Why I STILL Bought Overwatch on Nintendo Switch, DESPITE The China Controversy

Controversial topics like this are
always very tricky to navigate when it comes down to it you have the moral side
of you saying hey this is what’s right this is what’s wrong when it comes down
to the basic human element of things and I’m with you guys there I’m with
everyone who feels for what’s going on when it comes to Hong Kong and the
issues with China and all the political stuff there I’m right with you you guys
have heard me on my podcast if you didn’t you guys know that I do support
mr. blitz China and what happened and I don’t support when it comes to what
Blizzard did and the punishment now what I’m talking about here guys is the whole
hearthstone hearthstone thing however you say where mr. bliss Chung basically
spoke out saying that he is in favor or he is supporting the people of Hong Kong
in terms of going against China and what is happening there and Blizzard said you
know what you can’t say that they ship them of his ten thousand dollar prize
that he had they ended up giving that back to him after the big fan out lash
but he’s still got suspended instead of for one year originally he got suspended
for six months and also the caster’s dot suspended for one year then once again
backlash then it went down to six months so still a problem there and you know
what guys once again I don’t believe in that I don’t support what they did there
I don’t think that it should have been that harsh when it comes down to the
penalties especially since Blizzard said that hey this has nothing to do with
what’s going on in China and everything when we all know that’s exactly what was
the reason why but even so going by their reasoning I still think that it
was a little bit harsh considering everything that’s going on now I
understand and I get it when it comes to rules and all of that but the moral side
of me always has something to say about that and I understand morally that no I
can’t support what Blizzard has to say on that matter but then again there’s
another side which all of this kind of goes to where people from this whole
hearthstone day in our hearthstone thing are trying to say boycott the most
recent release from Blizzard and now that is overwatch so we’re talking about
a game where this originally came from isn’t even really connected at all when
it comes down to it but it’s pretty much bearing the brunt of that and the game
is over watch on the ten dos which we’ve gotten a lot of
people that are saying hey you should boycott this game we’re not going to be
playing it there’s been events that have been canceled Nintendo has somewhat
distanced themselves from it but not 100% because they still put it up on the
news I guess there wasn’t as much fanfare and everything like that but
Blizzard was the one who canceled the New York press event so there are I
guess from both sides kind of like this is getting kind of hot here with this
whole controversy and it’s very unfortunate because the Nintendo switch
users end up losing out but the biggest reason why I’m still gonna be buying
overwatch on the Nintendo switch or I’ve actually already bought overwatch on the
Nintendo switch is because I personally feel that despite Blizzard saying what
they said and me disagreeing and all that I can still separate what’s going
on here I can still separate who worked on this and to be honest we’re not
really hurting Blizzard by not picking up overwatch on the Nintendo switch
Blizzard has already made tons as in millions maybe billions or whatever the
case is off of overwatch they’ve sold so many copies on the PlayStation for the
Xbox one and also the PC the Nintendo switch releases pretty much just that
extra little thing out there just because the system was selling and
because fans were saying hey maybe we should get this so really this was done
because of their good faith in iron galaxy and what they’ve done with them
before iron galaxy is the company behind Skyrim port on the Nintendo switch they
also did Diablo 3 for the Nintendo switch as well and now they have this
game and I’ve been doing a little bit of digging and I’ve been talking to people
and things like that and really this people boycotting it Blizzard with
overwatch it’s not really boycotting Blizzard when it comes down to it and to
be honest the person that’s hurt the most here by this so-called boycott of
it because of the whole controversy with everything is iron galaxy they’re the
company that made the game they’re the company that’s going to be getting
royalties off of this game they’re the company that’s going to be feeding their
families based off of the work that they do now of course they get paid through
the development of the game but based on how the game sells they get bonuses and
incentives and all of that for their employees iron galaxy is one
of the bigger ended indie developers out there I guess you can call them they’re
really kind of like a port studio but they’re any developers well they’ve
developed some games here and they’re not necessarily the best ones but
they’re switch ports have been amazing and I kind of feel that it’s unfair to
punish essentially not Blizzard because Blizzard already has all the money
they’ve already made everything off of overwatch already again all the loot box
money which I didn’t even mention when I talked about the sales but loot box
money from the PlayStation 4 Xbox one and also PC with this switch version
here it’s really just hurting iron galaxy and iron galaxy is a company that
I have a lot of respect for iron galaxy is a company that literally had nothing
to do with this whole controversy outside of them doing their work on
overwatch on the Nintendo switch and by me saying well I’m not gonna cover it or
I’m not gonna buy the game and I’m not going to do this just because of what
this company Blizzard had to say I think it hurts iron galaxy more than anything
it hurts their employees it hurts what’s going on there I’m not
sure if I’m hurting Blizzard as more of I’m actually hurting iron galaxy because
blizzards already made billions and millions of dollars off of what they’re
doing with overwatch this switch version isn’t going to be the big money driver
and money maker because they’ve already have a huge install base on the
PlayStation 4 the Xbox one and PC who are gonna continue pouring money and
pouring money into that game because they just like the game and they still
have their overwatch League which is an on switch they still have all their
other things that they’re going to be doing that Blizzard has World of
