Why Do Gamers Hate Cryptocurrency Miners? Here’s Why.

NOT Linus: People like you are ruining the PC market for all us GAMERS!!! (…What?) -Why are all these gamers so mean to me?! I was at my favourite computer store, NCIX, to buy a few… …hundred graphics cards. And as I was paying for them, everypony in the store started to look very angry. NCIX Employee: -So uh, are all these
graphics cards for… (…If these high end graphics cards are NOT for gaming, Lusin will suffer…) …Crypto mining?! (This fella has NVIDIA Titan V’s and X’s and AMD Radeon Vega’s. THEY BETTER BE FOR GAMING!!!!!) -Yes. It was at that moment, I knew… I should NOT have said that. -As Assistant Manager of NCIX, I sell computers and computer accessories, and you should be got-dang ashamed of yourself for mining, I’ll tell you what. NOT Luke: -Dats rite! I can’t even watch my Fresh Prince of Bel-Air anime because of you miners taking all the graphics cards!! -Yeeeeeah! And my wife left me, took the kids, and my company went bankrupt because of you… …CRYPTOCURRENCY MINERS. -My annoying wife and fat kid are barbecuing with charcoal instead of propane!! How the heck are they gonna taste the meat and NOT the heat?!?! -(Uhhhhhhhhh… I just wanted to buy all the Nvidia Titan V’s you have. What’s the big deal?) -All of those darn gamers were mocking me. I DID NOTHING WRONG!!! They wouldn’t even let me buy their entire inventory of
graphics cards to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum. Don’t those stupid gamers understand that I need those graphics cards more than they do?!! Because my mining rig isn’t making me enough money while I do nothing and watch My Little Pony all day. I need those graphics cards so I can make even more money!!!! Those filthy casual gamers shouldn’t call me mean things on the internet. I deserve to have as many graphics cards as I want, because making money while doing nothing is important to me!!!!

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