications and like the video happy trading and goodbye

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