Warcraft there’s just so many things that’s going on this really is just for
the switch fans this really is just for iron galaxy this is for them as a
company if this game does well they can continue to get more contracts they can
get more money they can hire more people and they can continue making amazing
switch versions of bigger games out there and if I say you know I’m not
going to support them because of this thing right here that Blizzard did
that’s really no sweat off of blizzards back at all to be honest
and like I stated it’s just hurting iron galaxy and I don’t want her iron galaxy
now one thing that you can do obviously I think like the PlayStation 4 and the
Xbox one the loop boxes and all that if you played those maybe that’s one thing
that you can say hey maybe I’m not gonna do that anymore maybe I’m not going to
play this vanilla Blizzard version of a game that was developed by their own
studios but when you talk about a company like iron galaxy and the work
that they did on overwatch and how really you don’t know the Pacific’s in
terms of how much they’re getting paid based off of the copies but I know that
there is for these port studios they want to make sure that these games sell
because there are royalties and there are things kind of mixed into there and
I don’t think this is the type of game that’s going to be a massive sell that’s
gonna make Blizzard like a billion dollars or anything this is really for
iron galaxy contractor work always pretty expensive there so to me it just
hurts then and I don’t wanna her eye on galaxy I want to see them continue to be
better and better I want to see them continue to add team members to the team
and a game like overwatch with the type of status that this has and the install
base of the switch obviously they’re looking at selling a good amount of
units nothing crazy but still selling a good amount of units so they can add to
their team so they can continue getting better because with the next systems
coming out obviously with all the different ps4 and Xbox one games that
are already out there’s a lot more ports there’s a lot more games there’s a lot
more stuff that can come over but iron Galax it needs to continue having money
flowing and needs to continue working on good games and having people purchase
their games in order for them to continue as a studio so I just see this
as hurting iron galaxy and I don’t want to do that now let me make sure that I
make this very clear here guys I don’t agree with what Blizzard did okay I
don’t agree with the decision I don’t like what’s going on there I support the
people that are fighting for their own civil rights and for everything I really
do I just don’t know if this by punishing iron galaxy because I honestly
feel this really punishes them more so than Blizzard easily punishes them I’m
not sure if that’s the way to get your point across I’m not sure if that’s
going to be okay yeah we told them down this game which
wasn’t even originally included right this is all like a hearthstone or
hearthstone thing or whatever right this is a separate type of thing this is
overwatch on the switch you know now that we’re kind of doing this this all
of a sudden hurts them in some way I’m not so sure I’m just not so sure that is
the case at all and I want to make sure that I’m being very fair you know being
very fair to iron galaxy more so than anything I’m not trying to pour sympathy
on Blizzard I mean I understand from a business standpoint I can tell you that
I can ascend from a business standpoint if they were talking to somebody from
China and they’re like hey you know what I’m saying we can’t have this person
saying that you better do something or we’re gonna cut off some money and
they’re looking at it from a business perspective from a stock holder or
shareholder perspective and all that yeah they’re freaking out with something
like this obviously I’m not on that side of the steak but I understand I’m
looking at it just from the consumer side I’m looking at it from my moral
side which I can’t agree with them but at the same time I can look over from
iron galaxy and those people they’ve got kids right they’ve got mouths to feed
they’ve got a place that they gotta pay for they’ve got stuff and taken away
from them because that’s what the switch port is it’s for iron galaxy it’s for us
to switch fans you know it’s not because they need to make a ton of money or
anything it’s not like they’re going to make a gazillion dollars off of this
right so this is for the fans out there and really taken away that opportunity
to that iron galaxy got taken away what could potentially bring them you know
more team members or bring them higher quality of life or more ports or
whatever the case is I’m just not sure if that’s the right call now that this
was an in-house Blizzard made version of the game and it’s just hey we’re just
stacking on more to our profits all that goes to us you know everything loot
boxes all that then I can understand that you know maybe I’d have a different
take on it but it’s the fact that it’s iron galaxy it’s the fact that they’re
still trying to get better at their craft it’s the fact that they took a lot
of time to make this game I think it took him about a year so they’ve been
working really hard or they worked really hard on the game to throw it all
down the drain but something that they didn’t really have anything to do with
you know they’re just working it’s very unfortunate on both sides all around
it’s very unfortunate I also feel that if you decide that you don’t want to
that’s cool you know I’m not here to say whether you should
or you shouldn’t I mean everybody has their own opinion I’m just giving you
guys my side why I still picked up the game and how I can still support you
know what’s going on when it comes to the moral side of things and I can still
say hey I agree with what Blizzard did you know so I can still kind of do that
but also give my support to iron galaxy which is really that’s where this comes
from so what are you guys this thoughts when it comes to this whole situation I
know we talked about on the PE podcast we talked about it before but I’d love
to hear what you guys have to say down below alright guys that wraps it up for
this video here it’s got the meta description below we got Facebook and
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hit that like button if you did like this video let’s to know you guys want
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will catch you guys for the next one peace

