Why I think 2019 is the year of Cardano

Welcome everyone. Today I wanted to talk
about why I think 2019 is the year of Cardano. I’m going to extrapolate
using information from the Cardano road map and everything that I know
about this project this is not a price prediction video or shouldn’t be taken as
financial advice this is just a rant of why I think that this is one of the most
underrated projects in the crypto game at the moment so given that Cardano hits all of their milestones and accomplishes everything within their
roadmap and their tech is on point, I think that we’re gonna have some of the
strongest tech if not the strongest technology in the blockchain space one
of the reasons why I think that this is important is because when institutional
support comes and when people are creating their smart contracts they’re
building their decentralized applications they’re going to be looking
for the strongest most scalable and most secure blockchain available in order to
build a project on, not a blockchain that’s riddled with inconsistencies,
possibilities of hacks, possibilities of the system breaking, lag, and everything else. They’re not going to be looking for quick responsive blockchains to build on top. One of
the first milestones that we’re gonna hit in 2019 is the release of Shelley
and if you’re not familiar with the Cardano project as a whole Shelley is the
staking platform so it’s going to be it’s going to allow users to use their
ADA to stake and basically validate blocks within the Cardano blockchain and as a result you will be rewarded with ADA and it’s going to be
something revolutionary because yes there are other proof of stake coins out
there but they’re not as clean as this one. Cardano has used
game theory to make sure that the incentives are not skewed towards one
direction because a lot of these proof of stake protocols that are out there
right now they have a disproportionate predisposition to the whales that are
holding the largest amount of ADA meaning that money makes more money
makes more makes more money and the people at the
bottom you make nothing it’s not incentivized for you to stay within the
system so if things work out the way they’re supposed to work out
Shelley releases which is going to release in 2019 and I anticipate that
it’s going to be within the first half of 2019 I’m being conservative we’re
going to have to realize that all these whales and all these individuals that
are within Cardano and they’re playing with their Ada let’s say you know
they’re trading back and forth back and forth you know from this Satoshi level a
thousand Satoshi level to 990 Satoshi level and they’re just playing you know
within a set difference people are just gonna be playing, but when the
Shelley platform releases people are gonna be staking there’s no need the
mass majority of people are not going to be trading to see if they can get more
ADA, they’re just gonna stake their ADA and it’s advantageous to stake your ADA and you gain rewards so it may be more advantageous for you to actually stay
within the system then to be trading back and forth back and forth back and
forth and I feel like this is going to incentivize people to build their bags
until Shelley releases and then just hold their bags and recur passive income
for long periods of time and you have to also look at this from a tax perspective
coming from the United States if you wait a year with your holdings
you’re subject to 20 percent capital gains as opposed to your current tax
rate so you could be saving 10 plus percent on your gains or on your ADA
holdings in general so you’re going to not only be incentivized by staking your
rewards in the system, staking your ADA within the system, but also the tax
benefits of keeping your ADA within the system so this is promoting a long term
longevity within the system. Yes, our competitors like EOS they already
released their proof of state protocol, but first of all let’s get this straight
EOS was an ERC-20 token when it first came out so it wasn’t even an EOS token
it was an Ethereum based token. Cardano has always been its own blockchain since
its inception so EOS was working on Ethereum technology at first and when they release their staking they have a
lot of issues with no validators as far as these gigantic whales own all of it
they have all the stake within the system It’s not going to work like that with
Cardano. You can stake whether you have one ADA or you have ten ADA or you have a hundred ADA and you can join a pool you can delegate your stake to a pool and they will pay you out when it’s not gonna be something like you
need to be a computer scientist from MIT in order to understand how to stake if
you know how to download the Daedalus wallet, you will be able to stake. It
will be a drag and drop. We are moving towards a cryptocurrency that is
actually understanding the utility for the everyday person it’s not going to be
I need to set up a server in my room and run this like for example let’s take
Bitcoin for example it’s proof of work but you have to buy an ASIC miner and
you know it may be easy for a lot of people but for for most people I would
say it’s pretty difficult not only do you have to buy an ASIC miner from Bitmain over in China you have to wait for ASIC miner to come over and
then once you plug in your ASIC miner you have to listen to the noise of the
ASIC miner I mean constantly plugging it in your
home I mean who wants to hear that rattling noise constantly and it’s good
I mean some people are staking it’s beautiful but for me personally I do not
want to hear the ASIC miner 24/7. You’re not gonna have to hear that when you’re
staking in the proof of state protocol when Cardano releases Shelley. It’s not
gonna be like that and your computer doesn’t need to be turned on 24/7, it
doesn’t work like that it’s going to be an easy just
drag-and-drop and no one’s holding your ADA so if a staking pool doesn’t perform
as its supposed to perform you just won’t get rewards but you can just pull
your stake from that pool and put in another pool
so if this goes well I anticipate that there will be price appreciation within
the Cardano ecosystem if this goes well and this is all hypothetical it’s not a
price prediction but if more people are incentivized to hold their ADA and stake their ADA then the price per ADA is going to increase,
