Why Electroneum ($ETN) WILL Rise In 2018!

What is going on snipers Here, hope you guys are having a wonderful day. Let’s go ahead and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content I was debating whether or not to make this video because I don’t want anything biased here But I have put a position in the lecture II and myself I’m seeing a lot of concerns on the Left geom on the total market cap at 21 billion dollars People are wondering whether or not there’s going to be a huge sell-off once the tokens are released to ico investors And then there’s also some issues with security that they’re actually addressing on their Twitter on a constant basis I want to address all of those and why I think there won’t be a sell-off why I think this is working to their advantage As well as why I think the price is truly gonna increase over 2018 once again? I’m not getting any incentives for making this video you guys always ask me where my positions And that’s what I want to talk about why I’ve put a position in electrum We give away $100 every single day on this channel So let’s go ahead and do our $100 giveaway from yesterday all you guys have to do is be subscribed to our channel have your post Notifications on and then answer the thought-provoking question at the end of this video and be posting our winner on Twitter today so let’s go ahead and refresh our comment picker here and Choose our winner so this is gonna be our winner check our Twitter on The description if you guys want to follow us as well we post some great content on Twitter So that’s the winner if that’s you go ahead and send me a direct message, and you’ve won a hundred dollars So let’s talk about electro Neum at the end of the day. This is not financial device I immediately cannot give you guys financial advice on this channel But I’m gonna talk about why I think the price is gonna increase And I’m gonna take a little bit of a different approach here We’re gonna be looking at their social media first and foremost if we look at their social media They’ve been doing very well with their updates now If you guys don’t know Donald Trump won the election because of Twitter he had a lot more social engagement than Hillary Clinton Therefore I probably said that name wrong Therefore she did not win the election because he had more social engagement So it’s a good indicator on where the community is unified where the community is engaged and that’s gonna really Determine a little bit of why I think electro neum has a very strong potential in 2018 I know this is a different approach I hope you guys enjoy this approach But I felt like this is the way I determined my position on electrum So I want to share that with you guys so electron team as you can see over 20 thousand followers at just under 28,000 and they’ve continuously updated us which I give them commendations for that they’ve stayed up to date with their community They’ve been having security issues, so they haven’t released the wallet yet Therefore I’m glad they’re doing that they’re taking their steps. They’re not rushing into things But I want to just dive into the price point here so a lot of people have Issues with the total max apply at 21 billion. They feel like that’s a lot of coins now This is what I want to address you. I want to take this and Compare it to a coin like card on oh right card Oh, no has almost double a lot more than double actually a the amount of coins in its max supply It’s got a total circulating supply of 21 five billion compared to electron in that only has five billion in total circulating supply And if you guys don’t know this the circulating supply of electrum is gonna stay pretty stable and consistently grow over time It’s not just gonna take huge leaps and parabolic growths Because the end of the day you have to mine electron ium to actually be able to be incentivized with the coin So the billions of coins that are still in the max supply aren’t just out yet kind of like how Bitcoin doesn’t have all of Its coin released yet – so with Cardno though. It’s a good example to look at because look at the total supply here We’re at thirty 1 billion and their price is at 13 cents They have a total market cap of 3 billion US dollars, but here’s the interesting part So if we were to cut their max supply in half and make it kind of like how electron M Is then elector names price if it was exactly like Cardno would be at 26 cents in this scenario now? That’s a very different approach. We also have to look at the circulating supply here. It’s at 25 Electrode names only at 5 which basically means electrum will have a higher price point if that’s the case But check this out Cardno only has 11,000 followers on twitter right and I know this isn’t like a big factor, but this for me it matters This is their second Twitter account 15,000 followers now. Yeah, of course they’ve only had 570 tweets compared to 412 tweets here electrum has had just over 500 tweets as well But this shows me that electrum has a lot more community support so if a coin like card on oh Can be valued at over 3 billion? Why can’t? Elektra Neum so I also want to talk about where I think the price is gonna be for luxury and so I want to look At some other coins here look a triple a hundred billion in total market cap They have over a nine billion dollar market capitalization right now And they’re circulating supply is almost 40 billion coins, but check this out there at 25 cents now Here’s the thing you look a triple social media 228 thousand followers, but here’s the thing you have to give Elektra you have some grace. They’ve only had five hundred and seventy five tweets ripple has had over five thousand So I don’t want to be biased here I want to show you guys every aspect every perspective here, and I know this is a big factor I just want to show you guys this because community means a lot These are the people that are gonna be utilizing the token the community members are the ones That drive the price of the token up. It’s all about supply and demand What is the demand it’s all about having buyers and sellers so iota here iota has had a lot of press Focus over the past couple of days because of the Microsoft partnership, they have a 2 billion coin max supply They’re circulating supply is exactly the amount of coins They have in their max supply So as you can see they have a nine billion dollar market cap but they’re valued at three dollars and 36 cents here’s the cool thing about iota only has twenty two thousand nine hundred followers and Only under 700 tweets so Elektra Neum less tweets more followers the coin is very low in price The coin hasn’t been released on their exchange yet They haven’t released their wallet yet a lot of people also want to debate that people are gonna sell Elektra Neum once the coin is released to the ico investors, but here’s the thing why would somebody want to sell something That’s over 10x its value right now. Why wouldn’t they want to make more money? I? Definitely believe there’s gonna be a small sell-off But I don’t believe it’s gonna go a you know down back to a cent that doesn’t make sense with all of these factors in place electroni ‘m as a coin as a company in general as a as a Topic as an idea is a great company you know I like the fact that you can mine With your mobile device or you can use a gaming console to mine the coin like there are a lot of cool things about Electrum I feel like their project is good. You look at their total supply You look at the the numbers the statistics here And I think it’s a great coin if you guys want to buy your own electrum you can go on crypto Pia and purchase electroni In right now I’ve personally put in a position and that’s exactly why I’ve put my position in election iam so I hope that Helps you guys a little bit I was debating whether or not to make this video or not But I hope this has brought some sort of value to you guys I appreciate you guys watching this video on our channel, and I always want to deliver the best content So thank you so much guys, and I want to hear your guys’s opinion so for the 100 dollar giveaway We give away $100 every single day on this channel. Here’s my question for you. What is your opinion on electron? You know just a simple question. I want to hear your guys’s opinions I love hearing you guys on the community Posting comments below talking about what you think and other than that guys It was a pleasure making this video with you guys until our next video. That’s it for today name al-abadi out

