Why Facebook’s Globalcoin Will Annihilate Bitcoin & Embrace XRP Ripplenet

welcome and what is up my crypto
Alchemists it is crypto alchemiss coming to you live on Monday
what I’m gonna talk about today I think that we should dive right into this
whole Facebook Fiasco there’s a lot of with are all on the Twittersphere
twitter twitter twitter sphere about is facebook coin gullible coin fed coin I’m
just kidding is this going to be an X R P killer or
is going to affect Bitcoin because this whole thing cut fluffle came about with
Max Keiser talking about how ripple should look out the next time you should
look out for this coin because apparently it’s going to annihilate it
and the only thing I have to say to Max Keiser and to anyone really and I’m not
a financial adviser this is just my opinion you are following me or down the
rabbit hole or up the worm hole whatever you want to actually more up the
wormhole but basically my thoughts on it is I think Max Keiser if he thinks that
Zuckerberg creating global coin whatever the name is going to be in the end is
not going to affect the BTC community or that’s gonna be a good thing for the BTC
community I would say perhaps rethinking that idea I mean if you look at who is
the majority shareholders of Bitcoin BTC it is Winklevoss and if you look at the
genesis of you know their investment into Bitcoin it came with the money that
they got from the lawsuit that they had with Mark Zuckerberg because if you’ve
never seen the movie The Social Network it’s based on true events and you know
he said they said whatever but in brackets is that what apparently went
down was that they had hired Zuckerberg the Winklevoss twins in the beginning to
create a like an elite social kind of Facebook
that they wanted to make for just their friends of Harvard if I remember
correctly and Zuckerberg kind of joint that idea and instead of making it for
you know the super elite is then he flipped it around and made it for the
masses the Facebook which got changed to
Facebook and the story goes from there so basically is that if you think about
it you know they’ve had this this bickering for a while
and I can almost guarantee like if you think about it right if you have this
million billion dollar idea and somebody close to you like this isn’t even
somebody that were like random strangers and like oh man I had the uber idea or I
thought of the uber idea but you never did anything to execute that idea and
you know just one of those kind of stories no like they actually they went
to school with Zuckerberg they were friends with Zuckerberg you know they
actually hired him to make their idea because you know they couldn’t code or
whatever and so it’s not business folks it’s personal you know and especially
when they won that court case all pretty much I believe it was all or at least
ninety percent of all the funds that they they won from that you know is that
they took it and they bought bitcoins so Bitcoin has been their baby since the
beginning and that’s another reason why I think that Zuckerberg has taken this
long to get into this space because he knows that this is a space of his like
frenemies as enemies is whatever so he’s been like I believe he’s not stupid and
I believe that he’s been planning his execution you know to really launch it
so people who are laughing at Zuckerberg for creating for creating a coin for
Facebook I would say don’t laugh because number one is that he has a track record
first of all Zuckerberg and Facebook have a track record of actually
executing an idea and in facebook there’s already a built-in
marketplace hello that’s already an instant community instant you know
liquidity pool that can be used in Facebook there’s already all of our our
information categorized and all those different stuff so you know it’s very
logical that Zuckerberg is gonna get into crypto obviously and I was actually
waiting and wondering to see why it’s taking him so long but I really think
that he’s going to be a huge player in the space and I think that it’s gonna
come down to him and Jeff Bezos and I actually think that if he executes this
properly that we may be witnessing history repeat itself now what does that
mean it means that number one is that he may just reread do what happened in the
original thing with Bitcoin and with the Facebook with the Winklevoss twins and
because the Winklevoss twins have yet again with Bitcoin you know
predominantly tried to make it like an elitist thing and try to appeal to the
Lambo drivers and the people you know who are crushing it on Instagram and
look like and who are or look like Instagram models because God knows we
all know there’s face doing it I mean look at me with all these sparkles you
know it’s that lift we’re snapping the filters and stuff like this but you know
again this is the route that the winklevosses went down and I know
because I was in the Bitcoin community and I was on Instagram and I was I was
and I say this repeatedly because if you have people in your own community who
are going a hundred percent to push your product and you’re shitting on them well
it’s only a matter of time before people are like hey why would I help promote
your product if you’re just shitting on me you know and this is I really think
that we’re gonna be seeing history repeat itself because the people who are
