Why I Choose Bitcoin Cash

I choose a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash over
everything. Right now the best form of this comes in the
form of Bitcoin Cash, which holds the ticker BCH on nearly all exchanges. My name is Collin Enstad, I have lived in
the United States my entire life. I am a freelance director / cinematographer
/ steadicam operator. I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 during
its bubble, where it peaked at $1200. I think my first buy was around $150 but I
only bought a little bit, as much as I could afford being a broke college student. I made some money and bought things with it,
like this weird camera rig. Of course part of the adoption of bitcoin
is caused by people speculating trying to make money off of it. But I realized I had real utility, I could
use it as money. An investment that is liquid as hell. Awesome. I asked an innocent question in late 2015
on the uncensored bitcoin subreddit, /r/btc: “ELI5: Why do so many people insist on a
small block size?”. I received great answers, such as Blockstream’s
role in taking over the development, how Peter Todd is still trying to this day to kill 0-confirmation
transactions, and how the Core devs were restricting the base layer to push a second one that they
claimed would be even better than the actual blockchain. All of these points still hold true to this
day. I even recognize many of the names in the
thread from back then with people I still talk to today. I even had some post calling out theymos,
the king of censorship, around this time. How things have… not changed. The more I dig up the more obvious the manipulation
of public opinion. Again, this was in 2015 this was all being
called out, four years ago. That’s almost half of bitcoin’s lifetime. Crypto is really just politics, but on a time
scale which seems thousands of times faster. I was always a big blocker. 1MB is tiny. It’s less data than a second of this video. It seemed a majority of the community back
in 2015 was for bigger blocks too. How a small group of Core developers took
over and sabotaged the bitcoin experiment with never-ending small blocks will be quite
the interesting case study in history class. I’m still trying to fully wrap my head around
how Gavin, the person Satoshi entrusted with the keys to the bitcoin code, was pushed out
and ostracized for wanting the logical solution, bigger blocks. It’s a story that takes a long time to tell,
and involves a Fake Satoshi. I’m currently working on a feature length
documentary about the shitshow that is bitcoin’s history. The REAL down and dirty bitcoin politics,
not some loud mouth troll showing up on TV spouting nonsense. So the fork happened in August 2017 and the
big block version, Bitcoin Cash, did not win over the hearts and minds of investors. Immediate ridicule from the Core folks ensued,
as was par for the course. “Bcash is trash” was their mantra, in
an attempt to rip the word bitcoin out of its name. Now remember, theymos really ramped up his
censorship on /r/bitcoin in 2015. Reddit was THE spot to talk bitcoin, and theymos’
actions make him, in my opinion, the single biggest influence in this entire Scaling War. Go to any post from back then about theymos
increasing “moderation” and look at how many people vehemently opposed it. One of bitcoin’s main properties is censorship-resistance,
but apparently once you leave the protocol layer you also abandon all of its ethos. When your tactics resort to silencing the
opposition you know your arguments are not on solid ground. If they were, they would let all the dissent
come their way and evaporate before them in the face of truth. But no. The block and ban buttons are used as a form
of religious piety. This itself was a huge red flag that something
was wrong with Bitcoin. As a recent concrete example of manipulation,
My latest video criticizing the lightning network was the top post on /r/btc, until
a week old news story broke about the Twitter CEO, Jack, buying a hardware wallet suddenly
unseated it. This Jack story was in a hostile sub and it
gained the top spot in an hour. Mods deleted the post shortly after. The account had a history of vote botting. Proof Of Social Media. Par for the course for those against peer
to peer cash. And this… this is where I just get angry. BTC does not work as a reliable form of cash,
yet it’s still pushed on unsuspecting noobs, many who now go to the bcash sunday service. These social media influencers have 10s of
thousands of followers that they preach the good word to… surely this many people wouldn’t
listen to someone who was just fundamentally wrong! This market is immature and frankly, just
dumb. I really woke up to all of this when all of
a sudden I was paying $1 for a transaction fee in early 2017. This is NOT what I signed up for. My money should not disappear every time I
want to move it. When Bitcoin Cash forked, I was all in, literally
with my still tiny stash and figuratively from an ideological perspective. Does this give me investment bias? Probably, but again, I’m not talking big
money here. Irregardless, I do my research and it’s
the only coin I can confidently put my money in. I know what it is trying to do is the reason
bitcoin was created in the first place, which is… what again? Oh yeah, to give everyone in the world an
opportunity to be their own bank. To give people the ability to transact with
anyone in the world without the need of a third party, even if they make less than $2
a day. That is bitcoin. I kept diving deeper into the rabbit hole. Surely everyone couldn’t be this deluded…
but they were. Advocating for the sensible thing of raising
the blocksize and how BCH is a legitimate version of Bitcoin on social media has been
tiring. I don’t know how some of these trolls are
so active and just… hostile. I grew up with the internet, part of the first
generation that had social media for their entire middle and high school experience. But these bitcoin guys man, the most toxic
I have ever seen. You must have thick skin if you even think
about having independent thought in crypto. It’s sad. I have no doubt there are people whose full-time
job it is to sow up disagreement and strife within those who want to see Bitcoin be the
world money. There’s even evidence of In November of 2017 I made a commercial for
BCH with the help of the Bitcoin Cash Association. It was a high quality commercial in a barber
shop which showed bitcoin being used as cash. Response from the community was great, and
I found myself in Tokyo a couple months later shooting the Satoshi’s Vision Conference,
where many of the Bitcoin Cash community attended. I interviewed most of the top leaders in BCH
during that time period for my documentary… including Craig Wright. This man seemed to come out of nowhere and
was a huge advocate of Bitcoin Cash. He had charisma, no doubt, even when his Satoshi
claims were iffy. I think the BCH community sided with him because
he was so anti-core. An enemy of an enemy is your friend. And since this “friend” was very aggressive
and outspoken towards the cause, many were willing to let his shadiness slide. But very quickly after this conference ACTUAL
bitcoin devs, who actually work on and understand the bitcoin protocol, started calling him
out on his lies. It was hard to admit you’d been duped, but
here we all are. Then, of course he forked off into his own
coin months later, and his fraud lives on. Then comes the altcoin arguments. “If you don’t like BTC so much just use
nano? DASH is the real peer to peer cash! Lol noob do you even cardano?” Well, since BCH has the same transaction history
dating back to the genesis block in 2009, one could argue the distribution of the coin
is more decentralized than any of the altcoins, since it has been around the longest. I’m a strong believer in Proof of Work as
well. Although BCH has much less hashpower than
BTC, it has been shown how a significant portion of hash would move to BCH in defense of a
malicious actor, like we saw in the hashwar. The miners like Bitcoin Cash, but they mostly
follow profits, and this means mining BTC and BCH at the same rate as the price ratio
between them. Now that BCH is free from its former crippled
blocksize, most things the altcoins can do, BCH could implement itself. Even things like the lightning network would
work muchhhh better on Bitcoin Cash due to the small fees to open and close channels. Bitcoin was meant to be the one crypto that
ruled them all, absorbing the best altcoin features. Vitalik Buterin figured out this was not the
case any more, and he ran off to make Ethereum in 2015 after much fighting with the Core
devs. So here I find myself, in March 2019, still
a supporter of Bitcoin Cash. You can feel the creative and grassroots energy
of people who just want to build. I hear the Bitcoin OGs say its the same spirit
that bitcoin had it in its early days. People that CARE about making bitcoin great
again. And of course, the small blocks made building
apps difficult for devs, as the high fees and slow confirmations could disable some
applications who relied on cheap and fast transactions. Full blocks cause unreliability. And if you’re a dev and want to build an
app, why in the hell would you use a base protocol that can suddenly cost $50 for a
single use. If BCH stops being the best form of P2P cash,
make no mistake, I would drop support. I’m not a blind follower and am always looking
to challenge my beliefs. Tokens, Decentralized handles, Badger Wallet,
tips.cash, CashShuffle, Satoshidice… the list goes on. So many of these projects are just now hitting
the Bitcoin Cash market, and wallets are trying to catch up and implement these features as
fast as they can. It’s still early in Bitcoin Cash’s development
life, and the energy within the community is the same one I felt when I first got into
it, vibrant, full of hope for a better future, and now with an added tenacity to make sure
that no bad actors can once again destroy the vision of Peer to Peer cash for the entire