because people are going to be less likely to part of their part with their
ADA in this whole idea of market cap please do not get it misunderstood
market cap has no bearing on what the potential price for Cardano is. When
you’re talking about you and me as individuals it’s not gonna make a
difference unless you’re some kind of mega mega mega whale. Let’s take Charles Hoskinson for example or let’s take IOHKs wallet or let’s
take Emurgos wallet or the Cardano Foundation. They have large amounts of
ADA so it is not even necessary they’re not going to be able to get the
exact purchase price the exact sell price for all of their ADA at one
exact time maybe over time they will as the usage of the blockchain increases,
but they won’t be able to dump everything at the same price because no
one is there to pick up their bags there has to be a buyer for a seller if you go
to Berkshire in the traditional stock world Warren Buffett cannot sell all of
his Berkshire shares immediately someone will buy it up eventually because
Berkshire is an amazing name but he’s not gonna get the exact purchase price
for all of his stock there are some companies where
you’re gonna be able to get more and there are some companies where you
gonna get be able to get less. No one’s gonna buy the snapchats founders I don’t
know five ten billion dollars of stock or whatever he has because no one valued
snapchat in that particular way and people look at him as a multi
billionaire but in reality the amount of liquid funds that he can take from
Snapchat is a lot less than what is portrayed in the media so moving forward
after that smart contracts are going to release sometime they need towards the
latter half or maybe end of 2019 maybe beginning of 2020 but institutions are going to start to be able to build their smart contracts and
in addition to this I feel like this gives enough time for regulatory
standards to be put in place. Regulatory bodies are going to enact laws which
allow icos the flexibility to release their projects and their decentralized
applications within this ecosystem. One of the issues with Ethereum is
that they all these icos
that are pointless, and we may have some pointless icos that are launching
their protocols on the Cardano ecosystem but there’s no incentive to
hold the Ethereum token other than using it to buy ERC-20 tokens
when Ethereum releases Casper their FFG that FFG paper and they release
their proof of state protocol then you’re going to be of the stake, then
there may be a reason for you to hold Ethereum but at the end of the day the casper paper stated that the amount of stake
that you’re gonna need you’re probably gonna need like a thousand Ethereum, so
the average person is not going to be able to stake. It’s going to be for the
elites, the people that have the massive wallets and this may go down over time
but it’s still gonna be for the massive people the people that have big big
wallets the big whales I’m talking about the blue whales. If you’re not a
blue whale, this this situation probably doesn’t concern you. With Ada you’re
gonna be able to delegate your stake regardless if you’re a tadpole, small
little fish, a beluga whale, or a blue whale you’re gonna be able to stake so
this is wonderful so the ability to stick within this
ecosystem coupled with ico regulation and and new icos that are launching on
the Cardano ecosystem is going to make this blockchain very valuable in
theory in theory in theory this is not a price prediction I’m just saying if the
stars align this has the potential to boom because one other issue that I have
not touched on within this whole ecosystem is the fact that when the ICO
bubble happened within Ethereum, not only were the tokens useless but the
transaction speed was very flawed the transaction speed through Cardano is
going to be beautiful I don’t know if you’ve gotten familiar with the Cardano blockchain Explorer but if you look at it everything is divided into epochs
so we’re going to be able to shard if you heard of that word sharding it’s
like partitioning the blockchain so we’re making a whole bunch of different
blockchains that feed into the main blockchain so the limit for our TPS is
just gonna increase increase increase increase if an epoch fills up then
another epoch fills up then another epoch fills up then another epoch fills up so
we’re gonna be able to be running these in parallel and it’s really going to increase the throughput in our in our cryptocurrency and the funny thing is is
if you check vantuz-subhumans calculator you see that the number of transactions
as it increases, it also increases the productivity or your staking rewards
within this ecosystem so if the proof of stake system is
barely used you’re staking rewards will be lower but if the throughput is very
high then your staking rewards can be a lot higher so I anticipate a great
2019 I don’t know when this bear market is going to end, but I think this is the
perfect time we are releasing we are right on time we are releasing the
features when we need to release them staking is going to be revolutionary
we’re gonna have the best proof of stake protocol in the game in the game
guaranteed. I don’t know how you feel about this what are your
thoughts 2019 is the year of Cardano. I’m very excited this is a great project
you know if I’m just happy that I had the opportunity to be involved in a
project like this and that you will continue to see me you will continue to
see my face and I’m here for the long run so please let me know if you can
outlast me because I don’t think so I’m planning on living within this ecosystem
so I don’t know how you’re gonna outlast me, but I’d like to see
people that are outlasting me that would be great
but I don’t hold value in Fiat you know of course I have to pay my bills but I
value cryptocurrency a lot more than I do Fiat so I don’t anticipate that I am
going to say oh yeah I’m dollar I have a lot of dollars right now I’d rather say
I have ADA right now that makes me more comfortable the social
paradigm shift is going to happen eventually
especially if cryptocurrencies are adopted so let me know what you think
please like comment and subscribe and until the next video thank you

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