this is just a theory but the people who are going to end up hurting or whatever
with Bitcoin is going to be the Bitcoin maximum
the ones who who have you know and I said this in a tweet it’s basically with
one you know they’re so adamant about Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin but yet you know
in the same breath or the same tweet they’ll completely destroy what Satoshi
nakamoto’s whitepaper vision you know all this different thing of organization
people coming together you know and just destroy it because bitcoin right now the
only people that that are really into Bitcoin right now are the people who
like that that air of you know arrogance and you know bitcoins smart money and
you wouldn’t understand it and you know condescending and elitist and all these
different things and it’s sad you know not to say everyone in the Bitcoin
community is like that but the majority sorry call a spade like a spade and so
you know the only the only real competitor I feel that XRP has and that
Facebook has right now is both of them because right now xrp has that
technology like XRP with the ripple net and everything like this is that they
are sitting on a gold mine you know they’re sitting on it’s like you have
the Tesla engine you know hidden underneath like a Toyota Corolla you
know most people just go oh you know it can’t be that great because whatever but
the engine is what makes a car not the exterior metal paint all this different
stuff and right now what bitcoin is banking on is the name of Satoshi
Nakamoto the the fact that it’s like the first coin it’s the the leader of the
pack but again in history I mean Bitcoin has had ten to two eleven
twelve plus years to get their shit together you know and they haven’t
instead of working together as a community they’ve been in house fighting
and greed has gotten to most of their heads
most of them some of them and I know I had this fever also you know is that
just like in Lord of the Rings with Dobby you know
my precious my precious and everybody thinks there’s Toshi Nakamoto and it’s
like butter wires are crossing I just think that Bitcoin it’s not that it’s
gonna go away but it it’s very actually if people in
the community for Bitcoin actually just break through that glass ceiling right
now because right now right now it’s like you know the relay race where it’s
like the baton starts at one corner and then somebody runs and brings it to the
other person and then the other person brings it to the other person and then
you know that person that last person brings the baton home you know it’s like
Satoshi Nakamoto with with Bitcoin it’s like he brought that the the baton not
to the first person but all the way to the third person before any of the other
people were running jinan I mean but it’s like when Satoshi Nakamoto brought
it to that second place second position you know all that person had to do all
that all that all the Bitcoin community had to do was just keep going and
working together and just brood and they would have had a home run but ten years
later it’s like whoever the baton got passed to that guy or girl or whatever
just fell asleep and the other people that are in the team they didn’t like do
anything they’re just like arguing and you know just flashing whatever so this
isn’t whatever but sorry so yeah so basically back to the topic at hand is
that I really think that Zuckerberg is going to going to try and and who knows
he he has a track record of succeeding he may just very well crush Bitcoin
because if you look at the history of Facebook and you look at the history of
Zuckerberg is that he doesn’t go out there to you know be number two or
number three and he is very smart in the sense that he’s able to
I’ve never met him but he seems like somebody who is intuitively connected to
what’s happening what’s about to happen he’s monitoring keeping an eye out he’s
not he doesn’t get jealous of competition he doesn’t get emotional
about competition like when he sees emerging emerging companies with with
revolutionary or innovative technology is that Facebook has been purchasing up
these different technologies like if you if you look at what Facebook did when
oculus came out you know instead of not doing anything they bought that company
out they bought that technology out they they bought the AI the VR you know when
they saw that Facebook’s analytics were going down and that you know what once
was really cool you know and for people in school or you know to find people
like a dating platform it like slowly transitioned into a family platform and
then like a like a swap meet market platform and you know all the cool kids
and all the younger kids you know they have left Facebook for the most part and
you know they’ve gone onto sites they went onto Instagram but you know
Facebook bought that and then change the algorithm up so that they could make
money again story Facebook to me you know I know that you guys are making
money you guys are excellent at making money but at the same time is that that
hurts that hurts the organic growth and that’s what the majority of the people
are on that platform because I know I used to be on Facebook I’m on Facebook
anymore I used to be on Instagram and when they change the algorithm and on
top of it they they eliminated the likes in Canada so it’s really like I really