94 thoughts on “Why Electroneum ($ETN) WILL Rise In 2018!”

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  2. Great Video! I think Electroneum is going to do amazing due to the fact that we live in a world that money follows the Viral (go ask Danielle Bregoli) and since the ETN team began targetting the masses through their mobile phones they have shown great potential of soon becoming the most talked about Crypto next to BTC.

  3. I believe that electroneum has lots of potential when we are dealing with online micro transactions. For example being implemented on online casinos or esports. With it's easy accessibility to the public, I believe it will come into the public eye much quicker then other cryptos.

  4. No doubt, Electroneum has good potential and might hit the dollar mark over the next year. But my concern is whether or not the coin will manage to close a couple of major deals and it will probably require to trade on biggies like Binance/Bittrex/Poloniex etc. for its real value to shine and emanate till the crypto-common man. Requires a good word of mouth initially but really hope the numbers stack in its favour.

  5. Electroneum has massive potential but I need to see a viable product. I already have some investment and I want to to go all-in but that's my reservation.

  6. I think ETN will be a great investment. I am sure some holders of a large about will sell off and payoff their houses. But many will hold for sure most that got in after the ICO closed.

  7. My opinion on Electoneum is that as I do agree investing now is a great idea, it seems they do have a lot ahead of them and need to gain more traction before achieving anything game changing. Them functioning as a business does give them a leading edge over other currency's though as it gives them more of an authentic factor.

  8. Can't you just use other cryptos on your phone as well? There is nothing unique about the elctroneum crypto. I feel as if it is overvalued right now because of lack of supply since only the miners can sell right now. Once the holders can sell their coins, it will fall back to around 3 cents.

  9. I also have a position and keep mining it. I do believe in it since day one. I'm even waiting for my ICO coins 🙂 2018 will be a great year for Electroneum.

  10. I myself have invested a considerable amount of time and money into this coin already. I personnaly believe that Electroneum as the biggest ICO after Bitcoin. Some believe that Electroneum will coins will increase 10x within the first year. It’s therefore a good idea to invest now. Thanks again for a great video.

  11. My opinion is the chart looks like a huge cup and a handle needs to be formed so look for a drop before a massive price increase.

  12. I think Electroneum has a lot of potential. Maybe, the next IOTA? A slow starter but can skyrocket into the Top 10 anytime. Other altcoins I'm betting to shoot up next year besides ETN and Cardano, are Lisk and Walton.