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  1. We had a friend, a talking man
    Who spoke of many powers he had
    Not of the best of men, but ours
    We used him
    We let him use his powers

  2. What I like about your videos is you’re still the only normal type guy I’ve seen around that is all in for BCH so it has good perspective. I’ve never met anyone else or seen anyone on Twitter that’s like I’ve checked out all the crypto and BCH is my favorite but also you have just a regular normal freelance job. Excited for the full documentary.

  3. I support Bitcoin Cash because it has a roadmap for scaling that makes sense and I agree with. It's that simple. Blockstream's plans for BTC is celebration of $50 fees per transaction. Just use your brain – would YOU pay $50 per transaction?? If you say 'Yes' because you believe you are paying for higher security, then you are misguided. The Bitcoin Whitepaper talks about how high security is spread out across millions of transactions – so you can have LOW fees AND high security.

  4. It's more soft forkers vs hard forkers, then smaller blockers vs big blockers. BTC will get bigger blocks at some stage although BCH seems to heading towards infinite blocks, Bitcoin will still have a limit on the blocksize.

  5. Everyone from ogs to noobs should watch this video. It's a great overview of what happened, why we have BTC and BCH and why there is growing support for BCH.

  6. Buy real Bitcoin guys! Watch out for scams! Real Bitcoin is 5,200 as I speak and going to 10k. Big money wants in since low 3k.