don’t even go on that platform anymore but that doesn’t mean that they’re not a
contender that doesn’t mean that Zuckerberg can’t completely flip the
script on everybody and buy up all these different coins create one global coin
as what he’s doing and then you know really put the winklevosses to shame and
you know they had you know if we look at the different things the manipulation
that happened with coinbase you know again it’s this kind of elitist and
exclusive type situation you know XRP had a hard time getting onto coin base
and it was only until so many voices spoke up and said you know look this is
what the people want put it on there but there I believe I
don’t have any facts I don’t have any documents but just in my humble opinion
I believe that they kind of orchestrated that so that Bitcoin wouldn’t have any
competition on that site because coin bases like made for you know the easiest
of adoption it’s very simple platform to use but again Facebook already has all
this built into it and people are already used to using Facebook and so
what I think may or may not happen is oh okay so I’m gonna get really I’m gonna
dive really really deep and if you’re in the XRP community I just want to let you
know that everyone has a right to freedom of speech so this is not bashing
XRP if anything I’m going to be saying this comment to kind of flip a switch
under Garlin house and Joel Katz and all those cats that are running ripple and
XRP to you know hurry up and flip the footing switch
because mmm if we look at it if we look at the past and you know Brad darling
house was part of Yahoo now is Yahoo the most used search engine right now know
Yahoo was in the first spot position they had the first advantage first mover
advantage to really annihilate
the you know internet space when the dot-com boom happened and everything
like this but it didn’t happen Google in that last
prescription went in and got funding and ever since then has been gone to the
moon in that so I say this in a very very respectful positive way but I truly
hope that mr. Garlin house has learned from that and that when it comes down to
the time to actually press the button because you know sometimes you can wait
for all the right partnerships and all the right things but you know it’s
really getting it out to the masses like really making sure that it’s just going
to be easy like easy in the sense for your mother your grandmother your
grandfather your dad your uncle your sister your cousin the guy you know who
drives uber to understand and while I understand that ripple and XRP XRP the
coin and ripple the company their target audience or sorry not target audience
their target buyers obviously are not the commande man or woman that they are
targeting targeting you know high influential companies businesses people
fortune 500 companies that really that the people who are kind of in the know
about XRP it’s kind of like a fluke or
synchronicity or or whatever have it but we’re not it’s not meant for the
everyday person yet you know but my only slight hesitation right now is that if
something doesn’t start to happen with SRP
if the price does continue to in my opinion be manipulated and you know I
mean how could you have something that’s so powerful be so cheap unless it is
being artificially suppressed and you know we’re in the crypto sphere so
everything is possible but I would say that if something
doesn’t start happening and if Zuckerberg does come out not if he is I
mean unless something happens to him he will be coming out with his own coin
global coin I believe that’s what it’s been tagged or Libre coin or whatever
you doesn’t matter what the name will be it doesn’t it doesn’t
but I mean Zuckerberg right now is really really in a position where he can
either completely Rock the crypto sphere and bring in that mass adoption because
he has a way of making things simple you know he has a way of and he already has
the platform that is the simplest and most known platform on the planet people
may not be active on it right now and hit and and the statistics may have been
going down for the past year or two but all it takes is just think just like you
know one day you can be on top of the world and one thing happens and then you
go tumbling down it’s just like another another thing in Reverse is things can
be going really poorly just like a whole bunch of people jumping ship from from
Facebook because it’s not cool it’s filled with all kinds of advertising
it’s filled with you know all baby photos and family photos and the
original people that were on there are young individuals kids teenagers
it was usually like a dating site you know but it’s morphed in something else
but from that metamorphosis is that if Zuckerberg executes sit correctly and is
on the cutting wave trend whatever you want to call it with cryptocurrency is
that people will go with something that they already trust people already trust
Facebook because all of their information is on Facebook people
already trust Facebook because they already sell stuff on Marketplace so
they already have been building you know their their roots on there you know you
have people who have built their businesses on there so
I think I think that everyone should be with their their hands and their ears up
in the air and whether whether it’s this one that succeeds or another one things