86 thoughts on “Why I STILL Bought Overwatch on Nintendo Switch, DESPITE The China Controversy”

  1. Yeah I don’t agree with what blizzard is doing, but I’m not gonna let their mistakes effect my experience playing Overwatch on switch. I love Overwatch a lot, the switch port is fantastic and I’m having a ton of fun.

  2. I bought it because it was another FPS shooter I could care less about he Hong Kong stuff. Plus it’s a third party game we need to support FPS third party games so, we can have more.

  3. Overwatch on the Switch seems to be doing just fines despite these keyboard warrior protestors. Who all by the way still by Chinese goods. So they also support China. Hypocrites.
    I am also enjoying my copy of Overwatch on the Switch! Great port!!!

  4. It is not that complicated to fix this. Just begin enforce the "no politics" rule for any political opinion going forward. I get it is not ideal for the LGBT/feminist, but it is a safe gaurd to just set up a culture of enjoy the game and keep your personal beliefs/lifestyle out of it. Blizzard can then slow the bleeding down and maybe recover some lost fans. Fans just want consistency in the end. I was not buying Overwatch anyways so i have no opinion on the boycott.

  5. I think is more correct by saying "Blitzchung/Blizzard controversy" rather than "China controversy" lol. Since China has always been a very controversial country.
    Here's the thing, while I respect everybody's opinion on China and Hong Kong protest, but at the end of the day though, as a gamer it's best to talk about video games and leave politics as your own opinion. If I were Blitzchung I wouldn't even participate in any Blizzard tournament to begin with. And as always, boycott rarely works especially on this one.

  6. I respect Blizzard.
    Hope Overwatch on Switch will be enjoyable
    When I discovered this, the port wants to see the strength of the platform

  7. I have always seen it as the fault of the people in the suits who always make these types of choices not the game developers

  8. Send iron Galaxy a check for the amount of royalties they would have received from the copy of OverWatch you bought

  9. All Blizzard needs to do is apologize and de-band the dude. And after that forbid users to use their platform to promote any kind of politics.

    I think it's ridiculous for Blizzard to unintentionally promote the protest situation as such. It doesn't need to be.

  10. IMO, all these boycotting is just petty self service of people making themselves feel good for supporting Blitz. Don't get me wrong, I also support Blitz and the protest against the Chinese gov't in HK. It's just that people don't think things through and they end up being the type of people they're trying to go against.

  11. Diablo sold gang busters on switch, I'm pretty sure they'll know why sales aren't great for switch, and it's not because people didn't want it

  12. I am from Hong Kong. You western people shouldn't support those so called protesters. You're not here to see what they're doing.