  13. Etn will be the first real mass adopted coin to hit the world…..remember 11 cents and only trading on one exchange…..once etn gets on to korean and Japanese exchanges….you are gonna see some serious shit

  14. I'm in ETN for the long and plan on retiring very early because of it! I expect dips just like BTC but will be using those dips to gain more coins! FOMO is already in full effect and will be for a very long time! The business aspect behind the coin and the goal of mass adoption with this teams marketing strategies is going to set it apart from all other coins and it WILL moon!

  15. Have you heard of HomeBlock Coin yet? Some are saying that it's BitConnect 2.0. I personally think it looks more promising than the other lending platforms that copy BitConnect. I'd appreciate a video on it, though I know that's unlikely. Keep up the content!


  16. I made my position into Electroneum at just under 5 cents. I really liked the technology and where it can possibly go. I think we could see $1.35-$1.50 by the end of the first quarter of 2018

  17. I believe ETN will rise, I'm not buying any until we get a wallet for it. if it looks promising, I'll buy more after it's on an exchange. probably feb-march 2018

  18. Initially I was up in the air on the ICO, I decided to utilize google trends and Electroneum and seen a massive influx in the amount of individuals overseas in third world nations googling Electroneum. This was a major factor for me when I decided to participate in the ICO. 2018 ?

  19. IOTA
    This project is amazing do your research!!!
    Going up steady today!!! Going to pass 10$ this week get it now!!!

  20. I am 100% electroneum supporter! I'm an ICO investor, and I also believe there may be a small sell off but I'll be there ready to buy it up!!

  21. Great video crypto is definitely an emotional gamble and this video reassures that side


  22. I have what I consider to be a speculative position in it. I'm running the full node wallet and mining as well. I think it has a bright future because there is a cult like following and the community is strong.

  23. Good analysis which touched some real facts….This would make me think about ETN partnerships which CEO is trying to have soon with various business !!

  24. 21,000,000,000 ETN Maximum but 12,600,000,000 were already "mined" in Block 1 (https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/block/1) for virtual mobile miners and investors. So halve of the Coins are already there. The current market share of these pre-mined Coins are 1,260,000,000 $ (10$c/Coin)  backed by 40,000,000 $ investment money. LOL

  25. Well. Very informative video. First of all social media interaction plays a key role in marketing and secondly its marketing team is well renowned so definitely it will go up after 3 to 6 months of its launch. Peace out…

  26. I'm personally invested, although not much and it's because my worry lays on how are they going to approach gaming, as is a very tricky market with a very strong sense of self-awareness, IMO. I.e.: micro-transactions are probably be a great market for ETN, but in the gaming community, it has been a hot, sensitive topic.

  27. I believe Electroneum power is in the hands of the beHODLER! I can see it reach 4.00 by march 18' 19DL1auhKP6y2hsHH73sLFjmBzxweZMAmo

  28. I think it will be a very good option to keep on ice. As you spoke, the long run is where the value of it will be most appreciated.

  29. Bitcoin Investments
    Nice video dude,subscribed. I see huge potential in ETN, great coin,great team,huuge community . It's a mass adoption coin, ETN will do extremly well in 2018.
    Also look at genesis vision, clearpoll and powr . They will just soar going into 2018..??

  30. Guys one question for etn to be like 100$ per etn …. would this even work ? I mean 0.01 etn would be like 1$ … so How would you buy something for 10.50$ or so ?

    Am I missing a Point here ?
    Etn was only aiming for 2 digits right ? So how would this work ? ?

    Thx and have an awesome day everyone 🙂

  31. I buy 1700 ETN Before Enter this coin on market Cap
    I wish to become 1 ETN=1000$
    After that I have 1.7million dollars And Fuck the world???

  32. Why ould anyone sell when the value is ten times what they paid? You're new to the financial world, aren't you? If it's worth ten times what you paid, you liquidate it. It's a rule in every economists mind. You make yourself look so stupid when you ask, "Why would they sell something that's ten times as valuable? Are you really so stupid that you don't know the answer? You sell it's 10 times as valuable so that you're not stuck holding it when it isn't worth shit…like Electroneum. If you can't see this inevitability, you have no business being within 100 miles of a cryptocurrency.
    The whales see the excitement over electroneum. When the wallets are released and they can't milk that news anymore, they will unload it on you suckers. Richard Ells (CEO of eletroneum) was at Herba-Life, the biggest fucking scam ever. They hacked their own system to lock the wallets and have some time to hype their garbage. During this time, their "whale" friends snatched up everything they could to dump on poor, unsuspecting fools like you. You're blind as a bat and actually trying to lead your viewers when you can't even see the trap you're walking in to.
    Electroneum will play you all for suckers. And the more passionate you are about ETN, the more the wales will gain. This is historically accurate. Stop making these shill vids.

