Why I bought 800 ETHOS Bitquence Cryptocurrency

[Applause] ladies and gentlemen hmm I am back with the throat-clearing self that I am the Krypto crow thank you everybody for joining me I tell you what the past 24 hours have been completely and utterly mind-numbing I have I woke up this morning kind of sick I was my throat's been no swollen and I've been just a mess and I wrote I woke up really rough and it wasn't till later this afternoon when I really started to like okay like whatever it was it's kind of going away I don't know if I was coming down with something and I beat it or like I actually slept with a fan on my head last night so I don't think I'm doing that again tonight I think that might have been a big part of it it's winter but it was so hot upstairs you got the basement first floor second floor I mean hot air rises me and they got pretty hot up there but I have I have received probably 60 applications on my site for those of you wanting help with investments and I mean it's been nuts I mean between applications on my website Facebook messages on my face on my fan page or the crypto CRO page and my personal page text messages and emails I've probably received like a hundred and twenty five and for those of you who are among those know this I am I'm happy to out you know I hadn't received so many I actually got fused up reading one guy's email to me and uh you know it's look I'm here to be helpful and I and I really want to help everybody that I can obviously we're all going to be sharing the same goal to make a million bucks in 2018 or more and I'm absolutely an utterly committed to that in any way that I could help you know we grow together that's the it's passion a prophet man that's that's what I'm all about here and but some of these emails are really blegh heart like if you like I don't know what to say other than I don't want to know that stuff like here's the thing and I and I told this guy the same thing you know the cryptocurrency space is extremely volatile I have no way of predicting what's gonna happen over the course of a year and that's ultimately what I'm planning all these investments on is to basically hold everything for a minimum of a year really for no other reason than the capital gains tax just getting a leg up on that and you know anything could happen in a year there are a lot of fun operators out there talking about you know oh bitcoins a bubble all coins the bubble you know they're I saw this one guy today on YouTube just he did this live Channel about for this live video talking about just all this like everything is down everything is terrible you know everything's gonna blow up and people are gonna commit suicide because they're gonna lose everything look I I basically said stupid people do stupid things with their money whether it's gonna be cryptocurrency or scratch off tickets I mean let's face it you can't protect stupid people from themselves no offense stupid people but you're out there and you do a lot of dumb stuff and it really isn't anything anybody else can do about it to me cryptocurrency is not a stupid thing to me it is a revolution of technology that's taking over everything that a lot of these old guys know of as present as the the current market the current trade trends all that it's taken over and there are gonna be so many people out there spreading fun and and and I hate saying that that word but just spreading negativity about things that they even if they understand it maybe they feel they've missed the mark so they would rather just spread all this negativity about it and hope it crashes so they can all sit around saying we told you so I don't know what their motives are but whatever I don't know what you know I guess the world needs you to at the end of the yang so to speak but listen into some of these people is extremely annoying another thing real quick before I get too deep if you can see this I've had this I thought I have been using this this entire time no and and I still haven't worked out all of them because I'm working with OBS and there's still a different way to set it all up then I used to run this microphone because I used to run everything into audacity and really tune everything out make it sound great I'm not a hundred percent sure what you guys are gonna be hearing but I'm just gonna go with it I know there was a little bit of a hum I'm gonna try and get it get rid of that in the next video but yeah it turns out the cable went bad so everything I've been recording for the past several weeks has been off my little webcam microphone and I was thinking why does it sound like hell and everybody's like man dude get a mic and I'm like I have a great microphone I don't know what you're talking about no it was using my webcam mic so sorry about that hopefully this sounds a little better and I'm gonna continue to fine-tune it I downloaded some additional software that I'm using now and I'm just kind of experimenting over time you're gonna see this channel get much much better but anyway why I bought ethos so here's the thing I bought ethos at $2 I think I got it a couple weeks ago it's already up to four four bucks and fifty nine cents and this thing so that I you know a lot of you guys are gonna know this used to be called bit quints and then they've rebranded and merged and done a bunch of stuff and became ethos and this this this company is I don't know what to say absolutely phenomenal so several months ago I was actually I had this huge epiphany on something that I wanted to create in the crypto space which was the simple coin okay and I you know I've kind of left that especially for now I may come back to it in the future but now I'm working on moon runner which is much more realistic and we're you know development is coming and it's you know that's happening right but but zenpo coin was supposed to be a universal wallet pool where you know and it seemed like nobody really understood what the hell I was talking about so I tried to create an animated video explaining it I just people still didn't get it in a nutshell Zampa coin was gonna be a universal wallet pool where people would put crypto currencies into this central pool almost like a Bank right and let's say you put in aetherium and and I had litecoin but I needed aetherium to invest in an ICO or for whatever reason I needed aetherium I could actually spend your aetherium while giving you light coin at the same exact time like instantly and then complete a transaction using your aetherium in my