  13. I have also purchased overwatch for my switch. I don’t support or condone what Blizzard did but i also don’t agree with people boycotting this game. Simply because if they do based on principle then they should boycott all games with loot boxes and games that exploit players wallets.

  14. I forgot to mention anyone saying they are going to boycott overwatch on the switch should be fully onboard and boycott ALL Blizzard games

  15. when it comes to things like video games/music/movies etc. i always try to separate the politics from their products. I'm going to play the game because i like the game i'm not going to boycott it because of stupid politics.

  16. If somebody wanted to start a go fund me for iron galaxy, if they wanted to give them money directly , that’s fine, but I can’t in good conscience give blizzard my money. Switch may be a drop in the bucket compared to what they make from the other systems, but they are still making this port to profit off the Nintendo Switch user base or else they wouldn’t even be porting this game at all. NO PUBLISHER releases a game without expecting a profit.

    I get why Blitzchung did it, because that’s his home, & he felt the need to contribute. He’s not like the average gamer who yells about censorship because they saw it in a meme or something, he’s watching his home land, that he grew up in change for the worst from his prospective.

    Blizzard isn’t even invested in the Switch, because the “ physical edition” isn’t even on a game card. not buying overwatch is the very least I could do.

    Also, there is always talk about how panic buttons & these port studios are backed up w/ offers, so Iron Galaxy will be fine if overwatch flops.

  17. I lost interest when I saw it wasnt cross platform. Plus I already bought it twice on PC, Blizzard should lay low for a while let this controversy die down then put cross platform Hearthstone out.

  18. My first dislike for you. Iron Galaxy can libe with one bad selling of a game. So it's ok for you people being beat up just because they don't wanna be a part of a comunist tyrant country as China?

  19. Nothing really is going on in China is just a colored revolution made and run by USA as every other colored or so called spring revolutions.

  20. It’s definitely a shame for iron galaxy to be stuck in this controversy. I thought about getting it to support Iron Galaxy, but Overwatch falls into the genre I really dislike so it’s hard to justify the purchase to myself.

  21. I don’t care about over watch or that type of game. So I wouldn’t have bought it anyways, but I definitely won’t support blizzard anymore until they clean up their act.

  22. The problem is that people agree with what he said. If he said something pro China and anti Hong Kong people would be outraged if Blizzard didn't say something. That's why they have to enforce the rules every time.

  23. Yeah Blizzard is stupid as hell for what they done, but "boycotting" the switch port of over watch won't do crap. If y'all internet protesters wanna make some type of impact, then stop supporting Hearthstone.

  24. Thank you homieeeee! This is exactly what I have been saying!! Overwatch team isn't the one in the blame. Don't hurt hard working developers for something their asshole CEO's (Blizzard) have done. I actually bought 2 copies of Overwatch for Switch just to make sure the Overwatch team is supported. One physical and one digital. ? thank you for your video. We need more of this. Listen to this man!

  25. I'm sorry about saying this, but I honestly don't care about what's happening with Blizzard or China or whatever. I just wanna play video games.

  26. I still bought it because I love overwatch and the devs of the game had nothing to do with it ans I wanna support their hard work and more games on switch

  27. Feed the evil beast. Or punish the innocent dev's. Not a fun choice.

    Cause if you criticize and give them money it tells the executives we should keep being dirty douchebags. Firing hundreds of our employees, disrespecting long time fans, praying on fans with microtransactions being snuck in and silencing speech.


  28. Nice vid PE Ninja Master. There is nothing wrong with getting Overwatch guys cuz it's still a good get for the Switch and a decent Port aswell but I would wait for a price drop tho.

  29. and its probably not the actual devs that made the bad mistake its the blizzard higher ups that made the actual mistake

  30. Im sorry man but this port of the game is damn good i had to pick it up. Ive been been picking up eveey major release this season. The only people who are getting affected is Iron Galaxy and the players.

  31. I guarantee every single company in the United States has Chinese product and has business in China. But y'all are still wearing clothing made in China. ??‍♂️

    All it is just American entitlement plain and simple! Crybaby asses.

  32. I'm still gonna buy Overwatch on Switch, I've been waiting for this, regardless the drama. Ima probably wait for a sale tho, $40 is kinda steep and hopefully they release a 60 fps patch down the line like Paladins has.

