Why I believe DASH is the best cryptocurrency

Why I believe DASH is the best cryptocurrency? Let’s see With the traditional system, your government and your bank regulate your money. Do you understand? Your money depends of a centralized entity! They can create more and more new bills infinitely, making among other things your money has a lower value. With DASH your money is yours, YOU handle it the way YOU want and you are responsible for its custody. Dash is not controlled by a central entity – it is decentralized – – it also has a limit so it can´t be created infinitely. That favors that its value is increasing. If you need to send money to your child who is on the other side of the world you have to use banks or other entities, in addition to dealing with procedures and waiting times… and restrictions that may have your government. And all this with high, high transaction fees. With DASH you can send money to your child or whoever you want without the need for any intermediary! You don´t have to pay those high transfer fees and it´s sent almost instantaneously … or instantaneously with InstantSend 😉 You just sold that bike that you no longer use but …. Did you just realize that they paid you with fake bills? DASH is a cryptocurrency impossible to falsify, all transactions are validated in the blockchain, so that you always receive the amount of DASH with which you are paid. Without falsifications! Did you know that any bank transfer can be tracked? Yes, any payment you make is recorded, so having privacy becomes impossible, your bank or your government can easily know where you spend or where that money you drive comes from. With DASH you can use the PrivateSend function to be completely calm about your privacy. So no one has a way of knowing what transactions you did or to whom. Ohhh yes, that longed privacy!! These functions and many more make DASH the money of the future, efectivo digital or digital cash What else do I like? DASH is an ecosystem with its own decentralized autonomous organization, with a team of committed developers, marketing teams; a treasury where you can make proposals to be financed, a network of masternodes, growing and constant integration with more services …. And much more…. Ah … besides EVOLUTION that is already on the way. That’s why I consider DASH to be the best cryptocurrency 🙂

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