name and you could you could you would be able to turn on and off what coins you want to contribute to the pool maybe coins that you want but coins you don't want hoping somebody has them and wants to make a trade that sort of thing but it's all done like instantaneously it's this universal wallet pooling and nobody is still doing that yet and I still think it's actually a really good idea and there's a little bit more to it but ultimately it was all about having a universal wallet system that my friends is what ethos is all about and ethos is really a platform that that's honestly expected to take over coinbase now coin basis is seemingly adding you know different some more coins here and there but it looks like ethos is trying to establish a platform where everything goes like every you know it's a beautiful mobile app so let's just before we get to head you can you should read this white paper but you know I actually saw some more stuff about ethos recently on and I do watch a lot of Superman's videos so I love his videos I mean the guy is he's dead on a lot of us I mean he got into ethos that ICO I did not and you know he has been pumping it and plugging it and going you know updating everybody on it and it's he's he's I think he's absolutely right I mean this is gonna be huge in 2018 so and that's kind of my point even though it's at 4:59 right now if this coin when this launches when this platform launches you are actually going to find more people adopting this and leaving ethos and what's gonna happen is this app so this app is its social it'll it it stores your keys it stores everything and it basically allows you to do everything at anything you need to do in cryptocurrency all from one central hub which is going to be extremely powerful and looting exchanging crypto for fiat and so that is going to basically overrun coinbase because the one big thing about ethos is it's free coinbase is extremely expensive if you don't know how to use the g tax exchange which most people don't even know any exists most people think well all right you know I want to buy some aetherium so then even newbies like brand new people who just never did this before I tell them look go to coinbase you know here's an affiliate link because it gets both of us ten dollars in free Bitcoin when you confirm a bank account right even before you spend anything I'm pretty sure and and it's a very easy way of converting US currency into into CRM into crypto Bitcoin etherium I think litecoin and I think Bitcoin cash and I in their rumored to add ripple soon so but it's so expensive because it's so easy to do they charge you I mean I don't even remember exactly how much it is but I mean you could you could easily pay like 50 60 bucks just buying like a colorful aetherium I think and ethos I don't think is going to be doing that I think ethos is basically a free platform and I don't know there are still details that I'm not fully aware of yet I need to do some more digging into ethos I'm just familiar with what the general plan is and how far they've come and what's happening but this this here gives you kind of a basic idea it's a universal wallet secure key management the liquidity network deposit withdrawal send or exchange any of your assets instantly with maximum liquidity powered by the ethos liquidity network mobile first global ready managing money monitor your coins on the move + ethos is free to send to any phone number email or ethos ID one-click diversification instantly diversify your holdings into several different currencies diversifying risk and enabling customized exposure to the cryptocurrency market set to split yourself or use preset baskets for idea generation and people-powered level leverage the power of the crowd and invest smarter with which rich community consensus features basically they're saying look the community is going to help die you into what you should be buying now that that's cool but if I listen to the public that I see all the time in different groups and forums and telegram groups and Facebook groups everything else you're gonna buy every point out there with an affiliate link and your your I I don't listen to other people unless I know they they're onto something and even then like in this case I'm a little late to the game that's fine I'd rather be late than show up never show up at all but I definitely like to be comfortable and and make sure that I'm investing wisely because honestly you know and this goes for me too it goes for anybody on YouTube a lot of people love to shell coins and and I'm gonna be very honest with you especially after yesterday I mean my youtube channel grew from like 6,000 people to over 10,000 people quite literally over this last night and I'm already getting I cos wanting to pay me to talk about their icos and you know look I get it and I'm all for it I'm all about I'll let you pay me I'm not you know I'm for sale but my integrity is it so if I go and I read your white paper and I look through I tell I told to today I said look I'm gonna read through your white paper I'm gonna check it out if it's something that I would personally invest in or am interested in investing in then then yeah you can pay me I'll do a video on it but and I think so moving forward all of you that see this I'm probably going to be doing a series of these videos where you know why I bought ethos why I bought den why I bought whatever but if there's a star on the thumbnail if there's like a yellow star in the top-left of the thumbnail that is I'm telling you somebody paid me to make that video it does not mean that I am NOT all for you know the coin but it I am being paid and that's kind of and I'll probably just let everybody know in the videos as well but I figure I'll let everybody know this right now you know I want to put a little stars if I if I decide to go with any of these I cos out of the two that were pitch to me today one of them I think is actually good so but anyway moving forward these are all the features everything that you can come to expect from ethos look you know Superman said in a recent video that ethos you know if it does you know like if coinbase were if point-based had its own cryptocurrency he'd probably be a thousand dollar coin which I agree I think he's right and if ethos takes that over 2018 could be a redonkulous year for ethos and you know well let's see a thousand bucks who knows if it does well I'll you know I'll make eight hundred thousand dollars so I bought eight hundred of them now