  33. im really curious for the people so outraged over this, are you equally boycotting apple, google, facebook, nike, NBA, ect? not ot mention the fact that USA is still doing trade talks with china.
    The US is a spew of controversy as well are you boycotting companies based there? this anger is misplaced and ultimately doesnt reach nor impact the people making these decisions.

  34. biggest reason Im not picking it up on switch is theres no cross progress apparently. so all the skins I have on pc I wont have here and so on

  35. I got mine thanks to a friend. So yeah… I will support this game since I already have done so on the PS4. May as well on the Switch.

  36. Na chief. Im not supporting that. If they still get our money they don't care about anything beyond that. Have a blessed one ??

  37. Umm.. Do you really think blizzard isn't getting any money from this? At the end of the day this is A BLIZZARD product, no matter which way you spin it. I just can't get behind the logic that "well they already made millions so it doesn't matter". Also, Iron Galaxy Will be fine, money speaks volumes and there's too many people already being apathetic towards this whole situation, making a million excuses for themselves in order to justify buying a game. It just makes me sick that people are willing to boycott a sports game due to lootboxes, but Will bend the knee when it comes to literally a human rights issue.

    I put over 400 hours on overwatch on the xbox one version and Will never be picking it up again, unless blizzard does a complete 180°.

    Play the game if you want, but always keep your integrity.

  38. At the end, you can buy or not but the game. Big wigs at Blizzard are still making money at the end, so you boycotting one game isn’t gonna affect anything drastically. They’re already getting punished by government officials from US and we’re only hurting the developers at the end of the day, who need to meet quotas to put food on the table.

  39. I’m not buying Overwatch on Switch because their physical release is a code instead on a actual cartridge. When you buy physical you should get a actual cartridge.

  40. yeah, i agree with you, but even IF i decide to buy it it wont be for awhile, i still need to finish dragon quest xi, ni no kuni, ghostbusters, and now digimon story and i ahvent even started the witcher yet lmao and next month there wil lbe pokemon my gaming schedule is kind of packed as it is lol

  41. It's also only 30 fps, where Paladins is 60 fps. Another reason not to buy Overwatch on Switch. For now they don't have crossplay, so 30 fps doesn't matter that much, but they are trying to add crossplay. If they add crossplay, 30 fps would become terrible. I'm not supporting a lesser quality game, when we have seen 60 fps ports of Paladins which is basically exactly like Overwatch.

  42. I'm originally from Hong Kong, now lives in London UK. I have families in both Hong Kong and main land China. A question, does anyone actually knows how all this started, and what are the 5 demands the HKs want? I have been following this from the start. I can tell you all in the UK the news media is extremely biased towards China as usual. And of course the media in China isn't telling the whole story. So I went back to HK to see my sister, her husband and my nephews for the past 4 weeks. I can tell you all it ain't all one sided. From my own experience and with some very good independent non bias media, both sides are taking it to far. A lot people on YouTube are calling, 'liberate' HK, 'Freedom' to the people? I can say HKs are free, I have a home there and go back for a few weeks every year, I can do what ever I wanted, it's not like North Korea. No one is forcing people to be this religion, women are allowed to drive, to wear what they want. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter all haven't been banned, unlike main land China. I can also say a lot of the HK citizens are very annoyed with the protesters. Causing major problems for small businesses, shops, restaurant owners, they are losing money. Some small shops and restaurants have closed down due to vandalism, all because the owner is Chinese. People, young and old are getting assaulted because they are Chinese. Some Schools are closed because threats have been made, because they have Chinese students (kids). Celebrities are get assaulted for speaking out against the rioters for vandalism. Some public transport are closed after protest vandalism, the thing funny is HKs were complaining they couldn't get to work. Well stop destroying things. Hong Kong wants to be able to elect their own and govern themselves like pre 1997 under UK. Right sounds good, until you realise under Britain, HK people didn't vote. All the people that governs Hong Kong was elected by the UK Parliament which is the same as it now. I am not on either side, but at this moment HK protesters needs to calm down. People, shops, cars, properties are getting smashed up just because they disagree with their version of democracy. I know this a long post I wanted to give some insight into this unfortunate situation, from a non bias view. And violence is not the way. Check out 'Global Times' for updates. Also how come no one is condemning Spain, over the Catalan's protest? The Catalan's have been asking and protesting for their freedom longer than HK, where's all the boycotting against Spain? Double standards.