I think are gonna start to get interesting because you know it always
takes like the one to break through and then when one does it whether it’s going
to be XRP first whether it’s going to be global coin first or if it’s going to be
Bitcoin first you know Bitcoin has created the wave you know is Bitcoin
going to be able to continue that’s that power of that wave or has
Bitcoin done its part like has Bitcoin just like in those marathon Olympic
races around the circle you know with the people passing it’s bad but back to
nets to the other people or battles or whatever you call in English but you
know has is Bitcoin the one meant to run the whole entire race or you know is
bitcoins part in history to have run the torch you know brought the the baton to
that first place which you know was the creator was the
was the example was the standard or stuff like this in the beginning to let
the lay the foundation you know and then from there we had aetherium we had
aetherium who came in and you know it’s just like and talking about Zuckerberg
and social media sites again Facebook was not the first social network you
know Friendster had the first mover advantage so really French door should
be the Facebook of Facebook’s or whatever social networks but um you know
Friendster did one thing you know and then Friendster because they didn’t but
because they didn’t adapt and it just fast enough is that ooh Tom from like
Tom created my space and then myspace was there
and again myspace should have been should have been the one to really blow
up but again myspace is that as soon as things were going well
instead of continue working because I remember I was listening to the tylo PES
and he was talking about when he when he was interviewing Tom the the creator of
MySpace and he said that there way that he found out that everyone was using
Facebook was he was on vacation and then he was at the airport or something and
then he was looking around and he saw everybody on there on their laptops you
know and Facebook was up and he was like what the you know WTF is this and to me
the reason why myspace didn’t make it was for two reasons and two reasons only
number one is that when you get some people when they get a taste of success
it makes them pat themselves on the back and go wow I’m the greatest I’m number
one and you know go and and rest on your laurels and go relax and and like Tom
did he went on a vacation you know when your shit starts to get on fire you
don’t go roll around in the beach you set everything that you can on fire and
I’m talking about not like in a destructive way I’m talking about you
know you only get a certain amount of time in your lifetime to you know do
something with your time and change people’s lives and set you know and the
ultimate sacrifice I think in life is that you need to set yourself on fire
too you know enlighten the other minds around you you have to be the example
you need to go in with a hundred and ten percent of passion of fuel and all these
different things because if not you’re just gonna fizzle up fizzle up just like
a little you ever ever light a sparkler you know for birthday that shit goes
really really sparkly and then it just fades away you need to be like a blue
flame you know like a you know red flame and then a blue flame but be able to mix
it up and you can only mix it up if you’re on on top so all that said is
that the third wave so we had in social networks we had Friendster the first
wave second wave is he had myspace and the second reason
the second reason why I believe that myspace failed is because they gave too
much power to the individual you know you could alter the code and ultimately
I think that people don’t want to be bothered with with the details they and
this is for all sides you know big corporations governments no list of and
stuff like just as much as most users don’t want to be perplexed with with the
details of you know security or learning about different things is that’s you
know it’s also a safety measure for governments because you don’t want you
don’t want things like this like could you imagine if Facebook was a situation
where you could just go in and inject HTML code like for people who don’t know
about that it’s it’s very very dangerous and and makes your website very very
vulnerable vulnerable to attacks so you know they had to go with like Facebook
was just it’s a combination of everything it’s like right timing right
product right service right community and I think that’s you know with the way
that XRP and ripple is going right now nobody knows the future I mean I that’s
for the moment and for the future that XRP will be this the standard but it
will be it will be dependent on the next I think five years because ultimately
governments banks all these different institutions are going to deal with the
best solution and so what could also happen what could also happen is because
Facebook Zuckerberg has a history of buying up emerging technology I think
two things could actually happen one is that Zuckerberg could partner with xrp
or if the governments in the regulation and the banks and all these different
things don’t regulate XRP slash ripple in the near future I’d say two years or
less is that who knows maybe it maybe it will
be up on the chopping block for for buying and who knows maybe Zuckerberg