  7. The ability to "fork off" is the single most important feature of the blockchain. Like the internet, it allows us to completely bypass the bad actors, and continue on the path of making a truly great crypto, worthy of worldwide adoption. Thanks for your video.

  8. Bitcoin whil bi on the etf and bakkt and fiddely not bitcoin cash its altcoin buy 1 bitcoin men you whil bi fine

  9. It is so obvious in hindsight how dishonest what I call "the troll army" has been all along. It is still ongoing and very professionally orchestrated. I am still unpacking lies I believed such as "the majority of BTC supporters prefer tiny blocks" (Im not talking about BCH supporters here), Crypto prices
    "follow" BTC, BTC is more secure than BCH, BTC is a store of value, BTC would scale for the people of the world using the Lightning Network, BTC was still Bitcoin, … Of course many of the lies were obvious from the start. The obvious ones helped me see through the less obvious ones I had fallen for. I have been working to wake up people about the dishonest assumptions many of us still believe in. I wrote a bit on the history:

  10. You guys are fucked…read a law book for a clue, read the u.c.c code, u guys are clueless, bitcoin was abandoned by sn for legal reasons, when abc or btc CHANGE the base code by ADDING to it in anyway constitutes central control and therefore it is an unregistered security… wake up children, civilization REQUIRES LAW to EXIST… don't like law, get out the country, drop the citizenship, don't use the mail system or any fiat for any reason, anything less is hypocrisy. BITCOIN SV IS THE ONLY BITCOIN ON EARTH AND IT WAS CREATED BY CRAIG WRIGHT AND DAVE KLEIMAN.

  11. BCH was the first crypto I bought, why? it was easy and it just kinda made sense more than the others which looked more like futures. I am a tradesman and retailer and like the idea I can trade in BCH. I can repair some windows and get BCH and then go buy some thing else.!!

  12. I’m all about Bitcoin but can’t deny bitcoin cash is more realistic when it comes to practical use. I’m all over bitcoin cash and don’t own any btc as of right now.

  13. 4:30 Hard to argue with that. I use to not like bch until I started learning about it on my own. I mean wow I can TEXT one of my no-coiner friends with a dollar or a few pennies in bch on CoinText and it is a little easier for them to use it then regular bitcoin. Fast, cheap, smart contracts, mining reward halvings, great outreach program going on. I'm hedging with multiple cryptos, BCH is one of them. And one of the best parts is I can directly spend it.

  14. Thank you so much for making this video. It feels good to realize you are sane in a world where so many people are delusional.

  15. What is your take on Stellar Lumens? It sounds pretty good as a mass form of exchange of wealth. My largest investment is in BCH however and where most of my confidence is.

  16. Anyone holding Bitcoin Cash today will be happy they did very soon. Bitcoin Cash is the future of worldwide money!

  17. Hi Collin
    Found your video based on that BCH tipping website you created. I want to hear your opinions on not why BCH>BTC but more so BCH over other similiar cryptocurrencies. You talked about it shortly in this video but I want to hear more. I feel like coins like BTC, BCH and LTC all have the same purpose (except BTC which is slowly just becoming hodl'ing for profit) sending money. Now BCH and LTC are both trying to do the exact same thing as BTC but just faster. I'm currently holding a bigger part on BTC than BCH. Now I understand your points in the first part of the video but as you said there are even cheaper and faster options out here right *now*. So most people's argument against BTC is that it's slow and expensive. Okay so the fix is BCH but compare that to Nano and then BCH is the new BTC.
    What I'm trying to say is that I know that BTC is pretty bad in practice but it's also the first one and I know as people will enter the market the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. So I think Bitcoin safely will rise in price for still some time if you believe in the whole crypto thing. Now will it still exist in say 5, 10 years? Maybe so but probably not the 1. coin in the market and most likely not the go-to p2p cryptocurrency to send money with but do I think BCH will take that spot instead? Probably not either I think it will probably be new technology replacing them both. So while BCH is better than BTC yes there are also coins better than BCH. Want to hear how a longer transaction history means safe/more decentralised and why proof of work is any good?

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  19. Thank you so much for making these videos. This one and your Lightning Network video woke me up to the value of BCH over BTC. It’s remarkable how much brainwashing there is in the echo chamber of BTC. Do you think eventually BCH could overtake BTC in price? Keep up the great work.

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  21. Great vid, solid reasoning from your perspective without drama, and hate. Its all about decentralized peer-to-peer money without bank interference. I believe the Hash-rate will get there, once the main stream starts realizing the potential of this crypto

  22. Bitcoin Cash can help to effectively bank the unbanked; many millions of those that are effectively unbanked earn less than $2 per day.

  23. Nice work, but I'll stick with Nano until bitcoin gets rid of the inflation, in about 120 years. I don't want to pay anyone my value every 10 minutes just for holding a coin.

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