granted I bought eight hundred of them see here's the thing I try to find coins on the exchange that I'm interested in buying you know like 15 to two thousand dollars worth of that of that coin and if I cried to get fifteen thousand of those coins ethos it's like no I'm not gonna I don't have the funds to go drop you know 30 grand but you know it's one of those things where if you're trying to diversify a portfolio I think whether you have five or five hundred ethos I think I you know I see it as a very valuable coin do some more digging I mean I they just recently partnered with bit degree which is an ICO I recently invested in I actually got a bunch of clients in the bit degree so you'll know a bit degree launches it goes to the exchanges and spikes through the moon you're gonna know a lot of people that I work that that I work for in the crypto space are making a lot of money and the opposite is true if it crashes and burns well you'll know I'm taking a hit but I think that you know I you know obviously I have my udemy course that just blew up last night as well and I think bid degree is gonna be phenomenal honestly and I haven't done a big video about that yet but I you know I don't want to make this video terribly long it weird 15 minutes I just basically wanted to let you know look if you're if you're talking about 20 and a lot of the stuff I'm focused all about holding for a year everything that I'm talking about it's it's like okay from the first of the year to the last day of the year let's make a million dollars that's kind of what this is all about I think ethos is gonna play a very big role in that and so you know do some research hopefully if you don't know anything about ethos at all you haven't heard about it yet go check it out its ethos IO and I read the white paper get some more information on it and if you feel like it's worthwhile you know join the telegram group all that fun stuff a couple other things real quick oh yeah I did I did I've been getting all the questions how much is your aetherium rig so in what are the stats so I am still selling it I've had a lot of people message me about it but I'm not selling the cheap guy it's like I'm selling it for basically what I build it for it's not like a discount I'll keep it like I don't have a problem keeping it but I'm base it's gonna be four it's four grand plus shipping so if you live somewhere crazy it's probably not going to be worth it you know but it's and I'm actually throwing in the second power supply so I'm not even charging for that but it took me like two weeks to build it configure it properly but it'll crank out like 197 mega hash a second on aetherium so it'll rock out some money it'll pay for itself you know in a little while but it can it can even if you're mining electro Neum I think it'll it'll do like for some 400 something a day of electro Neum so whatever that's worth you multiply 400 times whatever it is which I think right now is only 8 cents but that's it for now I'll be back soon there's some other things but I didn't make any notes cuz I've literally spent the past two hours figuring out what to do about my audio so hopefully it's a little bit better and look thank you guys so much for all your support I mean all my channels my discord everything is blown up also last night I tried a ridiculous aggressive powerhouse setting on profit trailer and this I did not use the add-on because the add-on I think there's some configuration issues with my with the add-on that I was starting to use I'll let it run through the night and really didn't do him a whole lot but I do think it was a configuration because this is this is like trying to configure pop profit trailer but much more complicated I'll be very honest but what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to get the perfect settings for this thing so that when I relieve when I reveal it like hey this is what it is and it works amazing I can give you guys a download link you guys can hit the ground running because I it's like it's a pain in the ass and I'm actually working with the developers and some of the other people associated with this to get the perfect setup and one of the things I did was I I did like 500 bucks last night on profit trailer which it's I've been keeping it in sell only mode for quite a while I mean on and off little little periods of time so you know to run it last night and just let her rip it's pretty nice III ended up with like 15 bags but those are starting to sell off as well because Bitcoin spiked up a little bit who I knew was gonna start going up after the holidays and it looks like it's already started let me see here what cone market cab so it's a 14 993 so and look at this folks barium 80 cents for card ah no it's gonna keep going up if you were not buying card Donal you're crazy that's my opinion again I'm not a financial adviser I don't know what the hell I'm talking about don't listen to me do your own digging but I'm in love with card on oh and I am gonna start doing some more in-depth videos on it here soon and I think that's it Neos at 90 bucks that's beautiful Tron is at 7 cents so you know I think like all my all my big pics so far have been going up except berge verges just taking a I don't know what's happening with Virg but that's kind of a long-term hold anyway I think there's just there's so much back and forth about whether or not this wrath protocol is ever gonna launch if it's real if it's not so forth and so on I think it's creating the but I don't know people are doing that on purpose to keep the price down so they keep accumulating before this wrath protocol actually does launch I don't know but it would be nice if it just launched so that we can kind of get that done and let me see what dent is doing right now all right 0.25 cents so it took a big hit took a big hit and then they're starting to go back up so alright folks that's it for now I will be back soon with the next video hopefully this audios all right and I will talk to you soon thank you guys

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  1. is it true ethos and amazon partnership some one was telling me i didnt believe it any one tell me please cose i wanna bye if its true news

  2. Yo crow the "crowd" they are referring too are select appointed individuals not just anyone. These people will have to prove themselves with a track record. The Crypto Lark did a interview with the founders. Did you watch it?

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