will buy up the check of ripple net and you know implemented or or payroll I
don’t know how it works like if you pay royalty if you pay royalties to ripple
or you know something of that nature in any case I believe that ripple the
technology that ripple is created is going to withstand lifetimes whether
it’s going to be you know the same team or if ripple is going to get bought out
of it like bought out eventually and you know it will become a government
solution you know I don’t I don’t know if that’s possible but um you know these
are all different things that I think about and I don’t think Max Keiser
should be laughing at anything and I don’t think that anyone really should be
laughing at any project unless I mean unless unless it’s completely like just
scam ville but you know right now I’ll give you an example you know look at
somebody like kevin O’Leary who has been in the space of investing in different
things for what ten plus years now 15 years the head of shark tank you know
supposed to be one of the people who is intuitive and able to have emotional
intelligence and read different companies and yet even up until what was
it a month or two ago what was on c-span or or whatever Fox News wherever the
interview was with was his name Anthony pomp Leon OH even him with all that
experience in investing supposedly and all
this knowledge and investing in in companies and finance and all this
different stuff not able to see the value of Bitcoin you know who you know
like I think sometimes in life that some people hit gold once become you know
it’s it’s kind of like some people they find gold once in their life but never
find it again but because they found it that one time is that every other time
after that it’s like certified as whatever but here to dig beneath the
surface a little bit you realize that maybe maybe not all these people know
what they’re talking about and myself included like I’m so I’m not saying I’m
I’m not sure crypto Damus but um I just what I don’t I think everybody is
community like you guys on my crypto crypto what are we this month we’re
caucus for XRP rainmakers and before that Bitcoin test but it’s because I
believe I truly honestly believe in myself that this is like a journey I
feel like I’m going that in crypto is that every year every month because
being in crypto is like being an like a dog or whatever you age like what one
dog year is like equivalent to seven seven human years or something like
that’s what it feels like in crypto like every month is actually seven years in
real life for seven months or whatever so I feel like I’ve just been evolving
you know I started off as Bitcoin test and Bitcoin test was like me trying to
be like like elitist I am in no way elitist
I think everybody can tell you that I am like and then from Bitcoin cest when I
realized I didn’t fit in with that kind of lifestyle or things that I went to
XRP rainmaker you know because that was more about the
coding side of me the like white hat hacker
part of me and and it’s like now I feel like it’s a culmination of two of those
worlds you know it’s a little bit of Bitcoin chest a little bit of X RPG
maker and the magic of merging them both together and that’s where that’s where
crypto alchemy is at right now and so I am I’m working on I don’t know if you’ve
seen me hit me up on twitter at crypto Alchemist and I have the top pin tweet
right now is the promo video for the documentary series that I’m working on
trying to be mixing all the different things together I’ll get into that in
the series but showing how really crypto is not only going to change the present
change the future but how really everything is really coming full circle
and you know to help you believe in magic believe in magic – all right so
that’s all for you guys today tonight um if you think anything that I said was
helpful useful please smash the like button with your powers of I don’t know
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outro so if you guys

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  1. Just finished buying a new mic,however still having audio/video sync issues, will try my best to get them fixed as soon as possible, however if you prefer just listen to the video as a audible podcast ok thanks so much have a great day cryptoalchemists – @cryptoalchemiss

  2. This is the first time I have seen your vids. Glad that tweet came my way. Great stuff, I can't wait to watch your other vids. Thanks for awesome relevant content!!! XRP must have stability and an infratructure that is matched by none, they are continually building that. Understand Garlinghouse really is not in control of this. Christine LaGarde is the Admiral of this Ship with her global crew of banking institution leaders. She controls and will flip the switch. #cryptoisthefuture
    XRP – The Standard!!

  3. Hi all. Thanks for the video and sharing your insights. Ripple already has a relationship with FB. In part I believe this relationship indicates the FB coin will be ILP ready. If FB coin is used for purchasing the recipient may not want FB coin. They may want another coin or even fiat. This is were ILP will settle the transaction and that means it will pass threw the XRP ledger (the backbone of ILP). BOOM!!! Relax all, enjoy the ride.

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