  33. I think ELECTRONEUM will SURGE once they reopen again after fixing the previous problem. I believe they are serious about their company that they want to succeed and after a lot of research… Therefore I believe in ELECTRONEUM

  34. NICE video!What do you think of the Deeponion?DeepOnion has risen in value significantly in the past weeks may be this was due to the feature of the coin like Tor integration for example which makes it 100% untraceable. And not to mention the dynamic community behind it, as well as the very active dev team which I think is crucial in the success of any cryptocurrency.

  35. Very informative video. Now all cryptocurrencies are growing.its happy to hear about etn. Somany new crypto currencies are coming with amazing features . Example : Deeponion. Its tor integrated. So Anonymous and Untraceable. They have deepvault and deepsend. Etn have to fight with these coins. Anyway best of luck.

  36. The video is great! Im now thinking on investing to ETN but Im getting much more interested in investing to the deeponion because of its featured projects that will be launched in the upcoming years. Ibet it has the potential on providing more profits.

  37. This video is quite informative. Also, thumbs on the good work for the daily $100 give away. Electroneum is channeling a great way for its publicity. However, DeepOnion has been making use of virtually Social media platform Twitter, Telegram, Facebook etc to project its image and publicity. This i guarantee will aid its market value and cap. It has also widen the number of members of the Community.

  38. Your opinion is too good, appreciatea your analyzing efforts, I don't know very much about other cryptocurrencies but deeponion's value definitely increases in 2018, because it's growth rate still growing up and up, it's a futuristic cryptocurrency so it's really secure your future, deepvault is a great feature which helps the deeponion community in security purposes, s it's more reliable than other, that's why I love deeponion cryptocurrency very much.

  39. Excellent video !I do agree the Electroneum got great deal of power .And I was a enthusiast of crypto and blockchain .Nowadays lots of new altcoins come out after BTC .I believe some of them have the bright future ,and one of which my favorite altcoin is DeepOnion which is based on Tor network .It gots great forums and technology ,no doubt it will got mushroom growth .

  40. Electroneum is one of the top new cryptos in 2018. Another one to keep your eye on is DeepOnion which is one of the strongest anonymous coins in the entire space. With their low market cap and circulating Supply you can grab a bag while trading ETN on cryptopia !

  41. Great video! Just comparing some coins i found the DeepOnion project is also very cool. Because it is Tor network integrated and also has Deepsend and Deepvault features. I think it is 1000times better than Ripple and Electroneum.

  42. Thanks a lot SnipersTube for this video full of interesting information! I think another coin will rise and it is the deeponion, many person are talking good about it because is based on the TOR network and have a great community, in my opinion it deserve to be mentioned for the next future coin that will become more popular in the 2018

  43. YO Crypto Snipers ! Like your videos bro ) For me Electroneum lokking a bit suspicious. And at the moment i found another interesting project to invest – it's DeepOnion. What can you say about this coin man ? They got 2000k+ pages discution on bitcointalk and so on. Plz make your overview about DeepOnion.

  44. Good vid. I think they have so much hype that I must agree, but I don't really understand whats so unique with their project, maybe other than the marketing. It will be interesting to follow Electroneum now after the re-release. It seems many used the opportunity to get rid of what they had in their wallets, but It'll probably pick up. I use Cryptopia mainly for Electroneum and DeepOnion, which also get lots of attention recently.

  45. I have quiet a few coins in ETN. I will be a holder and hold out for at least the dollar mark. I totally agree with the social media aspect. I have noticed just this thing with DeepOnion and their official forum. They are growing rapidly with approx 5k members a month. Coin is also very under valued and can really become mainstream with its unique features.

  46. Nice community analysis there mate. Electroneum's marketing strategy is so professional that I also think it will go to the moon. Cool video mate, it would be cool if you also check DeepOnion out, it is a cryptocurrecy that Uses The TOR network for fast, safe and anonymous transactions.

  47. Mass adoption is key. It is easy to use, fast, and seems pretty secure. I am accumulating and will not concider trading any off any time soon. To hell with making some money. This seems like a chance at making a fortune. Hodl

  48. Damn u made some very good points with the whole election thing, I mean social media is very huge and is a good marketing scheme to get the word out there. Don't have crytptopia but might just get it now to get Electroneum. Great video and intake!

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