  43. Nintendo didn't hit china market as much yet, I think that's why they back off from advertising overwatch that much or at all. ?

  44. Thank you. And can I also add that this also hurts Nintendo. Overwatch isn't your typical Fortnite, or Warframe that are F2P. This game needs to sell well if we wanna see big Western shooters keep coming to Switch.

    Overwatch to me has that same charm and magic as Smash Bros. It feels at home on Nintendo, and boycotting this game just means no more future installments

  45. I like your content buy by not buying Overwatch on the Switch you are 100% still hurting Blizzard. This is money that you are giving them that they would not have if you do not buy the game. If we go down the oh but what about the people that work there route we’ll never hold companies accountable and they’ll keep getting away with B.S. for loot boxes or caving to authoritarian governments.

  46. Good video but I think there’s a difference between wanting to boycott Blizzard to hurt them and refuse to support them for ethical reasons. Because let’s be honest,we all know that not buying this game in particular will not hurt Blizzard, so most people don’t want to support them for ethical reasons. Regarding Iron Galaxy, let’s be honest too , one port that don’t sell well won’t hurt them THAT much so I don’t feel so bad about it knowing that I will support other port they will do from other companies. So that’s my way of thinking since you asked about our opinion in the comment section ?.

  47. Sacrifices must be made, and many innocence will take hits.

    Not buying OverWatch on the switch would hurt iron Galaxy, AND it would also be a warning to other companies to not work for blizzard. You can buy any other Iron Galaxy ports you want, all you have to do is avoid blizzard and accuvision games. You can even take your time to sent messages to Iron Galaxy explaining the position and even support them when they port another game.

  48. If Overwatch had a single player component like Splatoon, I would pick it up. I know the Switch version isn't the best performing but I hear people are having fun playing it in portable mode.

  49. Here’s the thing, if the roles were reversed and Iron Galaxy was porting this for PS4 under the same situation, this video wouldn’t exist. OJ is only taking this “angle” because it’s the Switch and he’s a fanboy.

    If it’s all about “supporting the family” then he needs to buy every game ported by a third party. The real story is this: OJ wants to buy Switch third party games, even though he has said tons of times he doesn’t play this type of game, so it continues to get them, a practice that he has condemned for years.

  50. I'm a long time fan of Blizzard's games. Diablo 1 and 2, Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1 and 2, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and yes Even WoW, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

    Did I or will I buy Overwatch on Switch? Probably not for a variety of reasons. While the china controversy certainly is very much in my consciousness? I look at the fact that I already own Overwatch on PC. It's a multiplayer centric game and requires you to be connected online which kind of detracts from the appeal of the Switch as a hybrid device somewhat. If I have to be connected online at home or whatever? I may as well play it on my PC. It's quite different from say the Witcher 3 which suddenly can be played anywhere without such constraints (Another game I already played through twice on PC). The fact that the Witcher 3 dropped the very same day as Overwatch didn't help Overwatch's prospects either.
    Now with that being said? I already have Warcraft 3 reforged prepurchased (purchased before the whole controversy occured). Hearthstone though is another story. When I had cards that I enjoyed in that game as part of my collection actively have their artwork changed to appease China's censorship (despite Blizzard saying this was not the case), I lost any interest in further supporting said free to play game. Why would I when the cards or items I attain can be changed at Blizzard/China's whim?

    As someone that also owns Overwatch on PC? I will think twice before making any kind of in game purchase as a result of this. As far as supporting the devs? There are other ways of doing so. Because at the end of the day? Your purchase of the game largely benefits one entity and that is the corporation i.e. Activision/Blizzard. While Iron Galaxy did handle the game? It could for all we know have been contract work where they were given an up front fee for doing so.

  51. Oh damn. China breathing down their necks does sound like why Blizzard might do that. Wish they took the ban off completely and sure they probably would want to but China making it dicier than it needs to be. Interesting thought

    Impressions I get is China tends to go all the way about things of this nature (a certain horror game accidentally leaving in offensive imagery)

  52. Iron Galaxy isn't getting hurt. More than likely, Blizzard already paid them. Which means, that Iron Galaxy will not be getting paid by consumers for the actual Switch sales. That's my understanding.

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